Deso Supply Co. Publishes Thrilling Travel Story 'Northbound in Patagonia'

Northbound in Patagonia is a true story of a solo adventure up historic Highway 40 in Patagonia.

Northbound in Patagonia is a true story from Deso contributor, Eric Liddle's solo adventure up historic highway 40 in Argentina and the challenges he navigated.

LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2017 / — Ready for a thrilling travel story? Deso just published a heart wrenching, first person account from a member of their as he traveled up historic Highway 40 in Patagonia, Argentina.

Here's a little teaser, but make sure you check out the full story here:

"On my left I had the Andes, to my right I had the desert, over my head was the beating sun, and due North, were all of my belongings, my wallet, cell phone, camera, passport and every form of identification I had in the country."

Traveling abroad inevitably bestows a number of drawbacks, detours, and downright dead-ends. It's these types of hurdles that make for the best stories. In our most recent blog entry, our very own Eric Liddle shares a story from a leg of his trip from Ushuaia to Mendoza in Argentina.

Deso is an outdoor influenced lifestyle clothing brand based in Lake Tahoe, California. The brand creates products that compliment a spontaneous lifestyle of work, travel, and adventure.

Working in small batches on the coasts of California, Deso creates high quality, American-Made products designed to seamlessly transition from every day life to adventures into the unknown.

We value fashion and function equally in an attempt to always design, develop, and manufacture goods that fulfill this need.

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