Charles Laverty Announces New SoCal Nuzuna Zone Fitness Locations In Annaheim, Buena Park and Santa Ana

Charles Laverty, founder of Nuznua Zone Fitness, which offers electro muscular stimulation in fitness centers in Southern California announced new locations.

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 11, 2019 / — Writing on his blog, Charles Laverty, founder and CEO of Nuzuna Zone Fitness, announced the opening of a new stand-alone Nuzuna Zone Fitness Center in Costa Mesa, California. The company will shortly be announcing the acquisition of another facility in Anaheim Hills and is busy finalizing plans for development on locations in Buena Park, Santa Ana and Anaheim.

In addition to studios offering a wide variety of workout styles and classes, such as Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training and Spin classes, Nuzuna Zone Fitness is also opening facilities dedicated solely to indoor biking.
Elite trainers

All classes at Nuzuna Zone Fitness are led by elite trainers using the Nuzuna Power Driven Training (PDT) System with wireless Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS is breakthrough technology that boosts training efficiency, builds muscle faster and burns calories. Optimal results come from combining training with EMS and the professional trainers at Nuzuna Zone Fitness use a customized approach, selecting the training programs that best suit the fitness goals of clients.

Thomas O’Neil, a member of the Board of Directors, says, “At Nuzuna Zone Fitness, our trainers have the flexibility to customize workouts within a group setting or to clients individually. They can help clients to reach their fitness goals faster than they could imagine. In fact, the EMS suit gives wearers the benefits of a two-and-a-half-hour workout in just 20 minutes.”

Performance and health-related benefits of EMS

Electro Muscular Stimulation in itself is not a new concept, adds Charles Laverty. It has been studied by scientists and used by top athletes for years. However, what was previously only available to a select few due to high costs and limitations in the technology is now available to the general public. Adding EMS technology to training offers many benefits, including improved performance, better neuromuscular health and weight loss.

Dr Stephen Shapiro, Chairman and Medical Director of Nuzuna Zone Fitness, says, “Research continues to discover medical and performance-related benefits of using EMS to improve training efficiency. EMS contracts muscles forcefully by using electric impulses transmitted through electrodes to muscles.

The muscle contractions are more intense than in a normal workout so it is possible to achieve more with less fatigue and mental effort.” Dr. Shapiro strongly advocates exercise and healthy living because the more this is encouraged, the fewer health problems society has to deal with.

The Nuzuna EMS suit

The Nuzuna EMS suit is made of bi-elastic fabric and has no cables, offering complete freedom of movement. It is designed to remain dry during workouts and is also anti-bacterial, offering maximum hygiene.
A small, lightweight box attaches to the suit and conductive magnetic heads send electric pulses to electrodes that deeply stimulate the muscles. The electric pulses feel like natural muscle contractions and although they are more intense, they don’t cause discomfort. The box is controlled wirelessly using a pad with a touch screen that allows trainers to select from 32 pre-installed training programs.

Different programs

The different programs include power training, endurance, fat-burning, massage, relaxation etc. Clients can strengthen and sculpt muscles, burn fat and more without putting unnecessary stress on their muscles and joints. Another offering at Nuzuna Zone Fitness is an anti-cellulite program. EMS offers effective treatment for cellulite because it targets affected areas, stimulating them and reducing fat stores.

According to Charles Laverty, The new locations for Nuzuna Zone Fitness are yet another step in the goal to launch fitness studies across the United States. This will offer the general public the unique opportunity to take advantage of electro muscular stimulation (EMS) in workouts lead by professional trainers to achieve their fitness goals and improve their health.

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