TEL AVIV, NY, ISRAEL, June 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today Upright Technologies launched the third product in the company’s line of posture trainers, the UPRIGHT GO 2, a new and improved version of the award-winning device UPRIGHT GO, now available at apple.com and select Apple Stores.

The UPRIGHT GO 2 is smaller and more compact, making the trainer easier to disguise under clothing. The small biofeedback posture trainer is placed directly over the spine that attaches directly to the upper back with a reusable hypoallergenic adhesive. Similar to the UPRIGHT GO, the UPRIGHT GO 2 is worn while sitting, standing, walking or driving. Using sensor technology and learning algorithm, the device senses subtle changes in posture, and vibrates to give users real-time posture feedback through the UPRIGHT GO application. Additional updated features include longer battery life (30 hours), better sensors for better slouch detection, larger adhesive surface for better attachment, a sleek looking design and lighter in weight (50% smaller than the UPRIGHT GO).

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest posture device, the UPRIGHT GO 2. It's the best simplest, fastest and most natural way to improve your posture within 1-2 weeks. We learned from over 200,000 users and analyzed over 500 million usage minutes to create the best posture feedback habit-changing technology and enable our customers to become mindful of their bodies and live to their full potential. Though Upright posture has always been considered a foundation of overall well-being, it has become more critical than ever in the past few years. At Upright Technologies we packaged clinical knowledge, advanced sensors, and easy to use software to enable anyone that wants to stop slouching to become do so in a fun and easy way”, stated Oded Cohen, CEO & Founder of Upright Technologies.

“Our users not only become mindful of their posture but also more aware of how they carry themselves throughout the day. We want our users to look and feel confident just by changing their posture habits,” Oded added.

Users can view their progress on the iOS and Android app by checking their stats, history and usage. Custom training plans gradually train the upper back and shoulder muscles to build muscle memory, strength and awareness, with just 10-60 minutes of daily training. By heightening awareness and strengthening the back, users ultimately make good posture a habit and maintain an upright position on their own.

The UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer is now available to purchase at apple.com and select Apple Stores, as well as the company website www.uprightpose.com.

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