TYS Creative provides digital marketing solutions to manufactured home community in Canutillo

Visit Gaslight Square to tour one of the model homes

Schedule a tour to see one of the model homes at Gaslight Square

Gaslight Square sparks interest in El Paso and Canutillo with new responsive website

We’ve invested a lot in the community and take great pride in the neighborhood feel that has been created.”

— Tim Reida

CANUTILLO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — TYS Creative, a digital marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, today announced the launch of a new website for Gaslight Square (https://gaslightsquaremhc.com/), a family-friendly mobile home and RV community that features picturesque homes and sites with numerous amenities. The website was designed and developed to support the introduction of affordable new custom homes and includes an interactive home tour, photo gallery, and available listings.

Gaslight Square offers on-site management, clubhouse with kitchen, large swimming pool, sports area, lighted streets, plenty of off-street parking and a playground.

“We’ve invested a lot in the community and take great pride in the neighborhood feel that has been created,” said Tim Reida, Gaslight Square’s Executive Property Manager.

The community, which is minutes away from schools and retail shops, offers an abundance of open space and greenery. It is also centrally located close to Historic Mesilla, El Paso, colleges and more.

“The management team at Gaslight Square are wonderful people,” said Tin Yen, Founder and Creative Director at TYS Creative. “They offer referral incentives and work hard to make the community one of the friendliest places to live in Canutillo.”

Gaslight Square Mobile Home and RV Park offers a variety of manufactured homes that are ideal for young families, seniors, and those in between. To schedule a tour please call (915) 877-2238 or visit https://gaslightsquaremhc.com/.

About TYS Creative
TYS Creative is an award-winning Web design and digital agency that develops integrated solutions to help clients in technology, utilities, entertainment, real estate, and healthcare achieve their goals. The firm builds strong creative partnerships with clients in a collaborative environment to target all customer experience touch points, including Web sites, e-mail campaigns, digital campaigns, Google Ads, SEO services, and brand identity. TYS works in all media, including online, print, and broadcast. To learn more visit https://tyscreative.com/

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Psychologist Judith Marayelle Gives Us Her Best Tips For Coping With the Loss of a Loved One

Judith Marayelle

Judith Marayelle

MINNETONKA, MN, USA, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Grief is a powerful and often paralyzing emotion. Losing someone close to you leaves a hole in your life, and grieving is a natural emotional response to that trauma. “There is no right or wrong way to grieve,” says psychologist Judith Marayelle. “But there are healthy ways you can deal with the grieving process to make it less damaging and more healing.”

Judith Marayelle, MSEd and LP, goes on to explain that research shows most people are able to recover from loss on their own – so long as they have healthy habits and a network of social support.

What Is Grief? Psychologist Judith Marayelle Explains

“Grief is a very natural response to loss,” explains Judith Marayelle. “It’s the emotional suffering you feel when a person you love is taken from you. Often this loss can be completely overwhelming. Shock, guilt, anger, disbelief, sadness – all of these emotions fall under the umbrella of grief, and working through them is part of the grieving process.”

“The real problem with grief is not that you feel it – it is a natural part of life to grieve our losses. Instead, the problem with grief is the disruption it can cause to our physical health. Sleeping, eating, exercising – all of these normal habits and routines fly out the window,” says Judith Marayelle. She explains that this disruption is to be expected, and is considered normal for a period of time. But if it is not addressed, if it lapses into long-term depression and lack of self-care, it can have a long-term effect on your physical and mental health.

Judith Marayelle Shares How to Deal With the Grieving Process

“Only time can help you heal your grief. There are no quick fixes. But there are some steps you can take to help make yourself more comfortable,” says Judith Marayelle.

1. Talk About the Death of Your Loved One

“A support system is so important,” says Marayelle. “It reminds us that we are not alone. Talking about our departed loved one helps us hold onto beloved memories and, over time, those good memories replace some of the memories of pain, grief, and loss. Avoidance only leads to isolation.”

2. Accept Your Feelings

“This is difficult for a lot of people,” says Judith Marayelle. “Our culture teaches us to suppress negative emotions from a very young age. But you’re going to experience anger, sadness, fear, and exhaustion. Name your emotions. Recognize when you are feeling them and let it happen. But if you start to feel overwhelmed, talk to a licensed psychologist – you need to process your feelings to heal, but you never need to do it alone.”

3. Practice Self-Care

“A lot of people find this to be obvious,” says Judith Marayelle. “But it is so easy to put self-care aside when you are grieving. Guilt and depression tell us we’re terrible people for relaxing or reading a book or laughing when our loved one can’t anymore. Try to remember that your loved one wants you to be happy and healthy. They wouldn’t want you to neglect yourself. It’s normal to be depressed and let some things fall to the wayside while you recover. But try to do one small thing for yourself every day. Even if it’s just taking a shower or cooking breakfast.”

This is far from a comprehensive list of all the ways you can help yourself cope with grief healthily. If you are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless in the face of the loss of your loved one, talk to your friends, your family, or a mental health professional.

Judith Marayelle has been a psychologist for over 30 years. Her goal is to help her patients understand and resolve the issues in their lives and achieve a sense of personal empowerment and well-being. She focuses on providing a therapeutic environment of caring and non-judgment that will help her patients achieve a greater level of comfort and release their emotional pain.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Judith Marayelle

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The Sex, Drugs & RocknRoll Show Podcast Grows to Twice A Week

The SDR Show Goes bi-weekly with Jack Osbourne and Steel Panther

The SDR Show Hosts Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton

Wednesdays & Saturdays Starting This Week with Guests Jack Osbourne & Steel Panther

After having many porn stars on the show we’ve decided it’s finally time we try double penetration! Starting this week, The SDR Show now is happening twice a week every week on Wednesday and Saturday”

— Ralph Sutton host of The SDR Show

HOBOKEN, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Popular, New York City comedy podcast, The SDR Show hosted by comedian Big Jay Oakerson and rock radio personality Ralph Sutton will now serve double, heaping helpings of sex, drugs and rocknroll as the show grows to twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturday nights at 9pm ET/6pm PT live on www.thesdrshow.com/live

“After having many porn stars on the show we’ve decided it’s finally time we try double penetration,” says Ralph Sutton. “Starting this week, The SDR Show is happening twice a week every week on Wednesday and Saturday on the Gas Digital Network and later everywhere you consume podcasts. Its a double dose of sex, drugs and rocknroll!”

Tonight, Ralph and Jay will welcome rock royalty Jack Osbourne and on Saturday it will be metal legends Steel Panther.

The Wednesday night shows will be available for download on Sunday and the Saturday night shows will be available on Tuesday.

The rest of the SDR Show August schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, August 12 – Broken Lizard Guys (rock band)
Saturday, August 15 – Steve-O (Jackass)
Wednesday, August 19 – Russell Peters (comedian)
Saturday, August 22 – Andy Dick (actor/comedfian}
Wednesday, August 26 – The Naked Newlywed Game
Saturday, August 29 – Nick Perri (Supertroopers)

You may subscribe to The SDR Show’s YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/thesdrshow and you may download episodes on Itunes, Apple and all major podcast providers.

To subscribe to the Gas Digital Network and free trial go here www.gasdigitalnetwork.com

You may follow The SDR on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheSDRShow and www.twitter.com/gasdigital on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/thesdrshow and www.Instagram.com/gasdigital and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TheSDRShow and www.Facebook.com/gasdigital

About The SDR Show:

The SDR Show (short for Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll) delivers everything its name implies: featuring candid interviews with some of the world’s most interesting characters, from Top 10 Billboard artists such as Living Colour, Andrew WK, Gene Simmons, Dee Snider and Tesla to internationally acclaimed porn stars like Lisa Ann, Kendra Sunderland and Jessa Rhodes. The show is hosted by rock radio personality Ralph Sutton and comedian Big Jay Oakerson. From superstar DJs to world-renowned authors, comedians and celebrities, podcasting has become a mainstay in today’s entertainment industry, and in such a saturated digital market, creating a show that makes the charts and catches attention from the onset is almost unheard of. Combining three of America’s hottest topics, The SDR Show has picked up a momentum that usually requires months of heavy promotion, making a name for itself by going where few dare to tread – completely uncensored and thoroughly satisfying.

About the Hosts:

Big Jay Oakerson – can been seen playing out most nights across the country – as well as on various TV shows doing mainly crowd-work comedy – a true fearless funny guy – who can get up on stage with zero prepared material and kill it.

Ralph Sutton – has been the host of a nationally syndicated rock radio show called The Tour Bus for the past 10+ years, and has hosted concerts, TV shows, and more – all for the betterment of rock (and trying to get laid in the process).

About GaS Digital:

So why subscribe? All that free content is not released until five days after it’s recorded, and it’s only the beginning of what we offer. For only $8.50 a month ($7 with a show’s discount code), you get full access to the videos – live and commercial free, as they air. You can join the live chat during the shows and post in the forums, both great ways to connect with other fans AND the hosts of the shows. You get the whole catalog of archives, over 3,000 hours of your favorite shows, which are not available to the public and can be accessed via our RSS feed, by download, or by our Alexa skill. Speaking of, there is a ton of bonus content created specially for our members only! Plus, if you subscribe with your favorite show’s promo code, you save $1.50 monthly.

If you’re still not sure about subscribing, you get a free 14 day trial with that bonus code, and if you don’t love it, cancel at the end of the trial. No harm, no foul. We’re artists, we love what we do, and we want you to love it too.

Lainie Speiser
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Dr. David Samadi: Men with gout have increased risk for erectile dysfunction

gout and sexual dysfunction

gout and sexual dysfunction

sexual function and gout

sexual function and Gout

Gout could be a risk factor for Erectile Dysfunction

Gout could be a risk factor for sexual dysfunction”

— Dr. David Samadi

OLD WESTBURY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gout, a painful type of inflammatory arthritis affecting more than eight million Americans, is found to increase risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. These findings were published in Rheumatology International which assessed the relationship between gout and risk for erectile dysfunction. The meta-analysis reviewed eight studies published from 2010 and later with more than 350,000 study participants included in the research of which 85,067 had gout.

The underlying cause of gout is a buildup of excess uric acid in the body called hyperuricemia. The excess uric acid crystals get deposited in the joint cartilage causing excruciatingly painful symptoms within the joints.

“I’ve always said a man’s penis is a bellwether for men’s health,” exclaimed Dr. David Samadi, Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn, New York. “Past studies have also found gout to be foretelling of issues with erections. A 2017 study of almost 48,000 men found that men with gout were 31 percent more likely to report ED than men without the condition. Sometimes the ED begins before a man even has symptoms of gout.”

The information found from this new study is that men with gout had an increased risk of ED when compared to the general public. While this new study included a large cross section of participants from England, Taiwan, the United States, and Korea, limitations cited were potential selection or recall bias, lack of information on duration and treatment of gout, and that the difference in risk for ED between acute and chronic gout was not considered.

“Gout is far more common in men than women since have higher levels of estrogen in women helps the kidneys process uric acid,” stated Dr. Samadi. “Gout is caused by the buildup of excess uric acid in blood that affects blood vessels and is also linked to plaque buildup. In order for men to achieve an erection, good blood flow is key. But when plaque buildup in blood vessels hinders blood flow, this creates a problem for the penis to get and maintain an erection.”

Dr. Samadi went on to add, “Men with gout should automatically be assessed for ED. These same men also are at risk for coronary artery disease which should also be evaluated too. It’s important to help these men manage gout, ED, and any heart issues found. A proactive approach is the best way to find therapies that work so men can achieve better sexual functioning and overall health.”

Dr. David Samadi is the Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Long Island. He’s a renowned and highly successful board certified Urologic Oncologist Expert and Robotic Surgeon in New York City, regarded as one of the leading prostate surgeons in the U.S., with a vast expertise in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy. Visit Dr. Samadi’s websites at robotic oncology and prostate cancer 911.

Dr. David Samadi
Robotic Oncology
+1 212-365-5000
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Recent Escalation in Human rights Violations in Pakistan

Sindhis protesting in Washington DC


WASHINGTON, DC, USA, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sindhi Foundation is organizing a protest outside Pakistani ambassador's house in Washington D.C. on August 14th which is also Pakistan's independence day. Sindhi Foundations has appealed to Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Siraiki, people of Gilgit-Baltistan and all other human rights organizations to join them on August 14, 2020 at 5pm EST for the freedom of victims of enforced disappearances. Enforced disappearances of Sindhis isn’t an issue of a single party, an organization, a group or any particular person but an issue of the entire Sindhi community. In today's time it's important to prove that Sindhis can struggle together and are united.

Sindhi Foundation and Sindhi Community of the United States wants to inform the media about recent escalation in abductions and enforced disappearances of Sindhis by Pakistani Authorities.

Sindhi Foundation started the “where is” campaign in 2017 when Punhal Sario (Convener Voice of Missing Persons Sindh) was abducted. This initiative by Sindhi Foundation has become a movement now and people from all walks of life including US representatives have joined the movement. Thousands of people are sharing “where is” videos with names of victims of enforced disappearance on social media.

During a protest against Enforced disappearance held on Saturday August 1, outside Pakistani ambassador's House in Washington D.C. Munawar Laghari , Executive Director of Sindhi Foundation said, “I want to tell the people in Sindh who are being tortured, suffering and fighting for their basic human rights, that ‘you’re not alone, I am with you.’ I also want to tell the families of the victims of enforced disappearances, that we are not weak, we are very strong and if we all stand united for Sindh, we will get all our people freed”.

The enforced disappearances of hundreds of Sindhis during past few years has been a cause of grave concern for every member of Sindhi community. Talking to the media recently, some of the victims' families described how they were brutally beaten minutes before their respective members were taken away forcibly. Neither women nor animals were spared from the brutal bashings of the so-called police. Posing as medics coming for a Covid19 check up to pushing their way inside the homes of the innocent to almost driving over them, these families have seen it all, some even receiving serious injuries but no justice as they don’t even know if an FIR (first information report) is lodged or not. Double Cabin Vehicles with police mafias and guns threatening to fire if an abduction was resisted has now become a familiar scenario. With the police itself involved in such cases, the poor have nowhere to hide nor a door to knock and seek justice. Where do they go? What do they do? How do they bring their loved ones back? These are some of the hard hitting questions that are asked and the answers to them are yet to be found.

Sindhis from all walks of life specially women are gathering in various cities of Sindh to protest against enforced disappearances. Most of these protests are led by women for the safe return of their loved ones. Families of the victims are being harassed by Police. Police came to arrest Aaqib Chandio’s sister Shazia today but she wasn’t home as she was organizing a protest at the press club. She has now refused to go home and will continue the protest and if police have to come and arrest her they can do so. Inaam Abbasi who has also been a victim of enforced disappearance has also lead the protests and has been on hunger strikes.

Sindhi Foundation

Sufi Laghari
Sindhi Foundation
+1 202-378-0333
email us here
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Hoosier Contractors Currently Offering Services to the Greater Indianapolis Area

Locally owned company Hoosier Contractors to continue serving the Greater Indianapolis Area throughout the current year.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — For the duration of 2020 and beyond, Indianapolis-area company Hoosier Contractors announces that it will continue providing roofing, siding, gutter, and other contracting services to the metropolitan area of Indianapolis as well as the suburbs surrounding it. Though experienced in a broad range of construction and repairs, Hoosier Contractors specializes in large/steep roofing for both residential and commercial buildings.

Based in Indianapolis, the company’s service range spans all 368 square miles of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, including Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Greenwood, Anderson, Lawrence, Westfield, Plainfield, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Franklin, Greenfield, Shelbyville, Avon, Lebanon, Beech Grove, Speedway, Martinsville, Greencastle and the 36 other municipalities that make up the Greater Indianapolis Area.

Businesses and individuals within the Indianapolis area who are interested in Hoosier Contractors’ professional services can reach out and schedule a no-obligation, cost-free roof inspection through the “Schedule a No Cost Roof Inspection” page of the company’s website. After completing the contact form, a company representative will reach out to book a visit that conveniently accommodates the client’s schedule. Same day appointments are often available.

In addition to roofing services, Hoosier Contractors is also experienced in drywall and ceiling repair, window installation, interior and exterior painting, concrete pouring, flooring installation, large remodels, commercial door and hardware installation, general construction management, and more.

About Hoosier Contractors

Hoosier Contractors is a locally owned and operated construction company that proudly serves its own community: The Greater Indianapolis Area. With a customer-first approach, the company’s dedicated team of skilled, licensed professionals is committed to delivering high-quality results in a timely, stress-free manner.

Hoosier Contractors specializes in large/steep roofing for both residential and commercial buildings. Potential clients seeking help with new construction, roofing repairs, or roofing replacement can rest assured knowing that Hoosier Contractor’s highly trained team of employees and representatives are standing by to assist. Those wishing to learn more may reach out to receive a no-cost, no-obligation inspection.

JD White
Hoosier Contractors, LLC
+1 317-677-4755
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BidPrime Latest Hub Designed for Companies to Address Governments’ Urgent Cybersecurity Needs

cybersecurity hub title image

Cybersecurity Hub title image

BidPrime logo

BidPrime logo

The number of endpoint vulnerabilities have multiplied as a result of remote working during COVID-19 pandemic.”

— Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime's Co-Founder

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — BidPrime Inc. has released the latest bid / RFP tool, a ‘Cybersecurity Hub’, configured to streamline the process for companies to research and identify opportunities for providing cybersecurity-related services and solutions to the public sector in the U.S. and Canada. Demand for this tool has increased dramatically as government entities strive to address Information Technology vulnerabilities and prevent attacks by hackers, fraudsters, and other malicious actors.

The ‘Cybersecurity Hub’ will allow potential vendors to rapidly review, target and respond to potential contract opportunities in real-time, while using this trove of accessible information to enhance their capability in earning the contract awards. As with their core solutions and previously released hubs, this hub is backed by BidPrime’s technology and support.

Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime’s Chief Operations Officer, described how this hub was tailored to provide vendors with immediate access to the bids, documents, and updates.

"The number of endpoint vulnerabilities have multiplied as a result of remote working during COVID-19 pandemic", Hetzel confirmed. “Many agencies are addressing these matters, and our ability to quickly deliver bids and RFPs to vendors will serve to assist in expediting response and preventative measures.”

Josh Schwartzbeck, BidPrime’s CTO, noted how BidPrime has capitalized on design and implementation processes originating from release of the previous hubs.

"With the tremendous response to the COVID-19 Hub and Set-Asides Hub, we understand business leaders appreciate the ability to go to a very specific source for their bid / RFP information,” Schwartzbeck said. “The ‘Cybersecurity Hub’ is a natural addition, because cybersecurity is an enormous priority for many IT professionals.”

"Businesses have free access to BidPrime's Cybersecurity Hub and the substantial number of federal, state, and municipal solicitations", explained Schwartzbeck.

Bidprime requests public sector agencies wanting to publicize their bid / RFP opportunities to BidPrime’s vast number of vendors, please send cybersecurity-related opportunities to cybersecurity@bidprime.com.

There are close to 100k active bids / RFPs across innumerable industries in BidPrime’s database. Businesses are encouraged to sign up for a free, no obligation trial to leverage BidPrime’s robust technology, services, and support.

For more information, visit bidprime.com or call toll-free (888) 808-5356.


BidPrime is an Austin-based technology company providing a database of comprehensive bid/RFP solicitations, purchasing intelligence, and analytical research support.

Contact: Bill Culhane, bculhane@bidprime.com

Bill Culhane
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Emerging Markets Present Opportunities In The Global Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Market

2020 Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market Report

2020 Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market Report

Shilpa Tiku, Chief Research Officer for Verify Markets

Shilpa Tiku, Chief Research Officer for Verify Markets

Verify Markets B2B Market Research and Consulting

Asia Pacific and Latin America are expected to be the fastest growing markets globally.

To meet customer demand for products featuring essential oils, more companies are entering the space or diversifying their offerings.”

— Chief Research Officer Shilpa Tiku

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new analysis by Verify Markets shows the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market was valued at over $7.0 billion in 2019. The market is expected to witness a double-digit growth rate of 13.4% during the forecast period.

The market has changed since Verify Markets looked at it in 2017. Growth in the U.S. market has been slowing down since 2018 as more participants enter the saturated market. Most U.S.-based companies are beginning to focus on Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

“During the forecast period, Verify Markets expects the market to shift from physical retailing to online retailing, driving the global growth of e-commerce sales. Companies are putting more energy and intensity into improving customer experiences online. To meet customer demand for products featuring essential oils, more companies are entering the space or diversifying their offerings. Products with essential oils for the home, personal care, and nutrition are increasingly being launched,” notes Chief Research Officer at Verify Markets Shilpa Tiku.

Verify Markets predicts after the COVID-19 pandemic, the stronger players will become even more dominant and the smaller players will lose market share. “Companies will also likely increasingly focus on supply chain transparency and digital transformation. Larger players like dōTERRA have more control over their supply, enabling them to emerge stronger after the pandemic,” notes Tiku. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an increased interest in direct selling and in new memberships for multi-level marketing companies towards recruiting new distributors.

Some of the drivers in this market include increasing awareness, the health and wellness trend, increasing availability of products, and growth in emerging markets. Bloggers and magazines have been driving interest in this market. The vast majority of aromatherapy and essential oil purchasers are women. Some of the key restraints include lack of uniform standards, quality issues, increasing competition, and questionable benefits of essential oils. Asia Pacific and Latin America are expected to be the fastest growing markets globally. Sales patterns will emerge differently across markets with growth rates dependent on local demographics and incomes. China, Brazil, Indonesia, Argentina, and Mexico are expected to be high growth markets during the forecast period.

Some of the key companies covered in this report include doTERRA International LLC, Young Living Essential Oils, Saje Natural Business, Inc., Frontier Co-op (Aura Cacia), Melaleuca, Inc., Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., Neal's Yard Remedies Ltd., First Natural Brands (Tisserand), Primavera Life GmbH, G Baldwin & Co., and others.

Our research methodology consists of extensive primary interviews with key participants in the industry along with analysis of secondary resources to validate our information. The base year for the study is 2019 and forecasts are provided until 2026. The study includes market size by region, growth rate by region, revenue forecasts (2019-2026) by region, growth drivers & restraints, market trends, quotes by key industry participants, and market share analysis by region. For purposes of this research, only essential oils that are used for health and wellness and relaxation purposes via topical application, inhalation, diffusion, and ingestion have been included. Diffusers have been included as well.

Watch our team discuss the aromatherapy and essential oils market and our report in a summary video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPVSSdX9dO4

A copy of the 2020 Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market report can be obtained at www.verifymarkets.com. Follow us for more updates on Twitter @verify_markets and LinkedIn. For more information on this report and other research (including custom reports and consulting), contact info@verifymarkets.com or call +1 210.595.9687. Follow us for more updates on Twitter @verify_markets and LinkedIn.

Haley Rico
Verify Markets
+1 2105959687
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2020 Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Market Report Summary Video

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Kimlin Johnson, Acclaimed Author & Civil Rights Activist, Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary of Her Race Relations Book

Acclaimed Author & Civil Rights Activist Kimlin Johnson

Kimlin Charise Johnson

B-WE (Be – Women of Excellence) Virtual Book Club

“Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions” – by Kimlin Charise Johnson

“All forms of systemic racism need to be confronted and changed.” ~ Kimlin Johnson

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the weeks following the killing of George Floyd, millions of Americans marched on the streets and were accompanied by a nonstop news cycle. As more weeks passed and less ostentatious stories became visible, national news cameras fled, which now makes it hard for the general public to recognize that protests are still going strong in cities across America. Yes, demonstrations are still occurring day in and day out, without any media coverage. Now more than ever is the time to take action and change race relations in America. Black Lives Matter was never intended to be a trend or just a hashtag, but rather a wake-up call for immediate systematic change in this country. Learning, listening, and thinking about race relationships is of utmost importance as ways to support this movement. Join Civil Rights Activist Kimlin Charise Johnson this month, as she celebrates her 2 year anniversary of her highly acclaimed race relations book, Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions.

From a very young age, Kimlin realized that she had to work twice as hard and be twice as good as non-Blacks, in order to be considered average. In addition to this, she has also observed how Black people treat each other. Kimlin states, “Sadly, the way we treat each other, especially when we know how difficult it is to live in this country, has always saddened me. Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions (AAA) is my scream. My book is so truthful, America and the Black Community struggle to sit in the truth which is the start for change."

These past months have certainly erupted a record number of people in America and across the globe, demanding for change and an end of the killings of Black citizens. Kimlin states, “The George Floyd Murder was a wake-up call. However, we need to focus on all Black people murdered by police rather than only Black lives portrayed within the media. All forms of systemic racism need to be confronted and changed. Systemic racism is real, and at our B-WE meetings (Virtual book club Be – Women of Excellence), we have a working list on the racist systems."

Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions uncovers a raw Kimlin as she unapologetically stands for being brave to address her challenges and concerns as a Black mom, wife, and human being. “By staying committed to your own, others benefit as well."

Kimlin underlines the 4 things that she needs in order to help the Black Community:
1. I need my community to admit they need help
2. Be receptive to my help
3. Be open to change
4. Commit to treating each other with love and respect

“I am sick of your racially motivated, politically correct, unfair bullshit” ~ Kimlin Johnson

To purchase your copy of Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions, visit www.kimlinjohnson.com

Donations for Kimlin’s nonprofit vehicle for change in the black community can also be made here: www.b-relyt.org

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
+1 951-870-0099
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Award Winning Insurance Professional Peter Schmitz Joins We Insure Platinum

Peter Schmidt

We Insure Logo

The breadth of experience and insurance company relationships provides us with a significant head start and allows us to provide superior options to our clients.”

— Peter Schmitz, Principal Agent, We Insure Platinum

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, August 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — We Insure Platinum, with offices in Virginia and South Florida, announced today the addition of veteran insurance professional Peter Schmitz as Principal Agent to its team.

Schmitz has been in the insurance industry for 35 years with top insurance providers Marsh, Aon, The Lockton Company and The Loomis Company. He’s received industry awards including “Power Broker” by Risk & Insurance and is a frequent expert contributor to the news media including “The CBS Morning Show” and Fortune magazine.

“The resources and support provided by We Insure was a big differentiator for our organization,” says Peter Schmitz, Principal Agent, We Insure Platinum.

“The breadth of experience and insurance company relationships provides us with a significant head start and allows us to provide superior options to our clients.”

We Insure Platinum Owner Chad Ingram adds, “The cornerstone of our service model is unmatched client service, effective communication and client advocacy. Peter shared our values, and we believe he’s the right person to grow our insurance business.”

We Insure was recently identified by independent research firm Franchise Business Review (FBR) as one of just 80 businesses to qualify for its 2019 Top Franchises for Veterans list and as one of the Top 200 Best Franchises to Buy in 2020. FBR’s recognition was based on franchisee satisfaction and performance rankings.

About We Insure
We Insure is a national insurance company that’s disrupting the industry with an innovative business model focused on customer experience and exceptional agent support. The franchise offers unprecedented access to carriers and complete operational, IT, service and marketing support to its franchisees in the U.S. We Insure is expanding rapidly with more than 100 retail locations and over $185 million in annual sales. For more information about franchise opportunities, visit weinsurefranchise.com. For general information, visit weinsuregroup.com.

Peter Schmitz
Principal Agent
We Insure Platinum
Office (561) 725-5970 ext. 5940
Mobile (561) 345-4070
Customer Service (877) 677-4063 x 7400

Chris Pflueger
We Insure, Inc.
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Source: EIN Presswire