The First Vegan Lip Balm For Speakers Inspired by Daymond John

The Best Lip Balm Loved By Beauty Editors & Daymond John

PARSIPPANY, NJ, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2020 / — Officially launching on 02/20/2020, FanLoveBeauty is created by superfans of groups that inspire, educate or entertain the society. It is a clean beauty brand with social responsibility. This is a newsworthy brand because it is an interactive beauty brand where readers can actually help with the product development process.

The first collection is for SPEAKERS and people who talk a lot as they share a common issue- DRY LIPS.
The first product Stage Balm for Lips was conceived when FanLoveBeauty founder, cosmetic chemist Ginger King, was talking to her celebrity crush, shark tank star Daymond John. He took out a lip balm and applied in front of her. A lightbulb came on, if it is something that close to Daymond (in-his-pocket, on-his-lips), it has to be MINE as Ginger recalled. Being a super fan of Daymond, Ginger developed the first-ever lip balm targeting speakers and people who talk a lot. Speakers' lips can feel dry especially their long speaking engagement schedule may not allow them to drink enough water. A moisturizing lip balm packed with healthy, good-for-you ingredients thus become essential especially lip balms could be ingested inadvertently. Furthermore, from the ingredients used to the brand philosophy of FanLoveBeauty, Ginger has incorporated everything she learned from Daymond John from the past decade. From on-screen of shark tank to off-screen, this vegan lip balm embodies the learnings from Daymond in every detail.

"The Stage Balm For Lips Makes My Lips Feel Extra Smooth. I Use It All The Time Especially Before I go On Stage To Deliver A Keynote. I simply LOVE it!" ~ Daymond John. Business Mogul and Motivational Speaker

Stage Balm for lips is a 100% natural, vegan, moisturizing lip balm infused with superfoods that are known to nourish your lips such as mango, avocado and flaxseed oil. This special lip balm also contains natural sea asparagus known to boost moisturization by up to 6000%. In addition, this lip balm is spiked with natural peppermint flavor to keep your lips feeling refreshed. Equally important is what the lip balm is formulated without. It contains no petrolatum (a petroleum byproduct) or lanolin (animal byproduct). Additionally, unlike conventional natural lip balms, this lip balm contains no beeswax as beeswax is obtained from beehives thus disturbing the homes in which bees live. Daymond John is an advocate for #SaveTheBees thus it is paramount that being kind to bees is a brand pillar. Furthermore, FanLoveBeauty will donate portions of proceeds to benefit suicide prevention foundation. This lip balm not only saves your health but other's lives as well.

FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm For Lips comes in a recyclable package and is available in tinted and untinted. A single unit retails for $8/88 or a 4-pack one month supply for $28.88 *18% savings). The products are available on

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