“Grief Unveiled Who I Am”; Maninder (a.k.a. Nikki) Chawla’s Life-Changing Journey to Understanding the Gift of Each Day

Maninder Chawla is a professor, actor, coach, stand up comic and model, who is here to be of service to the world with her skills and talent.

Art feeds the soul.”

— Maninder (Nikki) Chawla

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is safe to say that everyone has heard of the term “go-getter”— an elite title used to describe an ambitious individual who strives to achieve the highest tier of perfection for their aspirations. Go-getters are passionate, hard-working individuals who push themselves to overcome obstacles; they go the extra mile in order to reach the next rung of the ladder to arrive at their highest goal. Maninder (Nikki) Chawla, an esteemed professional female actor, model, professor, stand-up comedian, life coach, author, and speaker is one of the first women who comes to mind when the praiseworthy title of go-getter is brought to the table.

Maninder is unlike most female go-getters in her industry. Not only does her culturally diverse background as a Sikh woman born and raised in the United States set her apart from the competition, but her status as a Les Brown prodigy along with her success as a motivational speaker has earned her a spot to speak in the renowned Les Brown Summit, “The Power Voice Women’s Summit,” on March 6th, 2021 at 11am EST. Les Brown is one of the world’s most famed and legendary motivational speakers, so it is not only impressive but an honor for Maninder to be selected as a speaker at this famous and impactful event. However, it is no surprise that Maninder was presented with this rare opportunity; Maninder has an energetic and dynamic personality that which compliments that of Les Brown’s, a personality and mindset that is highly sought after for high quality mentors and motivational speakers. Like Les Brown, Maninder surrounds herself with positivity, refreshes her heart and mind with positive thoughts and actions, and uses this uplifting energy to motivate both herself and others so that they may reach their full, unabated potential.

At the international Les Brown Power Voice Women’s Summit, women from all different walks of life will be celebrated in honor of international Women’s Day, and Maninder has more than a handful of valuable content to contribute to this event. Maninder recognizes the power, significance, and influence of speech and voice and how it can make a lasting impact on people’s lives. When Maninder’s acting coach Elizabeth Kemp passed away— the same coach who taught A-list actor Bradley Cooper— she was reminded of what Kemp had once said to her while she was going through a tough time and felt broken: “the pain of love offers the greatest gift of all.” Maninder did not understand what this meant until she began her professional acting career, where she realized that her own vulnerability was the gift. This newfound vulnerability helped Maninder to embrace future hardships, like the heartbreaking loss of her mother. Maninder has used writing as an outlet for healing the grief of this loss, and has channeled her vulnerability and gratitude for her mother in her new book, The Reclining Chair. Touched by this trying time, Maninder now lives her life as if each day might be her last. Maninder has her list of dreams to fulfill, and considers each day a blessing as she becomes a step closer to satisfying those ambitions.With the guidance of Elizabeth Kemp’s moving words, Maninder has been able to understand the greatest extent of speech and voice's enchanting potential while working as a female actor, stand-up comedian, budding author, and passionate acting and life coach.

One of Maninder’s favorite mottos is to trust the process of one’s journey and to "free one’s voice,” as she believes that everyone has an unlimited potential inside of them just waiting to be unearthed. Before she began her acting career, Maninder explored multiple realms of her creativity, dipping her toes in the corporate field and later branching out to spread her knowledge as a kindergarten teacher (Master’s in education earned from C.W. Post, Long Island University). Later on, Maninder had an epiphany to expand the capabilities of her voice as a female actor; she knew that she had the potential to touch the lives of individuals of all ages, beyond those in their youth. Maninder went on to earn an MFA from the Actor Studio Drama School— the same school that fostered Bradley Cooper’s professional acting career— one of the top 25 acting schools that was proudly named in the Hollywood Reporter. As a motivational speaker, Maninder knew the unlimited power and potential of speech. She came to view acting as a means of impacting others through storytelling—whether she’s sharing her own personal experiences or those of the characters she portrays in film or on stage. Maninder believes in the importance of individual creativity that stems from the heart, viewing it as a therapeutic measure and a self-motivator for every aspect of life. She utilizes this sentiment as a professor of acting at Five Towns College and as a member of Sag-Aftra and Actor’s Equity, The National Alliance of Acting Teachers, and the World Coach Institute. Although she has established herself in her professional career, she believes it is her mission to mentor other individuals to help them find their own creative voice that lies within them, whether it’s through acting lessons or life coaching. Maninder’s life and acting coaching career is just beginning to blossom, but through her efforts working under the wing of Les Brown, she has proven how dedicated she is to aiding others in their journey to blooming in the same way that the icons before them have. Maninder is not only passionate about what she teaches but ensures that she practices what she preaches— she is committed to her own self-care schedule that includes daily meditation, journaling, and physical exercise to be sure that her body, mind, and spirit is on par with what it takes to be a successful mentor.

In only an hour long conversation, Maninder has impressed and inspired her journalists to work to become a better version of themselves, and has even peeked their interest in becoming one of her proteges for her upcoming life coaching services. It will be truly exciting to see what Maninder has to say during the Les Brown Power Voice Women’s Summit on Saturday, and many of her supporters would testify that it would be a misfortune to miss it. If anyone is interested in Maninder’s acting and life coaching services, they can easily set up a consultation and book a session with her through her website www.maninderchawla.com.

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