Ubikite launches DaaS Manager for management and monitoring Windows Virtual Desktop

Bob Duffy, CEO and Founder of Ubikite

Bob Duffy, CEO and Founder of Ubikite

The first comprehensive solution in the market to help IT teams navigate Windows shift to Azure

REDMOND, WA, USA, July 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ubikite today introduced Ubikite DaaS Manager, a new SaaS solution engineered to make deployment, management, and monitoring of Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) easy and intuitive. Ubikite DaaS Manager is now available in public preview for pilot test drives.

“Our development team partnered with the WVD product engineering team to build the ARM templates, the scale scripts and the monitoring and management tools that are available on Microsoft Marketplace now”, says Bob Duffy, CEO of Ubikite. “We went further, though, and created a SaaS offering that is even more powerful. The Ubikite DaaS Manager is coming to market as Microsoft has released WVD into Public Preview, so we are ready to help anyone looking to navigate this fundamental shift for Windows onto Azure.”

Prasad Paluri, VP Product for Ubikite, said: “After working for Microsoft for over a decade and then helping Microsoft Partners migrate RDS workloads to Azure Cloud, I could clearly see the need for a cloud-native, SaaS-based platform to manage and monitor WVD. The solution is designed to deliver seamless user experience with built-in automation for easy deployment and does not require any additional engineering effort to go live. Our goal was to bring TCO down both through a low direct subscription price and by offering an auto-scaling feature that can intelligently scale down Azure usage.”

Features and benefits of the Ubikite DaaS Manager include:

• Available as a monthly subscription – ready for user groups as small as 50 and fully scalable with no upper limit
• An intuitive solution that makes it easy to deploy WVD without demanding deep engineering experience or Powershell expertise
• Optimization and monitoring are built-in to efficiently scale up/down, saving cost and letting you keep an eye on how things are performing

Ubikite is exhibiting at Microsoft INSPIRE booth 2612 this week. Ubikite DaaS Manager is available starting July 12th, with a free 3-month trial and at then a price of only $2.00 per user per month. It easily pays for itself in cost and time savings by reducing the effort required to manage and monitor WVD environments. For more information, visit www.ubikite.com.

About Ubikite: Ubikite is a startup based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to creating powerful, intuitive tools that make complex IT tasks quick and easy. For more information, email hello@ubikite.com or contact Prasad Paluri, prasad.paluri@ubikite.com or 425-761-4454.

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Source: EIN Presswire