ArangoDB 3.4 Introduces Native Search Engine and Full GeoJSON Support

Over 40 New Features Added to Simplify Application Development

In 3.4 we have introduced ArangoSearch and extended the geo-spatial search capabilities of our database, which is a huge step forward for our technology.”

— Claudius Weinberger, CEO of ArangoDB

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — ArangoDB, the leading open source native multi-model database, today announced the GA release of ArangoDB 3.4 – a transactional database solution which enables developers to efficiently interact with multiple data models by using just one technology and one query language. Major new enhancements in ArangoDB 3.4 include ArangoSearch, a feature which transforms ArangoDB, when combined with traversals or joins in AQL, from a data retrieval to an information retrieval solution; and full GeoJSON Support enabled by a Google S2 Geo Index library integration.

ArangoSearch, the result of four years of research and development, combines Boolean and generalized ranking retrieval models (e.g. vector space model). Providing a rich set of information retrieval capabilities, ArangoSearch consists of 2 components – a search engine and an integration layer. The former is responsible for managing the index, querying and scoring, whereas the latter provides search capabilities for the end user in a convenient way. ArangoSearch can be combined with all three data models in ArangoDB. If used in conjunction with graph database capabilities, search results could be used, for example, to enhance fraud protection, individualize recommendations or simplify precision medicine.

Search uses a special kind of materialized view to enable full-text search on multiple collections at once. Within the view definition one can specify entire collections or individual fields that should be covered by an inverted index using one or several general text analyzers. In search queries expressed with AQL, you can rank the results using multiple scorers (TFIDF and BM25) even combined. Users can now perform relevance-based matching, phrase and prefix matching, search with complex Boolean expressions, query time relevance tuning and combine complex traversals, geo-queries, and other access patterns with information retrieval techniques.

ArangoDB 3.4 includes full support for GeoJSON, an open standard format designed for representing simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes. The support encompasses all geo primitives, including multi-polygons or multi-line strings. In 3.4 there has been a distinct engineering focus on increasing query and filtering functionality and optimizing performance. To this end, 3.4 also includes a Google S2 Geometry Library integration which complements ArangoDB’s RocksDB storage engine. Additionally, users can directly visualize results in OpenStreetMap which is integrated into the Query Editor of ArangoDBs WebUI.

Other notable enhancements in ArangoDB 3.4 include:

– Query Profiler: to provide developers with more insight into complex queries, it is now possible to execute the query with special instrumentation code enabled resulting in a printed query plan with detailed execution statistics. It is now much easier to profile your queries and get insights into how much time was spent where.

– Cluster Management: enhancements include faster cluster startup, synchronization and query execution. To increase the reliability and predictability of the ArangoDB cluster, internal protocols and request handling have been significantly overhauled to improve cluster-wide query execution, an example being Distributed Collect.

– Streaming Cursors: at times the overall query performance is not a major priority, but rather how fast a user can obtain first results. Based on community feedback, 3.4 includes integrated streaming cursors which provides first results as they become available on the server.

– RocksDB is now the default Storage Engine: previous versions of ArangoDB used MMfiles as the default storage engine. With 3.4, this has changed to RocksDB. This provides numerous advantages to the user including optimized binary storage format, optional caching, reduced replication catch-up time, an exclusive collection access option, and enhanced WAL sync control.

A full list of all the new features is available here:

Claudius Weinberger, CEO of ArangoDB, said: “Improved usability and enhanced application performance are at the heart of every release we deliver. We are constantly reviewing the functionality of our native multi-model solution to ensure it competes, and in many cases outperforms single-model alternatives. In 3.4 we have introduced ArangoSearch and extended the geospatial search capabilities of our database, which is a huge step forward for our technology. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the quantity of new features available in this release.”

About ArangoDB Inc.
One database, one query language and three data models. With more than 6 million downloads and over 6,800 stargazers on Github, ArangoDB is the leading native multi-model database. It combines the power of graphs, with JSON documents and a key-value store. ArangoDB lets you access and combine all of these data models with a single elegant, declarative query language.

ArangoDB is the simple, versatile and performant answer to many challenges facing developers, startups and enterprises today and in the future. Simplifying complexity and increasing productivity is the mission of ArangoDB Inc., the company behind the project.

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Allentown’s KDG Named a Global B2B Leader by Clutch

Clutch Global 1000 Badge

KDG’s Lehigh Valley business services team has been recognized as a top 1000 company in the world.

KDG’s Lehigh Valley web design and development teams have been named a global leader by

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — KDG, a business services company in Allentown, PA, was just named one of the world’s leading B2B companies by, a research, ratings, and review firm located in Washington, D.C. KDG placed 139th on the Clutch 1000 list.

Rankings were awarded based on client interviews, work portfolio, and brand reputation. KDG currently maintains a 5-star rating, helping the team break into the top 150 companies on the prestigious international list.

“We are thrilled with this honor,” said Kyle David, president and CEO of KDG. “And we are so thankful for our clients who have been with us every step of the way. It is their feedback, patience, and determination that pushes our team to continue to innovate forward-thinking, mission-first results.”

"These 1000 firms demonstrated an exceptional ability to deliver quality products and services for their clients,” Clutch Senior Business Analyst DJ Fajana said. “It’s our honor to welcome them into The Clutch 1000 and highlight their superior commitment to their clients.”

This is not the first honor KDG has received from the team at Clutch. In 2018, KDG was also named the #1 IT team in the Philadelphia-metro region, the city’s #2 custom software developer, and the city’s leading B2B firm.

To learn more about the services available from KDG’s award-winning team, visit

About KDG: KDG has been a leading advisor in the business world since 2001. Using custom software development, small business IT support, and UI/UX design, the company has helped clients stop making it work and start making it happen for over 17 years. KDG has also developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing markets. Learn more at

Keri Lindenmuth
The Kyle David Group, LLC
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Welcome to KDG

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inRiver Joins the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to Help Brands Drive More Revenue

E-commerce Businesses Can Now Leverage inRiver PIM on Shopify Plus

The inRiver solution makes launching and driving e-commerce revenue accessible and powerful for Shopify Plus merchants globally.”

— Jamie Sutton Head of Technology Partnerships, Shopify Plus

CHICAGO, IL, USA, December 6, 2018 / — inRiver, the leading provider of SaaS-based product information management (PIM) solutions, today joins the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to help brands and e-commerce teams seamlessly leverage a central set of enriched product information across any and all channels to drive more revenue.

The need for fully integrated, relevant, and robust product content across all channels is imperative to driving revenue in today’s omnichannel world. Shopify Plus and inRiver partners and customers can now leverage the power of both solutions via an existing VL OMNI inRiver Shopify Plus Connector.

The inRiver solution provides enterprise-level product information management capabilities to Shopify Plus merchants with a multi-tenant SaaS model. This provides unprecedented flexibility for merchants leveraging the Shopify Plus platform helping them optimize conversions and exceed customer expectations.

Use cases for the inRiver + Shopify Plus merchants include:
• Eliminating the manual process to deliver and enhance product information via spreadsheets.
• Simplifying management of content via marketing dashboards built for marketers with a flexible data model.
• Providing a single source of truth for any and all product information across departments or teams.
• Simplifying creation of printed sales materials and catalogs.
• Improving customer experience via robust, complete and consistent product stories across any channel.

“While the e-commerce landscape is constantly in flux, the need to deliver accurate product information for consumers remains a constant,” says Jamie Sutton Head of Technology Partnerships, Shopify Plus. “The inRiver solution makes launching and driving e-commerce revenue accessible and powerful for Shopify Plus merchants globally.”

“The power of the inRiver solution enables the world’s best brands to quickly and easily go to market with robust and accurate product information,” said Joe Golemba, VP, North America Alliances & Services for inRiver. “Merchants can drive more revenue when product information is accurate and available across channels. We are excited to provide this solution to Shopify Plus merchants around the world.”

To learn more about the inRiver solution for Shopify Plus, visit here

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Leadership Coach Christopher Coffey to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — People believe it takes a long time to change behavior, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You can change your behavior instantly. Changing others’ perceptions of us, however, can take quite a bit longer.

Our behavior change can only be measured by the effect it has on others, our stakeholders, the people we interact with each day.

“You've got to focus on the stakeholders, says leadership coach Christopher Coffey. “If we’re focused on the stake-holders, we’re focused on the future and how we want to be perceived.

In collaboration with his contemporaries Marshall Goldsmith and Frank Wagner, Coffey is the co-developer of the stakeholder-centered coaching process that allows individuals to not only change their behavior but how they are perceived at the same time. Together, they drive work to other qualified coaches who are willing to adhere to their unique value proposition: they only get paid if the stakeholders decide the client has improved on certain key leadership behaviors.

“As a leadership coach, you have to focus not just on the person you’re coaching, but the people around the person you're coaching,” explains Coffey. “It's very much a systems approach. The client is not the person who decides whether they got better. The coach has no vote either on whether the client got better. You pay us only if the individual we're coaching improves on the leadership skills they committed to at the beginning as determined by the pre-selected stakeholders around them.”

A coach for 18 years, Coffey specializes in leadership behavior.

“I help successful people have a positive change in behavior that sustainable and that’s recognized and acknowledged by others,” says Coffey. “I help people improve on their collaboration, delegation; I encourage them to take appropriate risks, focus on what's most important, hold people accountable, treat people with respect, and listen to different points of view before giving your opinion.”

There's a lot of coaching out there today. Sometimes it seems anybody can be a coach; all you need is a business card. But no matter how good a coach you may be, you can’t get a person to change their behavior if that person doesn't want to change their behavior and sustain it. That requires courage, discipline and humility.

“If you want to be more effective and recognized and acknowledged by the key people around you, you've got to have the courage to ask for suggestions, you’ve got to have the discipline to create an action plan and the discipline to follow it faithfully, and you’ve got to have the humility to say, ‘As good as I am, I know I can get better,’” says Coffey. “The key question to ask yourself is: ‘How good of a leader do I want to be?’ What do you need to do more of, less of, start doing, stop doing, to turn your potential into skill?”

CUTV News Radio will feature Christopher Coffey in an interview with Jim Masters on December 10th at 4pm EST / 1pm PST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Christopher Coffey, visit

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Let Go or Hold Fast

Author and poet Susan Schmidt reads from her now collection, LET GO OR HOLD FAST: BEAUFORT POEMS.

Go outside, be aware, and notice!”

— Susan Schmidt

BEAUFORT, NORTH CAROLINA, US, December 6, 2018 / — About her new book of poems LET GO OR HOLD FAST, author Susan Schmidt says "part of me delights in all I witness of the beauty of creation, part of me is mourning/ grieving losses I observe, and part is stomping mad at powers that don’t protect our critters, our waters. Long ago, I worked for government writing regulations to protect the environment, interpreting science for decision-makers. I wrote grants to raise funds to buy natural land. I taught ethics in classrooms thirty-some years. I figured I might accomplish more by writing to move people’s hearts to love birds, wildlife—and inspire them to work to protect wild habitat." The book is dedicated to Science, Endangered Species, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Clean Air, Clean Water, Wilderness, and Neighbors (including wildlife as well as humans).

In these LET GO OR HOLD FAST poems, Susan encourages readers to go outside and be aware and notice: shorebirds (diminishing), bears and owls (evicted from their habitats by development), and human neighbors (whom we can recognize in winter when tourist hordes disperse).

A schedule of readings and signings:

Friday, 7 December 5–7 pm
Backstreet Pub, 124 Middle Lane, Beaufort
NC Coastal Federation Oyster Roast (cut of profits benefits NCCF)

Tuesday, 11 December 6:30pm–7:30pm, Sales
Morehead City Train Depot, 1001 Arendell Street
Morehead City; Sierra Club Holiday Party (cut of profits benefits Sierra Club)

Wednesday, 12 December 2:00–4:00 pm, Book Signing & Sales
Core Sound Shop, 806 Arendell St, Morehead (in shop now)
(cut of profits benefits Core Sound Museum)

Thursday, 13 December 1:00–3:00 pm, Book Signing & Sales
Beaufort Historical Shop, 150 Turner St, Beaufort (in shop now)
(cut of profits benefits Beaufort Historical Association)

Friday, 14 December 4:30–5:30 pm, BOOK LAUNCH Reading & Sales
Beaufort Train Depot, 610 Broad St at Pollock St

Saturday, 15 December 4:30–8:00 pm
Olde Beaufort Farmers Market

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact the author directly at or (252)269-0032.

Library Partners Press
Library Partners Press
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Scheduling and Resource Management for Cruise Lines

Lee Clarke of Dynama recommends 6 areas to improve customer service and business performance in today’s cruise industry using Workforce Optimisation technology

Dynama’s latest White Paper outlines how cruise lines can improve guest satisfaction and business performance by focusing on six key areas”

— Lee Clarke, General Manager US/EMEA, Dynama

LONDON, UK, December 6, 2018 / — The global cruise industry is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. In a climate of increased consolidation and regulation, cruise companies around the world face a complex set of challenges when it comes to managing their vast crews and keeping their passengers safe. Optimising crew and resources, achieving economies of scale and winning market share in one of the world’s fastest growing leisure sectors are key objectives in the sector and yet the sheer scale of managing cruise ships may make them seem unattainable.

All too frequently, the volume of information and process challenges involved in the industry can have a potentially damaging impact on customer service and negative commercial implications. At the same time, these challenges present significant opportunities for cost control, service improvement and strategic performance when the issues are overcome and effective resource optimisation is implemented.

So how do cruise lines overcome these challenges and turn them into positive opportunities? Dynama’s latest White Paper outlines how to improve guest satisfaction and business performance by focusing on six key areas.

Focus on the areas that matter
Success lies in deploying the latest automated Workforce Optimisation (WFO) solutions to alleviate the biggest pain points. Here are six critical areas that deserve immediate attention:

1. Optimal Resourcing – use the latest WFO technology to gain 360° visibility across deck, engine and hotel crew from one single integrated system. Having all critical information in one place provides control in an information-intensive environment, making it easy to create, maintain and change schedules quickly and efficiently.
This gives management time to focus on revenues and minimising risk while crew members can devote themselves to improving the guest experience.

2. Cost Control – ensuring the right crew are on the right cruise ships at the right time with up-to-date medical and travel documentation is critical but expensive. In fact, crew travel expenses are one of the biggest costs for cruise lines. The good news is that even small changes can amount to multi-million-dollar savings. The latest WFO solutions integrate with HR and travel systems to enable joined-up logistics planning that keep crew moving, with the best flight and hotel deals available. Furthermore, sophisticated functionality enables ‘what if’ scenario planning including budgetary analysis alongside full demand planning and compliance management before a single dollar is actually spent.

3. Compliance – with international best-practice standards and legislation it is essential to ensure the safety of crew and passengers and minimise the risk of heavy penalties for non-compliance. Automated WFO systems provide the hard evidence necessary to demonstrate compliance with these regulations by capturing, storing and reporting on a ship’s end-to-end compliance activities at the click of a button.

4. Staff Engagement – in a highly competitive industry, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is a constant challenge. Use workforce optimisation to create a virtual library of crew skills then tap into the data to develop meaningful training programs and career paths. Empower and motivate staff further by adding self-service capabilities. At a glance, crew members can view their schedules, see who they are working with, trade shifts with colleagues and request time off at any time and from anywhere in the world.

5. Change readiness – is a valuable attribute. Constantly changing operational and industry demands put immense pressure on scheduling and resource management. Fortunately, WFO solutions consolidate and analyse big data in a highly dynamic way, enabling managers to build efficient, flexible schedules for today and tomorrow. Spotting trends and variances in demand and in real-time, improves proactive decision-making and boosts business agility.

6.System Interfacing – effective scheduling and resource management depend on harnessing the right information from the best applications available rather than forcing existing systems to integrate with each other. The latest WFO solutions interface with most of the leading ERP and HR systems as standard, enabling easy information exchange for core financial, HR and payroll requirements. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), today’s technology also reduces capital expenditure and simplifies the IT implementation and management procedures associated with traditional on-premise infrastructures.

Focus on these six areas, do them well to create a future-proof scheduling and resource management framework that keeps everything ship-shape. To find out more or to download Dynama’s latest White Paper entitled “Scheduling and Resource Management for Cruise Lines” visit

Lee Clarke is General Manager US/EMEA at Dynama

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Finance Web Serivice LFT (LiteFinTech) to Expand in Scandinavia

It has also been announced that after years of expanding, the following step for LFT is to enter the Scandinavian markets

The reason we built LiteFinTech is because we strive for open, transparent markets and it is our purpose to be a major driving force in widespread adoption.”

— LiteFinTech Team

BELFAST, BELFAST, UK, December 6, 2018 / — For the past few years, the popularity of LFT (LiteFinTech) has been rising due to the innovative services the team has been developing. The financial web platform attracts traders from all over the world by providing exciting experience when trading in various digital tokens and modern cryptocurrencies. LiteFinTech empowers fast-trade executions, stable wallets and adopts the latest standards in online trading industry.

“The reason we built LiteFinTech is because we strive for open, transparent markets and it is our purpose to be a major driving force in widespread adoption. Our goal as a company is to offer better opportunities to 100,000 people through providing them with most effective tools and education,” states the LiteFinTech Team.

LiteFinTech offers its registered users the opportunity to step into the world of finance by investing in modern cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, Etherium and more. On LiteFinTech users can benefit from the speed of services, including exchanging, sending/receiving cryptocurrencies and the low exchange rates, compared to the various other similar platforms on the market. LiteFinTech is also taking pride in offering multi-lingual customer support and a platform, available in 7 languages. Last but not least, with LiteFinTech registered users can also receive assistance in scanning markets and recognizing trade setups.

LiteFinTech trading service is also utilizing the award-winning MT5 (MetaTrader5) platform, which can easily be downloaded and used by traders to further enhance their presence on the cryptocurrency market. Traders can execute trades both manually and automatically. Information on the LFT MT5 platform is available on the official website:

It has also been announced that after years of expanding, the following step for LFT is to enter the Scandinavian markets. LiteFinTech has launched a brand-new investment plan for Scandinavians which features a service, without commission and free education for the clients. Moreover, the special service is designed according to the current state of Scandinavian market, considering interest rates, tax, etc.

The traders who are interested in investing in LiteFinTech are encouraged to take a look at the official website and follow the announcements:

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Managing Director of Knauf inaugurated the Fire Safety Conference in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, December 6, 2018 / — The Fire Safety conference held by IQPC, Middle East took place today at Rotana Arjaan, Abu Dhabi. The conference was inaugurated by the Managing Director of Knauf Middle-East & India Mr. Amer Bin Ahmed, followed by an awards ceremony that felicitated companies for their contribution towards fire safety.

Mr. Ahmed, an award winning CEO addressed the session with a presentation on Quality, Fire-safety and Digitilization in the Middle – East. The focus of the presentation was on the term “Made in UAE” and the importance of it in the growth of Knauf with products and systems being made in UAE and sold across the Middle-East and India. He also spoke about the importance of the support of local government authorities and how they are working together towards improving and educating about fire safety in the region.

In the recently held Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018, Knauf supported Team Sapienza representing the University of Rome with materials & systems which was used in building a 100% solar-powered, environmentally friendly and sustainable modular villa that won many accolades at the event.

Lastly, he put light on the future of Knauf with technology playing a big role in it and how as a company they strive to achieve both Quality and Sustainability within the company.

Gene Erese
IQPC Middle East
+971 4 364 2975
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Improve Adherence By Reducing Injection Pain – New Study Shows 74% Less Pain With Buzzy Device

Buzzy vibration and Cool-Pulse™ neuromodulation technology significantly reduced adult intramuscular injection pain

Hospitals & global pharmaceutical cos. are giving patients Buzzy to improve adherence. This new study showing improved adherence and pain reduction supports a simple intervention to improve health.”

— Amy Baxter MD, CEO & Chief Medical Officer, Pain Care Labs

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 / — Millions of adults suffer from chronic diseases that are managed with injectable medications. Many of those patients either skip injections or consistently delay injecting the drug as prescribed. Research by Frost & Sullivan shows that reducing pain is a key to adherence. A new study out in November demonstrates a fast, inexpensive device that is widely used for intramuscular injections in hospitals and homes may change that.

Buzzy, manufactured by Pain Care Labs, is a vibrating ice pack used in over 5,000 hospitals and clinics to physically block needle pain. Last year, the company won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "Local Pain Relief" technology leader award. In large independent studies, Buzzy has been proven equivalent to both the leading topical anesthetic and virtual reality. Initially intended for children, Buzzy is twice as effective as cold spray at stopping needle pain, with the most pronounced impact for adults. A new adult study shows even greater promise for IM injections.

This new study by Şahin M and Eşer İ randomized 65 adult patients receiving diclofenac sodium intramuscularly to receive Buzzy or standard care. Buzzy reduced injection pain 74%, with significantly increased patient satisfaction. Pain in the Buzzy group (n=33) was 4.67, while pain in the control group (n=32) was 17.69, p=.000. Satisfaction in the Buzzy group was 94.82, compared to 85.06 in the control group, also p=.000.

Dr. Amy Baxter, inventor of the Cool-Pulse™ neuromodulatory technology that powers Buzzy, expresses hope that drug manufacturers will consider needle pain in the patient journey toward health. “Adherence fuels patient health, but patients may not directly mention pain or fear as a barrier. Offering Buzzy is a simple, affordable adjunct to any injection regimen. When patients become more compliant, you know pain and fear were factors.”

About Pain Care Labs

Founded in 2006 by pediatric emergency doctor and pain researcher Amy Baxter MD FAAP FACEP, Pain Care Labs is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary pain. Using the physiologic technique of “gate control”, the devices block pain by stimulating the motion nerves (like TENS units) and cold nerve feedback system. Instead of electric shocks, Pain Care Labs determined the frequency that naturally stimulates the motion nerves with comfortable vibration. Unique intense ice packs reduce inflammation and add a powerful inhibitory pain relief called Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control. The company’s award-winning first device, Buzzy for Shots, created a new category of pain reliever. In 2017 the company was awarded the “Industry Leader in Local Pain Relief” from Frost & Sullivan. Buzzy is used worldwide and has blocked pain from over 31 million needles. VibraCool is used for athletic and post-operative pain. New DuoTherm Vibrating Back Pain reliever will be introduced at CES this January. See other projects and company information at

Jennifer Tipping
Pain Care Labs
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Tenley uses Buzzy for her Enbrel injection

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North East London NHS Foundation Trust provides fast, safe, and secure access to clinical applications with Imprivata

New solution delivers immediate time saving benefits, enabling clinicians and care givers to log in securely and quickly to essential clinical applications

North East London NHS Foundation Trust wanted to use technology to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and deliver the highest quality patient care – and has succeeded in achieving this ambition.”

— Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Imprivata

LONDON, UK, December 6, 2018 / — Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, has announced that North East London NHS Foundation Trust deployed Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On to speed up access to essential clinical applications whilst still maintaining security integrity. The solution, supplied via Imprivata reseller CDW, provides medical staff with fast, safe, and secure No Click Access® to applications using their employee smart cards. Password fatigue was a growing concern across the Trust with employee feedback forms revealing that 50 percent of staff admitted to having some form of password memory aid that was either visible or easily accessible. Since implementing Imprivata OneSign across the Trust, the ease of use has encouraged better cyber hygiene amongst employees and improved audit trails and data governance.

Addressing the respective needs of hospital-based staff and community field care teams can be challenging, however Imprivata OneSign has proved itself to be a one size fits all solution. Following deployment to more than 8,000 members of staff, across 150 sites within the trust, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. David Haymes, Project Manager, North East London NHS Foundation Trust comments; “Once people saw how easy it was to access applications using Imprivata OneSign, we had little resistance. The impact was almost immediate; staff were no longer battling password fatigue but getting on with their day to day jobs without technology barriers. In feedback surveys, 81 percent of staff said the solution had made access to applications quicker and easier. This was a smoother transition than we had hoped.”

Prior to implementing Imprivata OneSign, the average user within the Trust accessed 8 different applications daily, taking 8-9 minutes to log in per user. With Imprivata OneSign, the ease and speed of No Click Access has motivated staff to keep their smart cards on them at all times. Login times have been dramatically reduced, increasing effectiveness and improving security, data governance, and audit trails. Quick and secure access to essential clinical applications, both on wards and within the community, has improved efficiency and delivered positive benefits to both patients and staff. Now, rather than battling with technology, staff are able to focus on patient care and utilise essential clinical applications quickly, making informed decisions without delays, and improving patient outcomes.

Since implementing Imprivata, the feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive from staff that the Trust will soon deploy Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow which will deliver the same fast, secure, No Click Access to NHS Spine-enabled applications at the point of care.

Eoin Perera, UK Healthcare Sales Manager at CDW said; “CDW see Imprivata and its solutions portfolio as a key technology partner for the NHS. Imprivata provides a solution that can be implemented to streamline access into the applications and services consumed by IT users, without over complicating the way users consume the IT service. Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On can remove the barriers of password complexity, improve security and efficiently allow users access to their services in a more timely manner, allowing medical staff to spend more time with patients, rather than struggling along with IT access.”

Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata commented; “North East London NHS Foundation Trust wanted to explore ways to use technology to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and deliver the highest quality patient care. The Trust has succeeded in achieving this ambition, and with the introduction of Imprivata Spine Combined Workflow, will soon be taking another step along the road to their digital transformation journey.”

Andreina West
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