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JMOR Hosts Tech Talk Show: Get tips on technology and learn how to get things to work when they don't.

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— John C. Morley

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, July 11, 2020 / — The JMOR Connection, Inc.
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JMOR Hosts Tech Talk Show

Looking to install a new game on your computer? Need help installing a router on your computer? Checking out a website for the first time or clicking on an email but you’re not sure if it’s legitimate or spam?

John C. Morley, owner of JMOR Connection, Inc. a technology business in Franklin Lakes, can give you tips on these tasks plus more. He also talks about household appliances such as his new Dyson V7 motor head vacuum cleaner.

Morley talks about smart ways to use technology in his online show “The JMOR Tech Talk Show,” which airs on Fridays, at 5 p.m., on his YouTube channel JMORV1JMOR.

“You have to weigh what you’re buying,” Morley said in the latest episode of The JMOR Tech Talk Show.
When buying gadgets for your home or a computer or laptop, he said, be choosy with what you buy and the amount you spend.

Other tips Morley gives include don’t give your personal information out to someone over the Internet who you don’t know and don’t type in personal information on a suspicious website.

“People like technology but often times become frustrated when a website or spam message tries to compromise their identity,” Morley said.

He welcomes people to send in topic ideas to discuss on the show by visiting People may watch The JMOR Tech Talk Show by visiting JMORV1JMOR on You Tube. The link is Episodes may also be watched after they are filmed live.

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