Global Network Security Appliance Industry Market: Trends, Worldwide Demands, Applications, Reviews & Top Companies

Network Security Appliances are used to protect the computer network from unauthorized access.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 14, 2018 / — Network Security Appliances are used to protect the computer network from unauthorized access. The products or solutions that are developed mainly focuses on the protection of the network devices such as firewall, gateways and so on. The security appliances can be deployed through cloud and on premise.
Today, most of the large organizations consider network security as a high priority when considering to setup a network. The increasing demand for advanced security services to mitigate threats related to cyber security, increase in the usage of web applications and adoption of cloud technologies are the driving factors for the growth of network security appliance market.
The organizations have introduced Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) policies allowing their employees to access business information through personal devices which may be connected to an unsecured network. This creates a problem for the network solution providers in understanding if the attack has been done by a machine or a human. The high cost associated in implementing these security appliances and the lack of knowledge on various kinds of cyber threats in developing countries, resulted in the slower adoption of security appliances. These are the factors that hinder the growth of the network security appliance market.

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Bandura System is a US based company which provides services on Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) and provides its services to the US Department of Defense. The company has announced a funding of $3.5 million in a seed funding on 7th March 2018 .This funding was supported by Blu Ventures, Gula Tech Adventures and also included other prominent investors. The funds will be used in supporting the growing demand for PoliWall Tag, a threat intelligence platform which will help users in blocking 90 % of Internet Protocol (IP) and domain threats before they hit a particular user’s network gateway.

ReversingLab, a US based company is a leading developer of cyber threat detection and analysis solution. The company has raised a funding of $25 million on 29th November 2017 in a series A funding. The funding was supported by Trident Capital Cybersecurity and JP Morgan Chase. The funds will be used in meeting the demands for creating solutions on early detection and response. The company aims at expanding its market globally.
Symantec,a US based company is a leading provider of cyber security services. The company has introduced a cloud based network security solution with web isolation and endpoint security. This cloud based security solution is designed to protect enterprise devices allowing employees to access the devices across network, cloud, mobile and traditional endpoints. Symantec’s Web Security Service (WSS) which is integrated with web isolation technique enables web browsing without the risk of malware infection and advanced threats.
Aruba is a US based subsidiary enterprise of Hewlett-Packard. The company has come up with a new product Aruba 360 Secure Fabric. It is an enterprise security solution that protects business from cloud, mobile and IoT based threats. This security solution includes a suite of network tools, attack detection software and also includes a set which uses machine learning to detect suspicious behavior from devices.

The future of the network security appliance market will have a decent growth. The advancement of technologies associated with sophisticated threats will have an increasing demand for advanced solutions to mitigate risk. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in security appliances will help in detecting threats without any human interference and also in categorizing threats based on their attack level, thus predicting a decent growth of the network security appliance market.

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Network Security Appliances market report is segmented as indicated below:
1. Network Security Appliances Market -By Types
1.1. Hardware
1.2. Software

2. Network Security Appliance Market – By Deployment
2.1. On-Premises
2.2. Cloud

3. Network Security Appliance Market – By Services
3.1. Managed Services
3.2. Professional Services

4. Network Security Appliance Market – By Product/Solutions
4.1. Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
4.2. Email Security
4.3. Network Visibility and Segmentation Solutions
4.4. Next Generation Firewalls
4.5. Virtual Private Network(VPN) and End Point Security
4.6. Wireless Security
4.7. Next Generation Intrusion and Prevention
4.8. End to End Security
4.9. Secure Web Gateway
4.10. Unified Threat Management (UTM)

5. Network Security Appliance Market-By End User
5.1. Education
5.2. Financial Services
5.3. Government
5.4. Healthcare
5.5. Manufacturing
5.6. Retail
5.7. Telecommunications
5.8. SMEs
5.9. Large Organizations
5.10. Others

6. Network Security Appliances Market – By Market Entropy
7. Network Security Appliances Market – By Geography

Companies Cited / Interviewed /Referenced
Check Point Software Technologies
Bandura Systems
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