Sean K. Juhl Gifts Small Business Owners Simple and Effective Giveaway Ideas

Sean Juhl

Sean Juhl

During the holidays it is all about giving and this year, Sean K. Juhl is gifting actionable giveaway ideas.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, December 7, 2018 / — People love to receive gifts, especially from a business. Receiving something back from a business tells the person the business appreciates their business. This is important because, in this new world of social media, the relationship dynamic of business and patron has shifted. Now, there is a personal touch associated with every business interaction. Therefore, the act of a business owner showing their appreciation via a gift (or giveaway) goes quite a long way.

Sean Juhl is always looking for ways to give back to his customers. After all, they help him as much as he helps them. Even though he is the expert, their patronage help Juhl keep a job he loves. It is because of this that he genuinely appreciates each person who shows interest in his business. Giveaways are the perfect way to show that appreciation. Here are a few of Sean K. Juhl’s favorite giveaway options.

Gift Card

Giving away a gift card to your patrons needs to be regulated. However, if it is given away in a contest atmosphere, it is an extremely effective giveaway. First, it gets people talking about your business and second, it only costs the price of the gift card. It does not have to be a fancy gift card. The gift certificate can be a print out with your signature and the value of it is up to you. It could be twenty-five dollars, or it could be one-hundred. Plus, if someone comes in with a gift card, there is a good chance they will buy something else as well. This makes gift card giveaways one of the most useful giveaways.

DIY Delights

DIY gifts are often memorable because of the uniqueness. This might take more time than simply ordering something. However, if it is something you enjoy, it is time well spent. DIY Delights could be anything from a craft project to a baking item. Either way, it is going to be memorable. Plus, it is going to help customers associate your business with positivity and appreciation.

Digital Downloads

The best thing about digital downloads is that there are many opportunities to provide something useful to the masses. Examples of downloadable giveaways include eBooks, songs, podcasts, and videos. They are extremely effective and if they are planned out appropriately, people will genuinely want to receive this giveaway. Plus, this giveaway should not cost anything more than the cost of creation. Therefore, it can be used multiple times as an incentive piece. Whether the download is used to bulk your email account or to reward current subscribers, digital downloads are easily updated. Thus, most digital downloads never stale. Instead, a giveaway of this fashion is evergreen and can continue to help your business thrive.

To close, Sean K. Juhl is confident that business owners throughout all industries will find success with these giveaway suggestions. While any type of giveaway comes with a commitment, making customers feel appreciated helps strengthen the bond between business and patron. For many businesses, that fortification is priceless.

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