BET The NEW EDITION Story Jan 24th 9PM ET


NEW YORK, NY, USA, December 30, 2016 / — New Edition laid the foundation for how modern-day boy bands look, feel, and sound. Boyz II Men, N’SYNC, The Backstreet Boys, and New Kids On The Block all took their cues from Ronnie DeVoe, Ralph Tresvant, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell & Johnny Gill. After 30 years of breaking hearts on the record and from the stage, New Edition finally gets the biopic that their stellar tenure in entertainment so richly deserves. This epic three-part miniseries follows the group from their humble beginnings as kids in Boston to global mega-stardom – weathering the highs and lows of controversy, personnel changes, and the ultimate cost of fame.

The star-filled THE NEW EDITION STORY cast INCLUDES Bryshere Y. Gray Elijah Kelley, Luke James, Keith Powers, Algee Smith, Woody McClain, Dante Hoagland, Caleb McLaughlin, Jahi Winston, Myles Truitt and Tyler Williams as NEW EDITION along with La La Anthony, Yvette Nicole Brown, Monica Calhoun, Lisa Nicole Carson, Sandi McCree Wood Harris, Michael Rapaport, Faizon Love, Duane Martin Tank and Bre-Z.Along with a stellar cast, THE NEW EDITION STORY includes a collective of award-winning producers and directors including iconic music powerhouses James “Jimmy Jam” Harris, Terry Lewis and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Executive Producer Jesse Collins and award-winning director Chris Robinson. THE NEW EDITION STORY will air as a six hour, three night event on January 24, 25, and 26, 2017 at 9 PM ET/PT on BET.

Three Part Breakdown of THE NEW EDITION STORY Miniseries: Part One (2 hours) premieres Tuesday, January 24th at 9 PM /ET/PT

The year is 1978. The city, Roxbury, MA, just outside of Boston. Eleven year old Bobby Brown convinces some friends (Ricky Bell, Mike Bivins, and Ralph Tresvant) to perform in local talent shows in an attempt to win money (and girls). Once the group is formed, they convince a hot local manager, Brooke Payne, to turn them into talent show winners. The boys are eventually discovered by music impresario, Maurice Starr, who signs them to a record deal. They add a fifth member, Ronnie DeVoe, and their debut song “Candy Girl” hits #1 on the charts. Gary Evans, a manager from NYC, promises them a better deal, bigger stardom, and more money. When the boys get a new deal with MCA Records in L.A., things get off to an inauspicious start when MCA president Jheryl Busby, underwhelmed by his new signing, pushes them to deliver a hit album or else.

Part Two (2 hours) premieres Wednesday, January 25th at 9 PM /ET/PT

It’s 1984, and New Edition is in L.A. recording their second album. Ralph, fully aware of the resentment from his bandmates, requests more parts for them to sing. The album is a huge hit; but Bobby’s behavior gets more erratic and outlandish while on the road. Eventually tensions erupt, and the group dynamic takes a pivotal change – the boys vote to kick Bobby out – and New Edition is never the same. Soon Ralph decides that he wants to go solo, leaving remaining members Ricky, Mike, and Ronnie stunned. Mike, the group’s de facto leader, adds R&B singer Johnny Gill to the group. Everything comes to an ugly head when the group meets to record their next album.

Part Three (2 hours) premieres Thursday, January 26th at 9 PM /ET/PT

New Edition’s “Heartbreak” tour is an incredible success and the group is soaring high. Bobby, who has his own hit album “Don’t Be Cruel”, starts off as their opening act. But he soon eclipses them, becoming one of the biggest stars in R&B music. By 1990, all the members have launched hugely successful solo careers – even though there’s tension bubbling under the surface between them. A few short years later when most of the guys are up to their ears in debt, they agree to do a reunion album and tour with all six members, including Bobby. This should be New Edition’s rebirth, but things immediately get off to a bad start. In the aftermath, all six members go their separate ways, trying to navigate life after N.E., leaving little hope to maintain the brotherhood they once shared.

THE NEW EDITION STORY is executive produced by Jesse Collins (Real Husbands of Hollywood) for JCE Films, a division of Jesse Collins Entertainment; directed by Chris Robinson (ATL) and co-produced by Brooke Payne, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Ronnie DeVoe, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown.

For behind the scenes look at the making of the film, plus exclusive clips and photos from THE NEW EDITION STORY, log on to and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #NewEditionBET.

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Fort Collins-based Company FVC Americas Opens “Mesh Fort Collins”, Keeps Old Town Co-working Space Operational in 2017

FVC Americas Saves Co-working Space at 242 Linden Street, Seeks to Minimize Disruption During Transition, Enhance Regional Venture Community Through Networks

Our long-term vision is to weave Fort Collins into the network of local and international investors, as well as corporate partners.

— Denichiro Otsuga

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, USA, December 29, 2016 / — FVC Americas (FVCA, dba of EnConnect Holdings, LLC) announced today it has finalized lease terms with Blue Ocean Real Estate Management as the new operator of the co-working space at 242 Linden Street in Fort Collins. The space was formerly leased by Denver-based Galvanize, which announced in late November that it will be closing its Fort Collins campus. Headquartered in Fort Collins and led by President Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga, FVCA will assume a control of the space as of January 1, 2017. Entrepreneurs who established an agreement in 2016 to rent co-working space will have the option to renew their agreements with FVC Americas at the same standard rate during the transition. FVCA is a fully owned subsidiary of Future Venture Capital, Co. Ltd. (FVC), one of Japan’s most prestigious venture capital firms. Just last month, FVC and FVCA named Fort Collins, Colorado as its headquarters for the Americas region, and named Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga as President to lead it.

“After talking with several interested parties, we couldn’t be more pleased that EnConnect will take over the Fort Collins campus,” said Galvanize co-founder, Lawrence Mandes. “It has been our goal to find a successor who would be a supportive partner for and with local entrepreneurs, and for and with the Fort Collins community; EnConnect is that partner. Galvanize stands at the ready to assist EnConnect, and we will continue to support Northern Colorado entrepreneurs and the startup community.”

"We are pleased to welcome EnConnect Holdings to the 242 Linden building,” said Phil Hodgkinson, General Manager of Blue Ocean Real Estate Management. “The co-working environment in Fort Collins will be well served by Denny and his team."

“We are excited to formally announce a presence in Old Town Fort Collins, a future hub of venture businesses,” said FVCA President, Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga. “Despite recent news of co-working space closures in the area, we see significant potential in the co-working space at 242 Linden Street,” which is due north of Fort Collins’ historic Old Town Square. “Our priority is to ensure a smooth transition for the staff and the entrepreneurs who either already have or seek a space to rent.” Interior and service changes will be kept minimal, and the membership fee structure will remain the same for now. “With a focus on providing a wide array of resources to venture and startup businesses, FVCA looks forward to enhancing the vibrant startup community here.”

“FVC Mesh” will be the brand name of FVCA’s co-working spaces, and the building at 242 Linden Street will be named “Mesh Fort Collins”. Each additional campus will bear the name of the community it serves. “The name ‘Mesh’ reflects our intention to create a tight-knit community where multiple threads of connections can gather and form into a synergistic network that has strength, function and purpose. FVCA aims to develop a regional network in Colorado that will connect the venture communities here,” said Otsuga.

“The City of Fort Collins is very excited to hear that 242 Linden Street will continue operations as a co-working technology hub,” said Josh Birks, City of Fort Collins Economic Health Director. “Our startup community benefits greatly from the culture and networks that have formed here, and will now continue to grow with guidance and support from FVC Americas.”

“Opening a co-working space in communities where we have a presence is part of our strategy to develop a venture based economy,” remarked Yuji Fujinaga, Chief Strategy Officer of FVC. “The decision to open Mesh Fort Collins is one component of our commitment to the City of Fort Collins that we made when we chose to open an office there. In 2017 and beyond, we will continue to execute on our commitment to the Northern Colorado region.”

FVC/FVCA Background:
When the company began in 1998, the vision of FVC (Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd.) was to create sustainable venture communities in rural areas of Japan. FVC Americas (dba of EnConnect Holdings, LLC) expands this vision to the countries in the Americas region, starting with Fort Collins, Colorado. FVC Americas brings a unique vision and aims to create an unprecedented network of resources to the venture community and startup companies.

FVC (parent company to FVCA) operates several co-working spaces in Japan, and with a new operation in Fort Collins, it joins a growing international network of co-working spaces. “At FVC, we have found that a place to gather is a critical element in the creation of a community,” stated Otsuga. “While gathering space is a necessary component of the infrastructure, it is not sufficient. As we move into 2017, FVCA will bring other infrastructure elements to Fort Collins, such as a risk capital in the form of venture capital fund, education, and events in collaboration with the City of Fort Collins and Rockies Venture Club, just to name a few. Our long-term vision is to weave Fort Collins into the network of local and international investors, as well as corporate partners. FVC Mesh and Mesh Fort Collins is the first step in FVCA’s plan to enhance the venture community that is growing in Fort Collins.”

In addition to the infrastructure, FVCA will develop a unique network locally and internationally with key partners. “Contrary to common belief, I believe keeping all the internal resources locally is not the best way to create a vibrant and sustainable economy,” Commented Otsuga. “The power of network lies in creating a flow of resources inward, outward and inside the community. FVCA will be a platform that connects communities large and small, while also providing a way for resources to flow in both directions.”

About FVC Americas (FVCA): 
EnConnect Holdings, LLC is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado and doing business as, FVC Americas. FVCA works with FVC to incubate a value creating ecosystem for the small and early-stage venture companies in small and medium size communities. Additional FVCA offices will emerge as FVC grow its regional presence in other countries. FVCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of FVC. Read more at

Denichiro Otsuga
EnConnect Holdings
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Flipbook Software from Mobissue Makes Mobile Publishing Never Easier

For the mobile publishing, Mobissue makes it simple with a digital cloud platform which is mobile friendly.

HONGKONG, CHINA, December 30, 2016 / — Creating content and digitally publishing it over mobile devices and tablets can be expected to take a whole new turn as Mobissue, the leading digital content publishing platform provider, has presented its page flip software with numerous amazing features. Features like personal portfolio creation, its advertising system and many more are expected to make digital content creation and publication much easier for all mobile device users.

Reportedly, the page flip software from Mobissue comes with certain features which seemed like an ardent need for all the users, especially for usage over mobile devices and tablets. The software provides the option for users to create their personal portfolio homepage and share the content with a personal touch. Users can design their portfolio homepage using the custom banners and can add their profile picture for a professional look.

Additionally, adding one more unique feature to the list, Mobissue, the professional magazine maker allows users to create and publish their collection of creations in the form of a newsstand. This has been made possible by the cloud storage on which the whole software works. This newsstand can then be easily shared over mobile devices and can showcase the complete collection in one go.

The company representatives also stated that their software comes with its own advertisement system allowing users to create and present ads for their issues in a separate pop-up window. These ads are easily editable as per user’s choice without having to re-create them all over again. Further, it also allows users to manage all their contacts or subscribers from a single interface thereby making subscriber management much simpler for all.

Company CEO, Winston Zhang, was confident about the ease and improvements this software can provide for all its users to create and publish content, especially for mobile devices as he stated, “The Mobissue page flip software has been created with keeping our end users and their comfort in mind. This software is a game changer in digital content publication and will be a boon for all users.”

For more details about Mobissue or want to download to create page flip book for mobile marketing , please click here.

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SARAWAK, MALAYSIA Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon's 2017 New Year's Message "We will not be deterred. We shall overcome"

Dato Sri Ang Lai Soon of Sarawak presented to Queen Elizabeth II and The Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh The King and Queen of Malaysia looked on.

World’s longest reigning Monarch – Queen Elizabeth II, greatest supporter of charities and worthy causes. In the turbulent world today, such leaders with impeccable character and record can be a great stabilising force. NEW YEAR WISH FOR SOME COUNTRIES?

We as a nation state make a realistic effort to try to move a little way towards our own SHANGRILA, an ideal society free of suffering and poverty.

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA, December 30, 2016 / — "We will not be deterred. We shall overcome "


Over the millennia the end of the year is a time for reflection, and the start of the New Year has come to mean a new beginning, a time for renewal, an opportunity to change for the better-a time of hope.

As individuals, we make New Year resolutions concerning self-improvement in various ways. Yet very often after just a few days, following the new year celebrations, our personal resolutions have fallen by the wayside and the new year is no different from the old!

But this year, let’s make it different! Indeed we must in order to move on in our rather difficult and complicated world.

For many in the world the year 2016 was an annus horribilis and it is difficult, at least at this moment, to see this changing in the near future. But if we have the will and the determination we can make a difference – as the saying goes: if you have faith you can move mountain! Nothing is really impossible.

We in this country are fortunate and have been generally spared the upheavals endured by other nations, but we need to be vigilant to ensure undercurrents from those world events do not surface here – that religious and ethnic harmony may prevail, that discord and chauvinism are discarded, that unethical and immoral practices in any form, or at any level, must be stopped, and that those in positions of authority may always follow the precept that they are the servants of the people, so that we, as a nation state, may present an example of probity to the world rather than reflect the defects that have befallen other nations.

As we reflect on the year that has come to an end, the words of Omar Khayyam come to mind:

"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on; nor all thy Piety nor Wit shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it".

2017 is politically a very important year for this nation and its people, so let us make a real resolve to see that we as a nation state make a realistic effort to try to move a little way towards our own SHANGRILA, an ideal society free of suffering and poverty.

I am inspired by Cicero's motto

Dum Spiro Spero – "While I Breathe, I hope".

I know that we have just taken the first step in our long and difficult journey, and that there will be many obstacles along the way: valleys to traverse, mountains to surmount, floods and storms to overcome, but we will not be deterred. We shall overcome.

Chairman of St John Council
President of Sarawak Cheshire Home
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NJ MED joins Global Human Rights Fight

NJ MED plans to be a major force in international programming and services in 2017

“Our purpose is to be aggressive in solving world problems, as it relates to children’s rights. We believe in investing in education, we can help safeguard our future, to assure everyone has a chance

— Albert Mitchell II, Founder and CEO of NJ MED

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 30, 2016 / — NJ MED (New Jersey Minority Educational Development), a nonprofit organization was formed 1995 in the United States. The organization’s mission is to address and resolve the systemic problems of unserved populations by providing innovative programming and technical assistance to existing educational, business, and community organizations.

Mr. Albert Mitchell II, Founder and CEO of NJ MED, stated during their annual report meeting, “Our purpose is to be aggressive in solving world problems, as it relates to children’s rights. We believe in investing in education, we can help safeguard our future, to assure everyone has a chance to reach his or her full potential in life, both economically and socially. “

Mr. Mitchell II also added, “We don’t care to associate with non-doers. We are a can do bunch. As one of our board members pointed out, we are like a combat medic; we are on the human rights frontline battlefield, providing aide to the people that are or have been wounded. This is not a job or game, this is our reality.”

NJ MED international presents has grown, by becoming a consultative member of the United Nation’s, largest subsidiary body, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in 2016.

Mr. Mitchell II said, “With this status, we now have the capability to build international relationships with other NGOs, to reach all 198 countries that are a member of the UN.”

NJ MED’s current programs and services include:
• The 100% Graduation Rate Program- that works with at-risk minority males, towards social skill development and economic training
• US Student Pledge Campaign – that helps prepare a higher-skilled US future workforce
• Graduation Week Campaign – that promotes local high school graduation classes across the US
• The World Top 20 Poll – that ranks and monitors the educational development of students from 3 to 25 year olds from 209 nations
• World Top 20 Project – that works with other NGOs to assure every child on the planet has access to education, in a safe and nurturing environment
• Global Universities Rankings – that measures the quality of education and training for students 18 to 25 year olds, as well as, the university’s economic and social impact in promoting their country’s sustainable development
Global Education Report – an annual international survey of students, parents, teachers, educators and tax-payers, to identify areas of needs to improve the quality of education in their country

For more information about NJ MED, and their upcoming activities in 2017, you can schedule an interview at . Please, use Request for Interview as the subject title, and provide your name, organization, with a request date for the interview.

Shomari Moore
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75F Announces Major Growth in Sales and Markets Served in 2016

75F team winning their third award for the year.

Continued company growth and market adoption has led to expansion of 75F across commercial buildings, old and new

BURNSVILLE, MN, US, December 29, 2016 / — MINNEAPOLIS, MN, DECEMBER 28, 2016 – 75F, the predictive analytics cloud-based software company that optimizes HVAC systems, is proud to announce the achievement of 500% year-over-year sales growth in 2016. Major gains are attributed to expanding into new construction office and warehouse projects, as well as installations with national retailers and restaurant franchisees. Lighting control and building pressure solutions expanded the opportunities to provide next level intelligence for many customers.

Known to many for its 2014 Minnesota Cup Award, 75F achieved significant gains in annual sales volumes thanks in part, to the release of the Outside Air Optimization (OAO) earlier in the year. This solution features energy efficiency of constant volume HVAC systems commonly called Rooftop Units (RTUs). Energy savings exceeds 35%, and improves indoor air quality, leading to increased employee productivity and satisfaction. The solution creates an ROI of about one year for many customers.

With approximately 136,000 existing RTUs in MN today, 75F believes the market appears to be largely untapped with tenants and building owners unaware of the potential savings. Adam Beson, 75F Director of Retail Sales comments, “Awareness of our technology continues to be a top priority for us. Everyone knows LED lighting upgrades save energy, but there is a larger opportunity to impact comfort and savings with simple HVAC optimization. For some real estate portfolios, it translates into millions of dollars in savings each year!”

75F was elated to win three awards focused on innovative technologies in 2016; The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal Eureka! Innovation Award and Titans of Technology Award were added to the trophy case, along with the Tekne Award for Clean Energy Technology. Continuing to gain recognition for innovative solutions, 75F leads the way for forward-thinking building owners, tenants and managers who understand the competitive advantages gained from smart building technologies. Soon, buildings that don’t have smart, connected systems are going to feel the impact, whether it be in terms of asset classification, value, rental rates or brand perception.

About 75F:
75F is a smart building automation systems company offering predictive solutions to energy management and comfort issues in light commercial buildings. Using the best in cloud computing and the Internet of Things, 75F proactively manages buildings needs before they arise.

Kristen Johnson
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Custom Italian Travel Planning Agency Launches New Website

La Dolce Via Travel provides the highest quality custom-travel planning to Italy and has recently relaunched its website,

OAK BROOK, ILLINOIS, USA, December 29, 2016 / — La Dolce Via Travel, a custom Italian travel agency based in Oak Brook, Illinois, relaunched their website earlier this month with a refresh of design, content and improved user experience. With the redevelopment of the new website, La Dolce Via Travel has positioned itself to reach new customers online and deliver a high quality web presence for the company’s customers.

“We’re pleased with the relaunch of our new website and we’re excited to bring a fresh product to our customers online,” said La Dolce Via Travel Founder Rosanne Zammuto Cofoid. “The new website is a major step forward to effectively brand ourselves online and deliver an enhanced user experience for our customers.”

La Dolce Via Travel spent several weeks fine-tuning the website content, photos and design, and is pleased with the end result. The new website captures the essence of real Italian life and culture, and is an outlet for current and potential customers to begin the Italian travel experience.

La Dolce Via Travel provides the highest quality custom-travel planning to Italy. With their in-depth knowledge of the country, strong relationships with their Italian colleagues, and dedication to its customers having a truly wonderfully memorable experience, La Dolce Via Travel creates special Italian trips.

To learn more about La Dolce Via Travel, visit its new website at

For further details, please contact: Rosanne Zammuto Cofoid, Founder, La Dolce Via Travel, 630-887-8983,

Rosanne Zammuto Cofoid
La Dolce Via Travel
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A Brand-New Smile Is in Reach for Wilmington Residents

Affordable dental services are nearby for residents of Wilmington

With its location in Exton, and three other locations in Eastern Pennsylvania, residents of Wilmington, DE, have more affordable dental options close to home.

The satisfaction of our patients has allowed us to expand our practice to continue to offer affordable treatment to more and more people that might otherwise be unable to afford it.

— Dr. Michelle Bernreuther

EXTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2016 / — Affordable Dental Solutions (ADS) now offers its affordable dental implants and affordable dentures to residents of Wilmington, DE. With its location in Exton, PA, about 30 minutes from Wilmington, in addition to three other locations in Eastern Pennsylvania, Wilmington residents have several convenient locations to choose from to escape the high costs of city dentists.

The rates ADS offers are some of the lowest in the area. Full dentures start at $495 while partial dentures start at $595. Dental implants start at only $2000, a low rate that is already half the cost other implant providers offer. This fee also includes the abutment and crown.

Regardless of which affordable tooth replacement option residents of Wilmington may choose, they are sure to receive quality care from a team of experienced professionals. The dental experts at ADS are committed to keeping up with advancements in the dental practice and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure patients receive superior treatment.

“While we are able to offer more affordable solutions at lower prices, we guarantee that our quality is not compromised,” explains Dr. Michelle Bernreuther, who has provided quality dental implants to thousands of patients. “The satisfaction of our patients has allowed us to expand our practice to continue to offer affordable treatment to more and more people that might otherwise be unable to afford it.”

Residents of Wilmington who have let the cost of dental treatment prevent them from seeking dental care for far too long should schedule a consultation with Dr. Bernreuther or any of the experienced dentists at ADS.

To learn more about the specifc services ADS in Exton can provide to Wilmington residents, visit:

About Affordable Dental Solutions: Based in Eastern Pennsylvania, Affordable Dental Solutions is a provider of full dentistry services. For nearly a decade, Affordable Dental Solutions has offered patients procedures such as dental implants, crowns, and dentures at rates much lower than area competitors by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and by negotiating discounts with implant manufacturing companies. Learn more at

Jamie Jaskolka
Affordable Dental Solutions
(484) 948-2900
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Legacy Society donors Michael, Darby, Braelyn and Brock Rumbaugh of Laurie A. Rumbaugh Family Foundation

Legacy Society donors Cheryl and Mark Montgomery

Legacy Society donors Dean and Raymer F. Maguire, III

Developing Character and Promoting Strong Social Skills to Children in Low-Income Communities

I am profoundly grateful for these donors. For many children, this gift will be the first book they will ever own.

— Loretta Neff, founder of the EW Foundation

PALM BEACH, FL, USA, December 29, 2016 / — EW Foundation Inc., a 501(3)(c) nonprofit, announced today that it recently secured $17,500 in additional sponsorships for its 3rd annual musical brunch, Books, Bellinis, and Bel Canto, to be held on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at Club Colette in Palm Beach, Florida, with all net proceeds supporting EWF’s character education outreach programs to children in low-income communities.

Michael D. Rumbaugh of the Laurie A. Rumbaugh Family Foundation in Columbus, Ohio led the effort as a Legacy Society donor with a $7,500 Bambini sponsorship in honor of his late wife, Laurie, a mother of three and former teacher who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2015. Michael, along with children, Brock, Braelyn and Darby, will present their gift of story time with signed books to a Title I elementary in the Columbus, Ohio area in the spring.

Cheryl and Mark Montgomery of Winter Park, Florida continued the effort with their generous donation of $5,000 to become a Legacy Society donor and Bellini Reception sponsor in recognition of EWF’s achievements. A Title I elementary gift recipient in the greater Orlando area is currently being selected.

Rounding out the season of giving, Orlando residents, Dean and Raymer F. Maguire, III, also provided a Legacy Society donation of $5,000. For more than fifty years, four generations of the Maguire family have been passionately involved in philanthropic efforts related to education. Dean lovingly devotes her time each day to the education of our youth as a teacher for at-risk students in the Orlando public school system. She also serves as an EWF advisory board member.

“I am profoundly grateful for these donors”, commented Loretta Neff, founder of the EW Foundation. “Their support underscores the value of our programs, and helps drive our mission to provide successful outcomes for children with limited resources. For many children, this gift will be the first book they will ever own,” added Ms. Neff.

These extraordinary acts of generosity and support propel EWF toward reaching its goal of impacting over 10,000 children by the end of 2016. With seven (7) Title I schools on the wait list in states of Florida, New Jersey and Ohio, these funds provide much needed underwriting for story time author visits with signed copies for every child.

Since 2014, EWF has benefited over 8,900 children with their award winning character education programs and provided author visits and signed copies of their first book, Tame Your Manners, to nineteen (19) academies and schools and fourteen (14) charities.

Loretta Neff, Founder and Executive Director
EW Foundation
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Lifeline.Photo to Meet with Photographers at Imaging USA

New company to showcase new Studio Business Management product to photographers at national conference in San Antonio

“Enabling photographers to run a sustainable and viable business is the heart of our software, and Imaging USA is one of the best places to reach them.”

— Brent Watkins, Founder of Lifeline.Photo and 25 year studio owner

AKRON, OH, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2016 / — Akron, OH – Lifeline announced today that it will exhibit at the Imaging USA Expo in San Antonio, Texas, January 8-10, 2017.

With more than 10,000 photographers descending upon the River Walk for Imaging USA, Lifeline viewed the convention as a can’t miss opportunity to get its new product in front of this large group of professionals.

Lifeline is a new Studio Business Management service that will help photographers establish "best practices" for business and help artists learn to focus on the important tasks and not just the "urgent" ones. Lifeline was created with the goal of helping photography entrepreneurs spend less time working IN their business and more time working ON their business.

Specializing in Studio Business Management, Lifeline sees the Imaging Expo as an excellent opportunity to get face-to-face with customers and show how they can make photographers’ lives better.

“Enabling photographers to run a sustainable and viable business is the heart of our software,” says Brent Watkins, one of the Founders of Lifeline and owner of Sylvart Studios (a 3rd Generation family portrait studio in Barberton, OH). “And Imaging USA is one of the best places to reach them.”

To get a first crack at great show specials and the chance to ask Lifeline’s specialists their questions, photographers can join them at the upcoming Imaging USA in January.

About Lifeline:
Lifeline is founded by Photographers and Software Developers EXCLUSIVELY for photographers who need a comprehensive studio management tool built for the way PHOTOGRAPHERS work.

Visit us at

About Imaging USA:
Imaging USA is the longest running national photographic convention, expo and image exhibition in the United States, drawing thousands of professionals from around the world. Dating back to 1880, when it began as the annual convention and trade show for Professional Photographers of America (PPA,, the event is always growing and evolving. Major components of Imaging USA are the three-day Imaging Expo trade show, several all-inclusive parties, and presentations by some of the biggest names in the photographic industry. Imaging USA's renowned educational classes are geared to improve a photographer's business skills, photographic repertoire, and use of technologies. For more information, visit

Brent Watkins
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