Marketing Expert Turnbow Webinar To Grow Small Business During Crisis

Jeff Turnbow's webinar To Grow Small Business During Crisis

CONWAY, ARKANSAS, USA, April 5, 2020 / — Marketing Expert Turnbow's Free Webinar To Grow Small Business During Crisis

Jeff Turnbow, local business marketing expert, released a webinar on Friday detailing how to grow your business during crisis mode.

Turnbow's webinar shows business owners valuable insights such as case studies of brand's successes during previous recessions and crisis. The webinar discusses different purchase types and recent consumer spending and behavior data.
There are several types of customers who are not buying as well as customer types who are still buying during a crisis.
Finally, Turnbow goes on to share quick and easy to execute ideas for the local small to medium business to implement.

According to Jeff Turnbow, CEO of both companies, TURNBOW CORP and, “Many of our local businesses remain open during the COVID-19 crisis, and yet are struggling to understand customer needs and marketing decisions. The goal of the webinar is to help these businesses gain ground by understanding case studies from previous crisis moments in history, customer types to target, and new ideas to increase sales during this challenging time.”

TURNBOW is a marketing consulting and traininng company who also speaks at international conferences and events. Winning Local, a subsidiary of TURNBOW CORP, is an advertising agency providing primarily online marketing for a number of home industries, including RV dealers, boat dealers, attorneys, medical spas, orthodontists, and small to medium buisnesses.

If you are a challenged business or know of one that is struggling, contact Jeff Turnbow for a FREE consultation at 501-505-6278.

Jeff Turnbow
+1 5015056278
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How to Business Marketing during Crisis such as Coronavirus

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MISSISSIPPI — Local RV, Boat, and WaveRunner dealer was recently named number one in RV sales.

Southaven RV Number One RV Dealer in Mississippi

Awarded Number One In Sales By Statistical Surveys

Southaven RV and Marine awarded number one in RV Sales

SOUTHAVEN, MS, USA, April 5, 2020 / — Local RV, Boat, and WaveRunner dealer was recently named number one in RV sales.

According to Statistical Surveys, a Wisconsin-based company that tracks market history and trends, Southaven RV and Marine, in Southaven, Mississippi, was number one in overall RV sales in 2019, which includes travel trailer, fifth-wheel and motor home sales.

“We are excited about such an achievement,” said general sales manager, Larry Riggs. “People are coming from all over the USA to our community to purchase a life changing product. That is a tremendous complement to our entire team."

“We are also thankful for the people right here in Mississipi that buy from us. Much of our business comes to us from right here in our hometown area. When people trust you enough to win this award, it really means a lot to us and motivates us to keep doing better each and every day".

Riggs said quality products, being accessible where customers shop, and employee dedication to customers were key in achieving this accomplishment.


Southaven RV & Marine, a locally owned and operated business, has become the largest indoor RV and marine showroom in the country.

"We want to provide each and every one of our customers with that wow factor. Whether it be in offering parts, service, or a new RV or boat, we're here to provide an exceptional travel experience! If we stay focused on these specific goals, then our sales, customer referrals and satisfaction will continue to rise. This is recognition that tells me that our team is focused and reaching our goals", said Hixson, CEO and co-owner, Southaven RV & Marine.


Jeff Turnbow
+ +1 5015056278
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COVID19 And Online Protection Of Children

Proactive Online Child Protection

Digital Supervision – Proactive Online Child Protection

Author, Charlene Doak-Gebauer

COVID19 Pandemic – Avoid Having Children In Charge Of The Internet

Digital Supervision should be applied. This pandemic will end, however, negative online experiences of our children can last a lifetime”

— Charlene Doak-Gebauer

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 5, 2020 / — Are children in charge of the Internet? In most cases, yes, they are in charge in their homes. And with children home from school and in isolation due to the global pandemic, they have even more access to the dangers that can present themselves when they aren’t being supervised by an adult.

Too often, children are left alone chatting, sending self-exploitive pictures, and more. What are self-exploitive pictures? A child taking pictures of themselves nude and sending them to knowns and unknowns, the results of which can cause a health crisis for children – anxiety, depression, suicide, violent acts, and the like. Children and adolescents refer to these pictures as “nudes”. As isolation continues, children can become more frightened, afraid, and angry, which can lead to actions that are self damaging or, they can become victimizers of other children online (bullying, requesting nudes, threatening, and the like).

These issues and so many more are real and must be avoided. Doak-Gebauer explains “Every time I present in a school, the administration tells me students in their school have been charged with production and distribution of nudes. As parents, do we want to have this type of conversation with police?”.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer’s recently released book “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?” contains her Theory of Digital Supervision for online child protection in detail. As we work our way through this pandemic crisis, Doak-Gebauer warns, “Digital Supervision should be applied. This pandemic will end, however, negative online experiences of our children can last a lifetime”.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer is Founder and Chair of the Canadian Federal charity Internet Sense First, and Founder and Chair of the AICET Council (Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team).

Doak-Gebauer explains, “I ask parents important questions that are more relevant now than ever before such as are you aware of what your child is viewing online? Do you know who is chatting with your child online? Do they know? Are you aware there are young children addicted to pornography?”.

Doak-Gebauer was asked if she would be willing to be involved in a video production as an overview to her Theory of Digital Supervision. “Being entrenched in the digital landscape as a marketing agency and as concerned parents, we asked Charlene if she would like for us to produce a video containing an overview of her Theory of Digital Supervision. Thanks to members of her AICET Council, (Charlene, Jeremy and Holly) parents and adult allies have access to a video of some of the important tools that parents desperately need right now”, says Cheryl Weedmark (Canada), Marketing and Customer Experience Director at In2communications, producers of the video.

Doak-Gebauer asked some of the members of her AICET Council to participate, to which the answer was “yes, of course”.

In addition to Charlene in the video, retired Detective Sergeant Jeremy Spence, Canada, who worked in the Child Exploitation Unit with the Ontario Provincial Police for 13 years, agrees that now more than ever, these types of situations, self-exploitation or predation, are becoming an epidemic worldwide.

The third member of the AICET Council in the video, Holly Dowling, USA, is a dynamic, Global Keynote Speaker & Inspirational Thought Leader with more than 20 years of experience. Holly contributes to the “hope” segment of Digital Supervision. She emphasizes that parents should be applying Digital Supervision in their homes for the protection of children online, particularly because of the increased involvement with digital devices at this time.

Digital Supervision is written as a proactive approach to online child safety. Doak-Gebauer explains, “We cannot depend on ISP’s, police, governments, social media managers and others to protect our children online. We must supervise our children while they are on digital devices in our homes”.

Too often, people have said “these kids have to make better choices online!”. Doak-Gebauer says children are being given too much ownership for their decisions, particularly online. An eight-year old has little choice as to what to have for dinner, and yet they are supposed to make the right choices while communicating online. They lack the life skills and maturity to do so effectively.

Doak-Gebauer advises parents and adult allies to watch the video as an introduction to her theory; and, to read her book, to learn and better comprehend details about Digital Supervision. The video is a very small overview of Digital Supervision, and is designed to be an introduction.

Her AICET Council is comprised of Canadians and Americans. She believes in solidarity without borders for the global online safety of children. When the pandemic is finished, the AICET Council will be available for half- or full-day conferences for various organizations, school boards, corporations, religious organizations, and more. If a full-day conference is attended, the attendees are eligible for a Certificate of Completion For Digital Supervision Training. Charlene presents alone for shorter presentations and to contribute to various conferences.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer
Internet Sense First/AICET Council
+1 519-854-1249
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Introduction To The Theory of Digital Supervision Developed By Charlene Doak-Gebauer

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Publication of Jason Schenker's New Book – The Future After COVID

The Future After COVID

The Future After COVID

Jason Schenker- Author

Jason Schenker- Author

The Futurist Institute

The Futurist Institute

Schenker's new book includes original research from The Futurist Institute.

AUSTIN, TEXAS , USA, April 4, 2020 / — The Futurist Institute is excited to share that Jason Schenker's latest book – The Future After COVID: Futurist Expectations for Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities After the COVID-19 Pandemic – has been released by Prestige Professional Publishing.

The COVID19 pandemic has had unprecedented impacts on business, the economy, and society.

And the most important strategic question is: What comes next?

"The big idea of this book is to try and answer that question," Jason Schenker shared. "The impact of COVID-19 is likely to cast a long shadow — in both bad and good ways — across the years and decades ahead. It will impact how we work, where we live, and what different industries will look like in the future," Schenker added.

The Future After COVID includes futurist perspectives on long-term changes, challenges, and opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to holdperspectives and draws on research, courses, and training materials from The Futurist Institute’s Certified Futurist program to offer strategic futurist perspectives into the potential long-term impacts of COVID-19 for over a dozen different critical fields and industries in the years ahead.

Some of the chapters in The Future of COVID include:
The Future of Work – The Future of Education – The Future of Energy – The Future of Finance – The Future of Monetary Policy – The Future of Fiscal Policy – The Future of Real Estate – The Future of Agriculture – The Future of Supply Chain – The Future of Media – The Future of International Relations – The Future of National Security – The Future of Politics – The Future of Leadership – The Future of Travel and Leisure – The Future of ESG and Sustainability – The Future of Startups – The Future of Recession.

The paperback edition of The Future After COVID was released by Prestige Professional Publishing on 1 April 2020. It is Schenker's 22nd book.

The Future After COVID can be found online at

Media Relations
The Futurist Institute
+1 512-425-0670
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'Doing God’s work’: Fayetteville woman and Axios Investigations Firm provides mobile hand-washing for the homeless.

Homeless Veteran Washing Hands

Homeless Veteran Washing Hands

Axios Investigations Firm Logo

Axios Investigations Firm Logo



When God calls us "to help the least of our brethren." We are proud to help the Homeless Veterans in our community!

When we can provide some small bit of hope or light to them, that just makes really an amazing impact. The Homeless Veterans are the forgotten people and need the most help during the pandemic.”

— CEO, Axios Investigations Firm, LLC

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2020 / — A Fayetteville woman is ramping up her mission to serve homeless veterans during this difficult time.

We’re hearing it from health experts everywhere – wash your hands often with hot water and soap.

It’s a simple task for most of us, but not for the homeless population.

That’s where Stacey Buckner comes in.

“This is not your opinion about the homeless, this is a public health issue,” Buckner said.

Stacey started Off-Road Outreach three years ago.

She drives her Jeep to different places around the city, bringing hygiene kits, food, clothing and even a mobile hot shower for anyone in need.

“I come up in my Jeep and it’s an instant smile on their face and that just makes me feel so good and lets me know I’m doing the right thing with my life.”

Stacey works with veterans like Jereme D with Axios Investigations Firm.

Jereme donated money to buy six mobile handwashing stations.

“When we can provide some small bit of hope or light to them, that just makes really an amazing impact,” Jereme said.

“I just have a love for our country, God, and I think it’s important to be kind to each other,” Buckner said. “When you see a need in your community, don’t think there’s not anything you can do.”

Buckner would like to see the city put up more handwashing stations for the homeless.

“Our end goal is to get these men and women in permanent housing, but right now we just want to let them know they’re loved and they don’t need to be scared, and we’re going to provide them with facts instead of fear and hopefully we’re all going to get through this.”

Christian Alvarez
Axios Investigations Firm, LLC
+1 833-462-9467
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Homeless Veterans and COVID-19. Doing our part keeping them healthy.

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Property Owners Offer Safe Haven for RVers While State Parks and Campgrounds Close Due to COVID-19

Over 100 new hosts in the U.S. and Canada have joined Boondockers Welcome in March to help full-time RVers and traveling snowbirds find a safe place to park.

We cannot say how grateful we are for wonderful Boondockers Welcome Hosts who continue to accept travelers, such as us, at their sites during this critical time. ”

— Dan and Geraldine Evans

ELORA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 4, 2020 / — Over 100 new hosts in the U.S. and Canada have joined Boondockers Welcome in the month of March to help full-time RVers and traveling snowbirds find a safe place to park. Even amidst the pandemic, new and current hosts are welcoming guests as campgrounds around North America are closing. Many hosts are extending their overnight policies at this time to allow for RVers to quarantine and/or hunker down as needed.

RVers are thankful for the generosity provided by hosts during this difficult time. “We cannot say how grateful we are for wonderful Boondockers Welcome Hosts who continue to accept travelers, such as us, at their sites during this critical time,” said members Dan and Geraldine Evans. “We had to wait for a weather window so we could eat and sleep in our fifth wheel and arrive home to reasonable weather. Almost all of our requests were answered promptly and hosts practiced social distancing, but welcomed us warmly and offered to support us in any way they could. It was important for us to stay at Boondockers Welcome sites because we traveled 2,000 miles in four days and we needed safe places to stay.”

“The generosity shown by our hosts is outstanding,” said Boondockers Welcome Co-Founder and Chief Boondocker, Marianne Edwards. “We always knew that we had a special community but during these times it has certainly surprised us. It is important that full-time RVers and people traveling to their stay-at-home locations have a safe place to park. It’s also important to slow the spread of this virus and staying in place is crucial, therefore we have stated that we only wish for our service to be used for essential travel at this time.”

Boondockers Welcome is a web platform that lets members arrange overnight stays with each other for free while traveling through an area. Connecting through the web site allows RVers to travel more economically and, in peak season, find an option when campgrounds may be full. Hosts consist of property owners or businesses that allow RVers to boondock on their land, with many offering electric and water options. It’s a great and safe way for fellow RVers or for people curious about the RV lifestyle to meet while also providing a safe place to park for one night or up to five nights.


Carrie Andress
Boondockers Welcome
+1 7067995356
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Nurse Reveals Secret To PCOS Weight Loss

Rosalyn PCOS Owner & CEO Living PCOS Free

Rosalyn empowers women with PCOS to Live PCOS Free

Logo Living PCOS Free


Nurse Rosalyn reveals revolutionary method for weight loss in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2020 / — Nurse Rosalyn, Founder of Living PCOS Free is set to take the world by surprise by revealing a revolutionary method that will liberate women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) weight issues. PCOS is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. It is caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones, which leads to weight gain and other symptoms.

Thousands of women across the world are diagnosed with PCOS every year. Jillian Michaels, the American personal trainer, businesswoman, author and television personality from Los Angeles, California famously has this condition. Michaels has been open about her struggles with PCOS. The celebrity trainer revealed that she suffered from PCOS as a teenager and was able to keep the condition under control with nutrition, exercise, and focusing on her well-being above all else.

Michaels regained complete control over her condition with healthy food and regular exercise. In an article published on her blog about PCOS, Michaels recommends exercise between four to six 30 minutes sessions a week for women with PCOS. As a Personal Trainer, she’s well aware of the wonders of regular exercises and has utilized this to keep her body in good shape. On nutrition, Michaels’s secret is simply avoiding all processed carbs – no white flour and sugar and highlighted her ideal nutrition as vegetables, whole grain, and a couple servings of fruit a day.

When dealing with PCOS, the most important thing is to know the reason for the hormonal imbalance and address it. Though the top reasons are excess junk food and little or no exercise. Therefore, any woman with PCOS and who is concerned about her weight gain can take a cue from Jillian Michaels.

But the truth is diet and exercise alone are not always the path to losing weight in women that have PCOS. As a Nurse, Rosalyn understands the importance and benefits that come from balancing hormone levels. For instance, Insulin which is a hormone made by the pancreas, becomes resistant in women with PCOS which makes it difficult to lose weight. There are medications that will control insulin resistance that are prescribed by your Doctor that can help women with this condition lose weight when taken prophylactically.

Nurse Rosalyn, Living PCOS Free Founder, is passionate about helping women with PCOS using her revolutionary method. The nurse, just like Jillian Michaels was diagnosed with PCOS as a teen and faced many of the challenges that exist today. As a Nurse who also has the condition, Rosalyn has learned quite a lot about PCOS and the importance of managing symptoms early to prevent future complications.

Therefore, she is revealing her secrets via her Lifestyle, Emotional Support, Activity, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N) PCOS Program to assist women with the condition. Living a life that is PCOS-free requires a unique approach. The L.E.A.N PCOS Program is a simple, safe and science-based approach that will help a lot of women perfectly manage the condition.

For more updates about living PCOS-free or to learn more about L.E.A.N PCOS Program, follow Living PCOS Free’s Facebook Business Page or Private Group. For more information, visit

About Living PCOS Free
Living PCOS Free was founded to help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) manage their symptoms using a simple, safe, and science-based approach. The company was founded by Rosalyn, a Nurse who has had the condition for over 10 years and now passionate about helping other women live a life free from PCOS.

Rosalyn Chachula
Living PCOS Free,
+1 602-777-7777
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Living Life PCOS Free

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Uno Servicio Médica para Empresas Mexicanas Proporciona Perfil Completo para la Detección del COVID-19



CERTOLAB Diagnóstico




CERTOLAB reconoce lo importante que es mantenerse a salvo durante la pandemia, y proporciona su perfil completo para la detección del COVID-19.

CIUDAD DE MEXICO, CDMX, MEXICO, April 4, 2020 / — Laboratorio CERTOLAB reconoce lo importante que es mantenerse a salvo durante la pandemia, y proporciona su perfil completo para la detección del COVID-19.

El genoma del virus está clasifica como ARN monocatenario positivo. Su secuencia genética se ha aislado a partir de una muestra obtenida de un paciente afectado por neumonía en Wuhan, China. Fue detectado por primera vez en diciembre de 2019. Se cree que puede producirse el contagio de una persona a otra mediante las gotas de saliva expulsadas a través de la tos y el estornudo o al espirar. Puede provocar enfermedad respiratoria aguda y neumonía grave en humanos.

Actualmente, no hay ningún tratamiento específico aprobado oficialmente, pero es posible que se puedan utilizar los antivirales existentes.

Medidas preventivas recomendado:
Lavarse frecuentemente las manos con agua y jabón.
-Al toser o estornudar cubrirse la boca y la nariz con la sangría o fosa cubital (la concavidad que forma la cara interna del brazo al flexionar el codo).
-Mantener «al menos…3 pies de distancia» a otras personas, «particularmente aquellas que tosan, estornuden y tengan fiebre».
-Evitar tocarse los ojos, la nariz y la boca.
-Consultar con el médico en caso de fiebre, tos y dificultad para respirar, llamando con antelación si se encuentra en zonas donde se está propagando el virus o si se las han visitado en los últimos 14-días.
-Permanecer «en casa si empieza a encontrarse mal, aunque se trate de síntomas leves como cefalea y rinorrea leve, hasta que se recupere» si se encuentra en zonas donde se está propagando el virus o si se las han visitado en los últimos 14-días.

El período de incubación oscila en general entre los 4-7 días, en el 95% de las ocasiones es menor a 12.5 días. Los límites extremos se han establecido entre 2-14 días después del contagio.

Las anormalidades de laboratorio más comunes en pacientes hospitalizados con neumonía incluyen leucopenia, linfopenia y leucocitosis (aunque la linfopenia parece ser el hallazgo más común). Otras anormalidades incluyen neutrofilia, trombocitopenia y disminución de la hemoglobina.

También se han descrito niveles elevados de transaminasas hepáticas, disminución de los niveles de albúmina y deterioro de la función renal.

En caso de infección bacteriana secundaria pueden estar elevados los niveles procalcitonina sérica y de proteína C-reactiva sérica.

En una revisión sistemática(9) los hallazgos analíticos más frecuentes fueron disminución de la albúmina(75,8%), elevación de proteína C reactiva(58,3%) y de lactato deshidrogenasa(57,0%), linfopenia(43,1%) y aumento de la velocidad de sedimentación globular(41,8%).

En cuanto a las pruebas de coagulación las anormalidades más comunes son un dímero D elevado y un tiempo de protrombina prolongado.Se asocian a peor pronóstico (mayor mortalidad) altos niveles de dímero D y linfopenia más grave.

Reacción en cadena de la polimerasa de transcripción inversa en tiempo real (RT-PCR)

Se requieren pruebas moleculares para confirmar el diagnóstico. El ARN del SARS-CoV-2 se detecta por RT-PCR. La prueba de amplificación de ácido nucleico para confirmación del SARS-CoV-2 es actualmente la prueba de elección para la confirmación de COVID-19. Una prueba positiva para SARS-CoV-2 confirma el diagnóstico de COVID-19(4). La precisión y los valores predictivos de las pruebas de SARS-CoV-2 no se han evaluado sistemáticamente.

Se sugiere recoger muestras de las vías respiratorias superiores (hisopo o lavado nasofaríngeo y orofaríngeo) en pacientes ambulatorios y/o muestras de las vías respiratorias inferiores (esputo y/o aspirado endotraqueal o lavado broncoalveolar) en pacientes con enfermedad respiratoria más grave. También se ha de considerar recolectar muestras clínicas adicionales (por ejemplo, sangre, heces, orina). Las muestras deben recolectarse bajo procedimientos apropiados de prevención y control de infecciones
Si se obtiene un resultado negativo de un paciente con un alto índice de sospecha de COVID-19, se deben recolectar y analizar muestras adicionales, especialmente si inicialmente sólo se recogieron muestras del tracto respiratorio superior.

Se sugiere además recoger muestras (hisopos nasofaríngeos) para descartar gripe y otras infecciones respiratorias de acuerdo con los procedimientos a nivel local. Es importante tener en cuenta que pueden producirse coinfecciones, y una prueba positiva para un patógeno no COVID-19 no descarta COVID-19(2).

En pacientes hospitalizados con COVID-19 confirmado, se puede repetir la recolección de muestras de vías respiratorias superiores e inferiores para confirmar la eliminación viral. La frecuencia de la recolección de muestras dependerá de las circunstancias clínicas y recursos disponibles.Los casos ingresados que al alta tengan un resultado de laboratorio negativo podrán ir a casa sin aislamiento.

En caso de neumonía, por su implicación en el manejo conviene considerar recoger muestras de sangre y esputo para su cultivo en todos los pacientes con el fin de descartar otras causas de infección de las vías respiratorias bajas, coinfección o sobreinfección.Las muestras deben recogerse antes de iniciar los antimicrobianos empíricos, si es posible.

Pruebas de imagen

Radiografía de tórax: solicitar en todos los pacientes con sospecha de neumonía. Se detectan infiltrados pulmonares unilaterales en el 25% de los pacientes. En el 73% de los casos la neumonía fue bilateral, presentando en el 68,5% de los casos una opacidad en vidrio esmerilado.

Si al paciente es preciso realizarle una radiografía de tórax, la radiografía para el diagnóstico de neumonía deberá incluir radiografía de tórax posteroanterior y lateral.

En resumen los parámetros de laboratorio clinicoque resultan alterados en pacientes con COVID-19 y son predictores significativos de resultados clínicos adversos y mortalidad, son los siguientes:

Aumento en los valores de:
– PCR: 75-93%
LDH: 27-92%
DIMERO D: 36 – 43%

HEMOGLOBINA: 41-50% (11)

Para más información sobre los servicios médicos de CERTOLAB, visite

Héctor Rafael Pérez Moreno
CERTOLAB Servicios Médicos para Empresas
+52 1 55 5872 4652
email us here
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Innovative Tech Company First 30 Gives Away 10,000 Accounts

Professional woman working at her computer with her dog in the background watching.

Virtual Get Back to Work Program Powered by First 30

First 30 logo

First 30 Next Gen Outplacement

Amy Davies, Founder, First 30 Inc.

Amy Davies, Founder, First 30 Inc.

In response to the economic impact of COVID-19, First 30 Inc. is offering access for 10,000 affected by the current pandemic free of charge or by donation.

We hope this little gift helps employers and employees alike weather these challenging times.”

— Amy Davies

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 4, 2020 / — In response to the economic impact of COVID-19, for a limited time, First 30 Inc. is offering free access for 10,000 workers affected by the current pandemic free of charge or by donation. The Virtual Get Back to Work Outplacement Services Platform, launched by entrepreneur Amy Davies this past January, helps people recover from job loss and find employment.

According to Davies, the outplacement industry was in dire need of innovation and improvement long before the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19. “People were waiting for weeks to speak with coaches and travelling distances to meet with them live only to find their approach was prescriptive and formulaic,” she explains. “From a business perspective, the cost companies pay for outplacement services is so high it’s unsustainable in the long-term.”
The First 30 outplacement platform offers 30 days worth of coaching videos and resources on a wide range of topics including wellness, networking, job searching, interview prep and career planning. The program also includes resume and LinkedIn courses, regular webinars and an audio and e-edition of A Spark in the Dark (Davies’ book). Participants will have access to the program for one full year from login. Users will receive the support they need from anywhere at their own pace.

First 30 is starting with 10,000 free accounts, but hope to grow the campaign to offer free and discounted services to many more. First 30’s mission is to make sure all companies can offer outplacement to every employee affected by layoffs. This crisis is no exception. The tech company is also introducing solutions for small- and medium-sized business to support them in these trying times by providing access to their virtual outplacement services on a pay what you can, when you can basis. And, for larger organizations, First 30 is deeply discounting their services, valued at $2,000 per individual.

“These are unprecedented days,” says Davies. “We know businesses want to do the right thing and support their employees, but budgets are tight. “First 30 is helping both the business and the individual. We hope this little gift helps employers and employees alike weather these challenging times.”

About Amy Davies

Amy Davies, First 30 Inc. founder, is also the author of A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World. Davies has extensive experience with outplacement services. She lost her job twice during wide scale corporate restructuring and understands how outplacement benefits people affected by layoffs.

About First 30 Inc.

Founded in January 2020, the innovative tech company is an online, mobile-friendly outplacement program that offers 30 days worth of coaching videos and resources on a wide range of topics including wellness, networking, job searching, interview prep and career planning. The program also includes resume and LinkedIn courses, regular webinars and an audio and e-edition of A Spark in the Dark.

Amy Davies
First 30 Inc.
+1 416-300-1992
email us here
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First 30 Announces Virtual Get Back to Work Program

Source: EIN Presswire Announces the launch of Its IEO Investment Banking Service.

Crypto investment banking team of has together with its partners launched an innovative IEO platform – AM Crypto Capital.

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 4, 2020 / — Founded by former traders and hedge fund managers, AM Crypto Capital aims to be the leading provider of research, advisory, investment banking and digital asset management services to the cryptocurrency market.

AM Crypto Capital will provide traditional securities and credit analysis methods to crypto investors worldwide. Specialized in fundraising, strategic financial advisory services, digitalization of financial assets and blockchain-based platforms (ICO/STO/IEO issuances and digital financial assets exchanges).

Tokenisation is a new revolutionary vehicle for entrepreneurs seeking finance. AM Crypto Capital anticipates a future where all asset types will be issued on blockchain or represented as a token (digital securities).

AM Crypto Capital’s goal is also to democratize alternative investments via equities, debts, derivatives, obligations, real estate, art pieces, classical cars, etc. by providing access, liquidity and transparency to markets that were initially reserved for a minority of privileged people. In that regards, AM Crypto Capital offers a complete platform offering a large range of services in order to issue, finance, secure, trade and manage digital asset investments. provides performance based asset management to private and institutional investors. We provide global investors access to stocks, forex, bonds, CFD`s, cryptocurrency, derivatives, commodities and wealth management products through our integrated online securities trading platforms. In addition to the securities trading platforms, the Company offers financial information services and securities investment research services to global investors. Through our subsidiaries and affiliates globally can we provide our services in all major financial centers.

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Source: EIN Presswire