Important Information about Face Masks Relating to COVID-19

New knowledge that the Corona virus can live in the air gives us an easy, quick, inexpensive CURE – face masks! 

If everyone would simply wear a mask when they go out or are near others, we could potentially wipe out this virus in as little as two weeks, the infectious period of the virus.”

— Dr. Deborah Hill

SUNLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2020 / — We have all been told that coughs and sneezes from those infected by the Corona Virus can transmit the infection to others who come into contact with the expelled droplets. But recent research (such as from the LLOYD/SMITH group at Rocky Mountain Labs and the NPR Walden University) has proven that the virus can live in the air for at least 3 hours. (One LLOYD/SMITH experiment only went out 3 hours and there were still viable COVID-19 in the air!)

This new knowledge that the Corona virus can be airborne makes the social distancing rule of staying 6 feet apart from others practically useless. Since the virus can hover in the air as a "VIRAL FOG," simply walking through an area where an infected person has been, and breathing in, may result in infection. Once the virus gets into your mouth or nose, it can travel into your respiratory system where it can embed and start silently replicating. You won't know it's there for up to 14 days. This helps explain why the virus is so contagious. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who has studied the virus extensively, has discovered that it is 1000 times (yes one thousand times) more contagious than SARS. Six feet does not protect against VIRAL FOG, as is becoming apparent from all the "unexplained" new cases! In addition, people who are on medications that can "lower their body's ability to fight infections" (for arthritis, or so they can show more of their skin, for example) are already immune compromised!

However, knowing that this virus can be airborne also gives us the knowledge we need for an easy, quick, inexpensive CURE! If everyone would simply wear a mask when they go out or are near others, we could potentially wipe out this virus in as little as two weeks, the infectious period of the virus. As in the movie "Signs," where humanity was saved by something as simple as water; we could be saved by something as simple as masks, which can prevent the deadly virus from getting into our lungs!

If you don't have access to N95 masks, any mask can help. Doctors and others are describing how to make and use inexpensive yet effective DIY masks, online. However, researchers warn that if people don't use masks correctly, it could result in further spread of the virus. Make sure masks are fitted correctly so that they completely seal your nose and mouth. Don't touch masks, or your face, while wearing them; change them as often as recommended and discard them in a trash receptacle with a lid. If health authorities say that your particular kind of mask can be cleaned, follow their recommendations for cleaning them. It's especially important not to assume you're safe around others, or that they are safe from you, when you wear a mask. To ensure a cure, we should all continue to practice social distancing and follow all the other personal hygiene recommendations, such as wearing gloves and washing our hands and surfaces frequently.

One blaring question remains: Why did it take so long to test how long COVID-19 can live in air? It breaks my heart to see grocery workers and others working without any masks. Some have told me they are not allowed to wear them. For the sake of us all, this must change now! 

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Source: EIN Presswire