Infinite Beauty shares three essential tips for seasonal skin care

Infinite Beauty


Boutique U.S. beauty brand Infinite Beauty shares a trio of essential skin care tips for the approaching colder winter months.

MONTGOMERY , MARYLAND, USA, November 16, 2018 / — As the harsher winter months approach, Infinite Beauty claims there's never a more important time to ramp up skin care routines. Delicate and in need of constant care during winter, the skin is especially sensitive to seasonal, cold, and dry air, according to the boutique beauty, spa, and skincare product brand.

Infinite Beauty reveals that a daily routine with a focus on moisturization, hydration, and the application of sunscreen is all-important. "Always, always, always use sunscreen when stepping outdoors," says the brand's vice president of operations, Eric Inbar of Infinite Beauty's first essential tip for wintertime skin care.

Sunscreen should form the primary means of protection for an individual's skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but should not be deemed solely for use when the weather is hot, and the sun is shining, according to Infinite Beauty.

Instead, they say, it should be applied year-round to keep the skin healthy, radiant, and beautiful-looking. "Ideally, use a sunscreen with at least a rating of SPF 30, applied fifteen minutes before stepping out into the sunlight – even in winter," adds the company's vice president of operations.

Next, the brand points toward moisturization, with Inbar earmarking moisturizing skincare products as some of the most essential beauty staples for maintaining a glowing and healthy appearance.

"It's an absolutely indispensable part of everyday skin protection and should feature in every individual's skin care routine," he suggests of one of the brand's most essential tips. According to Infinite Beauty, even those with oily skin need to moisturize and are instructed to use a gel-based and non-comedogenic moisturizer which will not block the pores of the skin.

Along similar lines, the brand's third tip centers around staying hydrated. "Hydration is one of the biggest factors in achieving skin which shines," says Inbar, adding that for maximum hydration, people should remember to keep their water intake up, particularly in winter.

"Water purifies the body and rids it of toxins which can present themselves as skin problems. Accordingly, consuming a plentiful supply of water each day remains among the simplest and most cost-effective ways to keep the skin looking great," he adds, wrapping up.

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