MHRMI Condemns the West's Portrayal of Potential Macedonia Name Change as a "Victory"

END the anti-Macedonian name negotiations NOW

Not only is Western coverage of Macedonia factually incorrect, it is blatantly racist, anti-Macedonian and anti-human rights.

We demand that the Western media stop reporting on the Macedonia name issue as a 'diplomatic dispute' and we expect and demand defence of our basic human rights. If not, we will take further action.”

— Bill Nicholov, President, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

TORONTO, CANADA, June 17, 2018 / — Not only is Western coverage factually incorrect, it is blatantly racist as the potential change to a country's name and its people's ethnic identity, origin, language and history – all in the name of appeasing its oppressors – cannot be "celebrated". It violates every human rights convention that the West claims to uphold.

Following the anti-Macedonian, US-installed "Prime Minister" Zoran Zaev's symbolic agreement today with Macedonia's most notorious oppressor, Greece, Western nations and media were quick to celebrate these violations of Macedonia's most basic of human rights. Factually:

1. A Prime Minister cannot unilaterally change Macedonia's name.

2. Any suggestion of a name change violates the Macedonian Constitution and the offending "leader" faces imprisonment.

3. Any major change that is not in violation of the Constitution faces a Parliamentary vote and referendum

4. The Macedonian President has veto power and already announced that he will use it.

If the West insists on covering this anti-human rights story, then it must do so responsibly.

Further, MHRMI President Bill Nicholov, in his discussions and meetings with several newsroom editors said,
"We demand that media outlets stop relying on one source – Reuters – to blindly publish news stories without doing any research or using common sense. To name a few: CBC, CTV and CP24. We are awaiting your response, immediate retraction, and apology. We demand that you stop reporting on the Macedonia name issue as a 'diplomatic dispute' and we expect and demand defence of our basic human rights. If not, we will take further action. This also applies to all other media outlets."

Macedonian Human Rights Movement International asks this question – what if any other country were in this situation? The West would condemn any attempts to violate its basic right to self-determination. Why the double-standard for Macedonia and Macedonians? Is it laziness, ignorance or complicity? If Indigenous groups were not permitted to use their age-old names, there would be immediate, and justified, outrage. MHRMI has, and will, proudly participate in their defence.

Macedonia and Macedonians demand the same level of support.

Media Enquiries:
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
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INBLF Offers Experienced Legal Support to International Investors at SelectUSA 2018 Summit

WASHINGTON, DC, US, June 17, 2018 / — INBLF, the International Network of Boutique & Independent Law Firms, will be serving as a principal service provider sponsoring the SelectUSA 2018 Investment Summit, June 20-22 at National Harbor, just outside Washington, D.C.

“Our member law firms actively facilitate inbound direct investment to the United States from destinations around the world,” said Charles Kagay, president of INBLF. “Their experienced attorneys work closely with entrepreneurs, small to midsize businesses and large companies, to help their clients pursue investment opportunities and navigate the U.S. regulatory and tax environment.”

INBLF will host a cocktail reception for SelectUSA Summit participants on Wednesday evening, June 20, in the Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck at National Harbor.

On Wednesday morning at the Summit’s introductory Academy, two attorneys from INBLF member firms – Arnold Lutzker of Lutzker & Lutzker LLP in Washington DC (who is Vice President of INBLF) and Stephen Wu of the Silicon Valley Law Group in San Jose, CA – will speak on “Managing Risk to Maximize Success.” On Wednesday afternoon Philip Curtis of INBLF member firm Chin & Curtis, LLP in Boston, MA will speak on “Understanding Business Immigration Programs and U.S. Visas.”

This is the fifth investment summit organized by SelectUSA for global investors. SelectUSA, which is housed within the U.S. Department of Commerce, serves as a single point of contact for entrepreneurs, businesses and companies seeking to invest in the United States. The Summit will feature investment opportunities from every corner of the United States for global investors.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest-profile event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment in the United States. Featuring top government officials, senior business executives, and other thought leaders, each Summit focuses on the U.S. investment environment, industry trends, and new opportunities.

As SelectUSA’s signature event, the Summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to bring together companies from all over the world, economic development organizations (EDOs) from every corner of the nation, and other parties working to facilitate business investment in the United States. The 2017 SelectUSA Investment Summit saw record attendance: more than 3,000 participants from 64 international markets and 51 U.S. states and territories.

The 2018 summit will feature an Exhibition Hall where attendees can connect with economic development organizations and service providers like INBLF about the support they offer global investors. INBLF will showcase its member firms’ knowledge and experience in supporting clients seeking to invest and do business in the United States at Booth 506 in the Exhibition Hall.

INBLF is a distinguished network of boutique law firms across the United States and Canada and independent full-service firms internationally. INBLF offers businesses, investors and entrepreneurs seamless access to high quality, reasonably priced legal services in the U.S. and around the world. INBLF’s carefully selected and experienced firms practice in virtually every area of interest for doing business in U.S. markets. For more information:

Susan Lutzker
International Network of Boutique Law Firms
email us here

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Hair Loss and Balding in Women: Lilac Corp Reviews a Study and Recommends Nolopecia for Hair Growth in Women

All natural hair loss supplement sold by Lilac Corp

Lilac Corp discusses a study on a new discovery that links the ANGPT2 gene and hair loss and recommends Nolopecia, a natural treatment for hair growth in women.

There are many treatments for hair loss on the market. However, only Nolopecia targets the latent viruses that cause an increase in 5alpha-R, DHT, and AR observed in people with hair loss and balding.”

— Lilac Corp

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2018 / — Female pattern hair loss is a specific type of hair loss that is common in postmenopausal women. Menopause causes a change in a woman’s hormones, leading to a decrease in estrogen. Estrogen supplementation has been shown to increase hair growth in postmenopausal women. However, estrogen supplementation has serious side effects, and scientists aren’t sure how exactly it works to increase hair growth. To study the link between estrogen and balding in women, researchers removed the ovaries of female mice, causing the mice to go through menopause and have hair loss [1]. Then they measured the expression of different genes in these mice. The scientists noticed a decrease in the expression of a gene called ANGPT2, which is controlled by the estrogen hormone. The researchers then supplemented the mice with the protein expressed by the ANGPT2 gene. The results showed hair regrowth after only 24 days. Interestingly, higher doses of the protein resulted in more hair growth. The researchers concluded that the protein expressed by the ANGPT2 gene can reverse hair loss in postmenopausal mice.

For women who suffer from hair loss and balding, Lilac Corp recommends the natural treatment Nolopecia. The new treatment targets the latent viruses in the body. This helps the body maintain a normal level of the 5alpha-R, DHT, and AR proteins. A normal level of these proteins stimulates hair growth. There are many treatments for hair loss on the market. However, only Nolopecia targets the latent viruses that cause the increase in 5alpha-R, DHT, and AR observed in people with hair loss and balding.

Lilac Corp is the company that invented the highly effective and unique antiviral natural treatments Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. For more information on these products, see, or search Google. The search will produce the clinical studies that tested the treatments and showed the safety and effectiveness of the treatments. See also references below.

About Lilac Corp:
Lilac Corp specializes in the development of biology-based patent protected natural treatments. Currently, Lilac Corp is selling four products: Gene-Eden-VIR, Novirin, Nolopecia, and Noacnin. Lilac Corp ships its products to more than 100 countries around the world. What makes Lilac Corp special is that all its products are tested in clinical studies that follow FDA guidelines. To ensure transparency, the results of the clinical studies are published in leading scientific journals. Lilac Corp also offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

[1] Endo, Y., Obayashi, Y., Ono, T., Serizawa, T., Murakoshi, M., & Ohyama, M. (2018). Reversal of the hair loss phenotype by modulating the estradiol-ANGPT2 axis in the mouse model of female pattern hair loss. Journal Of Dermatological Science. doi: 10.1016/j.jdermsci.2018.04.001

[2] Polansky H, Javaherian A, Itzkovitz E. Clinical study in genital herpes: natural Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin versus acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir. Drug Des Devel Ther. 2016 Aug 29;10:2713-22

[3] Polansky H, Itzkovitz E, Javaherian A. Clinical study of Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin in genital herpes: suppressive treatment safely decreases the duration of outbreaks in both severe and mild cases. Clin Transl Med. 2016 Dec;5(1):40.

[4] Polansky H, Itzkovitz E, Javaherian A. Human papillomavirus (HPV): systemic treatment with Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin safely and effectively clears virus. Drug Des Devel Ther. 2017 Mar 3; 11:575-583

John Evans
Lilac Corp
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Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles Proudly Announces their Exclusive Line – The Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection

Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles Proudly Announces their Exclusive Line of Designer Baby Clothing and Blankets – The Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2018 / — Designer Ellen Keralla, owner of the Colorado company, Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles, is pleased to announce the simultaneous launch of her retail website and her exclusive line of handmade baby clothing, blankets and accessories in the Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection.

Individually knitted by hand in the USA, this unique collection by Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles includes a delightful selection of soft baby sweaters, knit hats, baby blankets and dresses for infants and toddlers. The 12-piece collection of comfortable baby items will be revealed to the public on June 15, 2018 on the company’s retail website at Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles.

One intriguing feature of the Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection is the type of fiber(yarn) used in the knitted items. In addition to wool yarn, many of the designs are created with ultra-soft specialty yarns spun from llama, angora, bamboo,/or even banana peel fibers.

Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles was formed in 2017 when designer Ellen Keralla went into business selling her exclusive designs of baby and adult knit items, handmade fabric bags and internationally imported scarves. Keralla’s handmade items were sold exclusively at craft fairs and in her Etsy shop until she expanded her online business by building her own website.

Having originally launched her business with a line of designer bags sewn in her home, Keralla was later diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. The ongoing fatigue associated with the condition led Keralla to turn to knitting, which was a less physically demanding activity than sewing handbags. Her eye for fashion and design continue to give her collections the visual appeal that buyers love.

Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles offers free shipping on orders over $100 and currently ships only within the United States. International shipping will be available at a future date. Preferred customers receive an instant 20% discount on their first order by joining the company’s emailing list through the following sign-up form:

The Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles website and the Rocky Mountain Baby Knits Collection will be simultaneously launched on June 15, 2018 at:
Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles can also be found online on the following social media platforms:

For more information, please contact Ellen Keralla at

Ellen Keralla
Rocky Mountain Pins and Needles
email us here

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Turning a page in History

Photo of Gladiator Publishing Companies CEO and Author AR Kaufmann

Gladiator Publishing Companies Editor-in-Chief Haley Young

The latest publication by the Gladiator Publishing team containing 256 pages of indexed resources for writers

One of the World’s oldest professions is experiencing drastic changes according to the executives team at Gladiator Publishing Company

The direction dictated by society, it's becoming more difficult to stand for something, anything. Once we lose the sense of justice to the fog of injustice, we become less than human. ”


SENECA, MISSOURI, USA, June 16, 2018 / — Missouri, United States – June 16, 2018 – One of the World’s oldest professions is experiencing drastic changes according to the executive team at “Gladiator Publishing Co.”

In 1911 the British publication, ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’, described the publishing business as "a purely commercial affair that cared more about profits than about literary quality”. Fast forward to 2018, the once respected profession has become overrun with turmoil. Rumors and accusations of fraudulence, overpricing, low-quality work and pure laziness forced many to turn to their own resources.

The strategy-masterminds of Gladiator Publishing Company use their collective twenty-plus-years in Literature to provide a much-needed resolution. “We’ve dedicated our lives to finding ways around the mess others made” Editor-in-Chief, Haley L. Young continues “it’s unethical to just sit back and watch what this industry collapse”.

Editor and Author Haley L. Young and her partner, Author and Entrepreneur Albert Kaufmann, dedicated years to perfecting techniques that provide a customized service to Authors. Using unconventional, yet highly impactful marketing tactics, they have lowered Author’s financial cost an unbelievable 75-80% compared to the industry average.

“We, not only, provide our service to Authors but we train them as we go”. Owner and head of Publishing, Albert Kaufmann states “we use resources available to them now. Focus on the market and stay loyal to Author, that’s what Publishing should be”.

Their dedication to the industry is evident in their latest book, Literarily Lost. This massive index is 256 pages of cover-to-cover resources. This literary-encyclopedia has been displayed in numerous cross-country Expo’s and referred to by Win Kelly Charles, host of Podcast Show Ask Win, as the “Yellow Pages of Publishing”.

Aaron Starchman
Next Author
email us here

Literarily Lost Trailer

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ZAGG Network pitches way to BEF 2018; becomes Silver Sponsor

ZAGG Network once again becomes the onus amongst the topics of discussion by becoming the Silver Sponsor for BEF 2018.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 16, 2018 / — The third edition of the Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 is here and this time in San Francisco. The event to be held from June 16-19 is being organized by LATOKEN, a crypto exchange and multi-asset tokenization platform. Pitching its way to the forum and establishing its presence in one of the world’s largest blockchain summit, ZAGG Network becomes the silver sponsor at the event.

The forum serves as a great platform as top-notch blockchain experts and cryptocurrency leaders will be speaking at the event including Sophia (a social humanoid robot), Tim Draper (Founder, DFJ Fund), and other blockchain leaders and enthusiasts from across the globe. The summit also lays ahead a wonderful opportunity to meet 2000+ investors, founders, scientists, political leaders, and media to grow your business and the blockchain economy.

Mr. Raj N Phani, Founder, Zagg Network Pte Ltd, is one among those highly-influential leaders who will be speaking on bridging blockchain and the traditional economy at the event. Raj will also manifest ZAGG Network’s business in disrupting the GBRL (Gift cards, Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty) industry.

Having made sensational news in the recent times, ZAGG Network once again becomes the onus amongst the topics of discussion by becoming the Silver Sponsor for BEF 2018. With years of experience in the GBRL industry, ZAGG Network offers a comprehensive suite of services for businesses that can be used across GBRL programs as an efficient and better method for targeting and retaining their customers without having to worry about impediments like high operation costs and low customer participation.

ZAGG Network with its custom blockchain solution is a one-stop solution for businesses to engage with their customers effectively at an affordable cost where customers will get a Dollar value for their accumulated points, all accessible on one platform.

Visit ZAGG Network’s team at Exhibition spot #28 in Marriott Marquis 780 Mission St, San Francisco.

Vineeth V
ZAGG Network
email us here

Raj N Phani talking about ZAGG Network

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Laguna Art-A-Fair Opening Night Features Celebrity Red Carpet VIP Gala

former All-Pro running back for the Kansas City Chiefs

Attendees will be the first to preview Laguna Art-A-Fair’s Luxury Design Wall as the evening celebrates their new 2018 feature connecting fine art with luxury home design.

Proceeds will benefit the California Sports Hall of Fame founded by former all-pro running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Christian Okoye.

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., June 16, 2018 / — Laguna Beach, Calif. (June 16, 2018) – Laguna Art-A-Fair will present an exclusive VIP Opening Night Gala on Friday, June 29 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Held at the newly renovated Laguna Art-A-Fair grounds at 777 Laguna Canyon Road, the evening includes gourmet food tastings from local celebrity chefs, live music and hosted bar. Attendees will be the first to preview Laguna Art-A-Fair’s Luxury Design Wall as the evening celebrates their new 2018 feature connecting fine art with luxury home design.

Proceeds from the opening night affair will benefit the California Sports Hall of Fame founded by former all-pro running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Christian Okoye. The nonprofit is dedicated to helping at-risk and under privileged youth by hosting free athletic clinics hosting by well-known professional athletes. Okoye and other known sports celebrities such as Eric Dickerson will be on hand at the VIP to greet guests.

The Luxury Design Wall was created by renowned interior designer Nancy Vengoechea of Vengo Design International in partnership with luxury brands tied to the
latest design trends in furnishings, flooring, lighting, wall finishes and more. Organizers developed the concept so homeowners can envision fine art in various settings.

Individual tickets to the June 29 VIP opening night are $150 and can be purchased online at

Laguna Art-A-Fair opens to the general public on Friday, June 29 from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and continues through Sunday, September 2.
Festival grounds are located at 777 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach. For more information, call (949) 494-4514 or visit
About Laguna Art-A-Fair
Laguna Art-A-Fair is Orange County’s premier fine art festival connecting fine artists and art enthusiasts from around the world in Laguna Beach each summer since 1967. A juried art exhibit, Laguna Art-A-Fair has set and maintained a standard of excellence that is respected both internationally and by the local art community. Arranged as an artist coop, each participant plays a role in producing the annual exhibit that features 120 art exhibits, workshops, food & wine and live music in a scenic Laguna canyon setting. Unlike other local art shows, Laguna Art-A-Fair does not have residency restrictions so they draw a geographically diverse group of artists with works rich in quality yet diverse in content.


Gina Waggener
OC Marketing Solutions
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30 000 participants will get 10 EMI tokens each

We are only at the beginning of tokenization”

— CEO "Circle" Jeremy Allaire

TALLINN, KESKLINNA LINNAOSA, ESTONIA, June 16, 2018 / — At first I want to ask you. Have you ever had a dream where you have everything you want or need? Have you ever dreamed about the fantastic world where you own unlimited opportunities, skills and abilities? Personally I have dreamed about such things many times and it’s normal for me, a young, ambitious, handsome and modest guy.

It would weird not to tell you about the fantastic world of unlimited opportunities which I found for myself. This world is called – EIPlatform.

I don’t doubt that you have the question: “What is the EIPlatform project?” What is this world of unlimited opportunities?
First of all, EIPlatform is the Esports Interactive Platform, powered by blockchain.
As a short description – EIPlatform is the first global blockchain for esports, which connects sponsors, partners, investors and esports audience.
As a long description (I can make a huge description) –
EIP platform, based on the blockchain technology, will allow the widest part of the audience to directly participate in the development of esports.
Further development of the EIP blockchain will allow the widest audience to access the budgets
of the leading brands.
Companies and Brands, using all the main advantages of blockchain technology, such as transparency and accessibility, will cover their demands for access to the target audience.

This is just a short summary for you to understand what are you looking at, right now you are looking at the future! Not only the future of the world of Esport, but the whole world!

The EIPlatform project is the project of the future, that’s why we look forward. We keep up with inovations, projects, trends etc. To create the Future you should be the Future.

It’s not a secret that cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH and others have become more and more popular among people. Personally I won’t be surprised if in some years, tokens will replace ordinary currency.
CEO "Circle" Jeremy Allaire says “We are only at the beginning of tokenization”
In real sense, he meant that blockchain is now ready to transform every aspect of finance and also positively impact on all sectors of the economy.
So, to prove the position of my team and I, we have decided to make a great event. An type of event which humanity has never seen before!


30 000 participants will get 10 EMI tokens each
Free distribution during 30 days.
Every participant can receive 10 tokens for registering on the EIPlatform and connecting to the project’s telegram group.
1000 units of merchandise from Team Empire and other popular esports teams included in the prize pool.
Every week our participants will have a chance to win prizes (from 100$ up to 1 ETH)
Top 3 the most active participants in our group in Telegram will receive a trip for two to the Bounty island (Bali, Maldives or Thailand) in a 5 star hotel!

We are EIPlatform project’s team, and we want to tell people about their future. We want to talk about tokens, blockchain, esport, cryptocurrency and many many other interesting and awesome things. Do you want to see your future? Don’t waste your time by going to fortune tellers – just join the EIPlatform project!

Andrew Spencer
Eiplatform OU
+ 372 8840013
email us here

Bounty hunter. Free tokens from EIPlatform

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Best-Selling Author Karen Lucchesi Praises President Trump’s Clemency of Alice Marie Johnson

"Kudos to Kim Kardashian West for getting involved!”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2018 / — Karen Lucchesi, Best-Selling author of "Innocent Woman, The Karen Lucchesi Story," praises President Trump’s clemency grant of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old woman serving life in prison for a nonviolent drug conviction, after her case was brought to his attention by the reality television star Kim Kardashian West.

“I am very happy for Alice Johnson,” Lucchesi cheers. “Trump did the right thing for sure …the only thing I wish is that more of these clemency's or pardons could be done even without the help of a famous person. Kudos to Kim Kardashian West for getting involved!”

Also a victim of wrongful conviction, Lucchesi painfully remembers– "I was framed for laundering money. My choices? Take a plea deal for probation and face up to six months in jail, or go to trial and face up to 10 years in prison. What would you do? I believed that Americans were innocent until proven guilty, but are we merely guilty until proven innocent?"

Although short of a full pardon, the decision will free Alice Marie Johnson, who has been locked up in federal prison in Alabama since 1996 on charges related to cocaine distribution and money laundering. Ms. Kardashian West, who learned of the case through social media, visited Mr. Trump at the White House to lobby for Johnson.

“While this administration will always be very tough on crime, it believes that those who have paid their debt to society and worked hard to better themselves while in prison deserve a second chance,” the White House said in a statement announcing Johnson’s commutation.

“There are too many outrageous sentences applied to both plea agreements and convictions,” Lucchesi announces. “I respectfully ask everyone to take a close look at our unjust system and these outrageous mandatory sentencing guidelines.”

Aurora DeRose
Aurora DeRose
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Australian Hassan Younes to judge Global Youth Summit

Training College Australia Director Hassan Younes

The Global Youth Summit hosts the 9th bi-annual environmental student event under this year’s theme being ‘Youth for Climate Change’, announcing Hassan Younes.

SINGAPORE, VICTORIA, SINGAPORE, June 16, 2018 / — The Global Youth Summit is due to host its ninth bi-annual event – bringing together international schools and student delegations with their environmental projects and initiatives under this year’s theme being ‘Youth for Climate Change’.

For three days a multitude of events and workshops, talks, programs, keynote speakers and of course the environmental award judging across different projects will occupy the three hundred international delegates – making it the largest non-government environmental youth event globally.

Event founder and president of the Hemisphere Foundation, Ms Ann Phua has just announced Australian Hassan Younes as this year’s panel judge and keynote presenter.

Younes comes from a background in aerospace engineering and is a recognised thought-leader in vocational training and education in Australia and internationally. Younes is the chair of the International Academy of Marawi and Director of the Australian Training College and has presented to academic, business and organisational leaders globally.

His appointment as one of the judges for the Global Youth Summit comes on the back of him being confirmed as the keynote presenter at the event, which is set to attract students from 15 countries.

“I feel honoured to have been chosen to address this year’s delegation of thousands of young environmental warriors. The Global Youth Summit is a fantastic initiative and a platform for learning and exchange that has a massive environmental impact globally,” Hassan Younes says.

“I know there will be many great projects and environmental initiatives coming together, and judging these will be a tough job. But even more than that, seeing so many international schools and students committed to creating a better world just goes to show how much positive work is being done for our environment. I am grateful to be part of the 2018 Global Youth Summit,” Younes adds.

Over the past 4 years, more than 28 000 students from 242 schools and 15 countries have benefitted from the Global Youth Summit – which has been held in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and now back in Singapore for the second time. The impact this has is not only on those that attend and their communities, but many of the projects and outcomes have spread to other schools, communities and countries.

Under the motto of "Take Actions for Earth" the Global Youth Summit has been hailed as one of the top highlights on the environmental calendar, taking place twice annually.

Founder and president of the Global Youth Summit, Ann Phua, says, “We could not be more happy with the number of registrations for this year’s event and can not wait to learn about all the amazing environmental projects the students have been working on. Likewise, we are pleased to have Hassan Younes join us as a judge and keynote presenter at this year’s event. It is clear that the Global Youth Summit is not only growing from strength to strength but is attracting more attention from governments, environmental stakeholders and thought-leaders internationally.”

Taking place in Singapore, at the National Library Plaza from June 28th – 30th the Global Youth Summit will again be a melting pot for ideas, technology and initiatives all aiming to protect and improve our natural environment. And, more importantly, to make the world a better place for generations to come. To find out more about the summit, log onto Actions for Earth or contact Hassan Younes at

Erik Ralf Bigalk
Smart Solutions
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