TrenData Posts Record Quarter and Completes $1.5 Million Fund Raise

Company triples client bookings, expands partnerships

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Dallas, Texas, July 18, 2018 TrenData, a leading global provider of AI-driven people-analytics solutions, reported strong sales in the second quarter of 2018 boasting a greater than 300% increase in bookings over the previous quarter. Among the new clients signed were Herc Rentals, Amplify Credit Union, and Mosquitonix.

TrenData also completed a $1.5 million seed funding round in June that was largely made up of angel investors. The company intends to use the funds to expand its sales and marketing and development efforts.

“We are very pleased with the company’s ramping sales and the confidence investors have demonstrated in this latest funding round,” said TrenData co-founder and CEO Tom McKeown. “This is further evidence that our AI-driven analytics platform is not only well positioned but is driving industry action.”

Driven by a natural language interface, TrenData’s offering is cloud based and scalable to accommodate organizations of all sizes and industries. The solution allows human resource and business leaders to harness external big data sources, as well as internal systems to deliver actionable workforce insights. TrenData uses a high-powered artificial intelligence engine to generate predictive analytics.

In other news the company signed a strategic partnership with ENGAGE Talent which will allow both companies to offer the other’s solution to its client base. ENGAGE Talent is a recruitment tool that combines talent mapping, competitive intelligence, passive candidate sourcing, and outbound recruiting.

Visit TrenData at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas September 11th to 14th 2018, at Booth 428BG or go to to set up a demonstration of the solution.

About TrenData

Based in Dallas, Texas, TrenData is a cloud-based platform company providing AI-driven people analytics to address critical business needs. Co-founders Tom McKeown and Mark Hamdan have over 30 years in the HR space.

Connect with TrenData:
Twitter at
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Media Contact:
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Jonathan Webster
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Chaitanya Cherukuri Gives Advice on the Best Practices to Promote a Photography Business

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

Renowned photographer offers advice on what’s worked for him when promoting his photography business.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Photographers can find a need wherever they can point their camera. Wedding photography is a large market, but professional photography doesn’t even require the person to leave their home. With the right tools and promotion, anything is possible for a photographer. The world is theirs to capture, both on film and through the entrepreneurial endeavor.

Yet, for Chaitanya Cherukuri, one of the largest hurdles to overcome while building his photography business was the promotion. Cherukuri has the passion and the talent, but his promotion skills needed work. However, after years of trial and error, Cherukuri has found a promotion plan that works for him. This plan enables him to enjoy his passion while sharing it with potential customers. Here is Cherukuri’s best advice on practices to promote a photography business.

Give Referral Bonuses

Referral Bonuses don’t (shouldn’t) cost the photographer much, but it will mean a lot to clients. If a business has an enticing referral business, this helps the business get repeat customers and new customers. It’s maximizing the potential for advertising while minimizing the workload.

After all, many of the clients a photographer has will have friends who are also looking for a photographer for the same reasons. Weddings, family photo shoots, birthdays, graduations, prom…regardless of the occasion, clients have friends that are looking for referrals. If a client is happy with the work a photographer provides, they’re likely to give a referral anyway. (Word of mouth is still a powerful promotion tool.) Yet, by offering them a referral bonus, they’ll be even happier to give the photographer’s name and number to a friend.

Create a Unique Website

To have a meaningful business, it’s important that an entrepreneur has a website. Especially for a photographer, who might not have a brick and mortar storefront, a website legitimizes them. This is also a centralized location for all a photographer’s works, ideas, personality, and social network platforms. This is the photographer’s space and should be treated as such, helping to showcase their creativity and talent.

Start (and Maintain) a Blog

A photographer might not think a blog is important, but it’s essential in connecting with an audience. Even if the posts are primarily pictures, that’s okay. Although, Chaitanya Cherukuri encourages photographers to get creative with their blogs. Post blogs with the interest and intrigue of the client in mind. After all, catering to the client is the best way to grow a business.

Throw in Something Special

Again, this shouldn’t cost the photographer a lot of money, but throwing a special thank-you gift into orders is appreciated. This something special can be an extra print, a framed photo, or even a digital version of the album the client bought in physical form. This gift should be simply that, a gift, thanking the client for patronizing the business.

In summation, Chaitanya Cherukuri knows that it can be difficult. Pursuing the art of a craft like photography, while also figuring out how to promote a photography business. However, by following Cherukuri’s advice, photographers will be able to combine these practices into one. After all, photography is both a business and a calling. So, by showing people the depth of a photographer’s passion is to promote their business and their calling.

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Chaitanya Cherukuri Stresses Importance of Globalizing Your Customer Base

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

Chaitanya Cherukuri 6

Globalization is everywhere and Chaitanya Cherukuri says it’s time to invite it into your customer base.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Entrepreneurs are always looking to expand their customer base. After all, more customer potential equates to more profit. Yet, most entrepreneurs, especially in the United States, focus on a domestic customer base. According to Chaitanya Cherukuri, that’s literally cutting out the rest of the world and it’s hurting your bottom line.

Cherukuri, a serial entrepreneur knows that globalization is easier to attain than ever before. The most successful startups utilize international customer base effectively. This is the case for King (the company who created Candy Crush). This startup was built in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2017, Stockholm averaged an international customer base of forty-six-percent. It’s these statistics that solidify the importance of globalizing a business’ customer base.

Solidifying Business Reputation

Chaitanya Cherukuri knows that the obvious reason for going global is to grow your customer base. Although, by globalizing a business, it’s also solidifying the business’ reputation. The more people who know about a business, the more opportunities it has. A nationally acclaimed company status is great. Yet, being an internationally acclaimed company opens doors that business owners likely have never dreamed of.

Foreign Investments

The globalized opportunities for a business lead directly into a discussion about foreign investments. Foreign investors are more forthcoming with information about their portfolios if a company is internationally known. When those doors start to open, it leads business owners into a whole new world of possibilities.

Chaitanya Cherukuri admits there are a plethora of foreign investors who are always looking for a new prospect. If the business is well-known, it’s possible a foreign investor will approach the owner for a stake in the company. Usually, investors will wait until an entrepreneur comes to them. However, there are times when an investor becomes inspired.

Performance Security

The more locations a business has, especially internationally, the more security the owner possesses. Having different markets helps lessen the pressure of being successful in a specific market. When a national company’s product doesn’t provide the return that was expected, the company is in trouble. However, when an international company’s product doesn’t connect with their domestic audience, they have other options. What might not catch on in an American market could become the next big craze internationally. Although, if a company never expands, they’ll never have that chance.

An Increase in Talent Selection

Finally, Chaitanya Cherukuri wants business owners to know that sales are not the only benefit to globalizing a customer base. Another major advantage is that going global expands the talent search for a company. There are many talented people across the world. Therefore, when a company goes global, their reputation will garner a new selection of talent. This could also lead to many new prospects.

To close, Chaitanya Cherukuri wants business owners of all sizes to explore the possibility of going global. There are so many benefits, even for startups and small businesses, that it’s a waste to forgo the investment. Globalization is happening, regardless of whether entrepreneurs embrace it. Eventually, there won’t be a choice, but now, business owners can learn the techniques of globalizing while it evolves. That, Chaitanya Cherukuri believes, is the best option of all.

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Leading software integrator Nor-Tech just announced a 4-GPU server with the best performance per-watt

Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson

Nor-Tech HPC Clusters Logo

Nor-Tech, the software integration experts, just announced a leading-edge 4-GPU server with the best performance per-watt, per square-foot, per-dollar.

Between our close working relationship with NVIDIA and our well-deserved reputation as the best software integrator in the industry, Nor-Tech is the logical choice for servers of all sizes.”

— Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Nor-Tech, the software integration experts, just announced a leading-edge 4-GPU server with the best performance per-watt, per square-foot, per-dollar; lowest total cost of ownership and highest quality components and materials. Nor-Tech’s Voyageur branded 4-GPU server supports up to 4 active/passive GPUs in 1U and comes with GPU health monitoring and fan speed control.
Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson said, “Between our close working relationship with NVIDIA and our well-deserved reputation as the best software integrator in the industry, we offer a range of options and value-add services that make Nor-Tech the logical choice for servers of all sizes.”
The Voyageur 4-GPU server supports up to 4 active/passive GPUs in 1U and comes with GPU health monitoring and fan speed control. Other features include dual socket P (LGA 3647); up to 1.5TB ECC 3DS LRDIMM, up to DDR4-2666MHz; 12 DIMM slots; 4 PCI-E 3.0 x16 (FHFL) slots, 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16 (LP) slots; 2 Hot-swap 2.5" SAS/SATA drive bays, 2 Internal 2.5" drive bays; supports 1x M.2 2242/2260/2280, supports M.2 SATA and NVMe; 2x 10GBase-T LAN ports via Intel X540; 9 heavy duty 4cm counter-rotating fans with air shroud & optimal fan speed control; and 2000W redundant power supplies, titanium Level (96%).
Nor-Tech’s integration expertise provides the reassurance that all software is properly integrated when it leaves their Greater Minneapolis manufacturing facility.
In addition to commercially available software expertise, they are the acknowledged experts in Linux-based integration for servers such as these and turn-key HPC clusters.
Open source software is significantly less expensive. However, without expertise; complexity, troubleshooting, and maintenance are issues with most integrators. Nor-Tech’s engineering team, which averages more than 10 years of Linux experience, excels at provisioning, scheduling and resource management of hardware; maximizing compilers and accelerators; and configuring low latency fabric.
Nor-Tech is on CRN’s list of the top 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers along with IBM, Oracle, Dell, and Supermicro; and is a cluster builder for 2015 and 2017 Nobel Physics Award-winning projects. Nor-Tech engineers average 20+ years of experience. This strong industry reputation and deep partner relationships also enable the company to be a leading supplier of cost-effective desktops, laptops, tablets and Chromebooks to schools and enterprises. All of Nor-Tech’s technology is made by Nor-Tech in Minnesota and supported by Nor-Tech around the world. The company has been in business since 1998 and is headquartered in Burnsville, Minn. just outside of Minneapolis. To contact Nor-Tech call 952-808-1000/toll free: 877-808-1010 or visit Full release at: Media Contact: Jeanna Van Rensselar, Smart PR Communications;

Jeanna Van Rensselar
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Military Veteran in Frisco Opens First Texas-Based Image One USA Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Local Air Force veteran gained two decades of experience in corporate America before following his entrepreneurial dream

I did a ton of research and spoke to a number of service-based franchises looking to expand in my market.”

— Ash Gawande

FRISCO , TX, USA, July 16, 2018 / — One of the fastest growing commercial cleaning franchises in the United States, Image One USA, continues its growth into new markets today with the launch of its north Dallas office in Frisco, Texas, owned and operated by franchise affiliate Ash Gawande.

An Air Force military veteran, Gawande spent 20 years working in the business world in telecommunications and project management. He’s now ready to take what he learned serving the country and working in corporate America and apply it to Image One USA’s time-tested commercial cleaning franchise model.

“I did a ton of research and spoke to a number of service-based franchises looking to expand in my market,” Gawande said. “But Image One stood out from all the rest — they treated me like family and guided me through every step of the discovery process. As I dug into their system and had conversations with them, I realized this was the perfect fit for me. It’s a smaller upfront investment that offers a quicker return on investment compared to other franchises.”

Gawande is ushering in a new era for the Chicago-based cleaning franchise; this is the first Image One franchise to open in Texas. Gawande said he is excited to be servicing Dallas, a region with a booming economy in need of trusted professional commercial cleaning services.

The Dallas-area franchise opening, part Image One’s franchise affiliate program, adds to some 100 franchise units in operation and comes on the heels of recent growth in other markets nationwide.

“We’re so delighted to provide Ash an opportunity to pursue his business ownership dreams and create the life he wants for himself and his family,” said Image One President and Co-Founder Tim Conn. “We’re confident in his ability to spread our business and mission to Frisco and surrounding communities — he is a tremendous addition to our budding franchise family.”

Image One is grateful for the sacrifices military veterans make and provides special incentives for veterans who join their system. Veterans choose the program that is right for them: They can either receive 20 percent off the franchise fee, $5,000 per month in guaranteed business for a year, or a no-interest loan to finance their franchise.

Regardless of background, Image One’s goal is to help people become their own boss. With a starting investment among the lowest in the entire franchise industry, Image One owners can live out their business ownership dreams as an experienced group of commercial cleaning executives guide them every step of the way.

Opportunities are available in areas across the United States. Visit and fill out the franchise inquiry form or call 800-223-1985 for more information.

About Image One’s franchise

Image One USA is a commercial cleaning services business. The Image One franchising model was formed on the principles of transparency, training, and top-notch financial and customer service support. It is regularly recognized as a top franchise by third-party franchise and business publications, including, and Franchise Business Review.

Image One franchisees work for themselves in a unique relationship with the franchise company. Image One provides them with customer support for their business, ongoing training, along with assistance with billing, equipment, and sales training. Image One has nearly 100 commercial cleaning franchise locations across the Midwest and Southeast, including Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Myers, Nashville and Orlando. Franchise territories are available nationwide.

For information on the franchise, visit

Bob Spoerl
Image One USA
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Ash Gawande on why he chose Image One

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Were the Founding Fathers Drunk when they Declared America's Independence?

The Author

With Vice President Pence

New book reveals some of the most enduring, and outlandish myths in American History. Many of which are still taught in classrooms across America to this day.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, JEFFERSON, July 16, 2018 / — Available for Radio, TV and Print Publication Interviews

In the his new book "Unknown America," Myths and little known oddities about the greatest nation on earth,
Historian, political commentator and talk radio host Michael Hart reveals some of the most fascinating, obscure, and overlooked facts in American History. Hart also exposes many of the most enduring American history myths, many which are still taught in schools to this day.

In "Unknown America" you will also meet some of the most fascinating unknown Americans. People that although they made incredible contributions to this nation, have either been lost to history or their stories simply untold.

Here are just a few of the remarkable stories you will learn about in the pages of Unknown America:

*Illustrations of the signing of the Declaration of Independence depict an event that never happened. *One US state has had 3 Governors in a single day and the incredible reason why.
*The African American slave that sued for her freedom in an American Court, and won! *Who really flew the first airplane and why the Wright Brothers story is wrong.
*Strange plans hatched by the US Military. Including cats as spies and bats as bombs and more. *The truth about the slave trade in America. And about the slaves that owned slaves.
*The role IBM unwittingly played in the deaths of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.
*The United States President that was gay. Who he was and how do we know?
*That America's has already had a female President. *The falsehoods of the Rosa Parks story. How her story was manufactured for the media.
*The enduring legend of Betsy Ross was completely fabricated. And by who?
*The fascinating inspiration behind Apple's logo. And why there's a bite taken out of the Apple?
*The Presidential hopeful that asked John Wayne to be his running mate. And the Duke's curious response.
*The Mother of Rock and Roll. Yes, this musical genre was started by a women. Move over Chuck Berry.
*That Abner Doubleday had nothing to do with inventing Baseball. There's a document that proves it.
*The book about a passenger liner that sinks years before the Titanic. And the disturbing coincidences.
*Bizarre oddities from every state in America. Including one state where selling margarine is illegal.
*That July 4th, 1776 is not America's actual Independence day. And about the drunken party that occurred on the real day. So were America's Founding Fathers plastered when they declared America's Independence from England? You'll find out in the pages of UNKNOWN AMERICA.

The revelations in Unknown America will captivate audiences of all ages as they discover things about America they were never taught or that the history books just have wrong!

In addition to debunking many of the most enduring myths in American history "Unknown America" delights readers with little known oddities and Americana rarely found in mainstream history books in chapters such as:

Unknown Religion
Unknown Black History
Unknown Military
Unknown Sports
Unknown Politics
Unknown States
Unknown Americans
and more!

To schedule a Radio, TV or Publication interview with Michael Hart, author of Unknown America:

Contact: Tracy Cox

Michael Hart
Hart of America
205 362 6419
email us here

Discussing the book on the Igniting A Nation Program

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AISCES Reinvents Brand Protection with Cheqbrand Anti Counterfeit Technology.

anti counterfeit, anti counterfeit solutions, anti counterfeit agency, anti counterfeiting technology, anti counterfeit label, product authentication, counterfeit detector, brand protection, brand protection companies,  brand protection agency, track and

Cheqbrand Anti Counterfeit Technology for Brand Protection

Android, iOS and cloud based secure solution enhances trust for brands and consumers.

NOIDA, INDIA, July 17, 2018 / — AISCES today announced its latest innovation Cheqbrand, the most secure anti counterfeit solution. Cheqbrand revolutionizes the way brands protects products from counterfeits, and the way consumers identify genuine products before a purchase decision.

"The Cheqbrand anti counterfeit solution is a game changer in the anti counterfeit industry." said Anuj Pachoree, CEO of AISCES "It solves the problem of anti counterfeiting by providing real time data to the brand owners to detect fakes, at the same time Cheqbrand provides consumers with a trusted platform to verify authenticity of a product."

Cheqbrand features an anti counterfeit label which can be verified using a smartphone application. The verification of the label happens over cloud and is PCI compliant secure. Cheqbrand supports both QR and NFC based labels, and can be easily integrated with the manufacturing setup of a brand's production line. Multiple brands can be supported on the Cheqbrand platform. The Cheqbrand platform also helps brands achieve track and trace and serialization for each SKU of a brand's products. Cheqbrand provides real time data to brands about possible counterfeit locations. Cheqbrand is very easy to use for both brands and consumers.

AISCES is a technology company in Noida. AISCES provides products for payment tech and retail tech.

Email –
Webpage –

AISCES Software Solutions Private Limited
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Triage Cancer Unveils New Website

National non-profit Triage Cancer today unveiled its new website that houses the organization’s life-changing resources for the cancer community.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 16, 2018 / — News Release
July 16, 2018
Contact: Joanna Morales,


LOS ANGELES, CA, July 16, 2018 — National non-profit Triage Cancer today unveiled its new website that houses the organization’s life-changing resources for the cancer community. The new website provides best-in-class materials to help all those affected by cancer, while also providing an easy-to-navigate interface.

Founded in 2012, by two cancer rights attorneys, Joanna Morales and Monica Bryant, Triage Cancer provides education on the practical and legal issues that may impact individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers, through events, materials and resources.

Visitors to the new website can learn about Triage Cancer’s Speakers Bureau members and their areas of expertise, which also includes cancer survivors and caregivers who share their cancer journey with a variety of audiences.

The new website allows people to browse resources by topic, an exciting new feature for those looking for specific information on cancer-related topics. It also includes information by location about topics such as advocacy, clinical trials, disability insurance, employment, estate planning, finances, health insurance, and stress management. And because what protections individuals might have access to depends on where they live, there are also resources listed by location and a chart of state laws covering a variety of topics that may impact the financial toxicity of a cancer diagnosis.

“When someone is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, there are so many different things they are faced with, decisions to make, and information to learn. Trying to juggle it all can be incredibly overwhelming,” said Morales. “Our goal is to provide access to quality information about all types of cancer survivorship issues, beyond diagnosis. From the practical issues of managing finances and insurance to the emotional and psychological well-being after cancer, having these tools and resources empowers survivors.”

“Survivors’ concerns may change depending on what stage of the cancer survivorship journey they are in. When newly diagnosed, concerns might be focused on treatment options, health insurance coverage and finances,” Morales added. “During treatment, a survivor may need to know about side effects, nutrition and employment issues. Once treatment is complete, concerns may shift toward survivorship care planning, relationship issues, and educational rights. This website includes resources and education materials about all of these challenges.”

Anyone interested in making a donation to Triage Cancer to help fund the continued efforts of providing life-savings resources to the cancer community, can do so at

To learn more about Triage Cancer, please visit

Triage Cancer is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the radically escalating number of people with cancer, their families, caregivers, advocates and health care professional successfully navigate the legal and practical issues that arise. Follow us on social media! @TriageCancer

Triage Cancer
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Luis Alberto Peluso explains how he brought a taste of Las Vegas to Buenos Aires

As a lottery and casino industry expert, Luis Alberto Peluso is no stranger to the bright lights and high stakes of resort cities such as Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Indeed, it was precisely this sort of atmosphere which Luis Alberto Peluso was tasked with bringing to the Argentine city of Mar del Plata, part of Buenos Aires Province and its second-largest metropolitan area.

Already a major fishing port and popular with tourists, Mar del Plata was, however, yet to see its first officially organized poker tournament. "Mar del Plata is Argentina's most prominent seaside beach resort and the country's seventh largest city," explains Peluso. "I was tasked with delivering a taste of Las Vegas to the resort as it prepared for the much-anticipated arrival of the Latin American Poker Tour."

With Las Vegas the inspiration, Peluso sent his team directly to the Nevada city to prepare for upcoming events. A stark contrast to Mar del Plata's idyllic coastal setting, the industry expert's team, however, returned from the Mojave Desert well prepared for the task ahead.

Welcoming the Latin American Poker Tour, Peluso and his team was to preside over a tournament boasting a top prize of over $380,000.

As Peluso had hoped, the event went without a hitch, widely hailed as a great success, and with the six-figure winnings going to British-based German poker player Dominik Nitsche who flew into Argentina for the occasion.

"There was much fanfare surrounding the PokerStars sponsored event," reveals Peluso. "It was the first time Mar del Plata had seen anything quite like it, despite having hosted many high profile sporting events in the past, and I'm confident that we delivered on bringing a slice of Las Vegas to the Argentine coast."

Explaining the city's aim in more detail, Peluso recalls, "Las Vegas, where my team went to prepare, is a city whose economy is primarily driven by gambling, tourism, and conventions. This was a key goal for Buenos Aires, and in particular Mar del Plata, at the time."

"The resort," he continues, "sought to grow its economy through the entertainment and gaming sectors, which in turn would bolster its already healthy restaurant and retail industries."

Highly knowledgeable and himself a fan of games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, Peluso goes on to suggest that it's poker which generally provides the biggest draw. "I believe that much of the success of poker comes from its status as a game of skill and ability, rather than just a game of chance."

He continues, "It's a mathematical game, like a variation of chess. That's what I most like and enjoy about it."

As of 2018, estimates suggest that there are upwards of 65 million regular poker players in the United States alone, with more people now enjoying the game than either golf or tennis. "It's growing in popularity elsewhere, too," Peluso remarks, "from South America to Europe and right across Asia."

"Mar del Plata has hosted FIFA World Cup games, the Pan American Games, and the Rugby World Cup Sevens in the not too distant past," adds Peluso, wrapping up, "however this was to be its first officially recognized poker tournament, and I'm incredibly proud to have been involved in making it such a success."

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Danielle Paige Fleischer Reveals 5 Real Estate Broker Secrets

Renowned real estate broker divulges five secrets of the trade.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Real estate is an interesting market. It fluctuates, like any other market. Yet, it has the potential to help people make money. Changing people’s lives is also inherent in the business. Both brokers, buyers, and sellers all have a stake in the real estate market. However, their gains and losses are significantly different.

These are secrets that brokers, buyers, and sellers don’t talk about. These secrets are such, because there’s a certain stigma in this industry, that Fleisher wants to abolish. So, Danielle Paige Fleischer reveals these five real estate broker secrets to get each party to understand one another.

1. Appealing Scents Captivate Buyers

Scents are a direct trigger to memories. Therefore, they can make or break a sale extremely quick. After all, no one wants their new home to smell like dirty laundry, pets, or even plug-in scents. They don’t want to smell a bad scent, obviously, but they also don’t want it to smell like a transaction. When potential buyers enter a home, they want it to smell like home.

Fortunately, there are certain ways sellers can make their house smell universally homey. One of the ways is to bake cookies. This helps welcome guests and gives them a good first impression of the home.

2. Open Houses Don’t Benefit Sellers

When a real estate broker hosts an open house, it seems like it should be extremely beneficial to the seller. Unfortunately, the only promotion an open house provides is to the real estate broker. That’s it.

Danielle Paige Fleischer explains that there is an extremely low probability that a real potential buyer will attend an open house. Instead, the real estate broker gets to show off their skills. The likelihood of returns is much greater for a real estate broker to receive another client from an open house.

3. Commission is Negotiable

Real Estate Brokers want to make as much commission on a home sale as possible. That makes sense, as we all want to make as much money as we can for our hard work. However, this pursuit can often lead to professionals telling clients their commission is non-negotiable.

Danielle Paige Fleischer explains that if a Real Estate Broker tells a client that, they should be leery of them. That’s a bold-faced lie. A commission is always negotiable. If the commission is discussed upfront, before a contract is signed, there’s always room for negotiation.

4. Empty Homes Will Stay Empty

There’s a belief that an empty room will make the house look bigger. According to Danielle Paige Fleischer, this simply isn’t true. In fact, a house without furniture is less likely to sell. This is because it makes it harder for buyers to visualize their available space. When a home has furniture in it, buyers have an easier time imagining their own belongings in the house.

5. Staging is Essential for Success

Finally, Danielle Paige Fleischer explains that staging a house is the best way to promote a successful sale. Showing the people who come into the home the potential it has is paramount. So, clean up the kitchen and pose the house in a family-picture style. That’s a surefire way to attract the interest of buyers.

In summation, Danielle Paige Fleischer is hoping to squash myths with these secrets. Real estate is Fleisher’s passion and she is hopeful for its future. Ultimately, Fleisher wants to help the triad of real estate grow with transparency.

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