Dr. Kam Habibi Delves into Recent Medical Marvels

Dr. Bahram Habibi

Dr. Bahram Habibi

Discoveries are always being made and Dr. Kam Habibi is excited to share the most recent medical marvels.

SUNRISE, FL, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The medical field is filled with budding flowers of growth, development, and discoveries. There is an unfortunate amount of suffering in the world. Yet, there are doctors and researchers who are hard at work, progressing in hopes to ease that suffering. The wonderful part about this is, that they are succeeding. The digital age and the rapid rate of medical understanding are combining. Thus, what was once impossible is now considered a modern medical marvel.

Dr. Kam Habibi loves to discuss the advancements taking place in the medical field. Therefore, he has comprised the most recent medical marvels, to show the strength of the field’s advancement. Marvels such as these prove that one breakthrough can completely change everything we thought we knew.

Lab-Engineered Cartilage

Cartilage is the main component in ears and noses. Recently, five patients have undergone reconstructive surgery with he lab-engineered cartilage. The patients all had noses returned and they are happy with the result. Breathing is normal and patients are pleased with their appearance. The reconstruction has helped these individuals return to their normal lives.

The Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel were the researchers who created the cartilage. Even more amazing though, was that patients’ own cells, extracted from their nasal septum were the baseline for the recreation. Now, it is the hope of the medical community that the recreation of noses is only the beginning.

Non-Surgical Heart Valve Replacement

Heart surgery was once, not so long ago, an exceedingly big deal. While this is still true to a degree, a recent medical marvel has helped minimize a more common heart issue. It is now possible for doctors to replace heart valves without heart surgery.

The Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, also known as TAVR compresses a valve into a catheter. The catheter fed into the heart through the patient's leg. While it is still a procedure, it is far less invasive than traditional heart surgery.

Alzheimer’s Prevention

Alzheimer’s disease is terrible. Losing the memories and being unable to recognize even your closest family members is torturous. Thankfully, doctors are now starting to prescribe medication to patients that are considered high risk for Alzheimer’s disease. This approach is proving to be effective. Again, researchers hope this discovery will lead to advancements to eradicate the disease. Although, for the time being, it is wonderful to be able to keep the disease at bay. After all, the longer they can keep the patient from becoming symptomatic, the more time they have to enjoy life.

To close, Dr. Kim Habibi loves the ability to be so in tune with such modern wonders. There is such possibility and hope within the medical community right now. Dr. Kam Habibi finds it invigorating. However, as enthralled as the community is with these modern marvels, the medical field continues to advance. Thus, Dr. Kam Habibi is also looking forward with anticipation of what medical marvels are going to come next.

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