New Doctor Digital Column Provides Answers to Small Business Owners on Digital Marketing and SEO

Dr. Digital Search Engine Optimization

Steve Myers, aka Dr. Digital, provides fun answers to SEO questions

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How does SEO work? Doctor Digital explains!

Former journalist, turned SEO expert, uses both his writing skills and technical experience to help small business owners understand the ins and outs of SEO

That's not how Google works.”

— Dr. Digital

WYNNEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2018 / — Today we have a special guest with us: Steve Myers, aka Dr. Digital, the SEO Director for Results Driven Marketing.

Myers, a former newspaper editor and the creative force behind The Adventures of Superchum comic strip, has taken a unique path to the industry.

Now, at the top of his game, Myers has released a new SEO for Small Businesses column titled "Doctor Digital."

Here’s a brief interview with Doctor Digital, a passionate internet marketer and motivating figure to SEOs around the world:

– How did you get started in SEO?

Bit of a funny story. I was working in marketing for a credit card processing company, and the CEO asked me if I knew what SEO was. I said no. He told me to Google it and start doing it for the company blog.

It was just that easy!

But what happened after that was I became obsessed with it, and really just built up my entire system and approach to SEO from that obsession.

– What's your column, Doctor Digital about?

I’m constantly being asked questions about SEO and digital marketing. And these questions are what a lot of other people are asking.

Keep in mind there’s a ton of information out there already. You have an SEO question, you type it into Google you will find thousands of answers on Google already.

So I've taken those questions and begun writing columns that answer those questions. And I hope, write them well enough that people who are not familiar with the industry and the buzzwords, can relate to what is being written.

– So for small business owners, what's the most important thing you want to tell them?

To not be scared or overwhelmed by the technology. Digital marketing is a lot like print marketing. Same basic concepts. It just uses different tools.

Also, to understand that effective marketing requires a budget. That's all. The internet isn't free, even if the mythology around it makes it seem like it is.

If you treat digital marketing like you would treat getting a billboard or doing a TV commercial, you will start to understand how digital marketing can help your business.

Along those lines, SEO is just one of the tools of digital marketing. It's important, but really only takes time to master.

– Of all the questions you get asked, is there one that gets to you the most? Like makes you want to roll your eyes?

Haha. Yes. I mean, I deal with a lot of repeat questions that are all varations on some of the most basic concepts of the industry. And I have tons of patience for those. In fact, my enthusiasm shines through because I really like sharing the knowledge of what SEO is and how digital marketing works with people. But it does get to me when people oversimplify things and just ask "How long before I rank number one on Google?"

It just doesn't work that way. So if that's the client's goal, there's always going to be a disconnect between what we can do for them with a successful digital marketing campaign, and what they think they want.

– Well now we have to ask, how long does it take to rank on Google?

I just knew you were going there! Ok, so any SEO company that responds with a set timeline is not being honest with the client. Especially if the timeline is really short, like a month or two.

That's not how Google works. There are a variety of factors, including how new the site or domain is, how much traffic it gets, and what the business is.

For example, if you have a website for your pizzeria, and it's brand new, and you just opened, it's going to be more than a few months to get Google and other search engines to notice you. Also, the things you do to get ranked are completely different — pizza shops rely far more on reviews, local search, and foot traffic than, say, an affiliate marketing company.

But if you have a digital marketing company, with a website that's been around for 5 years, has 50 thousand visitors per month, and a long track record of publishing content, Google will take notice of things you do much faster.

– Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! One last question: What do you see happening to SEO in 2019?

Google, in its tug of war with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, is going to really adjust the way it presents answers to questions. This is going to be presented as a series of adjustments that help improve user experience but is at its heart a move to stave off their biggest competitors for usage, and eyeballs on their advertising platform.

That means, for SEO, there's going to be two things that happen:

First, more rewards for people that utilize things like AMP and Structured Data, encouraging more and more publishers of unique and valuable content to help Google. This will help SEOs a lot.

But then, second, more and more queries are going to answer questions right on Google, discouraging clicks to those sites and keeping users on Google longer.

It's Google's overall strategy to retain users and deal with their own competitors.

But who knows, maybe I'm wrong?

About Results Driven Marketing, LLC:
Results Driven Marketing, LLC is located at 300 E Lancaster Ave, Suite 202, Wynnewood, PA 19096 and can be reached by phone at 215-393-8700. Founded by Janeene High in 2013, High is a twelve year veteran of the industry. She has been a leader in the Greater Philadelphia Area in the retention of clients and forecasting new opportunities for her client using highly advanced digital marketing strategies for her firm's clientele. For a complimentary review of your website, SEO or marketing strategy, book a 45-minute review session with Janeene today!

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising, and content marketing firm located at 300 E. Lancaster Ave., Wynnewood, PA 19096

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Mind Commerce sees Asset Tracking Market driven by Increasingly Connected Business Assets

Asset Tracking Market

Asset Tracking Market

Connected Devices Market

Mobile Edge Computing Market

As Enterprise Assets become Increasingly Connected, Asset Tracking enabled Use Cases Grow in Value and Diversity

As Enterprise Assets become Increasingly Connected, so do Opportunities to Track”

— Mind Commerce

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2018 / — There is a growing awareness among CXOs and executives regarding the merits of asset tracking, and correspondingly, a marked reduction in friction towards connecting business assets. This is particularly the case for high-value and/or strategic enterprise and industrial assets.

This is driving a global asset tracking market that is anticipated to reach $27.1B by 2023, growing at 14.8% CAGR. Supported by adoption by certain large enterprise users, the North America region will hold the largest regional share within the global asset tracking market at 37.1%.

Mind Commerce sees robust growth for early entrants and fast followers. However, mainstream adoption is restrained largely by implementation decisions involving form factor, asset priorities, and life-cycle support. While costs to implement and operate continue to plummet (due to lower module and electronics, connectivity, and communications services), concerns remain in the areas of physical and logical security.

There is also a hindrance towards in-house implementation. Accordingly, most enterprise and industrial clients look towards a turn-key approach and/or involvement of a systems integrator for initial set-up and commercial M2M/IoT service providers for ongoing support.

Tracking enterprise and industrial assets depends upon connected devices, which represents an IoT sub-market that is rapidly evolving as the number, type, and purpose of devices is set to expand dramatically as asset tracking expands beyond the current state of limited applications, many of which remain silo in nature.

Over the course of the next five years, the global connected device market will support many IoT applications that will become increasingly interconnected. Some of these applications will be enhanced through communication with a so-called “Smart Device”, characterized as possessing intelligence, which can be embedded/stand-alone and/or provided remotely via cloud services.

Legacy carriers will have an advantage over non-cellular IoT operators as 5G is launched. One reason is because of substantially increased IoT network scalability facilitated by 5G and required by an ever-growing number of connected devices.

Equally important, 5G networks will leverage distributed cloud infrastructure via Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) equipment, which will support distributed intelligence for real-time decision making. This means that a given IoT device need not be smart, and in fact, many are relatively unintelligent devices that are typically single-purpose and rely upon intelligence to be provided elsewhere for data processing, analytics, analysis, and dispersal of actionable information.

The Asset Tracking Market report by Technology (M2M/IoT, Edge Computing, Smart Devices), Connection Type (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, and WiMAX), Mobility (Fixed, Portable, and Mobile), Location Determination (GPS, RFID, Others), and Industry Verticals 2018 – 2023, evaluates the asset tracking market including technologies, solutions, and ecosystem. The report assesses the impacts of various use case considerations such as technology and solution selection. It analyzes the asset tracking market outlook globally, regionally, and by major country with forecasts by technology, connection, mobility, location requirements, and industry.

About Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce is an information services company that provides research and strategic analysis focused on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Our ICT reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.

We focus on key emerging and disintermediating technology areas for service providers, technology providers, developers (communications, applications, content, and commerce), systems integrators and consultants, government organizations and NGOs, and the financial community. Visit us at

MEDIA: We welcome discussions about our research in support of your news article, blog, or professional industry portal.

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Invest in Manchester for returns heading North

For further information about the Elizabeth Tower visit

Elizabeth Tower, Manchester, from Select Property

For further information about the Elizabeth Tower visit

44th floor – the highest swimming pool in Western Europe!

For further information about the Elizabeth Tower visit

Elizabeth Tower, Manchester, from Select Property – Night Lounge

Manchester, once famous for flat caps and post-industrial decline, has in recent decades reinvented itself.

The change Manchester has seen in recent years continues to amaze, and Elizabeth Tower at Crown Street is a symbol of that change”

— Adam Price, MD, Select Property Group

MANCHEATER, GREATER MANCHESTER, UK, December 1, 2018 / — Manchester, once famous for flat caps and post-industrial decline, has in recent decades reinvented itself. Home to two of the greatest football teams on earth and a significant media and technology sector – Manchester has become Northern England’s answer to London, and property values in the city reflect this.

Residential property price growth in Manchester – driven by significant public and private investment, an ongoing lack of housing supply, a significant student population and the return of city centre living – has outperformed the UK average with annual average growth of 4.2%, compared with a UK average of 2.4%.

This growth is also reflected in rental yields which are expected to increase by 3.5% between now and 2020 according to property specialists JLL who have rated Manchester the No 1 prospect for residential price growth over the next five years.

And the trends show no sign of dissipating with businesses continuing to invest in the city (Amazon is just the latest major company to invest in Manchester city centre office space) and young professionals continuing to choosing to live in the city centre – in 2000 there were 10,000 people living in the heart of the city. Now there are nearly 70,000.

Bucking the trend?

So, why is Manchester experiencing double-digit growth – despite the B word, otherwise known as Brexit?

There are several trends shaping Manchester’s fortunes which, in many ways, are independent of Brexit. Despite negotiations between the UK and the EU continuing to be fractious, the economic mood music gives cause for optimism. Employment levels are up, the deficit is down and companies continue to invest.

This is especially the case in Manchester where a young and well-educated population, combined with the new mayor of Manchester’s overarching and well considered strategy of building a ‘northern powerhouse’, is creating the right environment for an economic boom. As such Manchester finds itself on the frontier of many new industries such as graphene and attracting significant business investment from numerous high-tech, high-skill industries. This is combined with the fact that London – the traditional destination for international investors looking for a slice of the UK property market – is truly saturated. As such we are seeing property prices in the capital decline, while cities across the rest of the UK continue to boom.

And while UK residents do seem to have been left uneasy by the ongoing Brexit negotiations – with just 3% of respondents to a recent survey from IP Global saying they plan to invest in the domestic residential property market over the next 12 months, down from 4% one year ago – the same cannot be said for overseas investors. In the same survey 19% of those surveyed from Hong Kong said they would consider UK property, alongside 20% from the United Arab Emirates and 45% from South Africa.

So, regardless of Brexit, a booming economy and a clear long-term trend towards growth in UK property investments are continuing to attract significant capital.

A saturated market

So, as Manchester property continues to outperform the wider UK, how can investors get a foothold in this competitive market? Manchester’s abundance of old and disused industrial sites, means the development pipeline remains strong and there are still opportunities for those who’ll take them.

This is where companies like Select Property Group come in. Based in Cheshire on the leafy borders of Manchester but operating globally, Select has a finger firmly on the pulse of the Manchester property scene and a history of delivering properties that work for investors and for residents.

Their latest project is the Elizabeth Tower at Crown Street in the city’s popular Deansgate district. The tower is ready to set a new standard in city centre living in Manchester. At 52 elegantly fitted floors, this will be one of the UK’s tallest residential towers and an instant landmark. Alongside apartments (175 of which have already been sold since launch on 15th October), the tower will also host luxury retail, a roof terrace, royal garden and – at 44 storeys up – one of Europe’s highest swimming pools.

Commenting on Elizabeth Tower, and where it will fit into Manchester’s booming skyline, Adam Price, Managing Director of Select Property Group said:

“The change Manchester has seen in recent years continues to amaze, and Elizabeth Tower at Crown Street is a symbol of that change. Situated amongst a new cluster of skyscrapers that are changing the city’s skyline, and boasting the kind of luxury that Manchester city simply couldn’t have supported until recently, the tower is testament to Manchester’s success.

“With the city’s rich musical, cultural and sporting heritage, emerging industries such as graphene, and with Greater Manchester hosting the headquarters of world-class companies including Adidas UK, Essar Oil and JD Sports we are unsurprised to have seen many of the apartments available be bought off plan. With a projected rental yield of 7%, combined with 20% capital growth, Manchester is a better bet for investors than other asset classes.

“Elizabeth Tower at Crown Street will be a new icon for the Manchester skyline, and an iconic addition to any property portfolio.”

For further information about the Elizabeth Tower visit

To arrange an interview or comment from Select Property, please contact Liam Thompson at or on +44 (0) 203 290 6001, or via .



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