New Literary Magazine: The Inky Cave Calls Writers for Short Story Submissions

After a recent launch of its official website, the Inky Cave now impatiently waits for flash fiction and short story submissions from writers around the world.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — Published quarterly as literary eZine, The Inky Cave features flash fiction and short stories that, together with beautiful illustrations, adds unique feel and atmosphere to each issue. The magazine is designed to introduce “writing youth” to wider audiences but accepts submissions from all authors regardless of their age, location and other background details.

The eZine is seeking for great flash fiction and short stories that are written in English and previously unpublished. Flash fiction should be 400-1000 words long and short stories must fit between 1000-10000 words. There are no specific style or topic requirements, everything’s acceptable as long as it is good.

The Inky Cave pays each author royalties: at least 5% of profits from magazine sales. 5% rate applies to flash fiction of up to 1000 words, while short stories are awarded with minimum 5%, plus 0.5% per additional 1000 words. The Inky Cave is a non-profit organization: overall 60-80% of sales profits are paid to authors and what’s left is shared with development team as compensation for their hard work.

The eZine will land on digital bookshelves of major eBook retailers like Amazon in upcoming Spring – March 29, 2019 for the first time. Submissions are accepted year-round, but February 14, 2019 is the last day to submit in order to get published on the first issue.

Please visit the official website for more details:

Severin Maro
Inky Cave Literary Magazine
+1 201-518-3575
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South Africans, doing it for Themselves

A Look at how South Africans can Beat High Energy Prices

CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, December 17, 2018 / — Nobody can deny that these are tough economic times, and it is a global problem. South Africa is not the only country with several challenges, but it is definitely one with hope. For example, the current situation has spurred and motivated individuals to take constructive action. When Cape Town reached a low point during the extreme water shortage, the most innovative water conservations ideas surfaced, ultimately pushing back the dreaded Day Zero indefinitely as the rain finally started to fall again.

Unfortunately, the issue with paying the electricity bill every month is a more “permanent” problem. While consumers are at liberty to choose between hundreds of brands when purchasing food, cars, toiletries and clothes, they are forced to rely on a single energy supplier, an entity which is failing underneath a mountain of increasing debt and mismanagement. Add to this the lack of payments from municipalities and it explains the consistent request for energy price hikes from the energy supplier.

But is it really such a straightforward matter? Or can South Africans do what they do best, which is to think outside the box and be creative with their environment? The truth is that small changes can go a long way, and by starting with manageable changes, there is no telling how much can be saved on the electricity.

Helpful Hints to Save Money on Electricity

– Change to Energy-Saver Lights

When energy-savers were introduced to the market, the only impressive feature the bulbs had was using significantly less energy. Switching the bulbs of five or six rooms that typically use 100 watts, to bulbs that only require between 5 and 15 watts, results in a substantial difference over the course of a year. However, energy-savers are not as warm or effective as the more expensive alternative. At least, energy-savers used to be inferior.

Modern energy-savers come in different colors, shapes, and they deliver a brightness that can equal conventional fluorescent bulbs. This is worth noting for individuals who still believe energy-savers are not worth the price, seeing as they are definitely worth it in terms of saving money in the long run.

– Unplugging Electronics

It is another small measure, but always keep in mind that every bit helps. In this case, electronic appliances with digital features might use energy when it is not necessary. For instance, the digital clock on the LED screen proves energy is being utilised, but how much purpose does it serve? And what about phone chargers and game consoles?

Several items and appliances around the house could be adding to the bill every month, which is something to consider during such challenging economic times.

– Investing in Solar

The most substantial change South Africans can make if they want to reduce the electric bill is to consider solar energy options. With websites like Solar Advice to provide free insight on how this can be done, as well as connecting home and business owners with high-quality solar equipment and installations, it is easier than ever to implement the change.

How effective can solar power be? It depends on the type of installation, but a popular starting point is a solar geyser. Considering this investment can possibly cut the electric bill by up to 50%, there is no telling what more panels on the roof can achieve.

South Africans can reduce their monthly electricity costs even if they are forced to rely on Eskom. It just requires some awareness and maybe even some guidance. But that is the purpose behind websites like Solar Advice.

Armando Da Silva
Solar Advice
+27 61 696 9153
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Leading GCs, trades, architects, owners & modular partners join largest dedicated prefab & modular construction summit

Advancing Prefabrication '19 brings together owners, architects, GCs, trades & modular partners to share best practices & explore the potential of offsite work.

This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Organization and timeliness was upheld throughout and the material was extremely thought provoking and relevant.”

— Project Estimator, Haselden Construction

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — Advancing Prefabrication 2019 will bring together leading owners, architects, GCs, trades and modular partners to share best practices and explore the future potential of offsite work.

With the perception of prefab and modular changing fast, and the rapidly increasing rate of adoption across the industry, it’s imperative to equip your team with the best tools and processes to stay ahead of the curve. We will discuss optimizing set-up, planning, operations, and install of everything from single and multi-trade assemblies through full volumetric modular buildings.

Much of the success of offsite construction is reliant on efficient planning and consideration from day one, and this is a great chance to understand how owners and architects are improving their efforts up front, and what they need from project partners to support these changes.

With three tracks of content and more workshops than ever before, the 2019 conference offers fantastic opportunities to tailor your three days to the specific interests of you and your team.

Here is just a sample of the insights and discussions that you can look forward to:

– Hear from leading owners paving the way with prefab and modular including Intel, Google, Marriott, Universal Health and more…
– Understand how the leaders at PCL Agile are exploring more prefabrication opportunities deliver maximum value to clients
– Explore how experienced architects from companies such as Cannon Design, Stantec, Group2Architects and more ensure that they design to the right level of detail and high spec from day one to avoid costly redesign later on
– Learn how the Prefab Managers at Rosendin Electric quickly and efficiently engage, train, and set up the right culture among field teams to increase labor productivity
– Discover the ways that the VP Manufacturing at Prescient, Director of Critical Process Systems at M C Dean, and VP Innovation at Turner Construction are drawing their teams together and achieving full collaboration with both technology and enhanced workflows

Plus, you'll have the chance to explore the cutting-edge practices and technologies that are going to drive prefab into a new age.

Discover the full speaker faculty and agenda here

Whether you’re a prefabrication leader or just getting started, join us in Dallas in January if you want to innovative the way your team deliver maximum value to your clients.

Nicole Moy
Hanson Wade
+1 713-554-8380
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Debra Hymen of Real Deb Realty to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HIGHLAND PARK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — Through her 22-year career in Real Estate, Debra Hymen’s approach has been to educate and empower her clients throughout the entire process, whether buyer or seller.

“'Debbie works for the client, not for the sale,'” says Hymen. “It's not my money; it's somebody else's money. And that’s the philosophy I’ve always adhered to. When I'm with my clients, I give them the information they need to make the best decision for themselves.”

Now Hymen has finally struck out on her own with Real Deb Realty.

“I decided it was time to create my own universe,” says Hymen. “Clients of mine have recently said to me, ‘What took you so long? Why haven't you done this before?’ I'm a Certified International Property Specialist. I'm an Accredited Buyer Representative. I'm a Certified Residential Specialist. I know how to market my properties. I know how to do this. I can do this myself. I'm loving it. It's powerful.”

Specializing in residential properties, Hymen’s clients are everyone from newlyweds to singles purchasing for the first time to investors.

“This business brings you to the real world, where the majority of the population is and where life happens,” says Hymen. “I like to think that I represent all people, not just six to eight-figure buyers but average people just like me."

Hymen represents sellers as well but says the key to success when selling is all about pricing it right.

“You usually get closer to if not more than your asking price if your price it where it should be,” says Hymen. “I'm not a data person, but every year the data points to the same thing.

“I am very positive about representing the people that I work with and I believe I can help anybody that comes to me. That's why I think I've been successful. It's not about my interest; it's about theirs. And I think they know that when they work with me. I'm there and I've listened.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Debra Hymen in an interview with Jim Masters on December 19th at 11am EST and with Doug Llewelyn on January 10th at 11am EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Real Deb Realty, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Make More Money Driving TLC Rental Cars with Uber or Lyft During the Cold Months of Winter

Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing - Make More Money Driving TLC Rental Cars with Uber or Lyft During the Cold Months of Winter

Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing – Make More Money Driving TLC Rental Cars with Uber or Lyft During the Cold Months of Winter

Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing Logo

Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing Logo

Friendly TLC - TLC car leasing

Friendly TLC – TLC car leasing

Tips and ways of making more money for Uber or Lyft drivers who own their vehicles or rent a TLC car during the winter months when business drops off

Tips and ways of making more money for Uber or Lyft drivers who own their vehicles or rent a TLC car during the winter months when business drops off”

— Friendly,

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — For those who use their own vehicles or perhaps drive a TLC rental cars for their Uber or Lyft business, you know that winter is a time when the number of passengers goes down. This usually occurs after New Years’ Day and ends around Valentine’s Day, especially in areas which get colder during the winter. Although, this does occur across the country no matter the weather conditions.

While the slowdown generally lasts around six weeks, it can be a trying time for Uber and Lyft drivers, especially those who use TLC cars for rent that require monthly payments.

Why the Dropoff Happens

Interestingly enough, it’s not the cold weather per say that is the cause, it is the aftereffect of the holiday season. Many people spent a lot of money during the holidays, so naturally they cut back over the next several weeks to help conserve their bank accounts.

Even when they do go out, they tend to be a little more skittish in terms of spending money, so they look for lower prices. While there is nothing you can do to alter this trend, there are some things you can do to compensate for the drop-off with your Uber or Lyft business. Remember that Uber and Lyft are no longer dropping their rates for this time of the year, so you will have to be a little creative.

Tips for Making More Money

All the basic tips from being on time, friendly, and taking the best routes apply, but there are a couple of other tips that will help during this time of the year.

Adjust Driving Schedule: Most of the slowdown occurs in off-peak hours, so you should adjust your driving schedule to make the most out of the peak hours. This means focusing on the morning and afternoon rush hours when people need to get to work. Generally speaking, from 5am to 9am and from 4:30pm to 8pm.

If you only drive part-time, try focusing on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 3am, that will catch the nightclub crowd.

Drive During Inclement Weather: Arguably the best time to make money is when everyone else is staying off the roads. When a big storm hits, you can put on the snow tires or chains and pick up passengers who are not comfortable driving themselves. By being the only service around, you can make a considerable amount if you are comfortable driving in inclement weather conditions.

Whether you drive your own vehicle or rent a TLC car for Uber or Lyft, you can make money even in the dead of winter. By taking advantage of inclement weather and focusing on peak hours, you can make the most out of the winter doldrums. Just remember to properly winterize your vehicle or use TLC rental cars as your primary means of transportation for Uber or Lyft drivers.

Friendly TLC Rentals & Leasing
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Apollo Med Innovations Announces an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with CryoXcel

Apollo Med Innovations announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with CryoXcel, a leader in cryotherapy technology made in the USA

CryoXcel's whole body cryotherapy chamber met Apollo’s standard and unyielding commitment to clinical efficacy, patient outcomes and partner return on investment.”

— Randy Wright, CEO, Apollo Med Innovations

PEACHTREE CITY, GA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — Apollo Med Innovations, LLC (Apollo) today announced that it has signed an exclusive multi-year distribution agreement with CryoXcel, LLC. CryoXcel is a leader in whole body cryotherapy technology made in the USA and based in Auburn, AL.

“We tested the CryoXcel technology in our company-owned medical spa for several months prior to entering into this agreement” said Randy Wright, CEO, Apollo Med Innovations. “While we explored a number of other options, as we wanted to expand the Apollo product line into the latest in wellness products, CryoXcel passed and exceeded every test. CryoXcel’s whole body cryotherapy chamber met Apollo’s standard and unyielding commitment to clinical efficacy, patient outcomes and partner return on investment.”

CryoXcel’s unique Degree of Certainty feature allows you to provide sessions at exact temperatures from -50 to -225 so each client discovers the treatment temperature they need. The simple to use digital interface makes creating a custom temperature for each client easy and gives clients a superior rejuvenating experience. CryoXcel is a leader in providing innovative safety features that are engineered to provide safe and comfortable cryotherapy sessions. CryoXcel’s patent-pending CryoFlow is a closed-circuit vortex nitrogen delivery system that incorporates a unique thermal exchange process that allows for an even and safe gas distribution that gets cold quicker and improves gas utilization. CryoXcel saunas are designed for installation into areas with standard 36” doors so they are easy to install and can be moved without having to knock down walls.

“CryoXcel is proud to partner with such an outstanding organization as Apollo Med Innovations” said John Mann, CEO, CryoXcel, “Their commitment to innovation, best practices and world-class education drew us to this partnership and the synergies between the companies have become apparent in a short period of time. Our corporate objectives are aligned and their management and sales staff are dedicated to advancing CryoXcel technology and education to the broadest customer audience possible. We look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.”

About Apollo Med Innovations
Apollo Med Innovations, LLC is a leading distributor of cutting edge aesthetic products to the Med Spa and aesthetic industries. Apollo Med’s product suite includes micro-needling devices and supplies, Miracu PDO threads, diode and multi-platform lasers, cryotherapy devices and a full line of Secretly Ageless branded cosmeceuticals. Apollo Med is also dedicated to superior service and customer education through its master training series led by its esteemed Doctor Advisory Council. Apollo Med is committed to providing its customers the latest in high quality aesthetic products at a reasonable cost providing its partners with exceptional return on investment. For more information on Apollo Med Innovations, visit our website at

About CryoXcel, LLC.
CryoXcel, LLC manufactures cold therapy products for organizations dedicated to helping individuals rejuvenate and recover. The combination of our innovative product features along with being engineered and manufactured in the USA creates a differentiated brand in the marketplace. Our unique partnerships and world-class advisory board will help us in our quest to offer product solutions that fit the ever-changing demands of our customers. CryoXcel is committed to building long-lasting cold therapy products that are safe and reliable. For more information on CryoXcel, visit our website at

For more information contact:
Name: Randy Wright
Phone: 844.698.4782

Name: Dennis Stoutenburgh
Phone: 214.613.0417

Name: Jason Mann
Phone: 205.422.4991

Dennis Stoutenburgh
Apollo Med Innovations, Inc.
+1 214-986-8400
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Darline Moore of Sustainability Management Partners to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — One cannot take for granted the air we breathe indoors is good, clean air. Everyone assumes the air we breathe inside our homes and businesses is clean, but it is not! This bad indoor air quality can impact everyone as airborne, germs and bacteria are spread through the HVAC system.

"Know that what you breathe is a choice," says Darline Moore. “We can now give you a choice of the indoor air you breathe! Clean, Clear, Unpolluted indoor air that is our moto.”

Darline Moore has more than 20 years of experience in the energy savings and HVAC industry. In 2014, after decades of working for other companies within the energy industry, she embarked on her own journey and created Sustainability Management Partners (SMP), an energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting company.

Today, SMP is a leader in designing innovative indoor air quality and HVAC solutions for commercial, medical, institutional, residential and new construction projects, to name a few.

Moore is passionate about realizing her vision for creating a company that supports sustainable solutions for today’s environment. She is responsible for all aspects of the company, including providing strategic leadership, project designs, contract negotiation, on-boarding and training new employees, and business development on an international level.

“Our main focus is commercial construction, especially K-12 and healthcare. I really like the fact that I can make a difference in school systems and hospitals,” says Moore. “Anywhere a lot of people gather, the more people you have, the more bacteria, the more germs, the more dirt, the more particles. Those are the perfect places for us to install our product and make a difference in the building and in people’s lives!”

That product is O2Prime, an ion generator that not only improves the air you breathe but saves energy and money. Through the generation of positive and negative ions, O2Prime breaks apart molecules to remove smells, pulls the hydrogen molecule out of mold, bacteria, and pathogens and renders them dead, it removes particles from your breathing zone by agglomerating those particles (making them larger) to travel back to your filtration system; thereby removing them from the air Additionally, O2Prime also kills bacteria and germs from surfaces as well such as salmonella and E.coli.

“O2Prime saves energy because you can reduce the amount of outside air you're bringing in to a building, so less heating and air is used thereby saving energy costs, where we can also receive utility rebates for saving energy” says Moore.

“I've created this movement in my community about indoor air quality,” says Moore. “It has taken four years, but now I know my message is working because when there is an indoor air quality issue, they call me!”

CUTV News Radio will feature Darline Moore in an interview with Jim Masters on December 19th at 2pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Sustainability Management Partners, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Medicare on Video demystifies home care coverage and long term care with True Freedom premier plans.

Medicare Supplement Quotes

Keith Armbrecht

Online Medicare Resource Center

Long-term home healthcare is the preferred option for many seniors. True Freedom is all about you and those comforts you want most.

With a field issue contract, no underwriting, no forms, no deductibles, no copays and no age limits or previous hospitalization, additional coverage for seniors has never been this convenient.”

— Keith Armbrecht (Founder Medicare On Video)

TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / — No one knows how to break the ice and get people talking about an uncomfortable topic such as senior care at home than Keith Ambrecht. No one really wants to think about the dynamics of senior care at home such as professional nursing, personal care and health care aide for when they might become homebound. Just the same, old age is coming and it’s a blessing to those who have a well thought out plan and doom for those who have none. For those in the planning phase, Medicare on Video will prove to be the holy grail of adequate, candid and digestible information and news on Medicare available online.

True Freedom is comprehensive new senior home care membership program from the American Senior Services Inc. which is a whole new way of looking at home care services and a better option compared to traditional home care service providers. True Freedom offers members full benefits with no underwriting whatsoever, no age limits and no questions asked. While this is not an insurance policy to take out it actually goes along well with long term care insurance providing additional cushion.

“On my journeys I have met people and I have been introduced to services, and there are some services out there that have not gotten the attention they deserve. Specifically, I would like to bring your attention to a product called True Freedom…. I have first-hand knowledge of this product. ASSI have been in business since two thousand and eight and they are a viable alternative to traditional homecare services,” says Dr. Marion Somers a renowned Elder Care Expert.
Traditionally, obtaining additional cover for the elderly persons has been the spelling of a nightmare for primary caregivers while that doesn’t seem to stop the doctor from prescribing even more specialized care and treatment. Senior care at home has been obscenely expensive and with fewer benefits than its alternatives. Inflation has not helped with the value of benefits dwindling as living expenses skyrocket. Age limits and restrictions such as impossible to meet qualification requirements have all made such contracts null and void.

As for Medicare, it only covers most of the basics and part of specialized health care needs prescribed to most seniors and exactly none of the ones that we all eventually need. Meals, personal care and homemaker service are all the things that we need happening in our homes to lead happier lives at a ripe old age. These “gaps” in Medicare coverage are best filled with supplementary coverage as that which a True Freedom membership provides. No one wants to imagine themselves not being in a position to toilet, clothe and wash themselves but it is a harsh reality we have to brace for. Being ready means not being a burden or bother to those we love and having an easier time adjusting.

Looking at the current requirements for qualifications for Medicare basic home care it is pretty obvious that it is neither easy to obtain, nor comprehensive cover. Given all the restrictions and how much your getting enrolled depends on being completely incapacitated, it is hard to visualize how basic insurance can contribute to happiness and fulfilment at old age. Not to mention the tons of paperwork that is involved in getting Medicare to pay for benefits seniors enjoy.

The official Medicare website issues a note to its readers that the doctors may prescribe some additional care that is not covered and that this might have to be out of pocket. They clearly forget to mention the personal care bit which might not be prescribed by a doctor but one that seniors cannot live happily without.

Home health care coverage and long term elder care is something we all need to think about. Eventually, most of us will need some extra coverage that may not be included in basic traditional coverage. People already in their sixties and seventies or coming of that age need a suitable guide to navigate the various hoops of Medicare and for most people, nothing works better than a visual aid. Medicare no video has been an invaluable resource for most seniors providing the most recent information for better choices on Medicare supplementary coverage.

Among the key benefits of choosing True Freedom is that users get to save money on premium coverage and also in the way of discount rewards. That’s five percent off for annual payments alone and ten percent if you pay as a couple. Couples paying annually will get a staggering fifteen percent discount on their premium which is pretty generous a reward. Additionally, members get a 10% discount on premiums for every successive year that they do not use their cover for up to four years and a total discount of 40%.

True Freedom subscribers will now enjoy freedom from inflation since the hours purchased can be utilized years down the line and they will still be worth one hour as time is constant. There are platinum, gold, silver and bronze plans ranging between 1500 hours and 10000 hours. So what happens when you run through your entire first 1000 hours of a platinum plan? Well, there is a 90 day window in between then your hours rejuvenate and suddenly you have yet another 1000 hours of service and care to enjoy.

Just thinking about the obstacles to health and happiness that lie ahead due to old age can be nerve wrecking. That goes a long way to explain why most adults do not have supplementary coverage for elder care even though statically three out of every four adults will need home care due to illness or incapacitation related to old age. At this point, it is possible to feel rejected as no insurer wants to underwrite and relying on family members is being a burden to society. And while senior care can run obscenely expensive, True Freedom provides one of the best alternatives to traditional health insurance and supplementary coverage available on the market today.

Keith Armbrecht
Medicare on Video
+1 727-954-5317
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Medicare Home Healthcare Long Term Care – Home Healthcare For Long Term Patients

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The Futurist Institute Releases The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2019

Jason Schenker

Data and AI will be critical for robot and automation development in 2019, according to experts, executives, and investors.

The history of robots and automation is being written now. I am very excited that The Robot and Automation Almanac and all of its contributors will be part of that history.”

— Jason Schenker, Chairman of The Futurist Institute

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, December 17, 2018 / — The Futurist Institute has released a groundbreaking new book, The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2019.

This innovative book contains essays from 20 robot and automation experts, executives, and investors that all answer one question: What will happen in the fields of robots, automation, and AI in 2019?

Jason Schenker, the Chairman of The Futurist institute and the world's leading financial futurist, has been the driving force behind The Robot and Automation Almanac. "People are interested, curious, and concerned about robots, automation, and AI. So, we asked the question: What's next? We created our first almanac with an outlook for 2018 and it was a bestseller that has since been translated into Chinese. We are now proud and excited to release our 2019 edition to help people see how robots, automation, and AI will be impacting their companies, professions, and jobs in 2019."

The impressive list of contributors to The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2019 includes Samuel Alexandersson of Kollmorgen, Djamila Amimer of Mind Senses Global, Fred van Beuningen of Chrysalix, Keith Blanchet of Kinova, Jeff Burnstein and Robert Huschka of the Association for Advancing Automation, Lorenzo Carver of SpreadBot and CoinSwipe, Brian La Cour of Applied Research Laboratories at The University of Texas at Austin, Craig Fuller of Freightwaves, Jason Gouw of Cubit, Rob Handfield of N.C. State University's Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, Maciej Lisiecki of Fox Automation, Jayesh Mehta of Transbotics, Russell Nickerson of Collabots and MassRobotics, David Schwebel of Swisslog, Daniel Stanton of SecureMarking, Kaleb Steinhauer of Genesis Dimensions, Daniel Theobald of Vecna Robotics, Michael Walton of Microsoft, and Bruce Welty of Locus Robotics.

Jason Schenker edited as well as contributed to The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2019. He has written ten books, including Jobs for Robots, The Promise of Blockchain, Robot-Proof Yourself, and Quantum: Computing Nouveau. Schenker also edited The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2018.

"The history of robots and automation is being written now," Schenker noted. "I am very excited that The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2019 and all of its contributors will be part of that history."

Prior to its release, The Robot and Automation Almanac – 2019 was already rated a #1 New Release in multiple categories on Amazon.

The book can be ordered online at

Jason Schenker
The Futurist Institute
+1 512-425-0670
email us here

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Blockchain for sustainable development (at CES 2019)

Circularise Team

How the blockchain startup Circularise will help communication in value chains to eliminate the concept of waste and accelerate the shift to a circular economy

Providing a system where all stakeholders can be held accountable for their actions, audit results can be published and shared, and information can be exchanged in a flexible way, is key.”

— Pietro Pasotti

AMSTERDAM, SOUTH HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS, December 17, 2018 / — Today, Circularise, a blockchain startup from the Netherlands, is showing its unique communications protocol (from here on system) that can be applied in virtually endless range of product value chains. Circularise system enables manufacturers, suppliers and recyclers in the value chain to share data in a secure way, get an oversight of the whereabouts of products and raw materials, get certifications, and to plan logistics and recycling activities for specific materials. Ultimately, Circularise communication system brings us closer to a more sustainable economic model, the circular economy, one product at a time.

Circularise and Circular Economy
Is there a reliable way for industries to create more value while reducing their dependence on natural resources? In recent years, research has shown that the circular economy—using and reusing natural resources as efficiently as possible and recovering as much value as possible of products, parts and materials at the end of each life cycle—is at least part of the answer. It is estimated that a circular economy can unlock USD4.5 trillion worth of economic growth in the coming decade. But its success heavily depends on more transparency and communication in supply chains.

The importance of communication among all economic actors: product designers, manufacturing industries, product distributors, the repair and reuse sector, and recycling and disposal industry cannot be overlooked. Wasted time, money and resources are just some of the issues companies face because of bad communication. Other outcomes include PR nightmares and missed opportunities for innovation, while efficient communication creates transparency and trust, and contributes to sustainable business. Hence, many companies nowadays want to share data to become more transparent but also stay in control of what exactly they share. This paradox seems almost too hard to solve, but it is possible. That’s where Circularise comes in place.

Providing a system where all stakeholders can be held accountable for their actions, audit results can be published and shared, and information can be exchanged in a flexible way, is key. Circularise is approaching this issue in an unique way, by using blockchain technology and zero-knowledge proof – allowing relevant stakeholders to come together and have direct access to any critical information they might need. Circularise communications protocol allows any stakeholder to add information and communicate about individual physical objects (products, parts, materials and so forth) in such a way that:

– Users remain the owner of their data, even if they do not own the object anymore
– Users decide whether they share the data and if so, with whom
– Trusting a central party is not required

About Circularise
Since 2017 Circularise is working with multiple partners in the framework of H2020 C-SERVEES project backed by the European Union. Together these parties are developing a solution that aims to boost a resource-efficient circular economy in the electrical and electronic (E&E) sector through the potential synergies of two major revolutions of our time: the circular economy and the Industry 4.0.

Circularise has already conducted several successful pilot programs with the recycling plant in Italy and a furniture manufacturer in NL. In 2019, Circularise will be rolling out a number of new projects with partners from the fashion/textile and beverage industries.

Circularise has had many successes including:
– Approximately $1M raised from several bodies of the European Union
– Successful pilots with the recycling plant in Italy and a manufacturer in the Netherlands
– Partnering with over 18 organizations
– Numerous awards including EIT Awards, LAUNCH Innovator, Connekt Affiliation Awards, YES!Delft Startups Best Financial Case


Come visit us at CES 2019, Tuesday, January 8 through Friday, January 11, at the Holland Pavilion in Eureka Park, Sands Hall G Booth 51729 and learn more about our solution and the applicability for your industry.

The Circularise Team

For more information (interview requests):
Phone: +31 85 303 3972

+31 85 303 3972
email us here

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