Utah State Flag Getting too much criticism

While some may want to replace the Utah State flag, John Hartvigsen, a local vexillological scholar, responds with a strong defense of Utah’s current flag.

Utah is a Great State and deserves a Great State Flag, and it has one.”

— John Hartvigsen

SANDY, UT, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hartvigsen just returned from the 28th International Congress of Vexillology in San Antonio, Texas where he delivered a scholarly paper arguing that state flags have become targets of flag redesign activists encouraged by internet populism.

In his presentation, Hartvigsen, decried current flag redesign efforts that rank flags according to self-selecting polls that pronounce individual flags as “Bad Flags” because they appear too low on a list. Derogatory descriptions like Seal On a Bedsheet (S.O.B.) describe flags to create attention and attract the media; however, buzz words like “Bad Flag” and “S.O.B.” are offensive and hide design themes behind glib sound bites.

The aesthetics of whether a flag’s design is liked or disliked is a matter of individual perception. In truth beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and any flag will have its promoters and critics. Care must be taken to not just listen to the loudest voices.
The Utah State flag deserves careful and thoughtful consideration. A few points are briefly listed below.

Utah’s State flag—
• Reflects Utah’s rich history, culture, values and peoples
• Is recognized by Utah’s well-known emblem, the Beehive

The beehive is Utah’s preeminent symbol. Utah is the Beehive State and the image is found throughout the state. The beehive represents not only the Mormon Pioneers but later groups of settlers who formed their own beehive communities when they arrived in the state. Six arrows, the state’s name and the sego lilies symbolize six native tribes who have made Utah their home before later settlers arrived. The flags and bald eagle represent Utah’s celebration at the end of the struggle for statehood, when Utah’s star rose to join the other stars in the national union.

Utah’s State flag would be expensive and difficult to replace—
• Displayed by countess businesses throughout Utah
• Displayed at state and local government sites, buildings & offices
• Displayed in Utah’s school, colleges and universities
• Pictured in countless reference works
• Pictured in countess Internet sites

Designing a flag properly would require buy in by residents throughout the state and not just a vocal group. The process of designing a flag is long and involved if it is done correctly. Gaining approval through legislative action is difficult especially when there is strong dissent.

An approved new flag design would be costly, especially if the pattern is markedly different. The changeover period would last years and would never be universally successful. While outdoor flags are replaced as they wear out, indoor flags remain not replaced many years later. Printed reference works and internet sites include outdated information despite available updates.

Utah is a Great State and deserves a Great State Flag, and it has one. Just view the flag display in the Utah Capitol’s Gold Room, it is apparent that the Stars & Stripes together with the Utah State flag create an impressive and beautiful display, which give media a welcome backdrop.

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