Using Social Media to Create More Income and Impact in Your Business

Beverly Walthour, Business Coach

Beverly Walthour, Business Coach

Beverly Walthour, Speaker

Beverly Walthour, Speaker

Beverly Walthour, TV Host

Beverly Walthour, TV Host

A Step by step Revenue Game Plan designed to help you create more income and impact in your business.

KENNESAW, GA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2020 / — As a Business Strategist, specifically for Christian Female Coaches, my clients seek me out to help them generate consistent revenue WITHOUT compromising their values.

They became an entrepreneur in order to create time and financial freedom, but so far, they are not experiencing these things at the level they desire.

They are dedicated to who they are called to serve and want to create even more INCOME & IMPACT.

So, using my 13 years as an entrepreneur and my experience as a TV and Radio Show Host here in the Atlanta, GA area, my Step by Step Revenue Game Plan was created.

Implement it to see how it impacts your business!

* Decide HOW you want to serve your ideal client (product or service)

**Think: What does my ideal client need right now

* Look in your current community & make a list of people you feel that service would be a good fit for

**Think: Why do they need this & Why do they need it now

* Deliver AH-MAZING value every day this week

** Think: what does my ideal client need to hear/see/read right now.

** Think: How can I support her….not What can I sell her

* As you are delivering the AH-MAZING value, also start connecting with those on your list DAILY

** Think: I truly want to connect & truly feel I can support this person

* Invite those who are a good fit on a call or to purchase your product

** Think: I truly feel I can support this person in achieving their goals

* Invite them to work with you if they are a good fit

** Think: I'm 1000% sure I can help them get the transformation they are looking for


* You are more than ready to serve your ideal client

* The longer you wait to let them know how you can serve them, the longer they continue in their personal "hell"

* You are literally the answer to someone's prayer that she JUST prayed

The question now is…..are you going to show up so that you answer that prayer?

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