The First Blockchain Roadshow in Saudi Arabia

Ateon Blockchain Roadshow

Saudi Arabia in moving aggressively executing its plans for digital transformation and economic diversification.

Ateon with its partners has ambitious plans to expedite the adoption of Blockchain in Saudi Arabia and the region.”

— Reham Baseddiq

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA, December 16, 2017 / — In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to diversify its economy and to move into the digital world, Ateon (, a member of Alhamrani Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia, and a specialized consultancy in financial technology solutions development, ran a week long Blockchain roadshow in Riyadh and Jeddah. The roadshow started on 10th December 2017 in Riyadh with a full day of seminars and panel discussions, then followed the next day with meetings with clients. The event was repeated in Jeddah on 12th December 2017 and followed the next day with meetings with clients. The roadshow was an invite-only event and was attended by over 50 senior executives primarily from the financial sector, though it included executives from several other sectors.

Technical presentations were made by recognized blockchain experts from Ateon’s partners; SettleMint (, a Belgium-based software company with rich experience in developing blockchain applications for financial institutions, and Sofitto (, Belgium-based leader in blockchain last-mile payment space, and Shocard (, a US-based blockchain identity management solutions leader. Rehamd Baseddiq, Ateon’s Marketing Manager, stated that the group of blockchain startups led by Ateon has ambitious plans to expedite the adoption of Blockchain in the Saudi Arabia and the region.

The three parties amazed the crowd with the insightful information they shared. Dr. Husam Yaghi, President of Ateon, claimed to the audience in his opening speech: “It is you, who will help realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. You are the leaders of change and I hope we write history together.”

Ateon has recently exhibited at several blockchain conferences in the region including London and Dubai. Their recent project with SettleMint for the Islamic Development Bank (, to develop Blockchain-based products for financial inclusion, was featured in New York Times, Reuters, Nasdaq, and Islamic Finance News. It is evident that Ateon aims to be recognized as the region’s primary Blockchain systems integrator.

Reham F. Baseddiq
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sample clips from the event

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Free translation into English of an article which appeared in TEMPO on 05 November 2017 pp 99-100

JAKARTA, JAVA, INDONESIA, December 16, 2017 / — TEMPO – 05 November 2017

Upstream industries have refused the new regulation on textile imports. Threatened by the abundance of flooding commodities from neighboring countries, the local raw material manufacturers are concerned their production will not be saleable in the market.

Thousand types of Muslim clothing are piled up on the racks of CV Berkah Putra, Cibiru, Kabupaten Bandung. Since the beginning of the year, Cecep Daryus, the owner, has been experiencing difficulty in selling his clothing products. “We only produce based on orders now,” Cecep said, last Friday. He cannot sell his products after the arrival of many “hijab” and “gamis” productions from China.

Cecep started to have hopes to be able to sell his products that have been piled up when the Government stopped the wholesale import by applying the policy or regulation on the high-risk imported products. Unfortunately, his hopes faded after the Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita, issued the Ministry of Trade Regulation Number 64 Year 207 to revise the Ministry of Trade Regulation Number 85 Year 2015 on Textile Import and Textile Product Condition on the 31st of August.

The previous regulation states that only producers can import raw materials and the supporting textile materials such as yarn and fabric and it is only for production purposes. Meanwhile, in the new regulation, small and medium industries that previously depend on the wholesale import can now obtain legal supply from the non-producer public importers by making contract with public importers. These importers will then import the small and medium industries’ needs.

Not only the small and medium industry owners who use local raw materials like Cecep who worries about the new regulation, but also the Indonesian Filament and Yarn / Synthetic Fiber Producer Association or (Asosiasi Produsen Benang dan Filamen Indonesia / APSyFI) worry that the new regulation will be of disadvantage to the developing upstream textile industry.

After the Government stopped the wholesale import, the local yarn and filament demand jumped by 30% in three months. “The upstream textile industry started to rise,” the Chairman of APSyFI, Rave Shankar, stated two weeks ago. “Once the import starts, it will decrease again.”

Since the beginning, the new regulation of the Ministry of Trade has triggered disagreement. It started when the Chairman of Textile Industry Association of Indonesia (Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia/ API), Ade Sudrajat Usman, wrote a letter to the Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita on the 25th of July – six days before the regulation was issued. In the letter, of which copy was obtained by Tempo, Ade expressed that the small and medium textile industries and productions have a hard time developing because it experiences difficulty in finding raw materials. One of the causes, as stated by Ade in the letter, the upstream industries only want to sell products with minimum order quantity scheme.

Furthermore, Ade proposed that IKM or small and medium industries to be able to use central bonded logistics (Pusat Logistik Berikat / PLB) to get imported raw materials, especially those that have not been produced by local industries. Import is also meant for limited textile variety. He also proposed to make it mandatory for small / medium enterprises to partner with the raw material import license holder or consortium partners of PLB.

The small and medium entrepreneurs do not need the whole imported fabric or yarn. On Monday the week before, the Director General of Small and Medium Industry – Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawaningsih said, “There were no IKM complaining to us after the wholesale import was stopped.” This was expressed during the meeting among the small and medium entrepreneurs, API, and APSyFI in the office of the Ministry of Industry on the 1st of August.

Gati called some small and medium entrepreneurs after knowing that Ade wrote a letter to the Minister of Trade on the 25th of July. “If they lacked supplies, they will come here, won’t they?” Gati said. In the meeting, there were a lot of small and medium entrepreneurs who wanted that the import to be stopped. Import is only allowed for raw materials and supporting materials for industry.

Some small and medium entrepreneurs who attended the meeting were from textile center in Bandung and Kabupaten Bandung; Bekasi and Depok, West Java; and Central Java. One of them was Cecep Daryus. He is not a member of API led by Ade. “We have IKM association from Majalaya, Rancaekek, and around Bandung only,” he said.

Ade denied the allegation that he eagerly lobbied the Ministry of Trade to enable IKM to directly import. He said that his proposal was meant for regulating the import that was previously broken by wholesale import acts. According to him, import for the small and medium entrepreneurs is profitable for the country because the entry fee and tax are clear. “Industry that needs different materials is also able to get supplies.”

The Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade, Oke Nurwan, did not deny that API asked the chance for the small and medium industry to import through the central bonded logistics. According to him, President Joko Widodo had reminded that the policy to stop wholesale import can threaten IKM, especially if they had depended on the wholesale imported supply.

The small and medium textile industries’ worry were also mentioned in the coordination meeting in Directorate General of Custom and Excises on Thursday the week before. Therefore, “I have to make policy that will facilitate all,” Oke said, on Friday the week before.

A flood of textile from other countries did not only come from the wholesale import, but also from the imported goods by the producer importer (importer identification number holder or API-P). The imported products that were expected as raw materials and supporting production

George Bottomley
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AeroLeads B2B Lead Generation Software bootstrapped to Profitability

Aeroleads is a prospect generation software started with a vision to provide an intelligent solution to startups

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, December 16, 2017 / — AeroLeads is a Powerful web prospecting software and service tool which finds E-mail IDs and phone numbers of companies and people working in those companies. It has attracted some of the brightest minds from IBM, Gartner, Discovery, Tata Chemical, and Fresh Work.

AeroLeads came into existence with the mission to create a seamless experience for businesses, to expand their outreach with AeroLeads. Instead of challenging our belief, we managed to bridge the gap of 20k user of AeroLeads to reach out to their prospects.

Pushkar Gaikwad, The founder of AeroLeads, stepped into this venture with a vision to create a platform to reduce the struggle of a startup to meet-up their potential clients. “It is easier to build than to sell, most of the companies and startups struggle to find potential customers and start their sales process”

In an industry that is coming up with new tools for lead generation and better marketing efforts, we at AeroLeads are trying to stand out. The marketing industry is constantly expanding and evolving and with that comes in play our role in assisting in the expansion. Our lead generation and prospecting software work by finding out contact information for your lists across social media. Over the past year, there has been a drastic change in the marketing industry with regards to marketing tools with a several-fold increase worldwide and in India.

We built AeroLeads as with our previous product, we felt it was easy to build but difficult to sell. Also, there are many sales software solving the lead scoring and BOFU (bottom of the funnel) problems, but not TOFU (Top of the funnel) problems like prospecting. AeroLeads has grown organically from initial days and have a healthy number of paying customers
AeroLeads was founded by Mr Pushkar Gaikwad, an Indian Institute of Information Technology alumni back in January 2015. Currently, the CEO and founder of the company, Mr Pushkar has led several startups in the past and even built several web products. The company is a bootstrapped startup and is progressing exponentially in the area of sales and prospecting. We can be found and contacted on several social media platforms.

Sheejo George
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AeroLeads Prospect, Lead and Sales Generation Software

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A Christmas Message for Children From Pop Star Lilia Mai

Lilia Mai, photo credit: Elena Kalinina

Lilia Mai, photo credit: Ekaterina Komarova

Lilia Mai, photo credit: Elena Kalinina

A Christmas Message for Children follows here from Pop Star Lilia Mai in this Exclusive Interview with The Hollywood Sentinel.

I was born with strong faith in God in my heart…that faith grew bigger and bigger. For me, God is the creator of all the beauty, love and miracles in this world; yet even much more deeper.”

— Lilia Mai

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 15, 2017 / — Beginning singing at the mere age of four years old, the stunningly gifted singer Lilia Mai is as equally beautiful–as she is talented. With a level of maturity and sophistication well beyond her 25 years of age, Lilia has performed on stages around the world, traveling to over 40 countries.

An Exclusive Interview with Lilia Mai by

Hollywood Sentinel: It is almost Christmas; a magical, special time for children. What Christmas message would give to children who have such dreams as you have achieved, but are being held back, and told they can't succeed?

Lilia Mai: I would tell all the children; There is only one person who knows what you are made of, who feels what your true destiny is–and this person is 'you'! That is why you should trust yourself. If you are sure that it's what you have to do, then you you need to be strong, in order to fight for your dreams! Of course you can succeed! If God gave you the talent, then the world surely needs it! Work hard, always stay kind-hearted, and believe in the Almighty, because He believes in you. And I do too. Christmas-time is full of miracles, just like every single day is full of opportunities!

Hollywood Sentinel: Very nice. They say that love is the universal language–so are the arts and music. You give the world both through your songs. What inspires you to write such beautiful songs?

Lilia Mai: Feelings that I have, but can't reveal directly to the person I love. Sometimes I feel much more than the words are able to express. I want to keep forever all of the beautiful moments from this life in my songs. So; love, art, gratitude, sunsets, stars in the night sky, passion, tenderness, sunrises, even some social themes inspire me.

Hollywood Sentinel: Beautiful. What makes you laugh and most happy?

Lilia Mai: My little son is my best friend, he makes me laugh and he makes me the most happy. 
Happiness is all about the moments; Getting wet from a strong rain, a beautiful kiss, catching snowflakes, seeing, or just thinking about the one you love, caring about the one you love, music, being useful, making others feel better.

Hollywood Sentinel: Lovely. What makes you sad and cry?

Lilia Mai: Injustice. I always feel sorry for suffering people; children, and animals–it often makes me cry. Also; even a song, book, film, or performance can make me cry. I'm filled with emotion. Wars, genocides, shedding of innocent people's blood, certain historical moments–a lot of these things are just breaking my heart. As David Jones stated, "It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply."

Hollywood Sentinel: Amazing. Is the world a more safer or dangerous place?

Lilia Mai: This is a very complicated and controversial question, because on one hand, we have better education, medicine, and science which make our lives simpler and safer. On the other hand, modern society lacks more spirituality and culture, and this sad fact leads to the rise of extremism–such as Islamic terrorism, totalitarianism, and dissoluteness at the same time. In my opinion, the only way to solve these problems is to increase the spiritual and cultural level of people around the world.

Hollywood Sentinel: Incredible. How would you teach a child love?

Lilia Mai: Just Love them with all your heart! Pay attention and care for them. Pray for them. That's all matters–that they feel Love.

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. Is it better to turn the other cheek, or fight fire with fire, or both?

Lilia Mai: It depends on the situation. Sometimes one needs to fight, but sometimes it's better to turn the other cheek. There are different interpretations of this from the Bible actually. Times have changed, and we are living in a world that differs greatly from the one in which Leo Tolstoy– who shared the ideas of non-resistance, lived in.

Hollywood Sentinel: Who is God to you? Have you always had faith in a creator?

Lilia Mai: I was born with strong faith in God in my heart as I remember myself, but with each year of my life, that faith grew bigger and bigger. Through Love and pain it happened. For me, God is the creator of all the beauty, love and miracles in this world– yet even much more deeper.

Hollywood Sentinel: Interesting. How would you teach a person to have faith?

Lilia Mai: You can't teach someone to have faith. It is something that a person should feel and realize by himself. Still, the best way to teach, is to be evident as an example of a faithful person.

Hollywood Sentinel: Agreed. Have you ever fallen in love with, or had a crush on a famous singer or actor?

Lilia Mai: I have fallen in love only with a real man I knew. When you feel love, this person becomes absolutely the one and only, better than all the actors and singers in the whole world. But I've had a crush on personalities from films and books (laughs) that's a different thing! Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been my favorite actors my whole life. They are absolutely great!

Hollywood Sentinel: Some people will be celebrating Christmas soon. Some others don't believe in this. Assuming you believe in evil, what is the greatest evil in the world? How can it be stopped?

Lilia Mai: Love and God–that is all we need to stop it. 

Hollywood Sentinel: Nice. What excites you about life? What do you live for?

Lilia Mai: That nothing is impossible! It's exiting, isn't it? I live for God, for love, for my family, for the people who I love and who need my help. I do want to succeed in my mission to bring the light to this world through my songs and actions.

Visit the Official Lilia Mai website at:

Press / Media and talent booking, contact: Starpower Management at (011)-310-226-7176 in Los Angeles, California.

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Lilia Mai: Flying in Dreams (Official Video)

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What’s the cost of saving a foot?

A review of the cost of diabetic foot ulcers uncovers a new treatment that may ensure long-term healing.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 15, 2017 / — As diabetes mellitus becomes more prevalent, a new treatment proposes a promising solution to the increasing impact of diabetic ulcers on the wallets of patients and the healthcare system.

A study of trends on the cost of in-patient care of diabetic foot ulcers determined that, “hospital charges and costs related to diabetic foot ulcers have increased significantly” suggesting that “attempts at limb salvage” are one of the underlying causes for this increase. [1]

Additionally, a study of diabetic medicare patients determined that approximately 25% of patients will suffer from a diabetic foot ulcer in their lives [2]. This same study determined that patients with DFU (Diabetic foot ulcers) will spend, on average, over $28,000 every year, this being over $12,000 more than diabetic patients without DFU.

These costs not only included the cost of standard treatment but indicated that patients with DFU spend more on emergency room visits and home healthcare while managing the impact of their ulcerative wound.

Currently available treatments include; debridement of the wound, drainage, and skin grafting. These are a temporary solution that, at best, prolong an ulcers’ progression toward potential limb amputation and require ongoing repetition, thus contributing the ongoing cost of DFU care.

In contrast, this exciting new treatment (currently undergoing clinical trial for phase I FDA approval) proposes a solution to both the ongoing cost of DFU and a long term resolution to treating wounds and avoiding amputation.

The treatment incorporates a clinically tested, scientific combination of growth factors. Growth factors have shown to be significantly effective in aiding wound closure and reducing the time it takes for diabetic foot wounds to heal.

The creators of this promising treatment are seeking patients to participate in this clinical study now. More information is available at or call Bahamas: 1 (242) 351-5424 or (242) 375-2272.

2. Rice, J. B., U. Desai, and A. K. Cumming et al. 2014. Burden of diabetic foot ulcers for Medicare and private insurers. Diabetes Care 37 (3):651-8.

Dr Kevin Bethel
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Music Sensation Lindsey Stirling Teams with Dream Team Directors to Help Hurricane Victims

Left to Right: Kit Nolan‏, Daniel Lir, Lindsey Stirling with Luna Latte, Bayou Bennett, Drew Steen; Photo Credit: Jenna Capozzi, on set during The Official Music Video; Lindsey Stirling – Angels We Have Heard on High, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

First Responder with Wings: Taylor: Still from the Official Music Video; Lindsey Stirling – Angels We Have Heard on High, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

Fireman Chris Delbello, Photo credit: Dan Mohr, from the Official Music Video; Lindsey Stirling – Angels We Have Heard on High, directed by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

Music Sensation Lindsey Stirling Teams with Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir to Help Hurricane Victims, with moving video tribute to First Responders

Directing Lindsey Stirling as she played violin in downtown Houston was really a visual dream. We really can make a difference when we work together.”

— Daniel Lir

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 15, 2017 / — Music Star Lindsey Stirling teamed up with award winning Dream Team Directors; Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, to help many of the worlds' recent hurricane victims, with a moving video tribute to the first responders in Texas, and a call to action for the public to help more. Generous support was provided by Masterpass by MasterCard.

Director Daniel Lir states, "We have now released an incredible new music video for violin sensation Lindsey Stirling. We brought in The Salvation Army, the Houston fire Department, Crowd Source Rescue, and some other amazing non-profits
to this project which will help raise more money for hurricane victims. This video pays tribute to the first responders, and to those who helped save and rebuild the lives of those affected by these deadly storms. We are proud, because it's our mission to have our projects create social change. And getting to work with Lindsey's Management, Friends at Work, MasterCard and the Ketchum Agency on this meaningful project was truly an alignment of powerful, caring individuals."

Bayou Bennett adds, "I remember seeing Lindsey Stirling years ago, when she was featured on YouTube with The Piano Guys, and I've been a 'huge' fan ever since! She brings positivity, with a dash of magic. She is so greatly aesthetic with her music and dancing."

Daniel Lir continues, "Lindsey has such great energy as an artist. Her idea to do this project, and her vision to represent 'Angels on Earth' was very rich, artistic information to draw visual ideas from. So when we went deeper in to the research of what had happened, and met the people who were on the ground first hand, our hearts just melted!" Daniel adds, "I'm talking here about a woman who passed up a month of pay to volunteer to help people in Rockport, Texas which was devastated, because that's what she felt she had to do–and knew was right! And I just loved how the Rockport Fire Department created a daily ritual of raising the American Flag, which you will see at the end of the Music Video."

As reported earlier on NBC News, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir have collaborated, directed and produced alongside legendary talents including Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo, Golden Globe nominee Anthony Mackie, Lea Michele, Ashley Judd, Billy Idol, P. Diddy, and Coldplay, among many other stars. One of the few husband and wife filmmaker duo in the world; Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir founded their renowned company Dream Team Directors in 2007.

Daniel Lir states, "Our goal at Dream Team Directors is to create projects that inspire others and create positive social change. When we were offered the opportunity to work with Lindsey Stirling, one of Bayou's very favorite artists; in a project that combined music video, documentary, and social betterment; it was really a dream project!" Daniel continues, "Getting to travel to Houston and meet the real life angels on Earth who dedicate their lives to helping others; including the great folks at the Salvation Army, and Crowdsource rescue–a volunteer organization instrumental in rescuing over 25,000 people–was very touching, and inspiring!"

Director Bayou Bennett adds, "It was super-exciting for me to direct her as she is stunning and such a professional. It was so fun to see my idea with the wings on the first responders, firemen and salvation army staff come alive. It almost brought tears to my eyes."

Daniel Lir states, "Directing Lindsey as she played violin in downtown Houston was really such a visual dream. She is so photogenic, and has such a motivating desire to help others, which is so refreshing! Also, hooking up with these other groups with a similar purpose like Sea Shepherd and Taino Spirit–who are helping in Puerto Rico–is incredible. All that power and shared purpose to help is a beautiful thing. We really can make a difference when we work together!"

Bayou Bennett adds, "This project was super-important to me, because I truly believe we can all be angels and give back in the ways we can; whether its money, giving a helping hand, or being supportive to the ones who need help. We are not victims. The news makes us feel we need to be afraid and stay in our houses and not come out. That's not true! Try 'not' watching the news for one week and see how much better you feel! We need to find the power that is in all of us, and become strong individuals that come together in tragedies like the Hurricanes."

Dream Team Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir state their vision as filmmakers is to "combine imagination, humor, beauty, and a desire to positively impact the world through their stunning creative work." Their company motto, "Let our dream team manifest your dream," symbolizes the expansion and positive attention they win for their many famous clients including; Adidas, MTV, and more. The highly sought after directors mention, "We tend to work on projects that improve the world in some way; projects that uplift, that make you think, or are super-aesthetic."

They state, "We are really passionate about creating work that makes a positive impact on the world, whether creating a change the world documentary for Coldplay, Write Girl, Whole Planet, Teen Cancer America, writing and directing our original comedy such as 'Text Me' which went viral, or making a super-visual, innovative music video, such as with the incredible Lindsey Stirling–we simply want to open people’s eyes and inspire."

Lindsey Stirling – Angels We Have Heard on High

Director: Dream Team Directors, Bayou Bennett & Daniel Lir
Producer: Jenna Capozzi
Production Company: Dream Team Directors

Sea Shepherd Puerto Rico Relief Fund
donation link
In "info for other gifts" make sure to state "disaster relief (CSR)"

Salvation Army

Rockport Volunteer Fire Department
Direct donations are best at:
RVFD Harvey Relief P.O. box 1325 Rockport TX 78381

Visit the Official Website of The Dream Team Directors:



Instagram at:

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Lindsey Stirling – Angels We Have Heard on High

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Loquator Dinkins of LBD Enterprises to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2017 / — We must break the cycle of poverty in our neighborhoods.

LBD Enterprises is a needy-family organization dedicated to feeding homeless children and others in need in the south suburbs of Chicago. LBD’s program focuses on children, families, the elderly, the homeless and people who are temporarily or periodically in need of assistance.

“This is what it’s all about: making sure people have what they need,” says Loquator Dinkins, founder and CEO of LBD Enterprises. “Too often we turn their back on people who don’t have anything. We think, ‘That’s not my problem.’ But it’s somebody’s problem. If you’re blessed you can’t just thank God you’re blessed. You need to pay it forward.”

LBD provides the fundamental support necessary to enable families to eat balanced nutritious meals. They also help those seeking employment by offering job training workshops, clothing and transportation funds to help them reach their fullest potential.

“If a person is hungry and cannot pay for food for their children, they’re going to go out and rob somebody,” says Dinkins. “You can reduce crime significantly simply by ensuring these people have something to eat and something to keep them warm when it’s cold.”

While LBD Enterprises is focused on the south suburbs of Chicago, they will go wherever the need is. There are no boundaries. They’ve been helping feed cloth needy people for 46 years.

“I used to own a restaurant and I saw so much need on the streets,” recalls Dinkins. “At the end of the day I would close the restaurant down and I would call the hungry people to the restaurant and feed them. I made sure they ate.

Dinkins says this is even more important because many of these people in need are children. They’re innocent. They didn’t ask for this. They just want to eat dinner and know where their next meal is coming from.

“If the Lord didn’t give me my health and strength there’s no way I could do what I do for people,” says Dinkins. “So I’m most grateful for my health and strength the Lord has blessed me with so we can continue to do good work and help people in need.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Loquator Dinkins in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 18th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information, visit

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Retired Teacher Joyce Sattler Howard to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2017 / — Joyce Sattler Howard is a retired teacher who taught for over twenty years at Park Avenue School in North Bellmore.

“Teaching became a part of who I am,” says Joyce. “While I may no longer physically be in a classroom, the neighborhood children still reach out to me when they need help with their school lessons. Teaching was so tremendously joyful and rewarding, I could never fully give it up.”

During her youth, Joyce’s parents were extremely active in her school functions, which played a part in inspiring her to seek a career in education. Eventually she pursued her Masters in education.

“My first priority was to ensure my students were in an atmosphere they felt protected and safe,” says Joyce. “We often practiced fire drills and the children learned how to behave very efficiently in an emergency. I would also invite parents to sit in my classroom and observe.”

One of Joyce’s fondest memories was when she created “Stranger Danger” to guide children to be cautious of strangers. It was a video produced collectively with the children and their parents and every student was overjoyed and excited to play a role. The video is still being used in classrooms 20 years later.

“If you choose teaching as a career do it because you’re passionate about working with kids,” advises Joyce. “If you do it just for the perks like summers off you will regret your career choice and it wouldn’t be fair to the children. I get numerous wedding invitations from my students, that’s how meaningful our relationships have been.”

CUTV news will feature Joyce Sattler Howard in an interview with Doug Llewelyn Monday December 18th at 10 am EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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Fran Briggs Releases the Best of Winter Reading, 2017

The Best of Winter Reading, 2017

Books showcase authors' literary talent

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2017 / — Award-winning journalist, Fran Briggs has released The Best of Winter Reading, 2017. Ten authors from the U.S.A., Canada, the U. K. and beyond are being recognized as among 'The Best of Winter Reading, 2017.' The literary genres include children's, mystery, paranormal, sci-fi, wit and wisdom. The list puts the spotlight on a group of talented and distinguished authors.

It's a joy to help enthusiastic readers make quality decisions as it pertains to their reading selections–especially considering the innumerable choices available on the market," stated Briggs. "The Best of Winter Reading list is organized by title, publisher, the author's name, a short synopsis of each book, and a link for additional information and purchase. In every case, the pages will turn quickly."

"The Best of Winter Reading, 2017, is neither a rating, nor is it based on traditional criteria. Each book showcases the respective author's literary vision through subject, originality, impact, influence, and quality," she explained.

"This is not a compilation of 'greatest hits,' but rather a collection of among the best of winter reading in 2017. These authors and their sponsors deserve recognition.'

1. Resurrect: A Whitney Steel Novel (KC Publishing) by Kim Cresswell Intrigue and murder reach epidemic proportions when investigative reporter Whitney Steel receives a lead pointing to a biological attack using a new chimera virus.

2. 9/11: Official Complicity (Author House) by Michael Rowland (Calls attention to the inconsistencies of the American government's response to 9/11, blending a mix of fact and fiction 

3. With Eyes Turned Skyward (CreateSpace) by Gregory Stravinski After the world has succumbed to global warming and the melting of polar ice, much of the surviving population survives in airborne communities aboard gargantuan zeppelins the size of aircraft

4.  Ancestral Journals (CreateSpace) by Lauriel Michele A thought-provoking book of poetry, inspirational writings, modern mythology, short stories and songs 

5. The Reaping Of Righteous Souls (CreateSpace) Dan Collins is approached by a dark natured man named Delano, who calls himself a Reaper who is one of a legion of "harvesters" in the employ the "Creator."

6. The Tiana and Briana Series. Book 1 of 3: The Problem with Ms. Perfect (CreateSpace) by Doreen Allen In this delightful children's series, you will enter into the world of Tiana and Briana, a set of ten-year-old curious, twins. 

7. Sour Pill: A Guide To Surviving In The Dominant Society (CreateSpace) by Darrrell L. Gray Give the political and social climate of the this day and age, it's imperative that the African American nuclear family evolve and advance in a different and more tactical direction than ever before.

8. P-Whipped: The Emasculation of Humanity (Me Books) by Maya Emmett A stinging, politically-incorrect, in-depth gender study looks at the abuse of aggressive anger toward our perceived enemy—men—and its all-inclusive malignant effects on our society as a whole

9. The Final Appearance of America's Favorite Girl Next Door (Shelf Media Group) by Stephen Stark An edgy novel about love, loss and multiple realities

10. "Tougher Than the Rest" (Avalanche Ranch Press LLC ) by Shirleen Davies A passionate, fast-paced untamed western and historical romance. 

Fran Briggs
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Creative Blend Design Adds Public Relations to Web and Graphic Design Offerings

San Antonio creative agency expands products and services

We seek to meet the diverse needs of business owners who don't want to deal with several communications professionals but rather one strong partner who can provide and manage it all."”

— Stephanie Farber

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2017 / — San Antonio-based Creative Blend Design is pleased to expand its offering of services to include public relations.

The firm, entering its 14th year of telling business’ stories through branding, promotion and web assistance, now offers its multi-industry clients an added solution for building brand trust.

“We seek to meet the diverse needs of business owners who don’t want to deal with several communications professionals, but rather one strong partner who can provide and manage it all,” Creative Principal Stephanie Farber says.

Public relations services will include media relations, community relations, advertising and advertorial placement.

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Founded in 2004 by Creative Principal Stephanie Farber, Creative Blend Design is a full-service brand and design agency specializing in web and graphic design. For more than 10 years, the firm has assisted companies with strategic thinking, brand building, design, advertising and marketing communications. Creative Blend Design is based in San Antonio, TX. For more information visit


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Source: EIN Presswire