With Friendcentive, You Can Buy With a Little Help From Your Friends

Friendcentive lets shoppers take home great items for just $1

New app offers anything for $1 – if you can convince people to vote for your pitch

This is a chance for online shoppers to show off their ‘convince me’ skills”

— Art Douglas, Friendcentive Spokesperson

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new app called Friendcentive is rewarding clever online bargain-hunters by offering them the chance to purchase any item for $1 – if they can convince enough of the other prospective buyers to vote for them to have it.

Users join campaigns for items they want to purchase (like shoes, laptops or electronics) by paying $1 for a pitch. When enough pitches have been entered to pay for the item, all the buyers get to vote on whose pitch they like the best (obviously, they can’t vote for themselves). The pitch with the most votes wins the prize, and everyone else pays the rest of the cost.

“This is a chance for online shoppers to show off their ‘convince me’ skills,” says Friendcentive spokesperson Art Douglas. “You want that laptop? Convince 500 other buyers that you’re the one who should get it. It’s an absolute blast, and you can come away with some amazing items for only a dollar.”

So, what happens when multiple pitches receive the same answer? Well, Douglas says that’s when the finalists get to really turn on the charm. If more than 6 participants have the same number of votes, a new round of voting begins to pick a clear winner. If fewer than 6 participants have the same number of votes, they get to turn to social media to help them round up enough votes to win.

“Friendcentive combines the excitement of a pitch contest with the viral components of other crowdsourcing platforms,” says Douglas. “If you make a social voting round, you start asking your social network to join you in voting for your pitch. Get enough of your friends and family to hop on the cause, and that laptop/game system/pair of sneakers is yours for a dollar.”

Friendcentive is currently available for download on the Google Play Store and will soon be released in the Apple Store. For more information about the app, go to www.friendcentive.com. Art Douglas is available for interviews. To schedule an interview, contact support@friendcentive.com.

About Friendcentive:

Friendcentive combines the fun and community of crowdsourcing, the excitement of an online auction, and the creativity of a pitch contest into one incredibly entertaining and lucrative buying experience, where participants can purchase anything they want for a good pitch and a dollar. More information is available at www.friendcentive.com.

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