Velo3D Offers Industry Leading Metal 3D Printing Services



Velo3D is a premier provider of metal 3D printing services and offers metal additive manufacturing for various industries.

CAMPBELL, CA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2019 / — 3D printing has taken the world by storm in recent years. Not only has it led to unprecedented medical breakthroughs, but it has also forever changed the manufacturing industry as a whole. Highly specialized metal 3D printing allows manufacturers the opportunity to create parts and components that were once deemed impossible due to the limitations of technology. Velo3D is a premier provider of metal additive manufacturing services for a wide variety of industries, and the company’s combination of equipment and software is the best of its kind.

Sapphire is a next-generation laser fusion metal additive manufacturing system that allows for the world’s t advanced 3D metal printing. Conventional metal printers are limited to creating objects with angles of greater than 45 degrees, and they require supports for creating angles below this. However, with Sapphire from Velo3D, it is possible to create pieces with overhangs lower than 10 degrees – including large inner diameters – all without the need for such supports. Velo3D designed sapphire with high-volume production in mind, too, which makes it perfect for a variety of industries reliant upon metal components and parts.

Flow software is designed to work alongside the Sapphire metal additive manufacturing system to provide predictable results with fewer errors and a shorter-than-average print preparation time. Flow is different because of its integrated simulation engine that allows engineers to predict the outcomes of even the most cumbersome processes. It is backed in Computer Aided Design (CAD) but introduces a relatively simple and intuitive user interface that makes design a snap.

The simulation engine can even make automatic corrections to help avoid deformation and other issues before the printing process even starts, which means components come out right the first time. Finally, Flow’s built-in and highly useful Composer accurately detects geometric features and helps to optimize the print process around them, which results in more predictability. Though much of this process is automated, users can easily review the recommended processes, laser assignment, and layer order (in two or three dimensions), then make corrections so the printer makes very specific movements.

To learn more about Velo3D’s metal additive manufacturing capabilities through Sapphire, Flow, or a combination of the two, visit their website or send them an email at You can also telephone (408)610-3915 or fill out the short contact form online for more information.

About the Company: Velo3D is a California-based business that specializes in designing and developing high-tech metal additive manufacturing solutions. Their goal involved creating an entirely new approach to metal 3D printing, which would then drive manufacturers to see its value – and reap its benefits. Today, Velo3D’s Sapphire and Flow technology are at the heart of many manufacturing companies across the globe, and more manufacturers discover the power and technology behind 3D printing every single day. Velo3D delivers the future in a user-friendly package that will forever change the way companies manufacture their components. For more information please visit

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