HD Mask Noir: Cutting-Edge Security Camera Launches on Indiegogo – Promises no subscription fees, no wires, no batteries

HD Mask Noir – Provides high quality 1080p footage wirelessly so you can monitor the situation remotely from your phone, tablet, or laptop

HD Mask Noir – Once motion is detected, HD Mask Noir automatically starts recording and taking pictures

HD Mask Noir – Can charge your phone while discreetly protecting your home

HDMask Noir is a dual charger & 1080p security camera. It is capable of operating wirelessly 24/7 – unlimited video & audio sent straight to your mobile device

The HD Mask Noir really improves on our original HD Mask camera in every way: doubled storage, improved video quality, improved night vision, smarter motion detection, and upgraded USB charging speed!”

— HD Mask

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The military-grade surveillance technology firm HD Mask has just launched a new generation of its massively successful HD Mask security camera. The new camera, named HD Mask Noir, is the most sensitive and discreet security camera of its kind.

The HD Mask Noir is an invisible security camera that looks just like a USB charger (and it functions as one too). Pocket-sized and battery-free, HD Mask Noir plugs into any power outlet and records 1080p HD video 24/7. The device is WiFi compatible, so video feeds are streamable and saveable from anywhere on Earth via the HD Mask mobile app. And if the internet cuts out, HD Mask Noir will continue to record on its 64GB of internal storage.

The technology behind the HD Mask Noir was originally available only to buyers in the security sector, but now, backers on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo have the opportunity to use this military-grade technology in their homes and offices.

The original HD Mask camera sold thousands of units worldwide, and the HD Mask Noir shares many of its features including its compact size, HD video, internal storage, WiFi connectivity, and motion detection. But the HD Mask Noir goes much further, packing massive upgrades and new features into the same 1.5-inch camera. HD Mask Noir is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo – at the current pre-order price, it costs even less than the original HD Mask Camera.

“The HD Mask Noir really improves on our original HD Mask camera in every way,” says founder of HD Mask. “We’ve doubled the storage, improved video quality, improved night vision for much better clarity at night, included smarter motion detection, and we’ve even upgraded the USB charger to power your devices faster. With the launch of HD Mask Noir, we continue to show our dedication to providing the very best surveillance technology to families around the world at an affordable price.”

The HD Mask Noir has a much-improved HD camera, greater storage capacity, and a better charger, but it also boasts an improved processor to make all of its functions quicker and smoother. This is coupled with stronger wireless connectivity to ensure that users can stream in real time even when cameras are placed in basements, closets, or closed compartments where valuables are stored.

Noir has a 75˚ wide-angle lens, so a single camera can shoot an entire room. The HD Mask app allows for the monitoring of multiple cameras at once, so users can put a camera in each room and use their smartphone as a digital control station. Up to four feeds can be viewed simultaneously on the app.

HD Mask Noir has a microphone for audio capture, making it perfect for recording discussions with clients at the office or making sure the teens are staying safe at home. Noir can capture clear audio from conversations at normal volume from up to 10 feet away.

HD Mask Noir is perfect for homes, offices, nursing homes, and hotel rooms. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse, and it needs no batteries or wires to function. Just plug it in and it will start recording instantly.

About HD Mask

HD Mask was formed by a group of contractors and security specialists from around the globe. After working on private projects for use within the security industry and by government bodies, they decided they wanted to bring that same technology to those who needed it most—families, the elderly, renters, and travelers. These people can’t afford expensive security systems, and this makes them common targets.

HD Mask unveiled its first security solution, the HD Mask surveillance camera, in 2017. It merged affordability, discretion, high technology, and portability into one package. No subscriptions, no fees, no wires, no batteries—just a one-time payment for a lifetime of security.

In 2019, HD Mask announced the next generation of its flagship device: the HD Mask Noir. By improving on the original design in every way, HD Mask has maintained its dedication to putting the power of surveillance and home security into the hands of the people.

Get yours on Indiegogo today. With its amazing pre-order discount, the HD Mask Noir costs even less than the first generation HDMask security camera: http://hdmask.com/noir

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