China Basin, the Second in a Series, Receives 5-Star Rating from San Francisco Book Review

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, September 30, 2020 / — China Basin, the second of the series, combines a noir mystery/suspense thriller with historical events in the rise of Communist China and the simmering pot of conflict in Southeast Asia. Set in June of 1950 on a cold foggy morning, the corpse of Carlo Steffano rolls out of a cargo net on a San Francisco pier. As San Francisco Police Inspector Andrew Johnson looks down at the body, he senses only that Steffano had it coming. “A vortex of corruption, dirty money and underworld scum—a bottom feeder of easy money.” Johnson’s quest takes him into a Chinatown underground tunnel, an at-sea heroin shipment transfer and into the depths of an opium den, brothel and operations base of a Tong crime syndicate.

"China Basin is a rollicking mystery and thriller from the get-go. The plot is thick with intrigue and drama compelling the reader to keep reading, turning that next page until there are no more left. The characters are multidimensional and fascinating in their depth, Johnson’s persistence balanced by his self-destructive ways. RA Niles has crafted a tome of noirish, James Ellroy quality. A new addition to the must-reads of 2020,” says Philip Zozzaro of San Francisco Book Review.

Kirkus Reviews says it’s “A thrilling tale of crime and political intrigue, as intellectually astute as it’s dramatically exciting.”

“It’s always fun to read a book set in your own area and recognize landmarks. Equally great to see a local author hit it out of the park,” says City Book Review owner, Heidi Rojek.

R.A.Niles lives in Santa Rosa, California, north of San Francisco with his wife, Diane. He has written two books on triathlon training, and numerous health and fitness related magazine articles. China Basin is the second of the Andrew Johnson series following A Layer of Darkness. In addition to writing, he is a San Francisco Bay charter sailing skipper.

You can see firsthand how an escape from Alcatraz could have been achieved from his Catalina 42 sailboat, Gentle Storm II. Go to to see more about sailing on San Francisco Bay. Follow new book updates and blog at the author website

You can purchase China Basin at your local bookstore or from Amazon. Visit R.A. Niles’ website.

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