Recruiting for Good to Help Women Fund Moo Moo Musica and Reward Fun Travel

Join Recruiting for Good to Help Fund Moo's Transformation

Join Recruiting for Good to Help Fund Moo’s Transformation

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Women can use recruiting for good to support JulieAnne and help her realize her purpose. www,

Women can use recruiting for good to support JulieAnne and help her realize her purpose. www,

Recruiting for Good empowers women by rewarding referrals with funding for Moo Moo Musica's transformation and travel to share with family and friends.

Women use recruiting for good to help JulieAnne realize her purpose, and enjoy rewarding travel”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2019 / — Recruiting for Good based in Santa Monica works collaboratively with women to connect to companies hiring professional staff; and will generate proceeds to help fund Moo Moo Musica, and reward travel.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder Carlos Cymerman, “JulieAnne Searles, the founder of Moo Moo Musica, has been a joyful community leader positively impacting kids and families' lives for over 17 years thru her fun classes. Now, she is expanding her methodology to impact and transform adult women's lives in Venice, CA…and beyond…We're using recruiting placements to help fund Moo Moo Musica. Join us to support JulieAnne's purpose to spread Moo Moo Musica far and wide…and help transform communities for good.”

Rewarding Referrals for Good

1. Women participate by making introductions to executives (at companies) hiring professional staff (accounting, finance, engineering, HR, information technology, marketing, and sales).
2. When Recruiting for Good successfully places a fulltime hire with the company and earns a finder's fee, it is shared.
3. To help fund Moo Moo Musica, and to reward fun travel.

Carlos Cymerman adds, "Women can use recruiting for good to help JulieAnne realize her purpose, and enjoy rewarding travel; family cruises to Alaska, vacations to Hawaii or Mexico, or yoga retreats."

How to Help JulieAnne

Email to RSVP for fun sponsored brunch, we meet first Sunday of every month in Santa Monica. Discuss how recruiting for good works, and answer questions (can't make the brunch email JulieAnne to make special arrangements).


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals awesome jobs, since 1998. Companies retain us to find the best talent in Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales professionals. Our cause is to help fund fun.

See the World for Good is a collaborative value driven personal travel funding service for like-minded couples, family, and friends who make a difference in L.A., and love to gift and share fun fulfilling travel experiences. Join us to help your family and friends travel to see the world for good.

Moo Moo Musica was created in 2002 by JulieAnne Searles, MFT, a licensed psychotherapist, an accomplished musician, a devoted wife and mother who lives in Venice, California with her husband, Monty, and their son, Jasper. The popular multicultural music and movement program was inspired by JulieAnne’s childhood memories of family gatherings filled with singing and playing musical instruments as well as her professional therapeutic work with children and parents. It is also infused with her deep commitment to caring for and repairing our planet. Through her more than 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, JulieAnne recognized how crucial positive early attachment and bonding experiences between infants and parents are to healthy childhood development, and in fact, a healthy and functional adulthood. Singing, playing, modeling and mirroring experiences between parent and child as well as group interaction from a very early age help foster happy, secure individuals.

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