Danielle Paige Fleischer Reveals 5 Real Estate Broker Secrets

Renowned real estate broker divulges five secrets of the trade.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Real estate is an interesting market. It fluctuates, like any other market. Yet, it has the potential to help people make money. Changing people’s lives is also inherent in the business. Both brokers, buyers, and sellers all have a stake in the real estate market. However, their gains and losses are significantly different.

These are secrets that brokers, buyers, and sellers don’t talk about. These secrets are such, because there’s a certain stigma in this industry, that Fleisher wants to abolish. So, Danielle Paige Fleischer reveals these five real estate broker secrets to get each party to understand one another.

1. Appealing Scents Captivate Buyers

Scents are a direct trigger to memories. Therefore, they can make or break a sale extremely quick. After all, no one wants their new home to smell like dirty laundry, pets, or even plug-in scents. They don’t want to smell a bad scent, obviously, but they also don’t want it to smell like a transaction. When potential buyers enter a home, they want it to smell like home.

Fortunately, there are certain ways sellers can make their house smell universally homey. One of the ways is to bake cookies. This helps welcome guests and gives them a good first impression of the home.

2. Open Houses Don’t Benefit Sellers

When a real estate broker hosts an open house, it seems like it should be extremely beneficial to the seller. Unfortunately, the only promotion an open house provides is to the real estate broker. That’s it.

Danielle Paige Fleischer explains that there is an extremely low probability that a real potential buyer will attend an open house. Instead, the real estate broker gets to show off their skills. The likelihood of returns is much greater for a real estate broker to receive another client from an open house.

3. Commission is Negotiable

Real Estate Brokers want to make as much commission on a home sale as possible. That makes sense, as we all want to make as much money as we can for our hard work. However, this pursuit can often lead to professionals telling clients their commission is non-negotiable.

Danielle Paige Fleischer explains that if a Real Estate Broker tells a client that, they should be leery of them. That’s a bold-faced lie. A commission is always negotiable. If the commission is discussed upfront, before a contract is signed, there’s always room for negotiation.

4. Empty Homes Will Stay Empty

There’s a belief that an empty room will make the house look bigger. According to Danielle Paige Fleischer, this simply isn’t true. In fact, a house without furniture is less likely to sell. This is because it makes it harder for buyers to visualize their available space. When a home has furniture in it, buyers have an easier time imagining their own belongings in the house.

5. Staging is Essential for Success

Finally, Danielle Paige Fleischer explains that staging a house is the best way to promote a successful sale. Showing the people who come into the home the potential it has is paramount. So, clean up the kitchen and pose the house in a family-picture style. That’s a surefire way to attract the interest of buyers.

In summation, Danielle Paige Fleischer is hoping to squash myths with these secrets. Real estate is Fleisher’s passion and she is hopeful for its future. Ultimately, Fleisher wants to help the triad of real estate grow with transparency.

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