크립트어시스트는 미래 혁신을 앞장서고 있습니다 !

Cryptassist Coin ICO

Cryptassist Coin

저희 크립트어시스트 에코시스템에 참여하시어 암호화폐 플랫폼을 통해 대중들이 가상화폐를 대하는 방식에 혁신을 가져와 보세요.

Cryptassist (CTA:CTA)

TALLINN, ESTONIA, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — 크립트어시스트 ICO 가 진행중입니다!

총 공급량은8800만개 입니다

저희 크립트어시스트 에코시스템에 참여하시어 암호화폐 플랫폼을 통해 대중들이 가상화폐를 대하는 방식에 혁신을 가져와 보세요.

크립트어시스트는 암호화폐가 일상에 유용하게 사용 되어야만 한다고 믿습니다.

25 가지 앱과 기능을 통해 초보자부터 경험 많은 상인까지 모든 사람들이 쉽게 사용할 수 있으며 암호화폐가 사용되는 방식을 단순화 시키고자 합니다. 웹 또는 모바일에 하나의 로그인으로 필요한 모든 정보에 액세스 할 수 있습니다. 재미있는 게임인 CryptoGo를 통해 실제 암호화폐를 획득하고 크립트 어시스트의 자체 라이센스가있는 온라인 거래소에서 거래하고 50 개 이상의 암호화폐 중 하나를 사용하여 직불 카드로 쇼핑하고 웹샵, 뉴스 업데이트, 모든 도구를 통해 포럼 및 등에 사용을 해보세요.

크립트어시스트 코인 (CTA)은 빠른 DAG 알고리즘을 기반으로 하며, 프리미엄 알람 및 서비스에 더해 디플레이션 모델을 보유하고있어 남아있는 CTA의 가치를 잠재적으로 높이는 것을 목표로 합니다.

ICO 세부정보:

· 최대 코인 공급량: 8800만개

· 2018 년 7 월 31 일 ~ 2018 년 9 월 12 일 또는 하드캡에 도달 할 때까지 (둘 중 빠른 날짜)

· ICO기간 동안 팔리는 코인양 7475만개

· 325만개는 바운티에 할당

· 1000만개는 팀,거래소 등재, 프로모션에 사용

· 가격: $0.38 USD

· 하드캡: 2367만 USD

· 소프트캡: 달성됨

· Platform: DAG

보다 자세한 내용은 백서를 다운로드하고 크립트어시스트에 대한 소셜 미디어 링크를 볼 수있는 웹 사이트 https://www.cryptassist.io/ 를 방문하십시오.

Cryptassist 팀

필요 링크:

페이스북: www.facebook.com/cryptassistcoin

트위터: www.twitter.com/cryptassistcoin

미디움: https://medium.com/@cryptassistcoin

레딧: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptAssist/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4553885.0

VK: https://vk.com/cryptassistcoin

인스타: https://www.instagram.com/cryptassistcoin/

링크드인: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptassist/

유투브: https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptAssistCoin

CTA 바운티 방: https://t.me/joinchat/GLcEeRKRUitwZ-piTt0p4g

코인 투표 사이트 https://oodlebit.com/coinvoting.php

Niki Lin
Cryptassist Corp
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크립트어시스트 본사에 대해서 – Cryptassist

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Tarps Now Announces New Concrete Curing Blanket Solutionsfor the Construction Industry

New Lines of Standard and Custom Concrete Curing Blankets thatMeet and Exceed the Needs of the Construction Industry

ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES — Tarps Now® is pleased to announce the addition of new lines of rugged concrete curing blankets that are manufactured using the toughest woven polyethylene fabric, and engineered for correct insulation and extended longevity. In addition, Tarps Now® manufactures these new lines of concrete curing blankets using a flexible foam which provides the highest possible R value factor to accelerate the concrete curing process during all types of weather.

Being highly resilient and hydrophobic, the micro-foam selected by Tarps Now® ensures superior performance, with an outer poly outer shell that is rugged and durable. Each concrete curing blanket features a deep black on the exterior to provide maximum temperature gain from solar heat, thereby maximizing interior insulation layer R values ranging up to 7.7. In addition, wet concrete blankets also are available for ordering where conditions warrant this type of use.

Supporting the new array of Concrete Curing Blankets offered, Tarps Now® provides a variety of stock or standard sizes of concrete curing blankets ranging from 12-mil, 1/2-inch closed cell measuring 3 x 25 feet to 12-mil, to 1/4-inch closed cell blankets that are 12 x 25 feet. Further, as a U.S.-based custom manufacturer of tarps, covers and insulated curing blankets, Tarps Now® produces custom concrete curing blankets sizes for any project.

Tarps Now® Concrete Curing Blankets:


About Tarps Now®

Tarps Now® features an extensive online catalog of canvas tarps, poly tarps, custom tarps, vinyl tarps and industrial divider curtains. As specialists in custom canvas and vinyl tarps, they are the low-price leaders in their category. The company offers the convenience of fast, easy, online ordering as well as a knowledgeable staff to guide customers through the specification process insuring their project will be completed on time and in budget. Tarps Now® has the experience and scale to insure customer specifications are carefully followed and expectations exceeded for every project, large or small.

Michael Dill
Tarps Now, Inc.
email us here

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Future Club Life

“Chamberlain takes it to another Level”

Hot Producer J Chamberlain is Turning Heads with New Release Future Club Life featuring Hot New Single Brand New Me

NEW YORK , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — J Chamberlain's Future Club Life featuring hot new single “Brand New Me” will be available August 13th. The EP is the first in a series of 3 EP's that will be released from August to January 2019.
Chamberlain brings that EDM, Dance, and Pop sound that his fans have become accustomed to. Chamberlain steps up to the plate and looks to assert himself among the more well known producers in the industry today with amazing vocalist on Brand New Me, Summer Style, and Missing You.

Chamberlain’s beats have that flavor and that bounce that fans can taste. He has truly mastered and perfected his own unique sound. True music lovers and tastemakers must take note of Chamberlain’s growth and skill as a rising producer. There is no doubt he is becoming “one to watch”.

Future Club Life is a must buy for 2018. Go visit jchamberlainmusic.com for more music & free downloads. Press play and get lost in “That Sound”.

Jeremy Simple
J Chamberlain – Size Up Music
email us here

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Laser Therapy and the Efficient Use of Light

Dr. Nelson Marquina, Ph.D, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Laser Biotech International

A Deeper Look at the Laser Biotech’s “4 stages of Tissue Healing” seminar

RICHMOND, VA, USA, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — By now you have probably heard how advances in laser technology leads to faster healing and reduced pain. Perhaps you have a laser in your practice already or have staff members looking to glean insight on accurately diagnosing and establishing treatment protocols. No matter the level of experience our “4 Stages of Tissue Healing: From Onset to Resolution with Laser Therapy” seminar will coach you and your staff on how to best use therapeutic lasers in a medical practice. The seminar was developed and will be presented by Dr. Nelson Marquina, a pioneer in the research and clinical application of therapeutic lasers. His unique program provides the aspiring or established laser therapy practitioner with a comprehensive, practical understanding of laser treatments and the physiological effects on human tissue. Among topics to be covered are methods that will provide patients with immediate pain relief as well as providing insights into the accurate diagnosing and treatment of acute and chronic dysfunctions. Because class size is kept small each participant leaves equipped with a firm understanding of Dr. Marquina’s effective protocols and your laser practice will thrive as a result.
A developer of biophotonic and bioelectromagnetic systems, Dr. Marquina co-designed his line of Lumix superpulsed lasers. In 2004 these lasers were the first of their kind to be FDA cleared for use in the United States. Drawing from his experience as a university professor and combining his extensive knowledge of laser technology and its therapeutic applications makes Dr. Marquina uniquely qualified to instruct a variety of medical practitioners. His down to earth style of teaching provides for an effective as well as enjoyable seminar that aims to optimize healing and achieve successful clinical outcomes.
The seminar will be held on Saturday, September 15th at Laser Biotech International’s training facility in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. Located within minutes of the James River and with an overflowing craft beer scene, Richmond, Virginia continues to draw recognition as one of the country’s top travel destinations. Kayak the James, enjoy a tasting at one of our breweries, distilleries or meaderies, visit the esteemed Institute for Contemporary Art AND up your game in the emerging field of therapeutic laser therapy. Bring the whole family and make a mini vacation out of it.
Early registration is open with a discount through August 31st. Members of the MCA, PCA & UVCA will save an additional $15.
8 CEUs are available for chiropractors in AL CT MA MD NC NY NJ PA & VA.

For more information and to REGISTER
call: 1.804.377.2234
email: seminars@laserbiotech.com

Elizabeth Southard
Laser Biotech International
email us here

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Nubian Beauty Fatuma Kalumbwa Graces the Cover of TR MAGAZINE

Dare to be Greater with TalentRaters

Nubian Angel Fatuma Kalumbwa Radiates from the Cover of Issue 14

We have featured a number of African models in TR MAGAZINE but this is the very first time one has graced the cover of TR MAGAZINE and Fatuma Kalumbwa was the perfect choice radiating so much beauty.”

— Joseph C. Bennett, Owner

LINDENWOLD, NEW JERSEY, USA, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On August 1, 2018, the 14th issue of TR MAGAZINE released featuring model Fatuma Kalumbwa who currently resides in Sweden. This is another historic issue since Fatuma is our first African model to feature on the cover of TR MAGAZINE. Please be sure to read Fatuma’s compelling story (only in the printed copy) and purchase your high-resolution pdf and printed copies. We could not be more thrilled with TR MAGAZINE Issue 14 and the amazing talents featured therein as well as the top talents that continue to come to us requesting to be featured in the magazine. TalentRaters continues to feature the best talents in the world! Special thanks to TalentRaters (TR) Committee member Aldo McCoy for assisting with the scouting and recruitment of talents, getting paid advertisers for the magazine, and assisting with artist photography as needed. In only a brief time, Aldo has proven to be an asset to the TR Corporation.

Moving forward we are looking for more media opportunities (ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery, TMC, Ellen, etc.) to discuss and make more individuals worldwide aware of TalentRaters and TR MAGAZINE and the good we are doing.

TalentRaters and TR MAGAZINE have great plans but to make them a reality, we need to circulate the magazine even more. How does that happen? First, we need artists to purchase larger quantities of magazines. This is not a magazine that you see on the shelves in the store, this is a magazine that you, the artists, are featured in and is a part of your resume and legacy. You should be buying bulk quantities and mailing them to important industry professionals capable of advancing your careers. We also desire to get picked up by a major publishing company. TR MAGAZINE is extremely popular and needs to be taken to the next level in the industry so the magazine becomes available for purchase on store shelves and not just the TR MAGAZINE website as it is currently. TR MAGAZINE is a premium talent magazine with the potential to be active forever!

TalentRaters actively scouts its talents, but due to increasing demands, we are hoping and expecting more walk-ons by top talents and artists. Please email your us your best 300 dpi high resolution photos and brief bio information to info@talentraters.come and if we like you, we’ll email you a TR Talent Questionnaire and place you in the lineup for the printed and online magazine publications. Please visit our site at https://www.trmagz.com and also show your support by posting our link and logo to your web pages and social media. As we approach our winter season on the east coast in the US, we are looking for winter athletes to send us their TR MAGAZINE submissions at https://trmagz.com/shopping/contact

Update: The new TalentRaters Social Site is still under construction and is coming along nicely. It is expected to be complete by November 2018 or sooner. Those interested in registering for free with us can do so at our TR MAGAZINE site. To get more information on our talents visit our TR Magazine blog and read up on more of our talents at https://www.talentraters.com/blog.php

Dare to be Greater!

Joseph Bennett
email us here

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Ambient, Sacred, Orchestral: Composer Peter Calandra Releases Revelatory New Album: Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem: an all-original new album of ambient, sacred, orchestral music by composer Peter Calandra.

Peter Calandra: composer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist.

The prolific Film & TV composer reveals his passion for sacred-tinged orchestral music with choir in Carpe Noctem, available now.

To say that Calandra has released a masterpiece in that sub-genre (orchestral choral music) is an understatement…”

— Bill Binkelman

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — In recent years, Peter Calandra's wide-ranging TV, Film and Broadway music experience has expanded to include four original award-winning albums of ambient, contemporary instrumental, and new age albums. His latest work, Carpe Noctem — the fifth and most adventurous — heralds Calandra's complex talents in a modern approach to sacred-tinged ambient orchestral music that is sure to surprise and delight his listeners. The self-released album, 11 tracks in all, is available today via all major music sales and streaming sites; visit PeteCalandraMusic.com.

"To say that Calandra has released a masterpiece in that sub-genre (orchestral choral music) is an understatement," music reviewer Bill Binkelman (Retailing Insights, Wind & Wire) wrote. "Suffused with deep, spiritual feeling, Carpe Noctem ("seize the night") both soars to dramatic, powerful heights yet, at times, also flows with majestic beauty."

Composer, producer, arranger and orchestrator…Calandra has done it all during his prolific career. He’s penned music for Broadway shows, composed for film and TV, created sports anthems and starting in the late 2000s, released dynamic and popular new age recordings. Since his muse darts delightfully in a multitude of offbeat directions, his quote about inspiration shouldn’t surprise the fans he invites along for the adventurous ride: “I’ve always heard music in my head – there is a radio in there playing new music all the time.”

When he sang with his college choir, the ensemble performed a lot of sacred music by the likes of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, with the text in Latin. Calandra felt inspired learning and performing this music, and the idea to compose and record orchestral music with a choir has been in the back of his mind ever since. Calandra is a one-man band this time around, composing, orchestrating, sequencing and engineering the album, and even creating the haunting, impressionistic cover art of the beach at nighttime.

Music critic Jonathan Widran notes that while Carpe Noctem as a whole is more universalist and spiritual than specifically religious, Calandra draws beautifully on some of the sacred elements of Christianity in creating these contemporary but timeless pieces. His opening track, “Agnus Dei” (Lamb of God) is titled after the invocation to Christ sung or recited during Holy Communion in several church traditions. It’s a majestic piece weaving percussive strings building in intensity, soaring choral voices and soul-stirring celestial atmospheres.

It sets a positive vibe for what is to come. The title “Carpe Noctem” gracefully lends itself to a calming, meditational symphonic piece (with later choir elements) that eases through the senses like a floating dreamscape. The lovely dreams it invokes give way to a slow waking but beautiful morning (“Aurora Scandere,” i.e. Dawn Rising), whose stark simple notes, chiming tones, gentle percussive sway and ultimate action-packed orchestra indicate that the coming day will be a fateful one filled with conflicts and resolutions.

The most overtly religious piece is the alternately beautifully solemn and buoyantly dramatic “Crucifixus” (The Crucifixion), whose bold horn textures and soaring chorus and orchestra swirl around the tragic event as if they’re angels with fore-knowledge that Easter and Glory will arrive soon. On the playful, lighthearted joy burst of “Ars Vitae” (Art is Life), Calandra uses a sweeping blend of strings, synth and voices to leap past the traditional understandings of divinity and share his own personal beliefs – that art is life and life is also art. This piece is influenced by the music of minimalist music pioneer Steve Reich and some of the harmonic material found in the music of Estonian classical/religious composer Arvo Part. Imbued with moments of starkness and quiet and intense symphonic expressions, “Illuminare” (Illumination) creates a thematic arc that takes the listener on a wisdom-imparting whirlwind from stillness to kinetic energy and back again – like an aural movie. The impression is that of soft reflective darkness gradually giving way to a feeling of illumination.

Sometimes a triumphant spiritual life is only achieved after going through life’s many battles, a concept deftly and hypnotically illustrated on “Invictus Bellator” (Unconquered Warrior), whose swirl of dancing piano, haunting string, militaristic percussion and dramatic vocals flows like a soundtrack to a hard battle scene that ends with positive transcendence. The piano element here is one of Calandra’s most tuneful, but it’s the drums that really give us a sense of what it takes to get to that place where divinity takes over from the struggles of life. The divine space includes the beautiful morning trumpet notes that introduce “Mane Pacificae” (Peaceful Morning). There’s a stillness that fills the soul before the world awakes, but the recurring trumpet reminds us like an announcement that this peace is merely a break in life’s action.

Carpe Noctem wraps with a trio of pieces that take us on yet another journey from serenity and reflection to a dynamic conquering of all obstacles and challenges. “Luna Benedictus” (Moon Prayer) is perhaps the album’s most serene new age piece, a gentle, moody meditation that serves as a quiet benediction to nature’s lunar phase. Filled with symphonic light and bright ethereal voices, “Sacrum Spera” (Sacred Trust) is a classically inspired piece that feels like a Mass for the angels. It was influenced by the Bach Cantatas, many created by the composer for church and sacred use.

Carpe Noctem concludes with what feels like a sweeping plea for planetary healing via “Spiritus Mundi” (World Spirit), using ebb and flow styled sonic modulations of the orchestral elements to create a richly emotional tapestry that calls to each of our hearts, yet all at the same time. It ends the collection on a high hopeful note, full of energy, light and possibility – the perfect completion of an extraordinary 50-minute journey.

For more information, visit the artist's official website at PeteCalandraMusic.com.
Facebook: facebook.com/PeterCalandraMusic/
Twitter: @PeteCalandra
Spotify: spotify.com/artist/3PtLe7U5nAWhiPJ8jKp6VB

Beth Ann Hilton
The B Company
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Agnus Dei

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FAIRHOPE, ALABAMA, US, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — (Click Link): To register for the SUMC conference and festival https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-southeast-urban-music-conference-that-rabbit-music-festival-gulf-coast-edition-tickets-48450940066

The SUMC THAT RABBIT URBAN MUSIC CONFERENCE will be held: Lionz Den 17236 Greeno Road, Fairhope, AL.

2018 CONFERENCE THEME: “MARKETING URBAN MUSIC IN THE DIGITAL ERA” The Southeast Urban Music Conference will kick off its Industry Event and block party on August 31st.

Hosted by a collaboration between SUMC and THAT RABBIT DISTRIBUTION. Conference co-chairs Tony Baraka and Ray Hamilton state that the conference is designed to bring together a diverse group of musicians and entertainers.

Event attendees will be provided with information on Digital Music Distribution, Technological Engagement and Platform Creation. Daily power seminars will be provided by music industry professionals.

“This is the first time in history that we will be bring together the SUMC brand along with our new partner: THAT RABBIT MUSIC DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION, thus creating various platforms from power seminars, Technological engagement, and a block party as part of our celebration.”

There will be a special honoring of some of the top DJ’s in the gulf coast region, as well as engaging seminars on branding, digital distribution, publishing and much more.

Over the course of the three-day conference, attendees will learn how to Market Urban Music in this digital era, utilization of the latest technology used in the music business, and audience engagement.

Power seminars will include methods to create a platform, and an in-depth discussion of the benefits of digital distribution. This year’s conference will also feature a block party, marketplace area and branded sponsored lounges from an array of Independent Artists Performances.

The SUMC THAT RABBIT Urban Music Conference & Block Party is being sponsored by: Sony Music, The Orchard, I Heart Radio, Microsoft and Urban Plush Magazine. The seminars are made possible by Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Exchange, ASCAP, BMI & SESAC.

For sponsorship, vendor space, please call: 866-652-8882 or email: sumcfestival2018@gmail.com

For conference registration, sponsorship, and performance slots please call 866-652-8882 or email sumcfestival2018@gmail.com (Performance slots are limited).

for more info contact 678-509-4296 or sumcfestival2018@gmail.com

(Click Link): To register for the SUMC conference and festival https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-southeast-urban-music-conference-that-rabbit-music-festival-gulf-coast-edition-tickets-48450940066

Press Distribution @RAWDOGGTV (Google Partner | BET Premier Media Partner) Viral Marketing,
Video Press Releases, Blockchain APPS (Progressive) ☎ (305) 490-2182

PR MobileWire
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Big Data in the Insurance Industry 2018 to 2030 – Analysis of over 270 Leading and Emerging Big Data Ecosystem Players

Market Research Nest

Market Research Nest

MarketResearchNest.com adds Big Data in the Insurance Industry 2018 2030 Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts new reports to its research database.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — SNS Telecom and IT estimates that Big Data investments in the insurance industry will account for more than $2.4 Billion in 2018 alone. Led by a plethora of business opportunities for insurers, reinsurers, insurance brokers, InsurTech specialists and other stakeholders, these investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 14% over the next three years.

The "Big Data in the Insurance Industry: 2018 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts" report presents an in-depth assessment of Big Data in the insurance industry including key market drivers, challenges, investment potential, application areas, use cases, future roadmap, value chain, case studies, vendor profiles and strategies. The report also presents market size forecasts for Big Data hardware, software and professional services investments from 2018 through to 2030. The forecasts are segmented for 8 horizontal submarkets, 8 application areas, 9 use cases, 6 regions and 35 countries.

Request a Sample Copy at https://www.marketresearchnest.com/report/requestsample/391633 .

The report comes with an associated Excel datasheet suite covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in the report.

Topics Covered
The report covers the following topics:
– Big Data ecosystem
– Market drivers and barriers
– Enabling technologies, standardization and regulatory initiatives
– Big Data analytics and implementation models
– Business case, application areas and use cases in the insurance industry
– 20 case studies of Big Data investments by insurers, reinsurers, InsurTech specialists and other stakeholders in the insurance industry
– Future roadmap and value chain
– Profiles and strategies of over 270 leading and emerging Big Data ecosystem players
– Strategic recommendations for Big Data vendors and insurance industry stakeholders
– Market analysis and forecasts from 2018 till 2030

Key Findings
The report has the following key findings:
– In 2018, Big Data vendors will pocket more than $2.4 Billion from hardware, software and professional services revenues in the insurance industry. These investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 14% over the next three years, eventually accounting for nearly $3.6 Billion by the end of 2021.
– Through the use of Big Data technologies, insurers and other stakeholders are beginning to exploit their data assets in a number of innovative ways ranging from targeted marketing and personalized products to usage-based insurance, efficient claims processing, proactive fraud detection and beyond.
– The growing adoption of Big Data technologies has brought about an array of benefits for insurers and other stakeholders. Based on feedback from insurers worldwide, these include but are not limited to an increase in access to insurance services by more than 30%, a reduction in policy administration workload by up to 50%, prediction of large loss claims with an accuracy of nearly 80%, cost savings in claims processing and management by 40-70%, accelerated processing of non-emergency insurance claims by a staggering 90%; and improvements in fraud detection rates by as much as 60%.
– In addition, Big Data technologies are playing a pivotal role in facilitating the adoption of on-demand insurance models – particularly in auto, life and health insurance, as well as the insurance of new and underinsured risks such as cyber crime.

Order a purchase report copy at https://www.marketresearchnest.com/report/purchase/391633 .

List of over 270 Companies Mentioned in this report and some of them mentioned below:
1010data, Absolutdata, Accenture, Actian Corporation, Adaptive Insights, Adobe Systems, Advizor Solutions, Aegon, AeroSpike, Aetna, AFS Technologies, Alation, Algorithmia, Allianz Group, Allstate Corporation, Alluxio, Alphabet, Decisyon, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, Demandbase, Denodo Technologies, Dianomic Systems, Digital Reasoning Systems, Dimensional Insight, DMGÂ (Data Mining Group), Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation, Domino Data Lab, Domo, Dremio, Neo4j, NetApp, Nimbix, Nokia, Noritsu Koki, NTT Data Corporation, Numerify, NuoDB, NVIDIA Corporation, Paxata, Pepperdata, Phocas Software, Pivotal Software, Prognoz, Progress Software Corporation, Progressive Corporation, Provalis Research, Pure Storage, Teradata Corporation, Thales, ThoughtSpot, TIBCO Software, Tidemark, TM Forum, Toshiba Corporation, TPC (Transaction Processing Performance Council), Transwarp, Trifacta etc..

Key Questions Answered
The report provides answers to the following key questions:
– How big is the Big Data opportunity in the insurance industry?
– How is the market evolving by segment and region?
– What will the market size be in 2021, and at what rate will it grow?
– What trends, challenges and barriers are influencing its growth?
– Who are the key Big Data software, hardware and services vendors, and what are their strategies?
– How much are insurers, reinsurers, InsurTech specialists and other stakeholders investing in Big Data?
– What opportunities exist for Big Data analytics in the insurance industry?
– Which countries, application areas and use cases will see the highest percentage of Big Data investments in the insurance industry?

Get more details about report at https://www.marketresearchnest.com/Big-Data-in-the-Insurance-Industry-2018—2030—Opportunities-Challenges-Strategies-and-Forecasts.html .

About Us:
MarketResearchNest.com is the most comprehensive collection of market research products and services on the Web. We offer reports from almost all top publishers and update our collection on daily basis to provide you with instant online access to the world’s most complete and recent database of expert insights on global industries, organizations, products, and trends.

Contact Us
Mr. Jeet Jain
Sales Manager
+1-240-284-8070 / +44-20-3290-4151
Connect with us: Google+ | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Mr Jeet
Market Research Nest
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Technicians Build Avidbots Neo for Global Distribution

Technicians Build Avidbots Neo for Global Distribution

Avidbots Neo Founders

Neo with Avidbots Founders Faizan Shiekh and Pablo Molina

Avidbots continues its march into the air transportation market with a new deployment of its airport cleaning robot into the European Union

It is an exciting opportunity to help Groupe3S leverage the power of robotics to enhance their productivity and to further Avidbots’ vision of bringing robots to everyday life.”

— Faizan Sheikh, CEO of Avidbots

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Avidbots Corp. today announced that Groupe3S has purchased Avidbots Neo, the self-driving, floor cleaning robot, to enhance cleaning productivity and performance for Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The purchase was transacted through Avidbots’ value-added distribution partner in France, Facilibot.

Conceived and created in the technology region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada by Avidbots, Neo is a purpose-built, autonomous floor scrubbing robot that integrates state of the art navigation technology with hardware. It is designed for ease of use, longevity, serviceability, safety and high productivity.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the second busiest airport in Europe and the most popular airport in France, hosting over 65,000,000 visitors a year. According to Facilibot CEO Alain Castay, this is the first in a series of phased deployments of Neo in multiple airport sites across France. “We are very excited to be working with Groupe3S, as well as Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, to deliver the benefits that airport cleaning robots can bring to their facilities,” said Castay.

Faizan Sheikh, CEO of Avidbots, said “It is an exciting opportunity to help Groupe3S leverage the power of robotics to enhance their productivity and to further Avidbots’ vision of bringing robots to everyday life to expand human potential. And our partnership with with Facilibot, a leader in facilities management consulting, will expand the opportunities for airport cleaning robots across France.”

The Avidbots Neo is currently deployed on five continents, servicing some of the world’s leading shopping malls, airports, education facilities, healthcare centers, manufacturing sites, and other commercial spaces. The company has a 40,000 sq. ft. operations facility with headquarters in Kitchener, ON, Canada.

About Avidbots
Avidbots Corp. vision is to bring robots to everyday life to expand human potential. Its first product is Neo, the self-driving floor scrubber which is widely deployed and trusted by the world’s leading facilities and building service contractors. As a 100% vertically integrated company headquartered in Kitchener, ON, Canada, Avidbots offers comprehensive service and support to customers in Canada, the United States, France, Norway, UAE, Singapore, Japan and Australia. For more information, visit www.avidbots.com.

About Facilibot
Facilibot is a pioneer in e-facility management based in Paris, France. Facilibot controls the entire deployment of robotic solutions at each key stage: from distribution to sales, user support, risk prevention and management, robotics fleet life, taking into account evolutions, migration technological change and contract reversals. Facilibot offers floor cleaning solutions ranging from rental and maintenance and the sales and rentals of its robot cleaner manufacturer, Avidbots. For more information, visit www.facilibot.com.

About Groupe3S
Founded in 2001, Groupe3S is a leading cleaning facilities company serving the airline industry in France. With a workforce of 6,000 employees and annual revenues of € 300 million, it has locations across the country in Roissy CDG, Orly, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Lyon. Serving over 50 scheduled airlines and 10 million passengers a year, Groupe3S is recognized for its professionalism and is a member of the FNAM and the CSAE management committees. Its intense focus on customer service has earned it loyal relationships with flagship partners such as Aéroports de Paris-ADP and AIR FRANCE and resulted in industry leading results for the company and its customers. For more information, visit: www.groupe3s.com.

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Avidbots Neo in Action

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How Deep is the Deep State?

How the U.S. government continues to function in the age of Trump

ASPEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author: Jeffrey Friedland

Before the Trump era, the term “deep state” brought to mind secret plots by powerful conspirators to achieve malevolent ends. Today, the White House and its allies view many government officials and bureaucrats in the Departments of State, Justice, Homeland Defense, and National Security as well as numerous regulatory agencies as the deep state. Their view of the deep state as a concentrated effort by government employees determined to do their best to sabotage the Trump agenda is deeply disturbing. I think it has the potential of inflicting serious damage to the long-term functioning of the United States at home and abroad.

Political Scientist and foreign policy experts often refer to “deep state” when speaking about emerging market countries including Egypt, Turkey, and Pakistan. These are countries who sell themselves as outwardly democratic, but who have leaders who simply defy or ignore their country’s laws, rules and regulations when it does not suit them.

My view of the deep state was significantly altered in mid-July, 2018 when I attended the three-day Aspen Security Forum. The presenters included speaker and panelists from the Departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security as well as the FBI and CIA. In the audience were dozens of current and former senior government employees.

Participants in the Aspen Security Forum included Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI; Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Defense; Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence; Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice; Mark Esper, Secretary of the Army; and Paul Nakasone, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Direction of the National Security Agency.

Also in attendance were a number of former and Assistant and Deputy Secretaries of Defense and State. The majority of these were career government employees. Speaking with them privately, it was eminently clear that they chose government service because of a real belief in what, until this presidency, have been accepted traditional American values

John Brennan, CIA Director under President Barack Obama was the keynote speaker at last year’s 2017 Aspen Security Forum. Speaking at that forum he stated that the executive branch officials have an “obligation … to refuse to carry out” what they see as outrageous or anti-democratic orders from President Trump. It appears to me that many of these career government employees are attempting to fulfill Brennan’s directive.

It’s clear that Trump took office with no real strategy or ideology. It’s also clear that the president has little interest in running the U.S. government. He has arbitrarily slashed agency budgets and rescinded carefully considered regulations, directives and executive actions of prior presidents. He routinely dismisses advice from his own personally chosen officials as evidenced by his tweets, statements and frequent dismissals of those people who present a different opinion. The fact that this has resulted in his losing or alienating allies at home and abroad appear to disturb him not in the least.

There is no doubt in my mind that many of these agencies have issues with a lack of accountability and are top-heavy with individuals who should be removed and/or replaced. I am no fan of big, invasive government run amok and have plenty of concern with what I see as government overreach and invasion of personal privacy.

I agree with President Trump that the unbridled authority of agencies, departments, and regulators need to be addressed by Congress. Where I differ with the president is that I do not buy into his pseudo-conspiracy theorist view that many of our senior government employees and their staffs are dangerous adversaries. Instead, I see them as attempting to protect our American way of life and our country from a dangerous and frequently irrational president.

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