Gabbidon Builders: Patriot Builder Works on Projects Ranging from Commercial to Top Secret

Gabbidon Builders

Despite the challenges of construction work, Gabbidon Builders has figured out the secret to finding success across the industry.

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2018 / — Leonard Gabbidon founded Gabbidon Builders over three decades ago. Now, Gabbidon is Owner/President of his multi-million-dollar construction business and is thankful for the opportunities he and his company are frequently awarded. Of course, high profile projects do not simply fall onto a random construction company’s docket. Rather, Gabbidon Builders has worked every moment of the last thirty-two years, ensuring the company’s name is synonymous with quality. Throughout that time, Gabbidon Builders became NASCLA-certified in multiple states. Currently, the company holds licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Recently, Leonard Gabbidon and the rest of his Gabbidon Builders crew has been introduced to a new clientele dynamic. Now, Gabbidon has diversified his business effectively, resulting in projects ranging from commercial contracts to military operations. Here are a few of the premier projects that Gabbidon Builders can accept credit for building:


Most of the construction Gabbidon has worked on is commercial. Specifically, Gabbidon Builders completed Hotel Construction projects. This has always been interesting for Leonard Gabbidon and he has plenty of favorites. Some of the most interesting hotel projects include Candlewood Suites, Hampton Inn, Hilton Homewood Suites, and Country Inn and Suites. There is a specific personality that must be captured within the walls of each hotel. Gabbidon enjoys learning what that personality is and emulating it throughout the new creation.


The residential area is where Gabbidon Builders gets to use a little creativity. Throughout the lifespan of the business, Gabbidon Builders has constructed three luxury homes in the Stallworth Community of Charlotte, North Carolina. Plus, the company has had the ability to build another eight luxury homes in the Ashley Place Community of Columbia, South Carolina. These are both extremely affluent areas, with lavish taste. Therefore, the projects were both creative and precise. However, Gabbidon’s team was able to construct the homes with ease, showcasing the kind of uniqueness that the clients sought.

Military Missions

When it comes to working with the government, especially the military, the expectations, and qualifications are exceptionally high. Additionally, the expectation for secrecy is always looming. Therefore, Gabbidon Builders has only a limited amount of information that it is acceptable to provide. Nevertheless, Gabbidon Builders have had the pleasure of landing several million-dollar projects throughout Fort Jackson in South Carolina. This state is also where the company first started. Thus, Gabbidon was well-known in the area.

From Fort Jackson, the company has had the ability to move up in clearance. Most recently, Gabbidon Builders has become busy with highly classified projects.

In summation, Gabbidon Builders has worked diligently to provide a reliable construction business and their hard work has paid off. Owner and President, Leonard Gabbidon is proud to be a successful business owner. For this construction worker, there is no greater pleasure than to be able to do what he loves, every day. Being so appreciated, though, is more than he could ever ask for and Gabbidon is forever grateful.

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