Tired of False COVID-19 Decon Claims? Meth Lab Cleanup’s Dry-Fog Application is EPA Approved / No Collateral Damage

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Meth Lab Cleanup offers an EPA approved dry fogging application resulting in complete disinfection of COVID-19, zero collateral damage and limited down-time.

COEUR D'ALENE, ID, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Contaminated surfaces can compound the spread of COVID-19 in frequented areas; exposing you, your family and employees to potential infection. Meth Lab Cleanup Company, a 17-year leader in the US decontamination industry, is now offering an EPA registered, dry fogging application to safely decontaminate coronavirus infected areas to help limit the spread of this pandemic.

Meth Lab Cleanup's typical sterilization process can be completed in 24 hours as opposed to 3 to 5 days with conventional disinfection systems. This minimizes the down-time of operations to less than a day so that you are able to quickly get back on track. Meth Lab Cleanup Company can be on site, within 48 hours, to stop the spread of coronavirus through surface contact in households, classrooms, workplaces, healthcare and production facilities – any interior environment.

During a phone interview, Joe Mazzuca, MLCC Operations Manager, said, “Our dry fogging application does not damage electronics, documents, furnishings or other sensitive materials and machinery. We can easily penetrate and disinfect contamination without wetting surfaces.” In addition, Mazzuca said, “Our dry fog dispersion is perfect for disinfecting heat systems. We can also easily reach inaccessible areas and can decontaminate multiple rooms simultaneously.”

Meth Lab Cleanup experienced technicians can safely deliver disinfection vapor to the most complex areas – with minimal down-time. MLCC’s dry fogging application does not require:
– room pre-conditioning
– fanned air movement
– post-aeration, and
– will not leave residuals

The extent of the dry fogging application is based on considerations of human frequency to accessed areas. Meth Lab Cleanup Company also offers site-specific consultation to help reduce the spread of the disease based on human traffic patterns and behavior; critical for service areas where the coronavirus is most prevalent.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company specializes in noninvasive clandestine drug lab decontamination – successfully remediating over 7,500 meth contaminated sites, nationwide. Highly experienced, certified technicians can effectively decontaminate any COVID-19 infected site without incidence or collateral damage. MLCC’s application will also eradicate other microbial, bacterial and fungal contamination.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company can have a crew on site, throughout most areas of the United States, within days of contact. Call: 208-683-1974 for reliable, affordable coronavirus disinfection and decontamination services.

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Source: EIN Presswire