Dianic boutique opening 1st June



New clothing store for women

HORNCASTLE, LINCOLNSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, June 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dianic Boutique, new clothing store for women opening today. Dianic, a specialty women’s clothing boutique, is the place to be for bohemian fashion that features the latest trends and collections for women who live free through fashion and art. Dianic offers a wide range of products from dresses, tops, skirts and much more – all reflecting a high level of quality, invoking attributes of femininity, spirit, and creativity in its design, while focusing on ethically sourced clothing and targeting more natural fibre clothing.

Our philosophy at Dianic is to be free in life like in fashion. We want to help you look good and do good for the environment, we help by providing outfit ideas in our featured sections on the website and how you can mix and match our outfits we offer.

We deliver all over the UK – England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We are committed to providing the highest quality products. We guarantee to offer best price in the online market. We use recycled packaging and group together your order in as fewer parcels as possible.

Dianic boutique is a new unique clothing store for women specialising in bohemian inspired clothing, from chic bohemian to simple long dresses there is a style to suit everyone. Dianic boutique caters for women of all sizes, we stock sizes 6 to 20 and we have a helpful sizing guide featured on each product page. Dianic boutique is a socially responsible clothing store and we promote sustainability. We have several different lines that help the environment such as our Dianic vintage range and our reuse and rewear, helping reduce clothing going to landfill.

Helana Campling
Dianic boutique
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Top Mobile App Development Companies in India 2020

App Development Agency

ADA takes control of the best mobile app development companies in India 2020, check what goes in being listed here!

BELMONT, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Post-Lockdown, Mobile App Development Teams are focused on growing businesses through mobile and web app innovations. Some of them or all of them are strategically developing software, specializing in cost-effectively, building mobile applications (plus custom web design services), all within budget, on schedule, every time.

ADA praised the team of such mobile enthusiasts vociferously who have been delivering the entire software development life cycle from beginning through the end. This includes research/consulting, user experience design, visual design, branding, development and post-launch services.

Here is the list of top 10 mobile app development companies in India.

1. Prismetric
2. Konstant Infosolutions
3. Space-O Technologies
4. Y Media Labs
5. AppInventiv
6. Hidden Brains Infotech LLC
7. Dev Technosys
8. QBurst
9. Mtoag Technologies
10. ChopDawg

Find out more here.

These companies have been working on Mobile UI's, or front-ends along with the mobile back end that facilitates data routing, security, authentication, authorization, working off-line and service orchestration. Their premier mobile app development services include iPhone Apps Development, iPad Apps Development, Android App Development, Windows Apps Development, Mobile game Development, Android Game Development, iPhone Game Development and iPad Game Development and more.

About ADA

App Development Agency (ADA) is a premier researcher that trusts in-house and outsourced mobile and web app development teams with their talents including Strategists, Digital Product Designers, Developers, Product + Project Managers, and QA Analysts who care about delivering great work.

Ada James
App Development Agency
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The deaths of unarmed young black men, is in many instances, the result of statistically based associations between black men and violent criminal behavior.

By Jack Levine
A discussion on why unarmed young black men are frequently shot, is long overdue. Scientific research studies indicate that the main cause of this tragic phenomenon is the perception that there is, in fact, an association between African Americans and violent criminal behavior. This translates into an instinctual fear on the part of many whites, including police officers, by a distorted assessment of the threat posed to them when confronting a young black man. Is this racism? Or is it the result of unfortunate cultural patterns in the black community that can and should be changed.
This fear on the part of white people is not without some statistical justification. While blacks only comprise 13% of the U.S. population, they comprise 29% of those arrested for violent crimes. In black neighborhoods, homicide remains the most common cause of death for African American men, aged 15 to 34. As a result of these statistics, many white Americans associate violent crime with African Americans.

The publicity surrounding the beating of Rodney King; the shooting of Trayvon Martin; the shooting death of Michael Brown; the death of Freddy Gray and, many other reported incidents, have attracted national attention. The more recent shooting death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick Ga. and the strangulation death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police have most recently engaged the nation.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson reportedly once told a Chicago audience, “there is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery – – then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” Scientific studies have demonstrated why this is so. In these studies, white college students were shown images of black men and white men and asked whether an object being held was a gun, or something else. The studies demonstrated a marked reduction in accuracy on the part of white students, causing them to mistake ordinary objects for guns, when shown a black face and, some other object, when shown a white face.
This study may explain the fatal March 2018 Sacramento police shooting, which occurred at night, in which a 22-year-old African American, Stephon Clark, was confronted by two police officers, responding to a 911 call, Clark was instructed: “Show me your hands.” At that moment, Clark was merely holding a cell phone in his hand, which was mistakenly perceived as a weapon by the police officers.
Furthermore, it is unlikely that racial bias training for police officers, by itself, will have any effect on the perception that there is a correlation between violent criminal behavior and young black men. Studies conducted on the incarceration of African Americans convicted of various crimes, support this correlation. In 2014, a study conducted by the NAACP showed that African Americans, while only 13% of the general population, constituted 34% of the nation’s prison population, a rate more than five (5) times that of whites.
Although this disparity may, to some extent, be accounted for by racial prejudices that may exist in our criminal justice system, the only way to change this perception of a correlation between crime and African-Americans, is for the black community to undertake a major effort to institute cultural changes. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. pointed the way in his “I Have a Dream Speech”: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
Social scientists believe that building character, begins at an early age by children adopting their parents as role models, with fathers being the principal role model for male children. With 77% of African American children born out-of-wedlock and, raised only by their mothers, the opportunities to develop good character are thereby greatly reduced. Instead, young black males, raised in single parent homes, may by default, look to street gang leaders and drug dealers as models to fill the void left by absent fathers.
Because the black community appears to tolerate black fathers abandoning their children, this cultural tradition must change if we are to eliminate the unfortunate perception of a correlation between young African American males and criminal or violent behavior.
In addition, the drop-out rate of African American school children must be drastically reversed. In a 2005-2006 study conducted by the NAACP, the high school dropout rate for black students was reported to be over 50%. The nation-wide drop-out rate for black college students in recent years has remained steady at approximately 65%, compared with a drop-out rate of only 38% for white college students. Understandably, those without either a high school or college education have greatly reduced prospects for obtaining a job that will adequately support themselves, or a family. This inevitably leads to a feeling of low esteem for many black youths and a multi- generational reliance on welfare benefits and food stamp which entrap many into a life of poverty.
Although few would doubt that pockets of racial prejudice still exist in America, perhaps it is time that the African American community looks inwardly, as well as outwardly to identify the sources of racial prejudice. In addition to Police Departments stressing racial sensitivity in their personnel training programs, perhaps the leaders of our black communities should organize neighborhood meetings to discuss these issues and try to understand the real reasons for some of the perceptions that large portions of the white community have unfortunately developed.
If these measures are undertaken, when Black Lives Matter organizes their next demonstration, instead of angrily over-turning police vehicles, they should, perhaps consider marching through our inner cities with slogans on their banners and signs: “We have met the enemy, and they are us?”
(Jack Levine is a retired lawyer and a former F.B.I. Agent),

Jack Levine
+1 602-315-3200
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Jack Levine, P.C.

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Pamela Jane Nye Okay with Maverick Nurse Moniker, Concerned with Nurse Hero Accolade, Rejects Nightingale 2.0 Comparison

Pamela Jane Nye work and home appearance

Pamela Jane Nye/2020 – At work and at home.

Florence Nightingale, OM, RRC, DStJ was a trailblazing figure in nursing who greatly affected 19th- and 20th-century policies around proper medical care. She was known for her night rounds to aid the wounded, establishing her image as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’

Pamela Jane Nye / Nursing Career Photo History 1974 - 2019

Pamela Jane Nye / Nursing Career Photo History (1974 – 2019)

Global nurse-thanking challenge and tuition-free continuing nurse education plans behind Florence Nightingale comparison to acclaimed California nurse

Save one life … and you're a hero. Save a hundred lives … and you're a nurse.”

— Florence Nightingale, 'Notes on Nursing' (1860)

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — "I don't consider myself a hero, and while flattered, it's also embarrassing when asked to compare myself with Florence Nightingale," explains Pamela Jane Nye. And given her 'Iowa nice' upbringing, people who know her are not surprised about Nye's "predictably humble" demeanor.

Still, there is that verifiable history of local, national, and global news media stories to support the "maverick nurse" or "Florence Nightingale 2.0" comparison argument., e.g., See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse! Team Challenge Invites America's Public to Unite and Collectively Thank 3.8+ Million Unsung Hero Nurses … 'Maverick' Boss Breaks From Continuing Nurse Education Venue Stereotype … Retired UCLA Nurse Savings Replaces Pulled Sponsorship with Retirement Savings … California Nurse Turns Covid-19 Lemon to Lemonade … No-Fee Continuing Education – a Big Benefit to 4-Million Nurses.”

The argument for Nye-Nightingale comparison includes both are known for their innovative approach to educating nurses. And like Nightingale, Nye’s become a globally recognized name for her nurse image advocacy; she's also a provider of innovative continuing nurse education. Controversy resulting from breaking status quo nurse traditions is another deserved and mutually shared attribute. It's also the only comparison to which Nye pleads "guilty."

It's also Nye who leads the argument against the Nye-Nightingale comparison, stating, “While deeply humbled, there truly is no comparison when it comes to the sacrifices Florence made, beginning with the care she gave to wounded and dying military soldiers. The same applies to the life-saving nurse healthcare changes for which Florence was singularly responsible."

"What I can accept," Nye concedes, "is that Florence Nightingale was and remains a motivating influence for much of the nurse-related changes I've been able to accomplish, particularly" Nye adds, "those things I'm currently planning to accomplish."

By "those things," Nye's referring to her ambitious and innovative tuition-free continuing nurse education plans, and her even more ambitious Operation Scrubs’ See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse! Team Challenge.

Regarding her surprise retirement notice tendered after her story-book climb to the peak of an acclaimed nursing career, Nye explained, "I am blessed to have achieved all of my nursing career goals, and then some. Now I'm going to be a full-time nurse image advocate and innovative nurse educator. I want to champion positive nurse awareness. I want to change what and how nurses receive their license-required continuing education. I also want to find creative and tradition-changing ways to provide working nurses with scholarships for advanced nursing education degrees."

By month’s end, Nye plans to announce progress and specific details about Operation Scrubs' "See a Nurse-Thank a Nurse Team Challenge. That includes explaining how she expects to recruit 3.8+ million people to post online 'thank you collectively' messages honoring America's 3.8+ million registered nurses, plus another twenty million nurses worldwide."

When asked for a final comment, Nye smiled and quoted from Florence Nightingale’s (1860) ‘Notes on Nursing,’ stating, "Save one life … and you're a hero. Save a hundred lives … and you're a nurse.”

R. C. "Chuck" Foster
Operation Scrubs, Inc.
+1 800-627-6156
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Model Rhian Sugden launches all natural self tan Clarity, in light of her own IVF struggles

Rhian Sugden - Rose and Caramel - Clarity

Rhian Sugden – Rose and Caramel – Clarity

Rhian Sugden - Clarity Self Tan

Rhian Sugden – Clarity Self Tan

Clarity self tan - product shot

Clarity self tan – product shot

Rhian Sugden creates a natural self tan for product conscious consumers, using minimal ingredients while still achieving maximum results 

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM , May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rhian Sugden has spent lockdown topping up her tan, with a brand new product she helped develop after suffering from fertility problems. 18 months ago, Rhian embarked on a mission. After discovering that she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally, she and her actor husband, Oliver Mellor, went through two exhausting rounds of IVF treatment.

Throughout the process, experts recommended she stopped using all cosmetic products that contain harsh chemicals or additives, which is when she decided to cut out all of the nonsense and went completely tan-free for over 12 months.

Rhian even hired an alternative therapies specialist and became much more conscious of her product choices, ditching her go-to brands in favour of more natural alternatives. In light of her fertility struggles, she wanted to create a more natural self tan, using minimal ingredients while still achieving maximum results.

As consumers, it’s down to us to be cautious when it comes to the types of products we use and what ingredients are inside them. Countless beauty products contain unnecessarily harsh chemicals, parabens, colourants and a bunch of other nasties, that simply put, really aren’t that good for us and can be known to cause adverse health effects.

Produced with the kindest formulation possible, Rhian has teamed up with award-winning tanning brand Rose & Caramel to launch Clarity. Free from unnecessary additives and harsh chemicals, Clarity is made using all vegan-friendly ingredients, as well as natural caramel colouring – and contains absolutely no harsh chemicals, parabens, colourants or other nasties!

With a streak free formula that is hydrating and kind to skin, they have taken out all of the bad, while leaving in all of the good, so that you can achieve a flawless self tan at home, without having to worry about what’s inside. Now that you’ve got some Clarity in your life, why settle for anything less.

Rhian said: “Oliver and I have spent the past 18 months having IVF treatment and learnt so much about how the body works. I want to give myself the best possible chance of having a baby, so I took a long, hard look at all of the cosmetic products I was using and decided to cut out all of the nonsense. Lots of beauty products contain a bunch of additives that just aren't needed, so it really can’t be good to regularly put them onto your skin.

“After meeting the founder of Rose & Caramel at an event, I approached them and we started to develop a more stripped back, natural tanning solution. But while this project stemmed from my fertility issues, Clarity is the ideal self tan for anybody who is conscious of the types of products they are using and takes more care of their wellbeing – it uses minimal ingredients while still achieving maximum results.

“It also means so much to me that Fertility Network UK are Clarity’s official charity partner, with £1 from every bottle sold being donated directly to them.”

Rose & Caramel founder, Rosie Greenhalgh, said: “When Rhian told us about her fertility struggles and how she had cut out a lot of her usual products, it made perfect sense for us to partner together and create a more natural self tan for product conscious consumers.

“All of Clarity’s ingredients are vegan friendly, we’ve used natural caramel colouring and cut out all harsh ingredients. We’ve stripped our formula back – but without compromising on the quality of the tan.”

£1 from every bottle sold is being donated directly to Clarity’s charity partner, Fertility Network UK – which is the UK’s leading fertility and IVF charity who provide support, advice and guidance to people faced with fertility issues.

Clarity costs £23.99GBP per bottle and is available for online pre-order now with 25% discount and will be available nationwide from 15th June. www.roseandcaramel.co.uk/product/clarity

All Clarity images are copyright free for all publications to use both in print and online – and can be downloaded via wetransfer here: https://we.tl/t-zKFQViYP39

Notes to Editor:

Rhian Sugden is a lingerie and glamour model, and TV personality who is most well known for being one of the longest standing Page 3 girls – and for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. Over the year’s Rhian has worked on some amazing modelling campaigns for brands including Ann Summers, Lynx and her infamous stint as the Pot Noodle Siren.

Founded in 2010 by Rosie Greenhalgh, Rose & Caramel is an award-winning tanning and beauty brand based in Greater Manchester. Stocked in the UK on PrettyLittleThing and Feel Unique – and on Amazon Prime in the US, the brand is coveted by celebrities and influencer alike and pride themselves on creating world-first, industry leading products. Their world-first products include a tan removing shower gel and bubble bath, and a cream-based aerosol spray.

The brand have won an array of prestigious beauty awards over the years, including: Best Bath/Shower Product, Best Fake Tan and Best UK Beauty Brand at the 2020 Global Beauty Awards. Best Self Tanner – Legs at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020. Best Bath/Shower Product, Best Fake Tan and Best New Bronzer at the 2019 Global Beauty Awards.

For any further information, imagery, sample requests for product reviews or interview requests with either Rhian or Rosie, please do get in touch via email: info@weirdPR.co.uk or call us on: 0161 706 0091.

Lee Bennett
Weird PR
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UK Turns To Income Protection Insurance As Furlough Scheme To End In October

Protect Your Income And Home With Income Protect Insurance From Just £3 P/Month

BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS, UK, May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Income Protect Insurance, an established, specialist insurance based website, has received a large increase in enquiries about income protection insurance from people who are concerned about a loss of income should they suffer a serious accident or illness.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, recently announced that the furlough scheme is to finish at the end of October 2020. This government-funded scheme has been paying 80% of UK employees’ salaries and wages up to a maximum of £2,500 for several weeks. Over 8 million workers are currently benefiting from the furlough scheme.

On the 29th May 2020, the Chancellor informed employers how they would shortly have to start making a contribution to the scheme thus reducing the Government’s financial support on a phased basis until the scheme finishes in October.

Following the announcement that the furlough scheme would be coming to an end, it has resulted in a lot of people thinking about how they would manage financially if they were unable to work through accident or illness as there is no guarantee that the Government would step in in the way that it has in recent weeks to support the public financially should a similar thing happen in the future.

Wayne Lee, Director of Income Protect Insurance, commented, “ We have seen a sharp increase in enquiries from both employed and self-employed people who are concerned about how they would pay their household bills and feed their families if they were not able to go to work as a result of having a serious accident or illness. An income protection insurance policy provides the insured with peace of mind that if he or she suffers a serious illness such as cancer or a stroke or has an accident such as breaking a leg that prevented them from working then the policy could pay out up to 70% of their income for a period of time up to age 65 thus providing much needed financial support.”

It is worth noting that an income protection insurance policy may provide better value for money than a critical illness insurance policy. This is because the total amount of regular income paid out by an income protection insurance policy may eventually exceed the lump sum payable from a critical illness insurance policy and the premiums may be lower than for critical illness cover. Furthermore, an income protection insurance policy can be easier to obtain and it covers more things.

About Income Protect Insurance

Income Protect Insurance has been providing its customers with extremely useful information about income protection insurance for around ten years. It has access to the market leading insurance companies offering this type of cover and, by the customer providing a limited amount of personal information, it opens the doorway to getting a bespoke, free, competitive quotation from a suitable insurer without any obligation.

For further information visit www.incomeprotectinsurance.co.uk

Media Contact:
Wayne Lee

E-Mail: Wayne.lee@QuoteyQuotey.com

Wayne Lee
Income Protect Insurance
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Wildlife Trade Campaign during COVID-19

Bumbuku Creatives Logo

Bumbuku Creatives Logo

WWF Survey Chart

WWF Survey Chart

Digital Storytelling Agency Bumbuku Creatives interviewed with WWF about the relationship between wildlife trade and disease outbreaks.

93% of people support closure of illegal wildlife markets in South-East Asia and Hong Kong.”

— Aslıhan Tümer, WWF Head of Campaigns

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — WWF Wildlife Trade Campaign during COVID-19

Over 90% support closure of illegal wildlife markets in South-East Asia and Hong Kong

After the current pandemic, COVID-19, was confirmed as a zoonotic disease – transferable from animals to humans – Digital Storytelling Agency Bumbuku Creatives interviewed the Head of Global Campaigns at WWF Aslihan Tumer about the relationship between wildlife trade and disease outbreaks.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has been working towards the closure of unregulated wildlife trade across South-East Asia. They are running campaigns in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan. The pandemic outbreak has placed immense focus on wildlife crime and the campaign.

In order to benchmark their stories and the impact they are trying to create during these turbulent times, NGO-focused digital storytelling agency Bumbuku Creatives reached out to WWF and talked about what wildlife trade is, how to regulate it in a functional way, and its impact on the world, with Aslihan Tumer, the Head of Global Campaigns at WWF.

Experts have warned the global community of how trading markets can bring about diseases but the call-to-action has been close to nothing.
WWF has been working on the Illegal Wildlife Trade campaign for a long time but now the focus has shifted. This shift is towards closing illegal, unregulated, and high-risk wildlife markets. Legal wildlife trade entails “plants and animals that are caught or harvested from the wild and then legitimately sold as food, pets, ornamental plants, leather, tourist ornaments and medicine.” The problem, however, appears when illegal wildlife trade occurs.
Bumbuku gets up close and personal with Aslıhan Tumer about the WWF campaign against illegal wildlife trade.

They discuss the context behind what illegal wildlife trade is, why its demand is so high, its relationship with disease containment, and finally, what can be done to mitigate potential disease outbreaks. The interview gives hope towards a future where illegal wildlife trade is better regulated. Most importantly, it shows the current climate of support for governments to take action.

For WWF’s campaign against illegal wildlife trade, the essential aim is to end trade of high-risk taxa from which wild animals end up in markets like those in Wuhan, China. Through this, they will be able to remove one of the primary ways in which zoonoses are transmitted. Besides laying out the context of wildlife crime, the interview tries to spread awareness among NGOs, leading change-makers, and the general public. Bumbuku Creatives promoted WWF’s “Opinion Survey on Covid-19 and Wildlife Trade in 5 Asian Markets” using data-driven storytelling. It builds a story about the relationship between humans and nature that resonates with anyone who will read it, and be interested in exploring Bumbuku’s works.

Özge Tığlı Taşlı
+31 6 36443096
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As a part of the interview with WWF, Bumbuku Creatives animated their survey data and graphics used for their wildlife campaign.

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Auntie Helen's charity in San Diego steps up to help Frontline Medical workers and the "At Risk" Community!

The small charity with a big heart offers free laundry services to medical workers at hospitals and clinics and operates a food distribution feeding low income.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rod Legg, Executive Director of Auntie Helen's charity thrift was greeting Case Managers and packing food bags. He explained "they arrive to pick up groceries for the At risk clients and they deliver what we have had donated by local grocers.

Our mission has always included helping those in need with food. The weekly distribution helped between 15-25 since the beginning but post Covid19 need is over 300 a week.

Auntie Helen's saw the need to keep the clients with underlying health conditions and low income safe at home. We reached out to case managers around San Diego and with 8 agencies delivering we fed 331 families last week.
The charity was founded by Gary Cheetam in 1988 by helping the Hiv/AIDS community. Gary would do the laundry for the people with AIDS at a time when no one wanted to touch the patient much less the laundry.

Today we do the laundry for those who physically are unable and it's expanded to help our frontline Medical Workers in this Pandemic. We saw the need to give back to the healthcare community as a way to lighten the everyday stress.

We usually finance multiple programs through our thrift store but that has been closed for three month and yet our demand has never been greater.

We got creative with a silent bid auction window and it keeps our shoppers involved. The items in the window are clearly numbered and you simply email is a silent offer and the item number to AHstoremanager@gmail.com and we notify winners for curbside pick up. It has been so successful that it will continue for a long-time.
We are evolving to a online store and with the help of Rev365 we should have a new website to serve our customers at www.auntiehelens.org and that site should go live mid June 2020.

We stepped up in this Pandemic and we now except donations of gently used or new merchandise daily at our thrift store as well as canned goods for our ongoing food drive. We also except cash donations mailed to our charity at Auntie Helen's charity, 4127 30th street, San Diego, California 92104

We have also partnered with AAA auctions to handle our high end merchandise that we can't sell in our thrift.
We are reopening our store with a new open air sidewalk sale with all covid19 protocols in place. We will begin this process the first week of June.

We will get through this but not alone so please help us to help others.
This little charity has big heart as it changes to meet the new norms.

Rodney Legg
Auntie Helens
+1 619-501-0209
email us here

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Herbie J Pilato Chronicles Retro Pop-Culture Icons In Twin TV Tomes

Television's Top Female Icons from the '50s, '60s and '70s

Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door

Author Herbie J Pilato

Writer/producer Herbie J Pilato

TV's Top Male Icons from the '50s, '60s and '70s

Dashing, Daring and Debonair

Herbie J Pilato chronicles classic TV's top male and female icons in twin books: Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, and Dashing, Daring and Debonair

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The darling Donna Douglas who with both gusto and grace played Elly May Clampett, the diamond in the rough on "The Beverly Hillbillies"…The barrier-and race-breaking performance of the distinguished Diahann Carroll as "Julia" in the same-named, first-African-American-led sitcom in TV history…The smart and sassy magic of Barbara Eden on "I Dream of Jeannie"…Lynda Carter ("Wonder Woman")…Dawn Wells ("Gilligan’s Island")…Farrah Fawcett ("Charlie’s Angels")…Suzanne Somers ("Three’s Company")…Sally Field ("Gidget"/"The Flying Nun"), Lindsay Wagner ("The Bionic Woman"), Maureen McCormick ("The Brady Bunch"), Julie Newmar ("Batman")…each of them and more are probed, prodded and paid tribute to GLAMOUR, GIDGETS, AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: TELEVISION’S ICONIC WOMEN OF THE ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, which is filled with insightful, entertaining and revealing biographies.

As the author of female-geared classic television biographies like Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story, and Twitch Upon A Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery, with the GIDGETS book, Herbie J Pilato chronicles as many charismatic women who have made their ‘beauty-mark’ in television. Pilato celebrates their contributions beyond aesthetic appeal and more to honor the intelligence, individual wit, and unique talent and style that each of them have contributed to television — and how that great medium in particular was utilized to introduce and showcase so many amazing and wonderful women to the world.

For exclusive and key information on TV’s top leading ladies who shattered expectations and paved the way for successive generations, GLAMOUR, GIDGETS, AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is the number one resource and go-to guide.

Conversely, and as a companion to the GIDGETS tome, Pilato penned DASHING, DARING, AND DEBONAIR: TV’S TOP MALE ICONS FROM THE ’50s, ’60s AND ’70s.

With a Foreword by Adam West ("Batman"), and Joel Eisenberg ("The Chronicles of Ara"), DASHING, DARING, AND DEBONAIR discusses the lives and careers of classic television’s legendary personalities from in-front-of and behind-the-camera including: Ed Asner ("The Mary Tyler Moore Show"), Tony Dow ("Leave it to Beaver"), Norman Lear ("All in the Family"), Andy Griffith ("The Andy Griffith Show"), Stanley Livingston ("My Three Sons"), David Carradine and Radames Pera ("Kung Fu"), Larry Hagman ("I Dream of Jeannie"/"Dallas"), Paul Peterson ('The Donna Reed Show"), David Cassidy ("The Partridge Family"), Barry Williams ("The Brady Bunch"), John Schneider and Tom Wopat ("The Dukes of Hazzard"), Dick Van Dyke ("The Dick Van Dyke Show"), Robert Wagner ("It Takes a Thief"), Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox ("CHiPs"), Leonard Nimoy, Gene Roddenberry and William Shatner ("Star Trek"), and more.

Be they actors, comedians, singers, dancers, talk show hosts or series creators or producers, they each ignited their own particular brand of appeal and, in the process, inspired their audience to cheer them on — whatever their guise. This book explores and celebrates the men who left an indelible impression on generations.

In either case, any fan or follower of classic television or pop-culture history will find much to enjoy in GLAMOUR, GIDGETS, AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, and DASHING, DARING, AND DEBONAIR.


“Why is it so many books written about the entertainment industry aren’t entertaining? Not so with Herbie J Pilato’s Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door. He’s clearly in love with the business and the actresses in it and it’s a fun read to zip through. This isn’t one of those tell-all books, revealing private secrets that should’ve stayed untold — this is a positive, fact-filled celebration of the women he writes about.”

– Treva Silverman, Emmy Award winning story editor of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "That Girl"


“Herbie J Pilato’s own personal panache shines like a diamond stickpin in Dashing, Daring and Debonair — a perfectly fund and extremely addictive read.”
– Cindy Williams, star of "Laverne & Shirley"


To order the GIDGETS book, click the following link:



To order the DASHING book, click the following link:



For more information, or to contact or schedule an interview with Herbie J Pilato, visit www.HerbieJPilato.com, or email HJPilato@yahoo.com.

Herbie J Pilato
+1 310-480-0067
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Taylor Trade Publishing/Rowman & Littlfield
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How Companies Can Stay Afloat During the Pandemic Explains Rachel Daddesio

Rachel Daddesio Montgomery

Companies Need to Learn How to Adapt During the Pandemic, Explains Rachel Daddesio

MONTGOMERY, TX, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many companies are unable to operate “as usual” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Either due to their business being deemed non-essential or because of social distancing, companies have had to consider exploring how they will stay afloat financially. CPA Rachel Daddesio explores some of the options that are available.

One of the first things that Rachel Daddesio suggests doing is to examine what government benefits are available. Small businesses are able to get some financial relief from the federal government. Applications can be made in order to get grants that will provide funding, though it can take a month or longer to get approved.

Rachel Daddesio also identifies that many small businesses can push sales and payroll taxes for several months. This can help to offer some financial flexibility to businesses that are struggling during the pandemic.

Rachel Daddesio has worked with a number of businesses to build sustainable budgets before and during the pandemic. With so many companies struggling to bring in the needed revenue, she explains that it involves creativity. She has referenced several companies that have learned to adapt during the pandemic, changing the products they offer, or how the products are offered.

With many states lifting alcohol regulations, restaurants and bars are able to offer to-go alcoholic beverages. As such, restaurants and bars may not be able to offer in-house dining but they can offer pitchers of margaritas, gallons of rum punch, growlers of beer, and more. It can be a way to generate revenue in the unique economy that the U.S. is faced with.

Other companies have adapted, Rachel Daddesio points out, by thinking outside the box. What a business would have typically offered within their location is now being offered online or via a curbside pickup. It’s allowing businesses to generate revenue despite having to close their doors. Additionally, it can ensure that people who are loyal customers are still able to get what they need.

Rachel Daddesio suggests that small businesses look at what their competition is doing. This will allow them to stay competitive while also driving at least some income in until it is possible to open up. She also warns that even when businesses can re-open, it may take 12 months or longer to resume normal income levels.

As a CPA, Rachel Daddesio has seen firsthand how the pandemic has affected businesses in every industry. Even those that are considered essential are still faced with financial struggles. Those who want to stay afloat need to find a new normal so that they can adapt to what people need. Businesses need to be creative while offering plenty of safe options for customer interactions.

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