San Jose Clinic and Dispensary of Hope Celebrate Partnership Providing Healthcare in Houston

Working Together to Distribute Free Prescriptions to the Uninsured and Those in Need

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / — San Jose Clinic and Dispensary of Hope joined with local elected officials, dignitaries, and supporters, including partners from the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to celebrate a five-year-long collaboration which has provided free prescription medication to nearly 10,000 Houstonians every year, Christopher Palombo, Chief Executive Officer of Dispensary of Hope, announced today.

“Delivery of healthcare to the uninsured continues to be a challenge nationwide,” said Palombo. “This partnership, through which prescription medication is made available to those in need, is a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Our friends at San Jose Clinic show how local and national groups can work together effectively to fill a dire gap; and at the same time extend the reach of charity care dollars to help more people.”

All across the nation, between 28-30 million Americans are uninsured, of whom nearly 14 million are at or below 200% federal poverty level for household income. This creates significant barriers to care and medication access, and disproportionately higher chronic disease risks. People that do not have access to their medication suffer more and find themselves in the Emergency Room more, but when they do have access to medicine the cost burden to the healthcare system goes down and lives are saved and transformed.

Palombo continued, “Nearly 10,000 residents in the Houston and surrounding 20 counties benefit from the free prescription medications available through this partnership. And it simply would not be possible without the continued support of 30 pharmaceutical manufacturers who provide us with the medicine that we distribute to over 200 sites nationwide.”

The Dispensary of Hope is a Nashville, TN-based national non-profit organization dedicated to providing pharmacies and charitable clinics with reliable access to vital medication for the poor. All medication is generously donated by pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Fritz Schneider
Dispensary of Hope
+1 301-728-4811
email us here

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Finnish Singer in New York Releases a Debut Album with a Nordic Flair

Petra Jasmiina Portrait - Photography by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina – Photography by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina EP "Cygnet" Cover Image - Album cover by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina EP “Cygnet” – Album cover by Ron Retamales-Tiska

Petra Jasmiina Perfoming in NYC - Photography by Aleksei Postnikov

Photography by Aleksei Postnikov

Cygnet, the debut album by Petra Jasmiina, is rapidly gaining wind under its wings ever since the release on October 5th, 2019.

I stepped away from music for a few years while I was traveling and working abroad. I think I was finding myself, seeing the world, and living in the moment. But I always kept on writing.”

— Petra Jasmiina

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, January 23, 2020 / — Singer-songwriter Petra Jasmiina, born in Finland and based in New York City, enchants listeners with poetic storytelling, set in fresh sounds of indie pop and folk with a Nordic flair. Taking us to a unique place between a fast-paced city and a sunset by the lake, Cygnet, not unlike the story of the singer-songwriter herself, is a story of love, home, growing pains, and following your dream into the unknown.

Petra Jasmiina Haapamäki, born in Helsinki, Finland, started writing songs when she was only nine years old. Music was always her favorite thing to do, but after graduation, life took her elsewhere – to work in Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Thailand, to be exact. “I stepped away from music for a few years while I was traveling and working abroad. I think I was finding myself, seeing the world, and living in the moment. But I always kept on writing.” After some years in the sun, she found what she had been looking for.

In 2015, the 25-year-old left her friends and family to book a flight across the Atlantic. “Now that I think of it, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I had no job, no apartment, and knew no-one in the city. I had barely researched visas, job permits, or apartment prices. But there have been a few of those moments in my life when logic or practicalities just don’t matter, and it’s like I had no choice. I had to do it. Realizing I needed to make music and pursue my dreams. Even with all the chaos and uncertainty that followed, the moments of clarity and determination gave me peace.”

The beginning of a new life in New York City wasn't a soft landing. Finding friends, getting an apartment, or even opening a bank account, didn't come easily. Following a dream of making music seemed very different from what we see in the movies. A few years and a handful of experiences later, she not only calls New York City her home but enjoys the exciting and ever-changing music scene of the city. This is partly thanks to Writer's Room Songwriter Series, which started as an all-original-songs' open mic, and has grown to be a respected showcase of the city's best up and coming songwriting talent. To Petra, it's felt like a safe haven, a hub to form new friendships and a doorway to a new community of songwriters and indie musicians. "We've had the pleasure of having Petra regularly perform at our series since we launched back in the summer of 2018 and are proud to see her quickly become a dynamic songwriting force. We are also grateful for her passionate support of our series, including creating our Indie NYC playlist on Spotify", says Scott Krokoff, who founded and hosts the showcase alongside Jeff Jacobs. Like Krokoff, Jacobs has been creating and performing in New York for over a decade. He's also performed with Petra on various occasions and says, "Listening to Petra takes me back to a time when songs were songs. She's a natural-born weaver of poetry and melody, and there's a sweetness to her voice that is unmistakable."

In January 2019, Petra started recording with beloved New York producer and sound engineer Craig Levy of Little Pioneer Cider House Studio in TriBeCa. “Petra was secretly my favorite new collaborator in 2019. In such a short time, she’s gone from a singer-songwriter to being a true co-producer with so many interesting ideas that match her personality perfectly. She’s a natural storyteller – besides lyrics, she wants to tell a story with the production, too, whether it’s a near theatrical choice of instruments or a Finnish word hidden in the backing vocals. It’s always something new and even strange, but there’s a meaning behind each choice.”

Cygnet, her debut album, is an excellent example of this. Hours, the first single of the album, released in September, opens with a beautifully restless guitar picking by Finnish jazz master Olli Hirvonen. The song makes us chase sunsets alongside powerful drums and ethnic chants. At the same time, catchy, pop Sheeran takes us to a dingy live music joint in the heart of the city with the strums of an old guitar and percussions created by literally sliding a beer bottle down a studio table. Possibly the most adored song on the EP, however, is Arsonists, a melancholic piano ballad with swelling violins played by Estonian entrepreneur and musician Valev Laube. The lyrics move elegantly between the secular and the poetic, something that seems to have become a bit of a staple of her writing. “Arsonists is a story about a love burned out. It is something that is both day-to-day and ordinary, and also full of metaphor and poetry. As it is the most personal of all the songs, and probably the one I’m most proud of, it has been amazing to see how people have embraced it and made it their own. That’s really what making music is about for me – a connection.” Petra says.

Even though she left Finland at the age of 19, home is and always will be a big part of Petra’s identity and music. After all, the album title, meaning a baby swan, honors the national animal of Finland while signifying a debut and a beginning. The album is for her, and exciting plans are already in place for recoding a full-length album. Petra is also a cast member and an Associate Producer of Kalevala The Musical, an upcoming Broadway production based on the Finnish National Epic. The creator of the musical, Johanna Telander says, “Petra is a welcomed, bright new voice in the world of singer-songwriters. Her honest, reflective songs are catchy and relatable with just the right amount of Nordic Twist. What she brings musically can only be matched by her intelligence, drive, and SISU.”

Stay updated on future performances and releases by following Petra Jasmiina on Facebook, and Instagram

Valev Laube
The VL Studios
+1 732-357-7373
email us here
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Petra Jasmiina – Hours

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MagicLens, The World's Sharpest Private AR Screen from iGlass USA inc, will be demostrated at MWC20 Barcelona

MagicLens_The World's Sharpest Private AR Glasses

MagicLens_The World’s Sharpest Private AR Glasses

iGlass USA inc claims its MagicLens, a 300" AR Glasses, is the world's sharpest AR screen, with disruptive ultra-high image quality & privacy protection.

MILPITAS, CA, USA, January 23, 2020 / — iGlass USA inc, an advanced technology company in Silicon Valley, announces it completed the development of its $299, 120g ultra-light, palm-sized small MagicLens AR glasses, which are designed to be tethered to mobile phones by a single USB-C cable, capable of providing a 300inch big screen with UltraSharp laser projector type of visual experience for the phone. MagicLens is designed to be the 2nd screen for phone.

iGlass USA inc claims its Ultra-Sharp MagicLens do not have the "leaked privacy" issue its main competitor Nreal had. Also, MagicLens do not pose weight on nose or face, thus can allow upto 6 hours continuous use. In contrast, Nreal put 88g weight on nose and can only be comfortably used for about 10 mins.

MagicLens will be demonstrated at MWC20 Barcelona, at 4YFN Montjuic Hall 2, Stand#: 2H2.K94.

MagicLens AR Glasses Specifications:

• AR, optical see-through
• Privacy protection, no one sees what you are watching
• Fit daily prescription glasses
• 3K resolution (3200x 1600)
• 300" screen size (80deg diagonal)
• 120g, similar to the weight of two eggs
• USB C/HDMI connection to smart phone/PC

MagicLens Key Features:

• Small, palm-sized, can be comfortably wear for hours
• Fit daily prescription glasses underneath nicely
• Ultra-light, 120g body weight, no pressure on face and nose
• UltraSharp Professional image quality. 3K resolution, small text reading ready
• Mobility, tethered to mobile phone by a single light-weight USB-C/HDMI cable
• Virtual screen at 5-meter away, with eye relaxation and vision protection
• Online streaming ready, watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video on Big Screen
• Works with both 2D/3D content, no device specific content pre-processing necessary
• Privacy, only the wearer can see the 300inch gigantic virtual screen, no light-pollution to others

MagicLens Experience Advantages

• Openness: semi-immersive, allows surrounding awareness, open and safe
• No motion-sickness: open AR screen architecture ensures motion-sickness free
• Comfortable: zero pressure on nose and face, even little kids can wear it for hours of use
• Compatibility: fit daily prescription glasses underneath easily, no habit change
• Simple plug and play: easy to use, suitable for novice users to engage casually

Typical User Cases

• Mobile BIG SCREEN for Smart Phone, providing movie, game and monitor screen for phone
• LCD TV, Laser Projector screen, Theater screen, and IMAX screen replacement
• Mobile BIG SCREEN for Gaming Console like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation
• Mobile Entertainment in College Dorm, or on Airplane, High-speed rail, and passenger seats of car
• Portable and private BIG SCREEN Multi-monitor for PC, laptop, and Tablet
• Visual impairment enhancement, Education and Medical Application, Industry Application, and many others…

iGlass USA inc Business Model: B to B to C
iGlass USA inc currently focus on corporation with business partners, i.e., Carrier, Mobile Phone Giant, Consumer Electronics Giant, Gaming Company, Airlines, Electrical Car Companies, etc., on bringing iGlass ultra-high-image-quality portable display core tech to massive consumer market.

iGlass USA inc Revenue sources: NRE + License fee

In this 1.4 million people watched video produced in 06/2018, Linus Tech Tips provided a detailed introduction on iGlass USA's technology and its performance.

iGlass 解决移动大屏的哪些核心痛点?
iGlass专注于解决移动大屏业的三大核心痛点: 1) 大屏显示质量不够高的问题, 2) 成本高、售价高的问题, 3) 使用门槛高、眩晕、压鼻子压脸不舒适, 只能用于短时间Demo, 不能长时间舒服使用的问题。

iGlass 移动大屏核心优势是什么?


iGlass通过自主研发的全新一代自由曲面投影方案 + 处理器上的特定配合 + 软件端的低时延实时图像算法,用巴掌大的高光效简单架构实现了可以和昂贵激光投影大屏竞争的屏幕更大的头戴式移动大屏。比竞争方案高很多的极高清晰度巨屏体验+ 超低成本+ 能长时间使用是 iGlass的核心竞争力, 合适对成本敏感的消费级应用。

美国 iGlass 公司中文简介:
美国 iGlass 公司是一家位于美国硅谷的业界领先的下一代移动大屏显示方案公司。该公司致力于推广iGlass 5G时代基于全新一代自由曲面的半沉浸式超清晰移动大屏显示方案,把移动AR大屏和头戴式个人大屏电视产品普及,推向巨量的消费级市场。

iGlass 公司目前的核心产品是针对普通消费者的极高性价比超高显示质量(能匹配4K,及将来8K等高清光源) 300寸移动AR大屏,和类似激光投影效果超清晰300寸头戴移动大电视。

1)给5G手机终端提供看电影,玩游戏和移动办公多显示器大屏, 显著提升手机终端用户的体验,拓展手机终端的使用场景;


3)基于5G宽带网,推动AR眼镜在飞机,高铁,大巴等城际交通载具中的集成应用,提升旅客旅途中的半沉浸式超清晰移动大屏娱乐体验。 在完全保护隐私的同时,开放式可感知环境;


iGlass公司产品具有如下三个特征: 超高成像质量300英寸大屏幕移动显示方案全球领先,产品定位精准,市场需求巨大。

iGlass 半沉浸式/开放式大屏显示方案主要用于两大类应用方向:
1) 半沉浸式:C端的半沉浸移动大屏用于直播、OTA等5G类流媒体应用,作为现有不可移动电视大屏在卧室内、车上等使用场景补全。以及给手机提供第二大屏,给飞机、高铁、汽车等空间有限的载具提供半沉浸式娱乐大屏等。半沉浸式头显如果用于游戏类应用,场景主要是手游、益智类等轻娱乐游戏场景,而不是需要全身心投入的重度游戏场景;


对这两大应用方向来说,类似近视眼镜(<30克)那样的极限的轻小并不是刚需。足够小足够轻,不压鼻子不压脸,兼容用户自己的近视眼镜,使用门槛低,能长时间舒适使用更重要。可负担性和可以与激光投影大屏电视竞争的超高显示质量是上面两大应用最内核的诉求,这也是iGlass 的核心竞争力和解决的主要市场痛点。

iGlass关注于可负担的超高显示质量高体验移动大屏核心技术本身,及各种大屏相关的直接应用。个人头戴式大电视是iGlass的第一大应用,AR VR只是iGlass开放式/半沉浸式移动大屏技术的一个应用方向。

商业模式: B to B to C
iGlass 方案和产品本质特征是既To B又To C,我们当前的落地重心是和B端C端的如手机大厂,家电巨头,游戏公司,航空公司,高铁,新能源车厂等联合推iGlass基础型号的各种变种。利润来源是NRE和销售分成。

Sam Yuan
iGlass USA inc
+1 510-299-8001
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Nreal Vs iGlass AR, Nreal has 3 issue: leaked privacy, weight on nose, problem fitting daily prescription glasses

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Award Winning Documentary “MELODY MAKERS The Bible of Rock 'n Roll” Companion Interactive Apple Book Now Available

Melody Makers Title Screen

Melody Makers

Melody Makers Rock N Roll Trivia

Melody Makers Companion Apple Book

Melody Makers Group Photo

Copyright © Barrie Wentzell


ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, January 23, 2020 / — In tandem with the theatrical and home entertainment release of the film MELODY MAKERS (December 17. 2019) comes the release of the Melody Makers Companion Apple Book. An immersive experience, this interactive book takes users through the rise of Melody Maker magazine through a series of rock trivia games, photo puzzles, embedded interviews, and a photographic gallery full of Barrie Wentzell's Legends Series from his iconic rock photographic archive (1965-1975). The book is a robust partner to the film that offers viewers an added music history experience. The book was “invented” – designed, curated and created – by Canadian filmmaker, and film festival producer Leslie Ann Coles.

For more information:

MELODY MAKERS is not just another music doc. It chronicles the birth of music journalism and the world’s oldest and longest standing seminal music magazine; Melody Maker. Through a series of interviews from artists (Ian Anderson/JETHRO TULL, Eric Burdon/THE ANIMALS, Alan White, Steve Howe and Chris Squire/YES, among others) and journalists of the time, the film tells the true story of the rise and fall of the world’s most influential music publication and uncovers an era of tremendous creative freedom.

At the heart of the story is Barrie Wentzell, Chief Contributing Photographer of Melody Maker Magazine (1965-1975) and his iconic photographic archive of legendary musicians during the birth of the rock 'n roll era, who along with his journalist colleagues gained unprecedented access to bands and musicians that would go on to become the legends of rock n' roll. Wentzell's photos are the touchstone of this documentary as the photographer and others recount the many untold stories from behind the pictures. Barrie recalls a Peter Townshend telling him about an idea he had for a rock opera when Tommy was a concept. Melody Maker journalist, Chris Charlesworth recalls when the magazine tried to expand into the US market without paying off the mobsters who controlled magazine distribution in key cities such as New York, and PR Keith Altham shares an anecdotal story about a publicity stunt gone awry involving the notorious drummer, Keith Moon and a hovercraft.

Beyond the visual stories told, Melody Maker includes interviews ERIC BURDON (The Animals), IAN ANDERSON (Jethro Tull), YES (Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White), DAVE COUSINS (The Strawbs), JUDY DYBLE (Fairport Convention), Nazareth (PETE AGNEW & DAN MCCAFFERTY) and SEVE ABBOTT (UK Decay); journalists CHRIS WELCH, CHRIS CHARLESWORTH, ALLAN JONES (Senior Editor UNCUT Magazine); ALAN LEWIS; and other notable subjects PETER WHITEHEAD (filmmaker Charlie My Darling), ROGER DEAN (artist), JEFF DEXTER (DJ/ Promoter), KEITH ALTHAM (PR for The Rolling Stones, The Who) and GLEN COLSON (Stiff Records) to name a few.

Leslie Ann is thrilled to launch her debut feature documentary MELODY MAKERS with the enhanced Apple Book made possible with the generous support of Telefilm Canada’s Marketing and Promotions Program. As the executive producer and director of LA Coles Fine Art Films she is currently engaged in a wide variety of works which include theatrical features, non-scripted TV, documentaries, shorts and interactive digital media. Her company is committed to producing films and cross platform projects that combine art, entertainment and social justice. Coles is a Women In the Director’s Chair alumni, and a recipient of three CTV Banff Fellowships for original series. Founder of the Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) in 2001 to address gender parity in the film industry, she has executive-produced 46 short films directed by at risk female youth through the Young Filmmaker Development Workshop (YFDW), a program established under the auspices of the FeFF. In her capacity as Festival Director for the past 17 years, she oversees the rigorous evaluation and selection of independent films for FeFF from over 2,500 entries every year. Intimately familiar with the local and international filmmaking community since 2001 with the inaugural festival and her debut multiple-award-winning film “In The Refrigerator: Spirit of a Haunted Dancer,” Leslie Ann’s strength is her ability to creatively strategize projects and determine market potential during the development process, always with a critical understanding of a film’s milieu, be it social, cultural, or art-focused.

MELODY MAKERS will see a limited theatrical release on November 29, 2019 at the Arena CineLounge Sunset, 6464 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA, followed by the Apple iBook on the same day and the DVD Release on December 17, 2019.

MELODY MAKERS, English, Color, Stereo, 5.1 HD, 78 min., Canada

“A cinematic love letter to late British weekly music magazine Melody Maker — captures a vital passage in 20th century music history.” – Kim Hughes, Original Cin

“This cheerful history of the music weekly Melody Maker has enough inside dope to maintain interest.” – Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

“Whimsically titled Melody Makers leans heavily on Barrie Wentzell, chief photographer from 1965-1975, both for his recollections and his amazing collection of images.” – Chris Knight, The National Post

“Melody Makers is charming, informative, and highly entertaining.” – Andrew Parker, The Gate

“The narrator-less film rattles along to the extent that I couldn’t believe it was over, so enthralled was I by the anecdotes, analysis, pictures and film of such an extraordinary ten years of music.” – Martin Webb, A New Day

WINNER Best Music Documentary, 18th Bare Bones International Film Festival 2017
WINNER Best Documentary, 8th Fort Myers Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best International Documentary, 16th Garden State Film Festival 2018
WINNER Audience Choice Award, Hot Springs Women’s Film Festival 2018
WINNER Gold Award Best Documentary, Spotlight Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best International Documentary, Color Tape Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best Documentary, Meraki Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best Director, Borderlands Film Festival 2018
WINNER Best Feature Documentary, Nice IFF 2018
WINNER Best Documentary, MedFF 2019

To purchase “MELODY MAKERS The Bible of Rock 'n Roll” documentary:

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025
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Instagram @cleopatrarecords
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Youtube @Cleopatrarecords
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Spotify @cleopatra_recs
Linkedin @cleopatra-records

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR
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CREMINI'S Italian Bistro – Exclusive Press&VIP Opening. Wed. Feb. 26th, 7PM/9PM

Fall in Love with CREMINI'S – The only Italian restaurant in NYC dedicated to the traditional cuisine from Le Marche Region, in vibrant Carroll Gardens, BK.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / — The Ad Store New York is pleased to invite you for an exclusive opening of CREMINI'S,

Wednesday, February 26th, 7:00PM/9:30PM
(doors open 6:30PM)
521 Court St, Brooklyn NY



“When we first met, Elena decided to impress me by showing me how to make her grandma’s secret recipe of ‘Ascolana Olives’ and Cremini, two of our favorite comfort foods since we were kids. Needless to say, we soon fell in love.”
Riccardo Massetti – CREMINI’S Owner and General Manager

It’s a matter of Love. It’s a matter of Happiness. It’s a matter of Good Taste. Riccardo Massetti and his wife, Chef Elena Salati, infuse all of the love for their homeland, Le Marche, in the heart of Italy, and for their culinary and ancestral traditions, into CREMINI’S – the new happy spot in bustling Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Love is in the Air at CREMINIS! On Wednesday, February 26th, Riccardo & Elena open the doors of their love nest to an exclusive Press & VIP private tasting of their signature dishes and delicacies, presenting the traditional cuisine from Le Marche and the bona fide rituality of Italian Aperitivo. Just when you think that you’ve seen (and eaten) it all in New York City, here comes this absolutely delightful, hip & cool couple, opening the doors and our palate to a cuisine that is literally groundbreaking and unprecedented in NY’s dining scene. Have you ever tasted ‘Ascolana Olives’, fried custard creamy ‘Cremini’, ‘Crescia Flatbreads’, ‘Vincisgrassi Lasagna’ or ‘Polpette (Meatballs) Le Marche Style’? Have you ever experienced a truly authentic Italian Aperitivo? (Happy Hour).

CREMINI’S is also introducing to New York’s wine lovers a new exquisite vineyard, VELENOSI WINERY, from the town of Ascoli Piceno, (Le Marche). Crowned by hills stretching towards the sea, VELENOSI's vineyards absorb the most authentic savors of the territory and return them in the colorful highlights of wines. A clay and fertile soil it’s the solid ground of the vines rich in fragrances and history, telling the Piceno territory tradition through autochthonous and international varieties.

But CREMINI’S Good Taste is not just in food & wine. As delightful and lovely as the menu is the Italian bistro’s décor, a jewel of shabby & chic, a little work of art that meets the traditional Brooklyn Industrial look with the romantic, rustic & cozy atmosphere of an old-fashioned Italian trattoria, la dolce vita style. The elegant touch of CREMINI’S ambiance comes from Elena Salati’s background and long-lasting career as an Architect and Interior Designer.
The comfy space, that exudes and embodies the welcome happiness philosophy is the perfect, engaging, hangout for kids and families during the day, and for dates, friends gathering and special occasions when the lights go down. CREMINI’S is also the perfect spot to host parties, events, business meetings as well as Elena’s cooking classes and Riccardo’s educationals on the art of Italian Aperitivo and other curiosities on Le Marche region’s traditions.

The restaurant aims to establish itself as a cultural hub in NYC for the Italian heritage of Le Marche region. A place where you can not only taste mouth-watering dishes, but also experience the true Italian way of dining, where community, conviviality, core family values, and friendly bonds embrace the guests with a warm, homey feeling. Le Marche is Italy’s land of goodness, the birthplace of artists, composers, and poets like Gioacchino Rossini, Raffaello, and Giacomo Leopardi. A divine place to visit with all of its splendid uniqueness and regional varieties. For the Lonely Planet Guide, Le Marche is the place to go to in 2020. Come get a tasteful bite of Le Marche at CREMINI'S.


Riccardo & Elena are available for interviews prior to and during the event. To schedule an interview and if you need any other information please don’t hesitate to contact:

Tommaso Cartia PR – The Ad Store New York
Phone: +1 (929) 228 9706

Can’t make it to the event? You are welcome to schedule your own date and time to come experience CREMINI’S for your coverage, reviews, and interviews.

CREMINI’S – 521 Court St, Brooklyn NY 11231 I +1 929.305.2967 I I

Tommaso Cartia PR
The Ad Store New York
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Markpoint DSP, a Point of Hassle-free Media Buying and Growth Launches New Demand-side Platform

Markpoint, a hassle-free RTB media buying platform

Markpoint, a hassle-free RTB media buying platform

We're happy to announce the launch of Markpoint DSP, a new demand-side platform.

KYIV, UKRAINE, January 23, 2020 / — We're happy to announce the launch of Markpoint DSP, a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, native, and video ads across web, mobile, and in-app.

The Markpoint DSP aims to help advertisers, demand and supply partners grow their businesses, reach their marketing KPIs, and do that most cost-effectively. Markpoint team brings to the table years of expertise in advertising, marketing, technology, and data, as well as measurable capacities.

What's in stock?
Exclusive supply
Markpoint provides premium supply from over 30 direct publishers and a bunch of hand-picked trusted partners. The supply volume counts 70B+ unique monthly impressions from140 countries in North America, LATAM, CIS, EU, and MENA.

Easy start
Starting campaigns in Markpoint DSP is fast and easy. It takes 3 steps to set up the ad campaign. Specifically, advertisers can select the ad category, ad formats, and supply sources, fine-tune targeting leveraging 20+ targeting filters to set up and link up, and customize their campaigns using frequency caps, payment events configuration and more parameters.

Top-performing ad formats
The most effective and user-oriented ad formats are at advertisers’ and partners’ disposal. Numerous display banners, native ads formats, including in-feed, recommendation widgets, and more, plus in-stream and out-stream video ad formats are available across desktop, mobile web, and in-app.

Brand safety environment
Markpoint DSP uses Pixalate anti-fraud technology to ensure brand safety and serve 100% bot-free traffic. Specifically, the platform protects brands from fake page views and clicks, inappropriate ad placements, malicious ad injectors, browser and time zone falsification, and more

Company information
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Chicago's Black History Month Kicks Off With the Musical Production '1619: The Journey of a People'

1619 marks the start of African American's 400-year journey that would change a nation and the world

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / — (Chicago) – 3D will be presenting “1619: The Journey of a People” for six showings during Black History Month.

Feb. 6 – Wheaton College @ 6:30 p.m.
Feb. 7 – Elementary and high school production at Kennedy-King College @ 10:30 a.m.
Feb. 8 – Kennedy-King College @ 6:00 p.m.

Feb. 27 – Greenhouse Theater @ 7:00 p.m.
Feb. 28 – Elementary and high school production at Greenhouse Theater @ 10:30 a.m.
Feb. 28 – Greenhouse Theater @ 7:00 p.m.

According to Gary Indiana radio host Eve Gomez, “‘1619: The Journey of a People’ is a dynamic new musical taking audiences by storm. Do not miss this life-changing theatrical experience!”

20 enslaved Africans arrived in Point Comfort, Virginia. The 400-year journey that followed would change a nation and the world. Using various musical forms including hip-hop, jazz, and blues, this fabulous musical theater production commemorates the struggle for equality and celebrates the story of America’s African sons and daughters.

After successful performances in Chicago, Elmhurst College, and Hampton University, the production is back for a Black History Month run.

What our audiences have said…
“I was on the edge of my seat and my eyes filled with tears of joy. I am in awe of the
magnificent performance I just witnessed. This belongs on Broadway.” –Christine
Houston, Creator of NBC’s hit sitcom “227”

“Thank you for your wonderful performance and the opportunity to present such a powerful production, especially to our students. Our students were informed, enlightened and culturally enhanced by this extraordinary new musical about the African American journey. I wish you continued success as you share this outstanding production with others.” –Shelia Maye, Hampton University Music Department Chair

“That was a very emotional and intellectually rewarding experience.” –English Department Chair, Elmhurst College
“1619 is one of the most powerful performances that I have ever seen. Unlike monolithic productions that tend to appeal to only one target audience, the intergenerational quality of this production has something in it for everyone. The messaging is magnificent and highlights the complexity of the African American condition. There is an extraordinary song, dance, sermonic and political discourse, plus a marvelous display of tech-savvy to mesmerize the viewer. If you want to celebrate the past and be challenged in the present with a view toward the future, you must see this production.”–Rev. Dr. Brian J. Wells, Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church, Newport News, Virginia

About the 3rd Dimension Performance Group

3D was established in 1999 to create and present quality entertainment that is thought-provoking, artistically dynamic, and socially relevant. In the years since its inception, 3D has provided programming for a host of private and public sector clients, toured extensively, and facilitated arts instruction for thousands of students.

About the Playwright

Ted Williams III has taught Political Science at Wright College, Chicago State University, and he is the Chairman of the Social Sciences Department at Kennedy-King College. Williams III is the former host of WYCC-PBS television’s The Professors weekly talk show and has appeared in commercials and training videos for companies including McDonald’s, Empire Carpet, Six Flags, Federal Express. Additionally, he is the author of the book, The Way Out: Christianity, Politics, and the Future of the African-American Community, a recent contributor to the Third World Press text, Not Our President, and a former candidate for the Chicago City Council.

DiMarkco Chandler
Frackle Media
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Source: EIN Presswire

Keith Gapusan named Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter Chairman of the Board of Directors

Folds of Honor Arizona, Board of Directors, Arizona military

Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter New Board of Directors

Keith Gapusan Folds of Honor Arizona Chairman

Keith Gapusan Named Chairman of Folds of Honor Arizona Board of Directors

Cindi Nannetti to serve as Chair-Elect; Rob Higby and Dave Smoot join Board.

The Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter has an incredible legacy of serving Arizona’s military families.”

— Keith Gapusan.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, January 23, 2020 / — Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter named Keith Gapusan as Chair of the Board of Directors for the 2020 and 2021 years. A California native who has lived in the Phoenix area for 25 years, Gapusan was elected to the FOHAZ Board of Directors in 2018. He will lead the Board in its efforts to promote and grow the nonprofit organization and its charitable giving efforts. Over his two-year term, he will preside over FOHAZ’ events and activities, including the Wingman Open annual golf tournament held in the spring and the Annual Gala held in the fall.

The Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter has an incredible legacy of serving Arizona’s military families,” said Gapusan. “Our local founders, Rod Martin and Denny Yates, built the Arizona Chapter from scratch out of their selfless desire to honor the sacrifices of our military men and women by helping to educate their family members. I am honored and privileged to carry their legacy forward by serving as Chair of an organization that benefits so many deserving people.”

A University of Arizona graduate, Gapusan is President and CEO of P3 Capital Partners, LLC, a Scottsdale-based independent financial services firm specializing in alternative investments and private lending strategies. Gapusan, his wife and their three children live in Scottsdale.

“Keith is a dedicated member of the FOHAZ organization, and led the committee responsible for our overwhelmingly successful first-ever Gala last fall,” said Tim Greer, outgoing Chair of the Board. “He is well-respected by our Board and staff, and is committed to moving us forward as we continue to support Arizona’s military families.”

Along with Gapusan’s appointment as Board Chair, Cindi Nannetti starts a two-year term as Chair-Elect. Nannetti, who retired from her position as a Deputy Maricopa County Attorney after 32 years of service, joined the FOHAZ Board in 2017 and has served in various leadership roles. She also serves on the Arizona State Advisory Board of Childhelp.

Additionally, joining the Board of Directors are newcomers Rob Higby and Dave Smoot. Higby is an Operating Partner for Gallant Capital, a leading North American mid-cap private equity firm. Smoot is Manager of Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC, a Renewable Fuel and “Energy” development company providing sustainable, cellulosic, ASTM compliant designer jet fuel, and founder of the Pro Players Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament.

About Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter: Of the one million-plus military dependents adversely affected by deployments, nearly 9 out of 10 do not qualify for federal scholarship assistance. Since 2007, Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission to close that gap by providing education support to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. The Folds of Honor motto says it best: “Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy.”

Rachael Chapman
Folds of Honor Arizona Chapter
+1 480-518-0363
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Source: EIN Presswire

A Zika vaccine could save suffering and costs

Study shows a Zika vaccine for women of childbearing age doesn’t have to be perfect to be valuable

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / — Global climate change has raised concerns that mosquito-borne diseases could become increasingly prevalent in the United States as warmer temperatures lead to increased mosquito activity.

The 2015-2016 Zika outbreak, which impacted much of the Americas, prompted efforts to accelerate the development of a Zika vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 percent of babies born in the U.S. whose mother was confirmed with the Zika virus during pregnancy had associated birth defects. The birth defects, like congenital Zika syndrome, can be devastating, fatal, and costly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in high-income countries like the U.S., the associated costs of caring for a single child with Zika-related birth defects have been estimated to be as high as $10 million.

A new study led by researchers at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) and the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine found that routinely giving the Zika vaccine to women of childbearing age could save money if the risk of Zika is around that of other mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya. These diseases have been endemics in many parts of Latin and South America. Both are febrile, cause severe joint pain and could be life threatening if left untreated. According to the CDC, the same mosquito that carries the Zika virus, the Aedes species mosquito, also carries dengue and chikungunya.

The team developed a computer model representing women of childbearing age in different countries in the Americas. The model represented what happens to a woman if she becomes infected with Zika, how it varies with pregnancy, and the potential benefits of a vaccine to prevent the Zika infection.

As the study demonstrates, it is critical for officials to monitor the incidence of Zika infections in their region to determine whether the risk becomes comparable to that of dengue and chikungunya. This information could help determine whether a routine vaccination would be necessary.

“The end of the 2015-2016 outbreak doesn’t mean that Zika has gone away as a threat,” says Bruce Y. Lee, executive director of PHICOR, headquartered at CUNY SPH. “Cases may still continue to occur in different locations. Plus, future outbreaks are still possible. Therefore, it is important to be proactive about preventing the further spread of Zika.”

The findings, which were published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, show how computer simulation modeling can help guide vaccine development. Results from the model provide scientists, manufacturers, public health officials, funders, and policy makers targets to aim for when developing the Zika vaccine and deciding when and where to use it.

“The study shows that a Zika vaccine doesn’t have to offer near perfect protection to be valuable,” says Sarah M. Bartsch, project director at PHICOR and lead author of the study. “In fact, the study shows that in many cases a vaccine that only offers protection as low as 25 percent can still produce cost savings in certain situations.”

The research was supported by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) and Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) via grant U54HD070725 and NICHD via U01HD086861, the Agency for Health care Research and Quality via grant R01HS023317, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences via Models of Infectious Diseases Agent Study grant U24GM110707, and the U.S. Agency for International Development under agreement number AID-OAA-A-15-00064.

Bartsch SM, Asti L, Stokes-Cawley OJ, Sim SY, Bottazzi ME, Hotez PJ, Lee BY, “The Potential Economic Value of a Zika Vaccine for a Woman of Childbearing Age,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2020, ISSN 0749-3797

For more information, contact:

Ariana Costakes
Communications editorial manager

About the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

The CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) is committed to teaching, research and service that creates a healthier New York City and helps promote equitable, efficient and evidence-based solutions to pressing health problems facing cities around the world. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter at @CUNYSPH.


Since 2007, PHICOR has been dedicated to researching and developing new ways to help decision makers better understand and address complex systems in health and public health. Follow @PHICORTeam for updates.

Ariana Costakes
CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy
+1 646-364-9649
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Source: EIN Presswire

Ralph Chapa Explains The Three Types of Product Liability

Ralph Chapa of Farmington Hills

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2020 / — Most Americans are at least passingly familiar with the legal concept of liability; it’s the responsibility borne by all citizens, companies, agencies, and other entities to act in a certain manner. Negligence is a similar term that describes a person’s failure to exercise reasonable care in order to avoid hurting another individual or damaging property.

But what is product liability? How can an inanimate object be responsible? Attorney Ralph Chapa, who specializes in product liability as well as other types, explains the topic in simple terms.

Of course, no one actually thinks that a hoverboard, a bottle of facial cleanser, or an over-the-counter heartburn remedy has liability or is “responsible” in the same way we consider humans to be responsible. In fact, there are people behind every manufactured item, and they are the ones who are ultimately held accountable for their negligence. By allowing the product to be sold or distributed, whether or not they knew of any potential damage, defect, or danger caused by that product, they are failing to exercise reasonable care.

The law stipulates that any product that is sold or otherwise distributed must meet the consumer’s ordinary expectations, explains Ralph Chapa. If there is a problem with the product and it presents a danger to the consumer or any other user, it cannot be said to meet those ordinary expectations.

Ralph Chapa goes on to say that there are three types of problems that might give way to liability. They are, defectively manufactured products, products that are defectively designed, and failure on the part of the manufacturer or distributor to provide adequate warning or instruction.

Products that are defectively designed are dangerous right from the get-go. They can be described as poorly designed. A top-heavy SUV that has a tendency to roll over when it drives around a tight corner is an example of a defective design. All the SUVs of this type have the same problem.

According to Ralph Chapa, defectively manufactured products have been well-designed, but are put together incorrectly, due to human or machine error. They could include a medicine that contains a poisonous substance or a shelving unit that is missing several screws.

Marketing defects are improperly labeled, may fail to warn users of potential danger, or have insufficient warnings. Some examples include: a topical ointment or salve that fails to print a warning on the tube telling consumers not to ingest it; a coffee cup from a fast-food restaurant that doesn’t have the words “Caution: Coffee Is Extremely Hot” printed on it; or a doll that is intended only for children ages 8 and up, because it contains small parts that could pose a choking hazard, but that doesn’t include a warning about keeping it away from younger kids.

Product liability, in the opinion of Ralph Chapa and his colleagues, is one of the most fascinating branches of law. Proving that a company or individual was negligent in designing, manufacturing, or marketing a product can be difficult to prove. However, doing so in a court of law can lead not just to a tremendous payout for the plaintiff and a great deal of satisfaction for the attorney, but also to a safer society for everyone

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7862338220
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