HP Alums Launch Investment Campaign In The Speaker Industry

Invest in Audios. The future of Loudspeakers.

Invest in the Future of Loudspeakers. Audios.

Black founder sets sights on raising $500k through industry leaders and crowdfunding. Audios has created the first cableless loudspeaker.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Audios, a start-up in the world of audio technology, sets out for its first wave of crowdfunding via a campaign on Republic.co. Audios has created the first truly cableless loudspeaker utilizing their own patented technologies.

Founded by HP Alum Erik Young, Audios was created from the ground up as a revolutionary way to turn the speaker industry on its head. “We’re building the first fully wireless loudspeakers for venues and event spaces. With Audios all you have to do is place the speakers where you want them and press the power button. The speakers automatically build their own wireless network, connect to each other and start streaming. That means you have zero cables and that equals zero cable replacements. For a 300-person event space that would take about an hour to set up, it only takes 10 minutes“ states Young.

The need for a speaker solution like this has serious implications today. In a Covid-19 world, where social distancing is the norm, Audios takes center stage. Their speakers are cableless and battery powered, allowing you to place up to 16 speakers at a distance of 100 feet each. Now you can arrange the speakers where you need them to be – anytime, anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

Audios is seeing early adoption of their speaker technology in the DJ community. "Audios has been a game changer for us. It is completely cableless and I'm not talking Bluetooth, I mean cableless. I’ve been wanting someone to come out with something like this forever. We've been DJing for over 10 years now and this is the very first product that we've come across that has been able to maximize not only our time, but the sound quality is great as well." – DJ El Cumacho of Moor Productions.

Audios has an impressive advisory board that includes Guitar Hero founder Charles Huang. Guitar Hero is one of the top selling video game franchises of all time, having grossed over $4 billion dollars. Huang believes, "innovations that improve the way people consume music are frequently billion dollar opportunities."

Audios has just launched their initial round of VC funding through Republic.co, an equity crowdfunding platform that connects promising startups to retail investors across all income brackets, enabling them to share in the potential upside of venture investments. The goal of the current campaign is to raise a $500k for additional product development and distribution.

To learn more about Audios and to contribute to their crowdfunding campaign, please visit their campaign page on Republic.co/audios.

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