MGH Institute of Health Professions Named a "Great College to Work For" by Chronicle of Higher Education

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MGH Institute of Health Professions is the only school in Boston named a “Great College to Work For”

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MGH Institute of Health Professions is located in Boston

MGH Institute of Health Professions is the only school in Boston to be recognized as a "Great College to Work For."

We are very proud the MGH Institute is considered a great place to work, and are committed to assuring it remains so.”

— President Paula Milone-Nuzzo

BOSTON, MA, USA, July 16, 2018 / — MGH Institute of Health Professions was named for the ninth consecutive year as a “Great College to Work For” by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The MGH Institute is the only school in the city of Boston to achieve the ranking in the prestigious education magazine’s 2018 survey, which was released July 16.

“Receiving this recognition for nine years in a row is an affirmation by our faculty and staff that the Institute is a place where talented people have opportunities to thrive as they dedicate themselves to our mission of educating tomorrow’s health care leaders,” said President Paula Milone-Nuzzo. “We are very proud the MGH Institute is considered a great place to work, and are committed to assuring it remains so.”

A total of 84 of 253 institutions that participated in the survey earned “Great College to Work For” status for specific best practices and policies. The MGH Institute, which has approximately 1,600 students, was included in the Small Colleges category for schools with fewer than 3,000 students.

The MGH Institute was recognized in four categories:
• Collaborative Governance, where faculty members are appropriately involved in decisions related to academic programs;
• Compensation & Benefits, where pay is fair and benefits meet the needs of employees;
• Confidence in Senior Leadership, where leaders have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience for institutional success; and
• Respect and Appreciation, where employees are regularly recognized for their contributions.

“MGH Institute of Health Professions is a leader among Massachusetts colleges in a number of growth and success indicators, and that is the result of a workplace culture which fosters collaboration and mutual respect,” said Richard Doherty, president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts. “It is no surprise to me that the Institute is once again recognized as a great place to work.”

Dr. Lynn Foord, chair of the Faculty Senate and director of the Prerequisites for Health Professions program, said the school’s leadership encourages collaboration with the faculty and supports the work of the Senate maintaining open lines of communication across the Institute. “Senior leadership regularly seeks discussion with faculty leaders to identify issues and frame collaborative strategies and action for success,” said Foord.

Jorge Sanchez de Lozada, the Staff Council chair and director of Technology and Web Services, said he and other staff members were part of the recent school-wide initiative to create a new strategic map. “The staff really has a seat at the table when it comes to charting the Institute’s future,” said Sanchez de Lozada. “We have a direct voice to senior leadership and the president, and it allows staff members to truly be a part of the planning process.”

“The Great Colleges to Work For distinction is well-known by academic jobseekers as a sign that an institution’s employees are valued and given opportunities for growth even when they face financial constraints,” said Liz McMillen, editor of The Chronicle. “Any college or university that’s on the list is showing that they emphasize one of their most valuable assets: their faculty and staff.”

Survey results are based on a two-part assessment process: an institutional audit that captured demographics and workplace policies from each institution, and a survey administered to faculty, professional support staff, and administrators. The primary factor in deciding whether an institution received recognition was employee feedback.

About MGH Institute of Health Professions
Team-based care, delivered by clinicians skilled in collaboration and communication, leads to better outcomes for patients and clients. That’s why MGH Institute of Health Professions makes interprofessional learning a cornerstone of all its programs. Approximately 1,600 students at its Charlestown Navy Yard campus in Boston learn and collaborate in teams across disciplines as they pursue post-baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, speech-language pathology, health professions education, and rehabilitation sciences. The interprofessional learning module extends to hundreds of hospital, clinical, community, and educational sites in Greater Boston and beyond.

Founded in 1977, the MGH Institute is the only degree-granting affiliate of Partners HealthCare, New England’s largest health provider, and is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Several programs are highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

John Shaw
MGH Institute of Health Professions
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Krystal Marshayla Duckett Explains the Importance of Art in Today’s World

Krystal Marshayla Duckett is an advocate of keeping that expression alive by sharing the importance of art in today’s culture.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — Art is all around us. When most think of art, they imagine the Louvre or some other museum. Yet, art is not confined to the walls of a man-made building. Art is woven into the fabric of human expression and existence. Its majesty is a constant power. Art is inherent in humanity, as much as our blood. Art is inherent in our minds. It's a desire that humanity has always felt a need to feed.

Krystal Marshayla Duckett wholeheartedly believes in the power of art. Thus, Duckett advocates keeping the importance of art alive. Appreciation of art holds a meaning that surpasses the simple surmising of the artist’s intent. Art is a snapshot of history and should be protected and revered as such.

Art Transcends Language Barriers

Language is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. However, with art, instead of depicting meaning, it evokes feelings. So, in whatever language and background two people have, the art will convey a similar experience. Art can help people understand one another on a fundamental level.

Krystal Marshayla Duckett says that art incites communication that is otherwise impossible. The connection through art made between admirers is strong. Yet, there’s also an intimate understanding of the artist portrayed through art. Language doesn't limit art.

Art Reveals Historical Importance

The expression of art gives humanity a snapshot of the past. It gives a visual to what people wore and enlightens people with a perspective straight from the past. Without art, modern people wouldn’t understand the depth of humanity’s progression.

Historians garner a lot of other information from art. Studying techniques and supplies art history is illustrated. The artist creates a profile of themselves through their art. The substance the art is created on, the colors used, and the specific dyes all play a role. A painting will tell historians where the artist lived, their social stature, and the time they lived in.

Therefore, it isn’t simply the art that’s important, it’s the history and implications of that art. Art has a place in this world, because of the historical significance it holds.

Art is Primal Behavior

In addition to looking nice and holding significance, art is also a primal human behavior. Cavemen created art and every human society since has felt the need to create art. Since art isn’t significant to physical survival, the drive to create must be inherent in the human soul.

Therefore, the validity of it is essential to our preservation. To dismiss the power of art in our modern world, according to Duckett, is a folly of the highest degree. Humanity needs art because the ambition to create is a vivacious part of a human being.

To close, Krystal Marshayla Duckett is a proud art enthusiast. In this fast-paced world, people often fail to appreciate the beauty of life. Art is a large factor in that beauty. Duckett is steadfast in keeping that fact in the forefront of humanity’s considerations.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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CNN’s Don Lemon to Keynote the 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference

Don Lemon, correspondent and anchor of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon”

Don Lemon, correspondent and anchor of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon”

Chair, NAMIC Board of Directors

Accomplished News Anchor and Emmy Award Winning Journalist Brings Insightful Barrier-Breaking Story to Conference Opening Session

The ongoing conversation around diversity & inclusion is more important than ever and I am looking forward to the opportunity of being part of an event that has helped lead the charge in our industry.”

— Don Lemon, correspondent and anchor of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon”

NEW YORK, USA, July 16, 2018 / — Don Lemon, correspondent and anchor of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon”, will be the opening keynote speaker for the 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference, October 16-17, 2018 at the New York Marriott Marquis. The respected news professional will set the tone for this year’s conference theme, “Empower Leaders, Create Superheroes”, and illuminate multiculturalism by sharing his inspiring journey and thought-provoking insights.

“I am thrilled to be joining the NAMIC Conference this year with a group of media professionals who influence so many people,” said Lemon. “The ongoing conversation around diversity and inclusion is more important than ever and I am looking forward to the opportunity of being part of an event that has helped lead the charge in our industry for over 30 years.”

The 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference will be highlighted by a remarkable roster of the industry’s notable business leaders and subject-matter experts. This year’s agenda will soar to new heights of knowledge and courage by amplifying voices from across the cultural spectrum.

“We are honored to have Don as our opening keynote speaker,” said Joiava Philpott, vice president, Regulatory Affairs, Law & Policy Department, Cox Communications and chairperson of the NAMIC National Board of Directors. “He is the consummate journalist who brings his authentic self to everything he does and I know everyone attending the NAMIC Conference will walk away with something from his story and the insights he will bring during his talk.”

Additionally, conference highlights include the L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program Luncheon, the Annual Awards Luncheon honoring the recipient of the Mickey Leland Humanitarian Achievement Award and celebrating the 2018 class of Next Generation Leaders and Luminaries, and the Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA). The conference will continue its tradition of powerful, provocative education sessions, plus networking events.

Sponsors for the 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference include ARRIS, Charter Communications, Cox, Discovery, HBO, Nokia, NCTA, Turner, TV One, Univision Communications Inc. and The Walter Kaitz Foundation.
To register for this event visit Group discounts are available. For more information and sponsorship inquiries contact Sandra Girado 212-594-5985


NAMIC (National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications) is the premier organization focusing on multi-ethnic diversity in the communications industry. Founded in 1980 as a non-profit trade association, today NAMIC comprises more than 4,000 professionals across 18 chapters nationwide. Through initiatives that focus on education, advocacy and empowerment, NAMIC champions equity and inclusion in the workforce, with special attention given to ensuring that the leadership cadres of our nation's communications industry giants reflect the multi-ethnic richness of the populations they serve. For more information, please visit and stay connected to NAMIC on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Wanita Niehaus
(202) 643-2765
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Memo to Sri Lanka Office of Missing Persons (OMP) By Tamil Mothers of Disappeared About Why They Lack Confidence In OMP

We search our loved ones- including several babies, girls and children – whom we personally handed over to Sri Lankan forces at the end of war in May 2019

JAFFNA , SRI LANKA, July 16, 2018 / —

Memorandum to the Office of Missing Persons (OMP) by Tamil Mothers of the Disappeared about why we lack confidence in OMP

We are Tamil mothers of the disappeared, who desperately searching well-over eighteen (18) thousand of our daughters, sons and husbands who disappeared since 1983 in Tamil areas. In addition, we also search thousands of our loved ones – including several babies, girls and children – whom we personally handed-over to the Sri Lankan Security forces at the end of the war in May 2019.

We are continuously searching our loved ones, despite numerous challenges, including abuse by the Sri Lankan Security forces and Military Intelligence. We sold our houses, jewels and other properties and also borrowed money to pay “Security Forces Middlemen” who promised to get our loved ones back. But all our efforts failed and we were cheated. Several of our Mothers have died as a result of stress and sorrow, many of them due to heart attack.

Out of desperation to bring attention to our disappeared loved ones, we continuously held peaceful protests and hunger strikes for the last one and a half years in Tamil areas, despite intimidation and attacks by the Security forces and Military Intelligence. Still we continue our protests.

We continue to live with the pain of not knowing what happened to our daughters, sons and husbands. Every day we suffer imagining what would have happened to them.

• Are they alive?
• Are our daughters get raped?
• Are they tortured?

We have difficulty eating, sleeping or concentrating and continuously fall sick.

We want to bring to your attention that International law recognizes that the families of the missing have the “Right to Know the Truth” with respect to the fate of their loved ones. On December 15, 2015, Sri Lanka signed the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. Article 21 of the convention recognizes the continued victimization of the families of those who have disappeared and grants these victims the “right to know the truth regarding the circumstances…and the fate of the disappeared person[s].”

Also, any continued failure of the Sri Lankan government to provide such concrete information prolongs the suffering of the families of the missing; constitutes an ongoing violation of their human rights, and constitutes an ongoing failure by Sri Lanka to fulfill its obligations under international law as well as its obligations under Human Rights Council Resolution 30/1 and 34/1 which Sri Lanka voluntarily co-sponsored.


1) When the new Government came to power in January 2015, we had hope that the new Government will find our loved ones or give us the status of what happened to them.

2) We met Hon. President Mithripala Srisena thrice. At the first meeting itself, he had assured us that he will find an immediate solution to our demands. He had revealed that he will give an order at the Security Council Meeting to be held on the following day, to release the list of those surrendered at the end of the war in May 2009. But his promise had not been translated into action. When an executive President in this country is not in a position to keep a promise, how can we expect OMP, which was created by the Government to mete out justice? Can the OMP at-least get the list of those surrendered at the end of the war in May 2009 and disappeared?

3) Furthermore, Hon. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, came to Jaffna for one of our major festivals (Thai Pongal) and said in a public meeting on January 15, 2016 that “Those who surrendered to the Sri Lankan Security forces at the end of the war in May 2009 are no longer alive”. These Tamils, including several babies, girls and children voluntarily placed themselves in the hands of the security forces at the end of the conflict in reliance on assurances that they would be safe.

But, the Prime Minister refused to give any clarification about his statement, including who is responsible for the killings, manner in which they were killed and where the dead bodies are. How do you expect us to believe the OMP, which was established by this Government, when its own Prime Minister is refusing to give clarification of a public statement he made about the deaths of the Tamil disappeared? Can OMP get the clarification from the Prime Minister?

4) The Government had also made changes in the OMP bill (Sec.11a) to curtail even its least power, due to the intervention of a Sinhala political party. This happened even without taking into consideration the recommendations of the consultation Task force on Reconciliation mechanism.

5) How do you expect OMP to bring justice to us, when OMP act section13 (2) mentions that the findings of the OMP could not be used in any civil or criminal cases for seeking justice?

6) There is no transparency adopted in the selection of the Commissioners for the OMP. Selections were made by the Constitutional Council in which Sinhala Politicians are also members, who repeatedly said that they will not allow any members of the Security force to face justice. Can OMP guarantee that alleged perpetrators will be brought to justice?

7) Out of the seven Commissioners is a former senior Security force officer. How can we go and seek justice from him? Can OMP take steps to remove him as its Commissioner?

8) Repeated requests to have some OMP Commissioners from the UN and other international experts were rejected. How do you expect us to have confidence in OMP, given the long and failed history of Sri Lankan Government appointed Commissions to deal with abuses against Tamils? Can OMP include UN and other International experts as Commissioners?

We urge you to rectify our above mentioned concerns and we will give our whole hearted support to you.

After all, this is about the disappearance of our daughters, sons and husbands.


Mrs. K. Yogarajah
Coordinator – Tamil Mothers of the Disappeared

Contact Email:

Tamil Mothers of the Disappeared
Tamil Mothers of the Disappeared
email us here

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Holabird Western Americana Collections' massive 3,600-lot June 22-26 auction in Reno, Nevada grosses just under $500,000

Five-ounce Chinese ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin, one of only 99 minted and in proof condition ($32,535)

The Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated collection of more than 250 ore specimens and samples, all labeled and from Nevada ($15,625).

Rare onion skin Green Mountain Mining (Ontonagon Cty., Mich.) stock certificate, issued in 1862 for 25 shares ($2,250).

Framed print of the fabled Pacific Coast Borax 20-mule team, pulling wagons through Death Valley, Calif. ($2,928).

Circa 1900 World War I military campaign hat, Western style, with acorn ties and an upturned wreath with a “3” at the center ($594).

A Chinese ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin sold for $32,535 to take top lot honors. The runner-up was an ore specimen collection from Nevada’s mining past ($15,625).

We had two superb collections — the Gottschalk Aurora, Nevada collection, many with visible gold, and the Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated ore collection.”

— Fred Holabird

RENO, NEV., UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — RENO, Nev. – Who says there’s no such things as unicorns? A five-ounce Chinese ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin sold for $32,535 to take top lot honors at Holabird Western Americana Collections’ five-day June Treasures from Pacific Shores auction held June 22-26 in Reno. The runner-up lot was an astounding ore specimen collection from Nevada’s mining past ($15,625).

The auction was loaded with nearly 3,600 lots covering many categories, including numismatics, mining, minerals, general Americana, railroad, tokens, antique bottles, gaming, firearms and weaponry, Wells Fargo and Express collectibles and more. The event, which grossed $489,500, was held online and in Holabird’s gallery, located at 3555 Airway Drive (Suite 308) in Reno.

The ‘Beloved Unicorn’ gold coin, which is legal tender in the People’s Republic of China, was one of only 99 minted and was graded in proof condition. It came housed in a lovely presentation case and had a .999 gold composition. The mirror back obverse featured a design of two unicorns (a standing adult and resting offspring) with the word “UNICORN” in print and a currency mark.

The June 23rd session contained 158 lots of minerals and ore specimens and 531 lots of mining collectibles, to include lamps, candlesticks and hard goods. “We had two superb collections,” said Fred Holabird of Holabird Western Americana Collections, “the Gottschalk Aurora, Nevada collection, many with visible gold, and the Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated ore collection.”

The latter collection, of more than 250 ore specimens and samples, all labeled, proved to be the more attractive of the two to bidders. “We decided to keep the Con-Virginia collection together, since it represented a complete group of minerals and ore from producing Western mines in the 1920s and ‘30s and before,” Mr. Holabird said. “But both collections were unique and valuable.”

The highlight of the Gottschalk Collection was a high-grade gold specimen from the Florence Mine at Goldfield, Nev. The cut face specimen, 3 inches by 2 inches, with original label, brought $1,750. Also from the Gottschalk Collection, a pair of gold-silver specimens out of the Cortez Mine in Aurora, Nev. – considered one of the original rich mines – sold as one lot for $1,062.

Following are additional highlights from the auction. For those unable to attend in person, online bidding was provided by,, eBay Live and About 3,700 people registered to bid across all the platforms. They placed 3,155 live bids and 1,843 absentee bids. Phone bids were also accepted. All prices quoted include the buyer’s premium.

A Chinese silver Liang (Tael) coin, minted in 1908 in the Hunan Province and issued by the Ta Ch’ing Government Bank, with the obverse showing three lines of two characters each and the reverse two lines of three characters each, garnered $8,438. Also, a W. Conklin IOU token good for 12 ½ cents in trade, issued in Sabrine Pass, Texas and in good condition, commanded $1,875.

A rare onion skin Green Mountain Mining (Ontonagon County, Mich.) stock certificate issued in 1862 in the amount of 25 shares to a Mr. Oliver Severance, signed by the company president and secretary, realized $2,250; while a Peoples Ice Company (Boca, Calif.) stock certificate for 45 shares, issued to “Thompson” in 1875, also signed by the president and secretary, made $438.

A framed print of the fabled Pacific Coast Borax 20-mule team, pulling wagons through Death Valley, Calif., measuring 16 inches by 42 inches (in the frame) breezed to $2,928. Also, a circa 1900 World War I-era military campaign hat, Western style, with acorn ties and an upturned wreath with the number “3” at the center, issued to staff non-commissioned officers, hit $594.

Great deals were to be had for bidders savvy enough to score them. A black tin box filled with Bassick Gold Mine (Querida, Colo.) company records from 1899-1901 – thousands of checks and invoices – went for just $1,000, and a beautifully refinished early 1900s Mason player piano, a fixtured in early honky-tonk bars and saloons, with stool and 300 music rolls, fetched $938.

Some lots sold for a ridiculously low $12.50 each, believe it or not. They included the following:

• 1950s early Knott’s Berry Farm (Disneyland) ephemera, to include a color booklet with mailing envelope, chicken dinner restaurant menu and Disneyland Hotel unused postcard.
• Set of eight 20th century tobacco company stock certificates, including ones for Liggett & Myers, Burley Tobacco Co., Pumpelly-Howe Tobacco Co., and Continental Tobacco Co.
• Collection of over 40 Wells Fargo and American Express envelopes, most addressed to Stupp Floral Company of St. Joseph, Mo., and postmarked Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas.

Holabird Western Americana Collections’ next big event will be an Americana auction sometime in August (dates and times to be announced), followed by an auction that will coincide with the National Token Collectors Association annual token auction on Friday, Aug. 31, in Sandy, Utah.

Anyone owning a collection that might fit into an upcoming Holabird Western Americana Collections auction is encouraged to get in touch. The firm travels extensively throughout the U.S., to see and pick up collections. Last year it visited Boston, Florida, Seattle and New York.

Holabird Western Americana Collections is always seeking bottle, advertising, Americana and coin consignments for future auctions. To consign a single piece or a collection, you may call Fred Holabird at 775-851-1859 or 844-492-2766; or, e-mail him at To learn more about Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC, please visit

# # # #

Fred Holabird
Holabird Western Americana, LLC
(775) 851-1859
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Blockchain Nation Las Vegas “The Conference That Matters” to be Held October 9-10, 2018

Win a million

As part of a commitment to building a better blockchain community, Crypto World Journal announces, Blockchain Nation Las Vegas “The Conference that Matters.”

With a goal of “Building a Better Blockchain Community”, Blockchain Nation will feature business leaders and legends, key government officials, high net worth investors, top attorneys and influencers.”

— Blockchain Nation

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, July 16, 2018 / — As the world of cryptocurrency, fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies become more popular and penetrate new markets, a rise in the number of industry conferences has created a healthy competition for the attention of enthusiasts. Blockchain Nation, the conferences that have been identified by major news outlets such as Yahoo! Finance and Fortune, as providing interesting and significant content is excited to announce that they are open for business in Las Vegas. Blockchain Nation Las Vegas (, “The Conference that Matters,” will be held October 9th and 10th, at the Paris Hotel, in the heart of The Strip, in Las Vegas, NV.

With a goal of “Building a Better Blockchain Community,” Blockchain Nation Las Vegas will feature business leaders and legends, key government officials, high net worth investors, top industry attorneys and influencers such as:

Legendary investor and “Shark Tank” shark, “Mr. Wonderful,” Kevin O’Leary
Former White House director of economic policy & managing director at Tiger hedge fund, Todd Buchholz
Anti-virus and cyber security pioneer, investor and presidential candidate, John McAfee
Global Head Oracle Innovation and Global Startup Ecosystem, Shaloo Garg
Bitcoin Foundation Board Member, Vinny Lingham
Former Prime Minister of Estonia, Taavi Roivas
Fluree CEO and tech investor, Andrew “Flip” Filipowski
Managing Partner at Doyle Capital Management and Co-author, Cryptoassets, Jack Tatar & many more…

Blockchain Nation Las Vegas will have a unique “Innovator Competition” where projects will be exposed to the billions of investment dollars in attendance and have the chance to compete for up to $1 million in investment from the event organizers, and be evaluated and advised by the panel comprised of industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, including Vinny Lingham and Kevin O’Leary.

This gathering of the minds will be one of the most educational, entertaining, inspirational and productive conferences in the history of the industry. With great speakers, the most relevant topics, an extraordinary networking private pool party with celebrity entertainment and fireworks, an epic VIP experience, and billions of investment dollars in attendance, Blockchain Nation will be a conference that you do not want to miss!

For more information on becoming a media partner, a sponsor and /or attending Blockchain Nation, please visit our website –

Blockchain Nation

“The Conference That Matters”

Network. Learn. Become More.

Yuliana Umanets
CWJ Blockchain Nation
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Blockchain Nation Conference Promo Video

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EFFI Cancels Reverse Stock Split

EffTec International. Inc. Today announced that its board of directors has decided to abandon and cancel the reverse stock split that was previously approved

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — EffTec International, Inc. (OTC PINK: EFFI) Today announced that its board of directors has decided to abandon and cancel the reverse stock split that was previously approved. Per the update, the board believes that, given the company’s upcoming joint venture and changes in the market since the time of the approval, it is in the best interest of EffTec International to cancel the reverse split.

Efftec International, Inc. is a holding company whose mission is to continue its steady growth and become a market leader through strategic acquisitions and organic growth. The company's core business focus is on sales of hardware and nutrients into the hydroponics and indoor growth markets.

Safe Harbor Provisions: This Press Release may contain, among other things, certain forward-looking statements, including, without limitation (i) statements with respect to the Company's plans, objectives, expectations and intentions, and (ii) other statements identified by words such as "may," "could," "would," "should," "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "estimates," "intends," "plans," or similar expressions. These statements are based upon the current beliefs and expectations of the Company's management.

John Morris Jr.
EffTec International, Inc.
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Villas in Barbados

Luxury Beach Side Villa Barbados

Villas in Turks and Caicos

Beach Enclave Turks and Caicos

W Villa in St Barts

W Villa in St Barts

luxury caribbean villas st Barts

Aerial View of St Barts

7 Mile Beach luxury villas Cayman Islands

7 Mile Beach luxury villas Cayman Islands

High end Luxury Travel sees trend back to more traditional expert service and away from online booking engines

It is about creating a dream and then making that dream a reality”

— Alexandra Baradi

NEW YORK, USA, July 16, 2018 / — When it comes to high-end luxury travel, there is a major trend which is moving away from online travel agents and back to a more traditional, personalized and bespoke service.

Research by, one of the world’s leading travel companies Exceptional Villas has shown that their discerning clients no longer wish to have an anonymous experience. They prefer to speak to an expert and make an informed decision on the best places to go, the best accommodation to choose and the best experiences to participate in when they reach their vacation destination.

It is very important for high net worth clients to receive professional and unbiased advice. A vacation is not just about the initial booking of a villa or hotel but also about the total experience. Companies that can provide a full-service complimentary concierge as part of their service are winning out.

Owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas said, “It is about creating a dream and then making that dream a reality” We live in a very busy world where time has never been more precious. It is essential that clients use their treasured vacation time properly and that they have the best experience possible.

Choosing a travel company that are total experts in the area and country you wish to visit is essential.

So, what are the most important criteria when selecting your travel company?

1) The travel professionals have personally been to the destinations they are promoting and suggesting
2) They offer unbiased advice and can compare and contrast different options
3) They have excellent content on their website so that clients can do their own research in their own time
4) They offer a complimentary and professional concierge service
5) They offer the best price guarantee
6) They have excellent reviews and testimonials from previous clients


Exceptional Villas is a European based vacation Rental Company with clients and destinations all over the world. They have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This includes matching the perfect villa for each of their clients and also providing a full and complimentary concierge service. This service includes organizing all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and are filled with a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customized service they offer.

For more information visit or call + 353 64 66 41170 or toll-free from the US and Canada 1 800 245 5109 and UK 0845 528 4197

Alexandra Baradi
Exceptional Villas
email us here

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Exceed Solar to display high tech, solar powered living spaces to millions of shoppers

High tech housing using sustainable materials and solar PV

Exceed Solar's high tech solar powered living spaces will be featured at Southgate Centre and highlight new ways of building sustainable structures

The popularity of backyard garden suites continues to increase substantially, so our timing could not be more perfect.”

— Stanton Pawchuk, Cofounder, Exceed Solar

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, July 16, 2018 / — Exceed Solar is set to unveil its solar-powered living spaces at Southgate Centre in October 2018 as its guests will be treated to an inside look at what the future of living and grow spaces look like.

Exceed Solar, which specializes in backyard solar applications branded under the name “Sol Spaces”, has signed an agreement with Southgate Centre, one of Canada’s most successful shopping centres, to display the Company’s high tech garden suite on the northwest parking lot. The Company’s solar-powered greenhouse will be exhibited inside the shopping centre and will feature, among other things, a living wall.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Southgate Centre to expose our product to millions of shoppers within our target demographic,” said Stanton Pawchuk, cofounder of Exceed Solar. “The popularity of backyard garden suites continues to increase substantially, so our timing could not be more perfect.”

Southgate Centre is among the top 5 shopping malls in Canada for sales per square foot, and is located in an affluent area of Edmonton with a strong appeal to professionals and young families. Annually the shopping centre draws approximately 8.9 million visitors.

These demographics line up perfectly with Exceed Solar’s target market, particularly with the popularity of backyard applications such as garden suites and solar greenhouses. Municipal bylaws and regulations are now aligned with this growing market making it even easier for people to implement.

“Even as a rental suite, the backyard garden suite provides a significant return on investment,” explained Pawchuk. “However the flexibility for these living spaces is impressive, and can range from extra office space to artists studios and guest suites.”

Inside the shopping centre under a themed dome area will be the solar powered greenhouse, which is becoming increasingly appealing as food costs rise and consumers express more and more concern about genetically modified foods. The solar greenhouse has its own power source using 1 kWh of solar energy.

While the market for smaller homes, often termed tiny homes, is growing, Exceed Solar is taking a different approach to both renewable energy and living spaces. Each Sol Space is energy audited to maximize efficiency and to reduce the cost of solar power. In order to achieve scalability, the Company has used structural insulated panels as opposed to stick frame construction. This enables Exceed Solar to scale its solution to larger applications such as residential homes and recreational properties.

Exceed Solar is currently constructing the prototypes for the Southgate project and will be launching them on October 1, 2018 at the shopping center with an official ribbon cutting.


Exceed Solar leverages cutting edge building technologies to create fully sustainable, energy efficient, highly engineered living spaces. These “Sol Spaces” have been designed both to reduce the carbon footprint of the structures and to utilize available renewable energy from the sun via PV solar panels. Sol Spaces are easily installed and highly scalable, from backyard garden suites to solar powered greenhouses to fully sustainable recreational and residential homes. Our company objective is to exceed your expectations of what’s possible.


John Putters
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John Putters
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Apollo Med Innovations, LLC Announces the Acquisition of Cosmedical Spa.

The acquisition of Cosmedical is part of Apollo’s growth strategy of providing the latest technological offerings to the aesthetic market and delivering world class service through company owned spas”

— Randy Wright, CEO, Apollo Med Innovations

PEACHTREE CITY, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2018 / — PEACHTREE CITY, Georgia – Apollo Med Innovations, LLC (Apollo) is proud to announce the asset purchase acquisition of Cosmedical Spa in Peachtree City, GA (Cosmedical). Cosmedical has been successfully treating customers in Peachtree City and the surrounding area for over 7 years in the latest aesthetic procedures. Apollo intends to continue Cosmedical’ s rich tradition of cutting edge treatments using the latest products and technology administered by experts in the field and offering expanded treatments and a new management team.
Simultaneous with the acquisition, Apollo also announced the hiring of Julie Robbins, Operations Director, and Andrew Nobles, Sales Operations Manager, to lead Cosmedical. Julie is a registered nurse with over 10 years’ experience in the industry and Andrew is a Licensed Esthetician with over 7 years’ experience. Dr. Lawrence Segal will continue as Medical Director of Cosmedical and Rebecca McKoy, has agreed to join the Apollo Med Spa Advisory Board.
Cosmedical intends to offer customers the latest in aesthetic and wellness treatments including:
• Popular injectables like Botox and Juvederm
• Laser hair removal
• Micro-needling treatments for skin rejuvenation
• PDO tread treatments – known as the “lunchtime facelift”
• Weight-loss and body contouring treatments using cryotherapy
• Laser treatments for multiple skin issues including fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, scaring and others
• Massage Treatments
• Hormone Pellet Treatments
• Industry leading cosmeceutical and cosmetic lines
"We are excited to be joining the Apollo team and leading Cosmedical in serving Peachtree City and the surrounding communities with the latest aesthetic and wellness procedures. We intend to expand on Cosmedical’s tradition of unsurpassed patient outcomes and add broad wellness therapies. Andrew and I have moved to the community and intend to become actively involved in such a wonderful area" said Julie Robbins, Operations Director.
Randy Wright, CEO of Apollo, said, "The acquisition of Cosmedical is part of Apollo’s overall growth strategy of providing both the latest technological offerings to the aesthetic industry and delivering world class service through company owned and operated spas. We are proud that Julie and Andrew have agreed to join the Apollo team and to lead Cosmedical by providing the latest treatments and services to our valued customers.”
Apollo also announced that the Cosmedical facilities will also serve as the national training facility for Apollo’s master PDO thread training course series.
About Cosmedical Spa
Cosmedical is a leading aesthetic and wellness spa serving Peachtree City, GA and the surrounding communities. Cosmedical is led by Medical Director, Dr. Lawrence Segal and the professional, experienced team of Julie Robins, Registered Nurse, and Andrew Nobles, Licensed Esthetician.
Cosmedical offers patients and customers the latest in cutting edge treatments and products to provide aesthetic and wellness procedures intended to bring improved health, wellness and beauty to its customers. Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for wellness and beauty tips as well as the latest on our growing list of procedures and monthly specials.
About Apollo Med Innovations
Apollo Med Innovations, LLC is a leading distributor of cutting edge aesthetic products to the MedSpa and aesthetic industries. Apollo Med’s product suite includes micro-needling devices and supplies, Miracu PDO threads, diode and multi-platform lasers, cryotherapy devices and a full line of Secretly Ageless branded cosmeceuticals. Apollo Med is also dedicated to superior service and customer education through its master training series led by its esteemed Doctor Advisory Council. Apollo Med is committed to providing its customers the latest in high quality aesthetic products at a reasonable cost providing its partners with exceptional return on investment. For more information on Apollo Med Innovations, visit our website at
For more information contact:
Name: Julie Robbins
Phone: 770.632.5500

Name: Andrew Nobles
Phone: 770.632.5500

Dennis Stoutenburgh
Social Strategy1, Inc
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