Brandon Carlisle Has Released His Latest Novel

In a time before Aids when San Francisco was becoming a beacon of hope for the gay community two people with diverse backgrounds take a chance to find love.

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — Brandon Carlisle is the author of five novels, primarily falling within the gay romance genre. His latest novel opens in San Francisco in 1974 during the blossoming of the gay community in the city. San Francisco has always been a welcoming place for alternative thought and lifestyles, from Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg in the fifties, to the Hippie movement in the sixties. When the seventies arrived, it was the gay movement that took wing. Bars were no longer shuttered from the streets, but had picture windows. Neighborhoods like Polk Gulch in the mid-seventies had couples holding hands as they walked down the street. The gay parades had drag queens, royal courts, and eccentric characters of every sort. Thrown into this mix were also those seeking the simple life of a partner, home, and the quiet life. This was not Disneyland though. Outside of these little enclaves there could be dangers, but for the most part life was good.

Below is a brief synopsis of "A San Francisco Romance: The Story of Ryan and Leland"

It was during this period that Ryan McClure lived in San Francisco and built a life for himself. He hadn't found his prince charming, but made a small circle of friends, found a job he loved at a well-respected hotel, and lived a comfortable, quiet life. Generally satisfied to stay at home and read a book, he would venture out on occasion with his friends.

One afternoon while meeting his friends at their favorite neighborhood coffee shop for lunch his best friend pointed out a striking man in a dark suit across the street. Ryan recognized the man from a news release he saw at work.
Leland Carter's adult life centered around responsibility. Inheriting the family business shortly after graduating from Harvard he has had no time for relationships or any kind of personal involvement. A dalliance here and there, or a call to an escort was all there was time for.

His purchase of The Exeter House was a personal goal, not a business plan. It kept alive one of his fondest memories of a special time with his family. With an agreement settled for the sale it was time to explore the city. Riding a cable car from Nob Hill to Polk Street he explored the most active gay community in the city. Watching people going about their business being who they were with no worries was a novel experience for the reserved businessman.
Stopping in at a local bar, he sat and let his gaze wander to the other end where he spotted a fair complexioned young man with gorgeous copper hair. For the first time in many years he fancied what it might be like to actually get to know someone.

Two people with widely different backgrounds and values are thrown together. Personal fears and challenges need to be overcome if they are to have any semblance of happiness.

This is a story for romantics, not for someone looking for erotica; however, it is a story for adults.
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