New Guidelines For Consumer Credit Score Calculations.

New Credit Report Rules

New Credit Report Rules

Whether your credit score runs high or low,take note:the formula that calculates your score is about to get a facelift. New changes to go into effect July 2017.

Three credit bureaus and 31 credit agencies made an agreement in 2015 to take these out on the argument that civil judgments and tax liens often contained many errors.”

— Patrick Mansfield

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2017 / — New Guidelines For Consumer Credit Score Calculations.

Whether your credit score runs high or low, take note: the formula that calculates your score is about to get a facelift.

Substantial differences include:

Use of trending data
Outlook on credit card limits
Elimination of Determinants like medical debts

Established by the credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, the company VantageScore will utilize the new process starting on July 1st. If you don't recognize the name, just appreciate that VantageScore calculated the credit scores to approve or deny roughly 8 million credit card applications last year alone.

Trended Data

"Trended data" will track the progress of a borrower's monthly debts. That means that if you pay down your debt month by month, your credit score will improve more quickly than those who pay the minimum amount and don't make a dent on their credit card balance. According to industry insiders, the credit industry has considered using trended data meaningfully for years.

This data affects those with high scores more than low because it attempts to predict future behavior.

According to Sarah Davies, the Senior Vice President for research, analytics, and product development at VantageScore, even if you don't have bad behavior on your file, "a trajectory provides very powerful information."

Credit Card Limits

In the past, you may have kept credit cards open to improve your score, since the formula benefited those with more available credit. For example, if you had $5,000 debt with a $50,000 limit, you would have scored better than someone with $2,000 in debt and a $10,000 limit.

VantageScore's new credit score method shakes this all up. Large credit card limits will mark you negatively since it increases the possibility of running up credit card debt dangerously quickly.

This change will most dramatically impact those with prime credit scores who have multiple cards open. People who strategically use credit card rewards systems may feel the effect as well.

These formerly vexing negative credit factors are gone for good from FICO Scores.

Tax liens
Medical debts (Less than 6 months old)
Civil judgments

Three credit bureaus and 31 credit agencies made an agreement in 2015 to take these out on the argument that civil judgments and tax liens often contained many errors. The system will also rule out medical debt, which agencies may report to credit bureaus before the insurance companies reimburse.

You may experience a credit increase of as much as 20 points or higher if you have these elements on your report. Delinquencies and debts that have gone to collection, however, will continue to affect your score.

What action can you take if the above listed negative information is not removed? You can submit a request to the reporting agency, but keep in mind this isn't an amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this is just a voluntary action the bureaus are taking.

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Patrick Mansfield
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Thomas Delor, the inventor of the EcoTraineR, reproaches the US Dep. of Energy to mislead the public on their web site.

The Ecotrainer is portable to any othe vehicle

Shown dashboard mounting

Offering bad pieces of advice discourage drivers to follow them.

green technology Innovations inc. (NASDAQ:n/a)

Offering bad advice discourage the drivers to follow them. "Ask not what your Country can do for, it's what you can do for your Country"
We will lead the world for clean air and clean water.”

— JFK, Pdt Donald Trump

SUGAR HILL, GEORGIA, USA, July 2, 2017 / —
Last February, introducing his invention to the US Government, Mr. Delor asked to correct two false pieces of advice; 1) to use the cruise control (constant speed is a myth) on the highway and 2) to remove “excess” weight in the vehicle. Both pieces of advice are incorrect and confuse the driver.

In a letter addressed to President Trump, Mr. Delor wrote: “It is obvious that those employees do not fully understand the physics of inertia F=MV” adding: “You need to dry the US Administration swamp too".
It was also the inventor’s recommendation that the EcoTraineR should be added to the US’s website because it is the only device having received a US Patent.

It took more than three hundred years after Isaac Newton discovered the Universal Force of Inertia (a.k.a. 2nd Law of Motion) and established the formula F=MV for Delor, a French immigrant, inventing the EcoTraineR physically showing a vehicle’s true inertia or lack of it. “Seeing the true inertia is not a guessing game anymore and anyone can reduce fuel consumption by up to 100% or increase the distance between two electrical recharges,” said Delor. “Car manufacturers displaying the pressure in the vehicle’s fuel vacuum line suggesting that It’s indicating the vehicle’s inertia is untrue and mislead any potential buyers and since the fuel saving is only 10% when following the website’s pieces of advice, drivers are discouraged,” added Delor.
The EcoTraineR is a new car instrument indicating when a vehicle has enough momentum to move on its own without using fuel. It is small, alike a GPS and can be mounted on your dashboard or windshield in minutes.

Contact: Angelique Gwinner a UGA graduate majored in journalism
Web sites: and
Toll-Free: 1-800-937-9455
Phone: 678 580-9284
Green Technology Innovations Inc.

thomas delor CEO
green technology innovations Inc.
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WISOLAR opens lead store in South Africa at Roxy’s centre, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng

WiSolar, South Africa, a leading solar electricity company has opened its first lead store at Roxy’s Village Walk Shopping Centre, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng,

In the following months the store will go completely off-grid to minimize the store's impact on the environment, hedge against the escalating cost of public utility electricity”

— Tonye Irims

BRONKHORSTSPRUIT, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, July 1, 2017 / — WiSolar, South Africa, a leading solar electricity company has opened its first lead store at Roxy’s Village Walk Shopping Centre, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, 50km east of Pretoria for central accessibility between Witbank and Pretoria. The burgeoning population and ever-increasing cost of electricity in Bronkhorstspruit and outlying areas has made it necessary for WiSolar’s store presence.

WiSolar will share knowledge on the merits and value of renewable solar power as an alternative cheaper and cleaner source of electricity with residential homeowners and also companies in and around Bronkhorstspruit.

Tonye Irims, founder and Executive Director said “In the following months the store will go completely off-grid to minimize the store's impact on the environment, hedge against the escalating cost of public utility electricity, and also so our walk-in clients can see how solar electricity works, this exemplary use case will be implemented across all our stores as we roll out province by province”

Whilst the initial capital expenditure may be substantial for solar electricity, what is important to note is the fact that a PV system will pay for itself within a 2 to 3 year period. This is made possible by costs saved through not having to pay monthly electricity bills, as well as SARS tax rebates where available.

“WiSolar, Bronkhorstspruit store will also be implementing a daylight harvesting system that reduces its electrical lighting requirements. Other energy-saving technologies include 100% LED lights throughout the store and motion sensors at our stores and storage rooms that automatically switch lights on and off." concludes Tonye

About WiSolar

WiSolar is a division of Manteecorp (Pty) Ltd and a member of the TI Group of companies providing cheaper and cleaner electricity to the residential and commercial sector of South Africa. Installations are typically completed in 1-2 days.

# # #

+2710 035 2360
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TalentRaters MAGAZINE Leaving Eden Issue 1 Special Edition Releases for Print

First Historic Issue of TalentRaters MAGAZINE Special Edition is Ready

This is a truly historic event for the TalentRaters Corporation. Much work has gone into the magazine's creation and many thanks to the many talented artists that our now featured.”

— Joseph C. Bennett

LINDENWOLD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2017 / — It is with great pleasure that we release the very first TR MAGAZINE Issue 1 Special Edition featuring Leaving Eden on the cover. For those of you that have been featured in Issue 1, this is a great keepsake as well as an added component of your artistic resume. Please also encourage your fans to purchase so they can have your featured pages signed by you at your concerts and events.

TalentRaters has decided to release the printed option now while the digital magazine version is still being finalized. Due to printing and shipping costs, the price per magazine is $14.99 and a minimum of 25 magazines must be ordered in order for us to place an order to our print company. If any of you are interested in purchasing TR MAGAZINE Issue one, please Contact Us y clicking the hyperlink or by using our email address,, and let us know that you're interested in purchasing copies of the magazine by typing I'm Interested in TR Issue 1 in the subject line along with the quantity you are interested in purchasing. If we get enough responses and reach the minimum order of 25 magazines, then TalentRaters will place the order. Please check if your name has been listed below for Issue 1, if not, and you were featured in TR MAGAZINE during the same time frame, you have been moved to a future issue as we have to keep the magazine to 40 to 50 pages for now. If we reach the minimum of 25 magazines to place and order then payment can be made by logging into your TR profile and clicking on Send A Gift using your profile dropdown arrow and then enter the amount of your order in the one-time contribution box. Those that are not TR members but would like to order can simply register for now at until the full digital TR Magazine version is complete.

Artists Featured in the historic Leaving Eden TR MAGAZINE Issue 1 Special Edition

Frances Jewel Pagobo, Maria Karla Sumagang, Angel Joy and Angel Law Macabuac, Cover Artists -Leaving Eden, Cruel Miracle, Everlasting Blaze, Josh Phillips, Bloodline Theory, Flight of Fire, OneEleven, Venus Mars Project, Emma Bilyou, Kailey Swanson, and Laura Kamhuber

So much work has gone into writing these articles and preparing them for each issue. We truly hope you value and appreciate how special this moment is.

Dare to be Greater with TalentRaters!

Joseph Bennett
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Source: EIN Presswire empowers doctors to save more lives while commemorating National Doctors’ Day

‘Doctors for Good’ Program, an educational campaign will spread awareness
about the benefits of crowdfunding in medical treatments

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 1, 2017 / —, India’s #1 crowdfunding platform has announced the launch of a new initiative called the, ‘Doctors For Good’ Program on 1st July, marking National Doctors’ Day. As a part of this program, Impact Guru will honour the role of doctors in our community, whose daily efforts save the lives of millions of people struggling with illnesses, diseases and injuries.

The initiative coined by will educate doctors regarding the benefits of crowdfunding for patients who require funds to treat serious illnesses, diseases or injuries like cancer, organ failure, etc. Surgeries coupled with post-surgical care and treatments, have resulted in many families incurring costs of over tens of lakhs of rupees. Patients and their families have traditionally resorted to taking loans or borrowed the funds required at high interest rates from private lenders or family. With the introduction of crowdfunding platforms, many families have been able to successfully raise suffient funds for such medical treatments.

With this initiative, invites doctors, hospitals, and clinicians as they conduct training sessions in the form of webinars or workshops. These workshops will educate them about how crowdfunding can help patients access and afford quality and reliable medical services from trusted practitioners. The ‘Doctors For Good’ Program, will also help provide quick financial assistance to anyone with a medical cause. This program aims to help thousands of lesser privileged patients, access proper and quality treatment without being burdened by the expenses through the enrolled doctors.

Additionally, the doctors that volunteer for this program will also help verify cases and medical reports, as they impact thousands of lives with their practice by examining patients and cases by conducting clinical evaluations. They will impart medical advice to campaigners raising funds through, while sharing their expert opinions on various medical topics via the platform’s website and other communication channels.

Speaking about the program, Piyush Jain,Co-Founder and CEO of said, “Over the past six months we have seen a surge in medical fundraisers. In the last two months itself, we were able to raise around 75 lakhs for many patients on our platform. Most campaigners are not aware of their potential to raise funds to help treat their family members and friends. They approach us with low expectations and are left overwhelmed by the massive response they receive. Through this initiative, we want to multiply the impact by involving more doctors to help us reach more patients and save more lives. We understand running a fundraiser while taking care of an ill family member is not easy, which is why we have a fully equipped team that provides 24×7 support to each campaigner, and we wish to render these services for those in need.”

Some Successful Medical Campaigns:
1. Anurag Bhatnagar raised 25 lakhs in 14 days for his wife’s liver transplant
2. Seven-month-old baby Shrijay, with a liver disease raised INR 16, 37,574 in
only 62 days
3. Harish Rohra needed a kidney transplant and raised INR 8,15,915 in 60 days

Dr. Sasmita Panda – Medical officer Shri HN Reliance Hospital said, “I’ve had many patients come to me looking for advice on how to arrange for funds to get the treatment done immediately. In most cases, the surgery has to take place immediately, but is delayed only because of lack of funds. There are times when the patient’s life is lost while waiting for funds. I’ve recommended crowdfunding to many, who have managed to raise 50% to 100% of funds in a week and gotten the required treatment. I think in the time of a rising number of cancer cases, crowdfunding can be a life-saver. It is a great alternative to the hassle faced, after approaching insurance companies or banks.”

Harshada P
Moes Art
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Homevilas Launches Android Mobile Application

Homevilas Android App

The Android application will enable all guests, hosts and funders.

Think homestays, Think Us : homevilas”

— Homevilas

DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, July 1, 2017 / —, a leading homestay & accommodation provider in India, today announced the release of its Android application for its accommodation booking portal

The Android application will enable all guests, hosts and funders, that use key features & services for arrange perfect budget deal for their clientele.

The application provides vast range of budget accommodations and integrates with real-time host approval processes in order to fulfil the requirement of instant booking for their customers where they don’t need to wait for booking approval. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to process applications and streamline the associated administrative tasks involved. The new mobile technology is seamlessly integrated with back office.

The application came up with more feature which makes customer life easy, below are the highlights-:

Highlights of Android application with Key Features:

Business Travellers: Business travellers avail the maximum benefits by using our key feature named “Find accommodations by proximity to meetings”.

Students: By using our “Multiple Location Search” students can save their valuable time and money to find out nearest accommodation to commute time with Km. & Travel Time.

Group Accommodation Booking: People can book their group accommodation by adding multiple places with single login at same time and plan their accommodations.

To have full access of our Android mobile application, you can download it directly from Google Play Store:

For further information, please contact on

+91 11 49069129 & Toll-Free No. 1800 102 5732 or email:

Home Vilas
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Joint Declaration – Australia keeps mum on Human Rights in Sri Lanka : TGTE

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, July 1, 2017 / —

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), representing the political voice of the Tamil Diaspora worldwide, is disappointed that the joint declaration on enhanced cooperation between Australia and Sri Lanka, failed to address the plight of the Tamils with respect to their political and human rights issues in the country.

Australia is one of the co-sponsors of the UN HRC resolution 30/L1 on Sri Lanka, but the declaration failed to address the key core current issues in Sri Lanka, and for its full implementation, including for an independent international investigation with international judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

Sri Lankan government is deliberately delaying without any justification, especially the repealing of the PTA, release of prisoners of war, addressing the missing persons issues, release of land and houses to the legitimate owners, demilitarisation, not stopping but aiding and abetting all colonization / sinhalanization process to change the demography of the Tamil Homeland, and to further delay justice, accountability and reparations to the victims. The Mullivaikkal war in May 2009, by the Sri Lankan armed forces on the Tamil Homeland, had resulted in more than 100 000 civilians killed, 89 000 widows, 60 000 orphans and disabled, 146 000 still unaccounted for, 50 000 families are still refused entry into their own homes and lands, which is occupied by the army, now eight years after the end of the war.

There are thousands of refugees scattered around the world, including many in Australia and in Nauru. Unless the military is removed from the Tamil areas, the safety and security of refugees returning are not assured. Structural Genocide is taking place under the jackboot of the army.

Numerous reports by the UN and High Commissioner, by UN Special Rapporteurs, International NGOs, and Channel 4 documentary have highlighted that Sri Lanka is not serious on its obligation to the UN or to the UN Charter for international norms and standards.

It is very disappointing for overseas Tamils, that Australia as a co-sponsor, fails its responsibility and commitment to the UN HRC resolution, and with the crisis of large Sri Lankan refugees on hand, failing to help resolve but prolong the pain and sufferings of the Tamil people by not addressing the political and human rights issues, but continues to appease and promote rogue states like Sri Lanka to further suppress and subjugate numerical minorities.

Is Australia’s priority trading for enduring relationship, security and defence cooperation, economic and development cooperation with rogue states, against political rights, human rights, and for justice and accountability for the victims?

K. Manickavasagar
Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)
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