Online Tutoring 2020 Global Market Demand, Growth Opportunities and Top Key Players Analysis Report

Global Online Tutoring Market 2020

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish Market Research Report On-“Online Tutoring Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 26, 2020 / —

Online Tutoring Market 2020

The online tutoring method helps in individual and group tutoring where students can converse with tutors either through a pre-determined schedule or on-demand on an online platform. Online tutoring services comprises of digital content & products that facilitates knowledge and learning through ICT tools such as e-books, games, mobile apps, digital software, activities, videos, audio clips & learning lab equipment. They are engaging, interactive, allows real-time feedback & enhances learning processes involving different formats.

Market Segment by Key vendors, this report covers
Club Z! Tutoring
Fleet Education Services
Huntington Learning Center
Pearson ELT

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The top rising market trends driving the global K-12 online tutoring market are Emergence of virtual learning, Mobile-based online tutoring services, Increasing customization of tutoring services and Emergence of virtual learning etc.
Advancement in ICT has resulted in the rise of virtual classrooms globally. The technique of imparting education through virtual classrooms is now also practiced by online tutoring service providers. ICT infrastructure enhances the learning process by providing a platform that allows the real time exchange of information and also aids in sharing of best practices followed in educational institutions that has triggered the transition of private tutoring service providers to online tutoring service.

Global Online Tutoring Market (2017-2021), reports an in-depth market analysis and research with inputs from industry specialists. The report entails the market landscape and its prospects in the coming years. The report talks about the onset of systematic applications in the online tutoring business benefiting stakeholders. Content designers use analytical tools to generate quality content tailored to the learners and users needs & requirements. A provision of tailored learning paths to individual students depending on their interests, subject understanding, and performance are also delivered in the report.

The report covers Market analysis of internet tutoring takes revenues from STEM classes, language classes, and other classes.
The growing in use of mobile phones & tablets by students & parents has resulted to the emergence of m-learning methods. Urbanized countries such as US and the UK have already implemented m-learning methods for test preparation & tutoring services on a large scale to provide the data to customers making it all the way convenient. Various apps provided by online tutoring service providers are readily used by students & teachers for continuous and uninterrupted communication and information sharing. The report focuses on regions such as APAC, Europe, North America, ROW., South America, and MEA sales of online tutoring.

The adoption of various web conferencing tools such as SyncPad, Google Hangouts & Skype etc by the students further progresses the participation, contribution and delivery of online learning content. The rise of applications such as WizIQ Virtual Classroom Application will help in further diffusion of the market. Online Tutoring experience's state-of – the-art feature integrates visual isolation with the freedom to move and hear sounds. Special hand gestures can also be used to boost the experience of online tutoring. Students are able to access data at anytime and anywhere that would usually only be accessible through a traditional classroom with the enhanced accessibility of the Internet and computer technology. Studies have shown that in internet classroom learners learn as efficiently as in the traditional classroom.

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Processed Meat 2020 Global Market Demand, Growth Opportunities and Top Key Players Analysis Report

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish Market Research Report On-“Processed Meat Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 26, 2020 / —

Processed Meat Market 2020

The study deals with the current situation and the development opportunities of the 2017-2021 worldwide food processing industry. The study believes the income produced from the purchases of processed meat in order to calculate the business volume. It was viewed that big numbers of individuals like buying protein-rich foods like meat are working-class households with increasing disposable income and crowded times in developing countries in particular. Other variables such as hectic living, fast urbanization, and implementation of fresh developments in fashion and meal practices also contributed to the increasing consumer supply for manufactured meat. In addition, it was discovered that the increasing middle class and increasing amount of working women will provide this industry with a tremendous chance to grow and evolve its products appropriately.

Market Segment by Top Players, this report covers
Hormel Foods
NH Foods
Smithfield Foods
Tyson Foods

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The worldwide food processing industry is extremely flexible in design and diverse owing to the existence on the industry of a large amount of national and international competitors. These firms have been studied to fight among themselves on various variables such as cost, performance, technology, production and advancement. Due to rigid market competition and abrupt technological shifts, some difficulties have been developed, such as meat healing, packaging and transport.

During the forecast period, the worldwide processed meat industry is anticipated to expand steadily. Consumer lifestyles are becoming busier with globalization and urbanization, and the proportion of dual-income homes is increasing. These households mainly prefer ready-to-eat food goods that carry vital ingredients and save customers ' working time. Because of an general rise in customer safety awareness, many of them add protein to their regular diets, as processed meat serves as an outstanding supplier of protein, their supply is growing. Growth in the food delivery and sales sectors has led to enhanced production of manufactured meat goods.

Market rider, growing supply for frozen and branded food; See our Market Challenge stud, Health hazards connected with the intake of processed food. See our Market Trend study, Development of fresh infrastructure and extension of current installations & See our study for a complete, comprehensive review. Processed meat is any meat that is handled by procedures such as healing, salting, fermentation and smoking to either enhance its flavour or texture or extend its shelf life. The increasing global consumption of meat products and the demand for convenience foods are the market's main drivers. Organized retail development has resulted in enhanced consumer product accessibility and has also been a main factor in market growth.
According to commentators, the worldwide meat processing industry is expected to expand at a constant pace and during the forecast period will report a CAGR of more than. The increasing supply worldwide for frozen and packaged food products will fuel development opportunities for the worldwide processed meat industry by the beginning of 2021. It was noted that a big proportion of customers in emerging countries and crowded times continuously favor protein-rich food products like meat with the increasing disposable income among the working class. Processed meat is anticipated to show large profits in emerging countries due to increased supply for processed meat combined with increased disposable income. In addition, increased customer consciousness of animal protein-rich diet and big types of processed meat accessible on the economy at reduced rates is anticipated to further increase supply for processed meat. However, owing to its side effects, safety knowledge about the consumption of processed meat can limit market growth. Nevertheless, meat consumption is steadily growing in emerging nations. As a result, rising competition from developing markets is anticipated to unlock fresh possibilities for development within the forecast period.

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Smart Lock 2020 Global Market Demand, Growth Opportunities and Top Key Players Analysis Report

Global Smart Lock Market Analysis 2020

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Research Report On-“Smart Lock Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 26, 2020 / —

Smart Lock Market 2020

A smart lock is an electromagnetic security device that can be locked and unlocked wirelessly through the user authorization process. This Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled smart home device can be operated remotely using an app on the smartphone, tablet or computer. It offers better security of homes and commercial establishments and also detects and records activities at the door. Smart locks also allow two-way audio communication with the visitor. Some locks come with a built-in camera that captures photos of those accessing the door. Many smart homes use smart locks that allow homeowners to unlock the door without a traditional key. They can use their smartphone or a key fob to verify the lock wirelessly and open the door.

Market by Top Smart Lock Companies, this report covers
DormaKaba Group
Assa Abloy AB
Salto Systems
Spectrum Brands, Inc.
Master Lock Company
Honeywell International
Anviz Global
Sentrilock, LLC

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The use of smart locks has been on a rise in recent years and its global market is expected to grow at a fast rate during the forecast period. As an important part of a smart and connected home, a smart lock allows the residents to come and go as they please and also keep a check on those who are entering and leaving the house all day. Some locks are quite simple to operate and can be opened and closed using the phone. Certain models also allow owners to assign special lock operating privileges to family members, friends, and maintenance staff. The latest smart locks have the voice activation feature that allows homeowners to lock and unlock doors by giving the right command to the phone.

Smart Lock Market Segmentation:
The global market for smart locks is bifurcated into types, connectivity, and applications.
By types, the market for smart locks is divided into padlocks, lever handles, deadbolts, knob locks, cam locks, and more. Deadbolts are commonly used in homes and commercial settings as they are durable, ensure good security and are easy to install.
By connectivity, the market is divided into Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Homeowners can select a suitable option and easily operate smart locks from a distance.
By applications, the market is divided into residential, commercial, industrial, and others.

Regional Analysis:
While analyzing the global market for smart locks, the main regions taken into consideration are North America (The United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Italy, UK, Germany, France, Spain and rest of the region), Asia-Pacific (India, China, Japan, Singapore and rest of the region), and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa).

An increase in demand and sales of security systems in North America makes the region a leader in the smart locks market. The market for these locks is also expected to grow at a rapid pace in Europe. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, especially countries such as China, India and Japan, is an emerging market for smart locks. APAC region is estimated to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period.

Industry News:
The smart lock market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% over the forecast period and reach up to US$ 2 billion by 2023.

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Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global Smart Lock Sales, Revenue, Market Share and Competition by Manufacturer (2017-2018)
4 Global Smart Lock Market Analysis by Regions
5 North America Smart Lock by Country
6 Europe Smart Lock by Country
7 Asia-Pacific Smart Lock by Country
8 South America Smart Lock by Country
9 Middle East and Africa Smart Lock by Countries
10 Global Smart Lock Market Segment by Type
11 Global Smart Lock Market Segment by Application
12 Smart Lock Market Forecast (2019-2025)
13 Sales Channel, Distributors, Traders and Dealers
14 Research Findings and Conclusion
15 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

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eClinical Solutions Market 2020 Global Share, Trend, Segmentation, Analysis and Forecast to 2026

Global eClinical Solutions Market Analysis 2020

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Report On-“EClinical Solutions Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 26, 2020 / —

eClinical Solutions Market 2020

Market Overview
The global eClinical solutions industry registered a phenomenal growth in the year 2018, with market size being valued at $4.92 billion. The industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% between the years 2019 to 2024. The key drivers of growth can be attributed to the growing number of software solutions across the globe. Apart from that, the development in pharma and biopharma solutions has helped the industry to flourish all around the world.

Market by Top EClinical Solutions Companies, this report covers
Oracle Corporation
Medidata Solutions, Inc.
Parexel International Corporation
Bioclinica, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Cinven)
Datatrak International, Inc.
CRF Health
ERT Clinical
Merge Healthcare Incorporated
Omnicomm Systems, Inc.
Maxisit Inc.
Bio-Optronics, Inc.
Eclinical Solutions, LLC.

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When it comes to eClinical Solutions, there is a slew of factors that affect the growth prospects of the industry. The increasing focus in research and development, coupled with innovations spurring all across the globe, has worked out in favor of the industry. The growing number of CROs and life science organizations have also boosted the growth prospects of the industry.
Furthermore, the rapid adoption of software-based clinical solutions has favored the growth opportunities of the industry.

However, despite the growth opportunities, the industry is looked at with skeptic's eyes. The lack of familiarity and prevalence of unawareness among the people residing in the remote corners of the globe has hurt the growth prospects of the industry.
However, despite the disadvantages, the analysts remain positive about the growth prospects of the eClinical solutions industry. Furthermore, government grants and incessant solutions provided by the governments have worked in favor of the industry. This, in turn, has attracted major investors all across the globe.

The eClinical solutions industry can be segmented based on a wide range of factors, with each factor playing a crucial role in the growth and development of the industry. Some of the significant factors based on which the industry can be segmented into are the product, end-users, and delivery model. Based on the delivery mode, the industry is segmented into web-hosted, licensed enterprises, and cloud-based solutions. Based on the end-users, the eClinical solutions industry can be segmented into are hospitals/ healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, academic institutions, and others. On the other hand, based on the product, the industry is segmented into ECOA, RTSM, CTMS, Clinical Analytics, Safety Solutions, and others.

Regional Overview
The eClinical solutions industry finds the largest market in North America, followed by Europe. The rise in innovation, familiarity with developing technologies, and better healthcare infrastructure has worked out in favor of the company. On the other hand, the Asia Pacific region shows excellent potential and is expected to flourish in the region. The area is expected to be the fastest evolving market and hence has garnered global attention. The rapidly evolving landscape represents a massive opportunity, and thus the investors have been pouring millions in the region.

Industry News
A latest report highlighted the growth opportunities of the eClinical solutions and described the pros and cons of it. The report also reported a major growth in the industry and the key players in the industry. The reported highlighted an upward trend.

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Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 EClinical Solutions Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global EClinical Solutions Market Competition, by Players
4 Global EClinical Solutions Market Size by Regions
5 North America EClinical Solutions Revenue by Countries
6 Europe EClinical Solutions Revenue by Countries
7 Asia-Pacific EClinical Solutions Revenue by Countries
8 South America EClinical Solutions Revenue by Countries
9 Middle East and Africa Revenue EClinical Solutions by Countries
10 Global EClinical Solutions Market Segment by Type
11 Global EClinical Solutions Market Segment by Application
12 Global EClinical Solutions Market Size Forecast (2019-2025)
13 Research Findings and Conclusion
14 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

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Professional services company specializing in sustainable jobs for adults with disabilities acquires IT firm

Mavagi Enterprises, Inc. has acquired Hawaii-based IT company Communication Consulting Services, Inc.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, US, September 25, 2020 / — Mavagi Enterprises, Inc., a professional service company providing career opportunities to the disabled community, announced today that they have acquired the Hawaiian IT company Communication Consulting Services, Inc. (CCSI).

Mavagi Enterprises is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer founded to find gainful employment for people with disabilities, including veterans. For close to two decades, the company has offered a variety of employment services while offering industrial customers a range of trusted custodial, stocking, and IT services as well as grounds and facility maintenance.

Established in 1989, CCSI is a single source technology systems integrator that has grown to become one of Hawaii's most successful communications engineering companies. To date, the company has offered technical solutions ranging from customized system architecture design and network integration to facility provisioning and maintenance support for commercial, government, education, medical, and military entities.

The acquisition will allow Mavagi the opportunity to gain experience in IT in order to provide better paying jobs to individuals with disabilities while helping them develop marketable employment skills.

“We are always looking for ways to strategically grow our organization to serve more disabled Americans, and part of this has involved growing our IT solutions,” said Mavagi Enterprises CEO Raul Tintori. “Our vision with this acquisition is to help people experiencing disabilities realize their full potential by producing quality work in the IT space. Our merger with CCSI will empower us to realize this vision.”

About Mavagi Enterprises, Inc.
Since 2001 Mavagi Enterprises, Inc. has been providing businesses with the unique opportunity to employ a social enterprise that offers a range of quality professional services delivered by people with disabilities. Mavagi is a fully insured and licensed enterprise servicing an array of industries, from the medical industry to Military Bases and Homeland Security. The company strives to provide meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities to people experiencing disabilities, allowing them to showcase their skills and abilities while offering them competitive wages and benefits.
Learn more about Mavagi Enterprises, Inc. at

Mavagi Enterprises
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FinDec Receives National Recognition from NAPA As a Top Defined Contribution (DC) Advisor Team

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — The National Association of Plan Advisors has published its list of the nation’s top defined contribution (DC) Advisor Teams and national financial advisory firm Financial Decisions, Inc., (FinDec), with offices in Stockton, California and Phoenix, has been named one of the top advisor teams in the nation.
Unlike other lists, this focuses on individual firms, or in a wirehouse environment a team, or office, and the assets under advisement (AUA) related to their defined contribution (DC) practice specifically.

“Since their inception, NAPA’s various industry lists have been a valuable Who’s Who of who matters in the world of retirement plans and retirement plan advisors,” said Nevin Adams, Chief Content Officer of the American Retirement Association, and Editor-in-Chief of NAPA-Net, the nation’s leading online resource for retirement plan advisors. “This latest chapter – the NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams, ranked by self-reported DC assets under advisement – presents a compelling case for the positive impact on the nation’s private retirement system."

The list, which focuses on teams with at least $100 million in AUA, represents more than $1 trillion in DC assets under advisement. Significantly, those teams include more than 1500 advisors – and many more support personnel – working to help Americans prepare for a financially satisfying retirement in 40 states and Puerto Rico. “As the nation’s leading voice for retirement plan advisors, we are pleased to highlight these contributions,” noted Adams.

“This recognition underscores the value our firm puts on creating what we believe to be the best possible retirement solutions for our trusted clients around the nation,” said Michael Lee, CEO of FinDec. “In the more than 30 years our company has been operating, we’ve put our clients and their future first. It’s helped us grow and expand to provide services for even more people. We’re grateful to be with them during every step of life — in the good and challenging times, we’re committed to their retirement goals.”

The list of NAPA’s Top DC Advisor Teams, published in a recent issue of NAPA Net, the Magazine, is available online at The list of NAPA’s Top DC Multi-Office Firms is available online at


About the National Association of Plan Advisors

The National Association of Plan Advisors was created by and for retirement plan advisors. Membership is also open to other retirement industry professionals who support the interests of plan advisors. NAPA is the only advocacy group exclusively focused on the issues that matter to retirement plan advisors. NAPA is part of the American Retirement Association, based in the Washington, D.C. area. More information about NAPA is available at

About FinDec

In 1987, FinDec earned the trust of their first client. It was that trust that built the foundation the company stands on today. Serving a client network of over 10,000 participants and servicing more than $750 million in assets under advisement (AUA), FinDec continues to operate under its core values of family, integrity, new ideas, determination, excellent service, and putting the client first. These values act as the compass guiding FinDec as it strives to create financial freedom for all clients it serves.

Learn more at


Financial Decisions, Inc., is registered as an investment adviser with the SEC and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements. SEC registration does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by the Commission nor does it indicate that the adviser has attained a particular level of skill or ability.

Financial Decisions, Inc and Fred Lee Corp d/b/a FinDec are related entities. Fred Lee Corp d/b/a FinDec is not a registered investment adviser and does not provide investment advice.

All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss. Third-party rankings and recognition from organizations or publications are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly-rated adviser does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance. A more thorough disclosure of the criteria used in making these rankings is available by contacting Financial Decision, Inc.

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TVM Update: Pudendal/Ilioinguinal/Obturator Neuralgia = Immeasurable Injury

Ben Martin

Ben Martin

Pharmaceutical injury attorney, Ben Martin, comments on need for monetary justice against manufacturers of mesh slings/devices that cause neurological injuries.

I don’t mind saying it. I can’t believe these devices were put on the market in the first place, much less that they are still on it.”

— Ben Martin, Esq.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Ben Martin, Esq. of Martin Baughman, national pharmaceutical injury attorney comments on the issues as it relates to monitory demands to defense manufacturers for the neurological injured clients that he represents from the vaginal mesh debacle.

“Our criteria for representation is generally the existence of specific neurological pain syndromes caused by transobturator slings, retropubic slings, and the devices used previously for pelvic organ prolapse. We intend to try these cases as the seriously injured and disabled women we represent with chronic pain syndromes knowingly caused by these manufacturers deserve compensation. I don’t mind saying it. I can’t believe these devices were put on the market in the first place, much less that they are still on it. The medical and scientific evidence is clear that transobturator slings cause pudendal and obturator neuralgia.

There is no amount of money that will make our clients whole. They simply want to get better as they deal with miserable pain. We are with them, and try our best to understand what they are going through though we know that we can never truly understand it.”

The Vigna Law Group targets the below transobturator (TOT) slings and mini-slings that cause pudendal and obturator neuralgia:

Ethicon: TVT-O, Abbrevo
Boston Scientific: Obtryx, Solyx
Coloplast: Aris, Altis

The Vigna Law Group targets the below retropubic slings that cause ilioinguinal neuralgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome:

Boston Scientific: Advantage Fit
Ethicon: TVT, TVT Exact
Coloplast: Supris

Dr. Vigna is a California and Washington DC lawyer who focuses on catastrophic neurological injuries caused by transvaginal mesh devices including pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He has clients with these diagnoses filed around the country with Martin Baughman, a Dallas Texas firm. Ben Martin and Laura Baughman are national pharmaceutical injury trial attorneys in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more on the anatomical basis for TOT injury or irritation to the obturator and pudendal nerve and the treatments of obturator and pudendal neuralgia click here.

Click here for a FREE BOOK on Vaginal Mesh Pain. For articles, video resources, and information visit the Pudendal Neuralgia Educational Portal or and visit for information regarding sling related complications.

Greg Vigna
Greg Vigna, M.D., J.D.
+1 800-761-9206
email us here

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Discover Secret Central America this Winter, Safely

Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras are preparing to welcome travelers back to paradise

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 25, 2020 / — Central America is preparing to welcome travelers to a haven of hot sun, warm sands and exhilarating adventures – and there are plenty of surprises, hidden delights and enchanting secrets to discover as travelers will see on newly launched travel portal This winter, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras beckon visitors – once it’s safe to travel – with an array of unforgettable sights and activities perfect for families, couples and groups of friends seeking a much-needed escape into the sun.

Nicaragua – Claiming the largest tropical rainforest north of the Amazon – home to seven percent of the planet’s biodiversity – Nicaragua is a land of volcanoes, mountains, lakes and vibrant colonial towns, bookended by the dazzling Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Here, outdoor enthusiasts will find a picturesque playground boasting thrilling adventures like sandboarding down the 728-metre Cerro Negro, an active volcano whose summit rewards hikers with panoramic views; climbing Maderas, one of two volcanoes on Ometepe Island, where petroglyphs, waterfalls and a romantic lagoon in the volcano’s crater transport visitors to an otherworldly paradise; and ziplining atop unspoiled rainforest, enhanced by vistas of majestic volcanoes and songs from jungle birds.

Guatemala – A cultural hotspot in Central America, Guatemala houses historic colonial architecture, charming cobbled streets and intriguing Mayan ruins. The ruins of Tikal, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Central America, is an ideal place for cultural explorers of all ages to learn about Mayan culture, with more than 3,000 traditional structures ranging from pyramids and plazas to temples and an acropolis. The ruins sit in Tikal National Park, a biosphere reserve home to monkeys, tropical birds and other wildlife. Also a must-visit: Antigua, a unique city that has preserved its traditional architecture, with ruins incorporated into newly constructed buildings, and several churches and museums bringing the country’s cultural heritage to life.

Belize – Belize is paradise for divers, swimmers, snorkelers and sea kayakers, with the glittering waters of the Caribbean Sea attracting sun-worshippers from around the world. The Instagram-worthy Blue Hole Natural Monument is a must-see: here, mesmerizing azure waters, reef sharks and plenty of nearby caves lure newbie and expert divers alike. Glover’s Reef Atoll is just as beautiful, comprising a series of islands perched atop a submerged mountain ridge; wildlife on show includes stingrays, turtles and colourful fish. For a more intense thrill, pay a visit to Shark Ray Alley, where the moody predators circle among coral and other marine life; or, tube float along the river winding through Nohoch ch’en Caves, deep beneath the earth’s surface.

Honduras – Relaxation and wellness take centre in stage in Honduras, which is home to idyllic beaches, tranquil lakes, lush jungles and the Bay Islands, where opportunities to beach-hop are plentiful. The largest of the islands is Roatán, ringed by abundant coral reefs and boasting clear waters, gently swaying palm trees and a small town where visitors can visit with dolphins and stroll pretty gardens. In La Tigra National Park, travellers will find a soothing sanctuary soaring 2,270 metres into the sky where a cloud forest harbors ocelots, pumas, monkeys and tropical birds like toucans and trogons. And in Cayos Cochinos, an undeveloped archipelago, rustic eco-resorts, huts and hammocks await visitors seeking a quiet escape from the everyday.

Currently, US citizens are advised to refrain from international travel as a precaution against COVID-19. Some countries in Central America have reopened their borders and airports, with enhanced screening procedures in place for travellers and stringent health protocols implemented at hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities. For up-to-date travel information, visit Central America Tourism Agency’s COVID-19 resource page.

To learn more, or to book your winter getaway in Central America, visit

About Central America Tourism Agency:
Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) is the tourism promotion agency of participating Central America countries Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. CATA’s primary objective is to promote multi-destination travel to Central America by sharing each country’s culture, history and coveted natural surroundings.


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Classic Poster Auctions to Sell the Finest Known FD-26 Grateful Dead Skeleton & Roses Poster on Sunday September 27

The Finest Known Original 1966 FD-26 Grateful Dead Poster – CGC Certified as 9.9. A beauty of incomparable quality that is destined to set a world record price.

Famous and Rare AOR 3.116 Grateful Dead Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa poster. Signed by the artist, Rick Griffin.

Ultra-Rare 1968 Big Brother Janis Joplin Poster. The finest of only two pieces known to exist.

The Classic Posters Fall Rarities Sale includes the legendary and finest known FD-26 1966 Grateful Dead concert poster estimated at $100,000-$200,000

Whether buying or selling, Classic Posters and Classic Poster Auctions is the premier source for the finest in rare and vintage 1960's concert posters and Acid Test items.”

— Michael Storeim

EVERGREEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2020 / — Michael Storeim and Classic Poster Auctions are pleased to announce the 2020 Fall Rarities Auction, which will include over 300 lots of rare and desirable original concert posters and handbills from 1960's rock concerts promoted by Bill Graham at the Fillmore Auditorium, the Family Dog at the Avalon Ballroom, Russ Gibb at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit and many other important venues worldwide.

This auction can be viewed at Classic Poster Auctions and is currently open for bidding. Lots will close on Sunday September 27, beginning at 6pm MT.

Over 300 items in all price ranges are featured in this auction, including such famous rarities as:

– The finest original FD-26 Grateful Dead concert poster ever sold at public auction. Certified by CGC as 9.9. This legendary poster is destined to set a world record price.

– A signed Grateful Dead Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa poster

– A superb Miami Pop Festival poster featuring Jimi Hendrix; one of 3-4 known to exist

– The finest of only two known 1968 Big Brother posters featuring Janis Joplin

– A gorgeous original BG-105 Jimi Hendrix Flying Eyeball poster certified by CGC

-An ultra-rare 1972 Pink Floyd poster from the University of Denver

– A wonderful selection of high grade posters and handbills graded and certified by CGC, the world’s most trusted third party grading service

In addition to our famous quarterly auctions, the Classic Posters website has the world's largest selection of vintage 1960's concert posters and handbills from Bill Graham, the Fillmore Auditorium, Family Dog, the Avalon Ballroom, Grande Ballroom and many other venues. We specialize in and feature original vintage concert posters from around the world. Included in our catalog are vintage posters used to promotes concerts by Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Who and many others.

You can view our current inventory offerings at

Mike Storeim
Classic Posters, Inc.
+1 303-903-9932
email us here

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Best Selling Author On Cyber Security Producing Dark Web Uncovered Movie, Featuring Local 3D Printing Manufacturer

Leia and Buck during a Q&A session at Tronix3D

Team InTech getting ready to film

Learning to run the machine

GREENSBURG, PA, USA, September 25, 2020 / — Leia Shilobod, CEO of InTech Solutions, has engaged documentary filmmaker, Jeff Roldan, to produce a new movie, “Cybercrime: The Dark Web Uncovered” and brought shooting of this movie to Greensburg.

“Crimes have proliferated through the dark underbelly of the internet: the dark web. Businesses are realizing that cyber threats are not going away. The ones we serve has specific cybersecurity requirements to keep their contracts. I decided to be a part of this project to uncover the real threats, and how they can impact business, the economy, and pose actual life and death scenarios.”

The onsite filming included interviews at InTech’s office in Greensburg, and at InTech client, Tronix 3D, in Mount Pleasant, and is part of a cross-country tour of experts in the Cyber Security field.

“Cybercrime: The Dark Web Uncovered” is set to be released on Amazon Prime in January 2021, with a Los Angeles premier in February 2021.

LEIA SHILOBOD is the CEO of InTech Solutions, a fast-growing IT services and cybersecurity firm based in Greensburg, PA and bestselling author of Cyber Warfare: Protecting Your Business From Total Annihilation.

As a cyber security advisor, Leia speaks frequently at venues and events such as Harvard Club of Boston, Pennsylvania State Department events, and Accounting and Manufacturing industry events.

Also known as the “IT Princess of Power,” Leia saves small and mid-market firms from hackers and keeps them compliant by delivering enterprise-class IT security solutions.

Sara Snyder
InTech Solutions
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email us here

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